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Lai's Trip’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 18 Mar 2006

Location: Sharm el Skiek, Egypt

MapRise and Shine at 6am this morning to take a quick veiw out over the dessert at Sunrise and believe me this was one sunrise that is a must see in a your lifetime. As our boat pulled in you had the sun comming up with the contrast of the dark blue ocean against the red of the Siani desert and even the full moon was still out to say goodmorning it was absoulutely beautiful and yes I did get some fantastic photos.

After a quick breakfast it was onto our coaches for an early departure out to St Katherine's Monestary. Now for you Theology buffs this is heaven. St Katherines Monestary is built in the Sinai desert at the base of Mt Katherine and Mt Sinai and is reportedly on the site where God talked to Moses in the form of the Burning Bush. It is also the site in which Moses after his escape from Egypt fled to a drank from the well in which he met Jerrico's daughters and his future wife to be.

Now St Katherines' Monestary all came about thanks to the mother of the famous Emporer Constatine's mother who wanted to build a church on the site of the Burning Bush. The original church however is now long gone. Centuaries later a girl named Katherine who was a Matyr of nobel birth had a boyfriend who managed to change her from her pagan beliefs to Christianity. Her father who apposed the idea of his daughter believing in Christ and a one true God sent her to a group of pagan priests to convince her out of this "phase" she was going through but as it truned out she ended up convincing them to become Christians or so the stroy goes. Now her father furious to the idea of his daughter being a Christian gave her the ultimadum either she renounced her beliefs and returned to her pagan worship or he would kill her by tying her to a wheel set her on fire and roll her down a hill but Katherine had no such intentions of renouncing her faith and so he did as he said and she was killed as a warning to other Christians and so was born the modern Katherine Wheel. Centuaries later still a Greek Orthodox monk had a dream in which St Katherine told him to travel to the Sinai desert and in the Mountains (at the now Mt Katherine) angels had transported her body to the peak of the mountain and that she wanted them to take her body a bury it in the church and so they pilgrimaged to the site and found a quite well preserved body of St Katherine and so they ended up staying on at the site of the church and built a monastary. So that is the run down of St Katherines Monastry.

When we got out there after our long, long bus ride (of which got a police gaurd complete with gun on board) St Katherines was a pretty amazing place, nesstled between the mountains of Mt Katherine and Mt Sinai it was amazing to see life thriving out here in the middle of the desert. There were camels around ready to take people on rides and vegetation and gardens which was nice to see after all the red desert, rock and sand that seemed to go on for miles in all directions.