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Lai's Trip’s Travel Diary

Monday, 13 Mar 2006

Location: Mumabi, India


Where the curry is hot people trying to sell you stuff are everywhere and using the toilet to do your thing is unheard of.

Hi everyone here I am in Mumbai and before you get a bad impression of Mumbai from my introduction it really isn't that bad and I have to say if it wasn't for people trying to sell you something or beg for money at everywhere you turn and for all the men peeing in the street it would be great.

I have to say yes it is a third world country and as you can imagine there are alot of shanty towns everywhere jotted in between high rise buildings and you see alot of poverty from people bathing by the side of the roads and children as young as five holding babies asking you for food. Which yes is sad but everywhere you look people are smiling and yes it is a beautiful country.

So whilst I was in Mumbai I did the tourist thing a took my happy snaps at the Gateway of India and the Taj Mahal Palace, checked out the Queens Necklace which is the main street that runs along the harbour and saw the Towers of Silence (a place where people are put once they die to be eaten by vultures not good when you live near by and a vulture drops some of it's food onto you).

After my quick look at the city highlights I travelled out of to a national park (which is in fact surrounded by more shanty towns) where you can go on a safari and check out some asiatic lions and tigers or do what I did and go on the Budist Trail. What this entails is treking up a mountain to check out some very cool ruins dating back to the 2 Centuary AD back when the mountains where used as a monestry for budist monks. If your trying to get a picture of the place in your mind think an Asian buddist version of the Lost City of Petra in Jordan with mokeys everywhere.
It was intresting and when I get back of course I'll show you the photos.

From here we boarded onto our bus that whilst everyone was on board had a little stoleaway in the form of a monkey who decided to come on board and try and steal peoples food. Once he armed himself with a packet of choc chip bickies from someones bag amid the screaming passangers he managed to jump on a couple of peoples heads and made a quick escape out the exit. The whole situation was pretty funny but of course if he landed on me I would probably put in my fair part of the screaming orchestra playing out.

So in short Mumbai is great! I think so far India is my favourite place that I've been to but after saying that Egypt is my next stop so everyone Ciao for now and speak to you from Egypt!!!