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Lai's Trip’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 11 Mar 2006

Location: Cochin, India


I'm now in Cochin India and it's great!!! Compared to Sir Lanka this is paradise! It is in fact the richest state in India so as you can probably tell no beggers are on these streets.

There is are real Portuguese / British (with of course the obvious Indian touch) here and the it really shows in the arcitechture of the buildings and streets.

We travellled north to see some chinese fishing nets today which dates back a very long time ago till the Ming dynasty and are still here after all this time. I also done some great shopping at a local bazar and picked up some fabulous pressies for you all back home. YAYYY!!!!

After all that I headed to check out a Katakali show at this very suave hotel on the beach.

Katakali is a form of mime done by these performers that supposably go through a very rigarous training reigme to make them the artists they are today. They sit there for 3 hours just to get their make up done can you imagine sitting there for three hours? Anyways it was good taste of the Indian culture and finished up with these boys doing an Indian martial arts demonstration with daggers and sowrds which was cool.

After that I headed to the bar and got blinded lol just jokes.

Cochin was good but here I journey north onto Mumbai speak to you soon travel buddies!