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Lai's Trip’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 09 Mar 2006

Location: Colombo, Sri Lanka

MapOk so here I am in Sir Lanka on my way to the Pinawarra Elephant Orphanage where all the cute baby elephants go when they've lost the mummy elephants sad by ooohhh sssooo cccuuuttteee!!!!

So the bus ride from the port took about two hours and we spent the day washing the elephants taking happy snaps and feeding the little (or should I say big) fellas.

It was sad to see as there also were some elephants there that were blind or showed the aftermath of the war having bits of their anatomey blown off by land mines that live there that wouldn't have had a hope if they lived in the wild.

But on another note Sir Lanka is pretty poverty stricken the town of Colombo isn't that nice and there is a never ending supply of traffic that seems to creep in at you from all angles. There are alot of religious sites everywhere from Budist, Muslim, Christian and Shiek which makes the town quite intresting.

Well from here I'm onto Cochin speak to you soon! By the way sorry Anna I've just got your emails then.

Lots of Lovy dovey things lol