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From D - Saturday, 1st April 2006, 11:04 (GMT)
Pinch punch and all that!! Well done on English and don't panic on maths, it's done now! Had a quick look at ur trek website ... looks great, can I come too? Let's talk about it tomorrow. Sleep well.
D :) xxxxxxxxxx
(PS can't work out the WCD bit of WCDHMILY!
Words Cannot Describe How Much I Love You!
From Emma G - Monday, 3rd April 2006, 18:41 (GMT)
Hey chloe!
just got back from doing my d of e gold practise in wales! it was AWFUL! the worst 5 days of my life! and ive gotta do it all again in the summer for the real thing! but oh well. its been so great to catch up with all of ur news! u sound so happy and busy, i am very jealous of all ur exciting plans. the cinema/egg incident sounds hilarious, probably wasnt at the time tho lol. i bet ull have the most amazing time on ur road trip, u must take tons of photos. on easter hols now, but revision will take over cos most of my exams are before half term. the year has flown by! exams already!
love emma xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Hey Emma!!
I know uv got Speedo in a couple of days so just wanted to say GOOD LUCK and send Richard my love and best wishes for his family too if you could. Swim hard! love Chloe xxxxxxxxxx
From Lizzie - Tuesday, 4th April 2006, 12:17 (GMT)
Wot?! no more bananas?! disaster stirkes lol! hope ur tests r going ok, sounds like ur doin pretty well so far! and all ur drama stuff that uv bin doin sounds tres cool, like that Streetcar thing - glad u got 2 c a production of it as well as do one! and u r obviously jst v buys in general, as it should b im sure!! gd luck with the studying, and hope u hav a WKD road trip!! that sounds awesome! we're all on easter hols now, FINALLY lol, so i guess i ought to be doin some studying sometime soon...2 busy planning gap yr atm - mite make it out 2 oz, who knows!? take care nipplette, lots of love, Lizzie xxxxx
Lizzie!! Let me know if you do decide to come out to oz, or even anywhere near, cos i might be staying a little longer after i graduate to do a spot of travelling. So it would be great if we could catch up halfway around the world! I might be meeting up with Faye as well so that would be tres exciting. Speak soon, Love Chloe xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
From rasma - Saturday, 8th April 2006, 05:45 (GMT)
Hi chloe, Hope all your exams went well. Rachel tells me and from your blog I see you are quite occupied for this break. Remember if you need to stay anywhere over these holidays you are always welcome here. Just give me or rachel a call and we'll sort something out. Have a happy Easter and a fun holiday.
Love Rasma
Hi Rasma,
Thank you for that - it is very kind. I'm in Moree with the girls at the moment and having lots of fun - we cooked Mr and Mrs Winter a 3 course meal last night, which they claimed was 'delicious'!! They could have just been being nice! anyway, i think i'm all set for where i'm staying for the rest of the holidays, but if there are any problems, i will ring! thank you!
love Chloe
From juju - Sunday, 9th April 2006, 18:25 (GMT)
Recv'd b'day card, lovely surprise, thankyou.Nonnie is staying with us, but will be flying over to FR. next Sat. She sends her love and will write soon. The cats and I will be joining her in about 4/5 weeks.
Lots of love xxx
Hi Auntie JuJu, sorry about the late reply, but i've been unable to connect to the internet in the ozzy outback! Hope you had a lovely birthday and nonnie is lovely and settled in. Hope your packing is going well. I'm hoping to come out to see you all when i get back in June/July for my 3 week holiday, so that would be fantastic! Take care, miss you all and love you all lots, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
From D - Monday, 10th April 2006, 20:59 (GMT)
Hi Cokes, good to see the holiday diary up and running albeit in edited form so far! See you got the driving bug again ... mind the bushes! So we have to get a ute next do we? Did you hear it snowed in the UK overnight? Half way through April ... would you believe it? Am cat sitting tonight as M is up in Ampthil for Linda's dad's (Cyril) funeral. Had a good day at Twickenham yesterday with Jake and all his uncles, watching Bedford lose (just) to Harlequins in the Cup Final. Jake enjoyed himself. Saw Ben, Tom and Sam as well as Harry Travis. Look fwd to reading more about your adventures. D xxxxxxxxx
Hi Daddy,
will update my adventures when i arrive back at school, as hopefully i will have more time then! Hope all is well, LYTTMAB xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
From Holly - Sunday, 23rd April 2006, 09:31 (GMT)
Hey chlo hope all is well. Check out in! the more views the better. miss u lots xXx
hey hol. My school blocks my space cos they do not think it is a 'productive site' - they're prob right! but when i get the chance outside of school, i'll leave you a message! miss you lots xxxxxxxxx
From annie - Wednesday, 26th April 2006, 22:20 (GMT)
I look so yuk!!!!!!!!!!! clozzaaaaaaaaaaa!!!take t off. Na it's ok! Cross country today, yeah...not! make us boarders proud Clozzzzaaa! Musicsals sonn, excited????
'Course I'm excited anna!!! It's gonna be a blast! I'm rather excited about our shopping trip this arvo! Thanks for leaving me a message clubbing buddy! :)
From Faye - Sunday, 30th April 2006, 11:13 (GMT)
Hey again! Well... our current plan is to go to Thailand and New Zealand for March and April 07 and obviously you are welcome to come! But I'd also really like to go to Oz for a bit (Liz isnt as keen as she's already going there in the summer with her family). But the east coast looks amazing and seeing as you are going to be there, it would seem like a missed opportunity if i didnt come and see you. Would you be up for travelling around oz? For me, it isnt that much of an issue when i come out to oz, but sometime from december - february would be great. When is good for you? and What do you want to do? Obviously, all these plans are only at the moment rough ideas but Liz and I thought that we should start thinking about it soon so we can book cheaper flights etc! After all, money is the key issue! Anyways, let us know what you plans so far are, if any! Lots of love xxxxx
Hey again! Yeah, that seems like a great idea. as i said, i can stay in oz until the end of feb. The east coast is lovely, but it depends what exactly you want to do? The Gold Coast is pretty tourist-like, but it depends what you wanna do. There are some gorgoeus islands around on the east coast but that's more about sun-bathing and all of that! Do you wanna do sight-seeing?? I'm guessing you wanna go to the great barrier reef?? That could be your few days of relaxing!! What about Ayre's Rock?? Melbourne's supoosed to be a great city, but reknowned for it's shopping, so not gap-year friendly really! Def go to Sydney and climb the harbour bridge - thats immense. I'm sure liz would wanna make a trip to Ramsey Street (neighbours!!) i think thats in melbourne. But even if you don't wanna stay in oz for that long, we could still see the main things and then go on to wherever, what about fiji?? thats sposed to be amazing! You still gonna teach netball?? I'd love to join you - although money is a major issue for me as well, as i don't have time to work here!! So i may have to get a loan from my parents!! keep me posted with the plans...maybe we could do some camping in the jungle?! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
From Faye - Sunday, 30th April 2006, 23:00 (GMT)
Ah there's so much that we could do!!! It's all v. exciting but so difficult to decide.... You know what, i'll send you an email tomorrow sometime and let you know what we were thinking! It's a bit complicated to write on here!! Anyway i hope you had a great easter - i am SOO jealous- looks like you had a great time with all you friends! I went to arizona + san francisco which was awesome but it seems soo long ago now! All we are thinking about now is A levels- groan!! Will email you soon so make sure you check them!! Lots of love, Faye xxxxx
oki doki! san francisco & arizona?! thats's not too bad faye!!! you always go on amazing holidays!! are there any countries left that you haven't been to, i.e. for ur gap year??! haha! don't worry - i'll be checking my email especially! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
From LucyLoo - Wednesday, 3rd May 2006, 10:30 (GMT)
well i hva only got one thing to say...i think u belong in the outback! you look so suited to it out there! unlike me who will probably just look like some city girl lost in the middle of no where. anyhew ill just be popping up to ur room in a tic to check out ur new room. and also u look stunning and tanned in every photo! nice work! now im albino id rather not be in many pics until i have had the chance to do some bonding with the sun! hehe, must go lots of wokr. love u cloz xxxx
From holly - Thursday, 4th May 2006, 13:31 (GMT)
no Chlo you're right, myspace is not productive at all - i think ill be at Myspace Anonymous soon - major addict. My page which i typed with a silly gap in is actually Its been really successful -in the first week my songs have had 1950 plays already. And THE MOST EXCITING THING!!!!!! Duncan from blue posted a message sayiing such nice things. Ah he is so fine. Thanks again for the F of D email, cant wait to see u there. Ne more responses to it? First exam monday.. :S Its really hot today! Pool open. DOnt know if i have the guts to swim yet tho!! lots of Love xxx Holly
Hol!! Duncan from blue?!? nice work there!!! 1950 plays?!?! crikey! keep it up! No probs about the F of D. I'm gonna come to watch Emily on the fri and then my mum and dad are gonna come with me on the sun arvo or eve i think. so that'll be good. Excited about seeing you soon(ish!). Hope all is well and ur not freezing to death in ur pool!! love Clo xxxxxxxxxxxxx p.s. at the mo, i'm thinking uni or whatever in england...
From Clodagh Mackay - Saturday, 6th May 2006, 20:46 (GMT)
Hi Chloe
Got your card today. So excited to get a card from my big grown up cousin in Australia. I'm taking the kangeroo stamps into school on Monday to show my class! Did you get the pictures of my new sister yet? She's lovely when she's not crying. Golly what a pair of lungs! D sends his love aswell. Bye for now. Clodagh xxx
Hello Clodagh! How are you?? My daddy sent me the pictures but they didn't work so i'll have to get him to send them again. I hope your sister is well. I can't wait to see you, daniel and niamh when i am next home (june/july). lots of love, your big cousin Chloe xxxxxx
From Emma - Monday, 8th May 2006, 16:06 (GMT)
Hey chloe, ur photos from easter and the play look great, im glad ur still havin a good time out there lol! its good that u got to see a bit more of australia! no doubt u heard we came 3rd in speedo which was was a fun weekend. so when are u next home? exams start next week although ive already had two orals, they were so scary but i think they went ok. write soon xxxxxxx
Hey Emma!! Yay well done in Speedo!! Lucy told me all about it. Good luck with ur exams. You'll ace them i'm sure. Not too long until i'm next back, so that's exciting! I had such an immense time at the musicals - quite sad that it's now over. I'm hopefully going to get a video of it, so that will be good. Anyway, i hope all is well. love Chloe xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
From Faye! - Tuesday, 9th May 2006, 17:02 (GMT)
Hey macks! just a quick note to say ive sent u an email about gap year so if you've got the time check ur inbox cos im not sure if its sent! Hope you are well, the photos from the wizard of oz are soo cool, looked like so much fun and i was v. impressed by ur lion face!
Hopefully speak soon,
lots of love,
faye x xx x x
Hey Faye! Thanks for the email. I will read it in full detail very soon and reply asap. It would certainly be great if we could meet up around the world! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
From D - Tuesday, 9th May 2006, 18:03 (GMT)
Hi Cokes, just having a quick peek at your blog before I log off at the office and make my way home for the evening. Good to see you're back on line! M and I said after we spoke on Sunday that you sounded a bit flat after all the hype of WOZ. Bound to happen I guess but you'll soon pump yourself back up again and as you say you're on your way HOME NEXT MONTH! Not surprised to read about your plans shifting back towards drama after the WOZ experience. We can talk about it when you're home but I know exactly what you're saying about wanting to try and not spending your life wondering what if? You're only here once. Have a lovely time with the Summers, hope the sun shines and look fwd to speaking to you on Sunday night. Let me know if I need to do a permission email to Boarders. Keep your chin up and stay tickety boo yourself!! Much love D xxxxxx
Hi Daddy! Thanks for the message. Yeah, i've been a bit down for the past few days - i'm not really sure why. Anyway, the musical party may be on this weekend now, so that would be good. I don't think i need ur permission for boarders, but i'll let you know. Lots of love, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
From M - Tuesday, 9th May 2006, 20:24 (GMT)
Hi silly goose, hope you are feeling better and looking forward to a good weekend. I will speek to you wed pm to you .You are not missing anything here lots of work Maddy trying to eat birds at 5 in the morning , heavy rain and still cold carnt wait to get out to auss.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
I'm fine - prob just a bit hormonal!! i dunno! Yes, i'll speak to you tonight, yay!! lots of love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx p.s. i sewed some some straps onto a dress last night - u'd be very proud! X
From Clodagh - Tuesday, 16th May 2006, 08:10 (GMT)
Hi Chloe thanks for your message.
Niamh is fine and keeps us all up at night with her howling for more food! She's not that bad really and she's putting on weight and I'm aloud to hold her when mum and dad are around. Daniel is allowed to hold her when everyone else is holding her aswell. He's such a BOY he's into everything!! I presented your kangeroo stamps at school in show and tell and everyone was amazed I have a cousin in Oz - who also sends me letters. Hope you could see the pictures this time. Clodagh xxx
Hi again Clodagh! I'm glad you are well. You are very lucky to have a baby brother and sister - i always wanted a younger baby brother or sister, so that i could push him/her around in my pram with all of my dolls! But instead, my brother was landed with ME! Well, that wasn't very clever was it! Because Jake just wanted to play with cars and lego - not babies and dolls! I'm glad your friends liked the Oz stamps! My friends find the english stamps really interesting as well. Yes, the pictures worked - isn't Niamh beautiful? Just like her sister. Must nearly be time to get the paddling pool out? I hear it is slowly starting to warm up! It's slowly starting to cool down here in Oz - i need Auntie Suze to send me over my wooly jumpers! See you very soon,
lots of love, Chloe xxxxxxx
From D - Tuesday, 16th May 2006, 20:53 (GMT)
Me again! Just seen your latest pics (v good) and some more of the M&D lunch on the Yellands family blog. Nice dress ... almost!! Good job it wasnt a F&D lunch!! Only joking, you look lovely, bet ur glad you went. M planning to talk to you tomorrow (Wed) and hopefully we can speak again on Thursday AM. Love you xxxxxxxx
Hello Daddy Doo. Spoke to mummy last night - my time 11.30pm!! haha!! i was up anyway working! speak to you thurs.(my today!) You must be pretty excited about having a holiday - well sort of! Love you, xxxxxxxxxxx
From Cinta - Thursday, 18th May 2006, 16:39 (GMT)
Hello Chloe! Congrats on WOZ! It looked amazing! my family said u were the best bit in it! (I believe them!!!) How has school been? I love your photos! The outback is so much fun!! Did u sleep in a swag?!!? p.s I also love wearing big baggy farm shirts!!! My life at the moment is extremely busy but i love it because it is all performance work! for the last 2 weeks ive had 9 to 9 every day!! im very tired!! hehe! I get to see you soon! YAY! oh that reminds me you r almost half way through your final year at school! HORRAYYYYY!! oh and im not sure if ur mum and dad told you but im staying for another 6 months!! how crazy is that! i love england too much and i cant seem to leave! hehe! anyways i will stop writing now!! i hope u r well and very happy beautiful chloe!!! see you soon! xxxxxxxxx
Hey Cinta!
Hows it going?? Just looked at ur blog - i've never seen soooo many pictures before in my whole life!! I've now run out of space, but i'm being stingy and would rather not pay for an upgrade! It's so exciting that u are staying for another 6 months in good old sunny england - that accent must be coming along nicely! Well i'll be going home to england forever at the same time as you'll be going home to ozzy forever! Glad to see you're having so much fun though. You should try out for RADA while ur there! (and stay another 3 years!!) haha. Well i may see you when i come home next (exactly 2 weeks and 3 days!!) take care, xxxxxxxxxx
From holls - Wednesday, 24th May 2006, 12:01 (GMT)
hey clo, wendo u finish school 4 ever in oz? im scared all my m8s r going away, will u b around??xxx
hol!! I finish at the end of november. May stay in oz for a few more weeks after that, but i still haven't decided. Don't worry i'll be coming back! You won't be alone!! good luck with ur last few days of school ever! don't be scared! see you quite soon! xxxx
From holl - Friday, 2nd June 2006, 19:07 (GMT)
cloz i tink its about time u updated this page!! i keep checking it and no developments :( congrts on my quiz btw. v impressive score! its such a gd distraction from revision! xxxx
Me thinks you are correct nobby xxx
From Emma - Monday, 5th June 2006, 13:27 (GMT)
Chloe! not long now until ur home!! cant wait to see you. im not goin away till the end of august so would be great to catch up. big brother is on here too atm and its pretty good. so far 3 people have walked from the house and 2 have been evicted so its all go really. only one exam left CANT WAIT until summer begins. the weather has just started to pick up over here so bring some more of it with you on your way home! how long are u back for? ur lucky that u get the best of both summers! i saw the da vinci code just over a week ago...thought it was pretty good and surprisingly scary in some places lol. but wasnt the ending pretty cringy! but yeah the book was def better. wb soon xxxxxxx
Emma!! Yay! Good luck with ur one last exam!! I'm so so excited about coming home!! We have to def meet up - i feel a gunwharf quays trip coming on! We have to do something together for ur bday (just 2 months earlier!) cos i won't be around for ur 18th :( I feel some fake ID and a night out on the town would make up for it!! Yeah, well the weather here is pretty cold! Jumpers, trousers, the lot! I woke up this morning, absolutely freezing - my face was practically numb!! Anyway, hope all is well. Can't wait to see you, xxxxxxxxxxxx p.s. do u know what ur doing for uni yet, or where u wanna go??
From Daddy - Monday, 5th June 2006, 21:33 (GMT)
It's me ... another year older. Thanks for telling everybody!! Nice new pics, though you look a bit sad in the after musical party pic with Claire. Must have been an emotional do. We're all very excited about the homecoming - still blowing up the balloons and cutting out the bunting ... no really, we can't wait to see you, it's been nearly 6 months!! Good luck with the test block.
Love you muchly D xxxx
Daddy doo! Another year older, another year wiser! The musical party wasn't too emotional(!) - if anything, it was slightly boring!!! anyway, i'm getting extremely excited about coming home now!! 2 weeks tommorrow i get on the plane! ahhh! Gonna ask Ms Peet about the copy of W of O on DVD so we can all watch it when i get home!! (I haven't seen it yet!) Anyway, hope work is going well. Was on UCAS website last night just having a browse. We'll talk about all that stuff when i get home!! AHHH! love you lots like jelly tots, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
From - Tuesday, 6th June 2006, 10:11 (GMT)
Yeah def a night out would be great, all this revision has made any chance of a social life non existant lol. unis...well im doin some open days/visits soon so hopefully ill find a place i like. theres so much choice! i like the look of exeter, bristol and nottingham atm. i think i want to do spanish, probably on its own but i guess i should just look around and see what everywhere is offering. i cant believe its only a year until uni! im so not ready at all, and i know this year is gonna fly by. so ur thinking about drama school? that would be so amazing, and one in london would be so cool too. im thinking that i dont want to be too far from home so nottingham is probably the furthest away i would consider. im sure once i get to uni i will settle in but the thought of it is just so terrifying!but anyway, enough of me rambling on...i cant wait to see you! xxxxxxxxx