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From Diane Jordan Nee Cha - Thursday, 16th March 2006, 01:52 (GMT)
Hi Katy,
I know how u would feel, I too have come face to face with a Maori Wrass under water, They are a type of Cod. One huge fish, I reckon the size of a dinner table. scary stuff, eh? Just dont go diving into rivers or billabongs unless you check with the natives in the area up in the cape. They herald sharks & crocs, That goes for most northern Queensland areas inland.
From Dad - Monday, 13th March 2006, 00:30 (GMT)
Well.....yesterday (Saturday) mom spent the entire day in her jammies reading ... another normal day at home!!!
Duncan bought a mandolin on Friday and can actually play a couple of good tunes on it now. Sounds pretty cool, to say the least. He's going to link up with Garry & Shenta and get some advice on technique.
We got a good dump of snow over the past couple of days - I took Keely out to Chickakoo and the snow was up to her chest. She went nuts playing in it, then came home and slept for about 4 hours.
Hope your diveing went well. When you get home, mom and I can take you diving at the Victoria breakwater, and also the bay where grandad got mixed up and tried to swim to Vancouver.....
XX Dad
Duncan bought a mandolin??? Snow up to keelie';s chest!! does the world not work when i'm not home??? haha. i am having a total blast!!! it's amazing here!!! really hot and tomorrow, i'm off to Cape Tribulation for 2 days and going to see the rain forest! so that will be fun!
Love katy
From Bren&Coll - Wednesday, 22nd March 2006, 02:07 (GMT)
I was going to have a relaxing lunch hour on Mon & decided to read the news on the internet as I always do & Cairns. My goodness that's where Katy is.I hadn't seen any news the nite before so took me by surprise. Called your ma & she assured us that you were fine & even reading Tammy's synopsis helped ease the fears.Nothing like a bit of extra adventure to experience.Make sure you keep up with the'll want to remember everything when you get back. Keep safe..we love ya kiddo...B
dont worry!!! i'm alive and well. it's just like HOT HOT HOT here, i'm literally dripping sweat!!!
From Dad - Monday, 6th March 2006, 00:35 (GMT)
So, how was the first part of you trip?? Did you get to use the Red Carpet Lounge at Sanfransisco airport? Mom was pretty misty-eyed as we left but she recovered. Not so sure about Jim!!!

Mom is cleaning up your room so she can do yoga, and Keely has an eye on a couple of spots for her daily meditation periods. You'd better send back some instructions to mom about your room!!

Rick M. called to wish you good luck. Also, Pat Hoyland called - she thougtht you left tomorrow. I gave her your planet and buttercup addresses.
X X dad.
From raelle - Wednesday, 8th March 2006, 02:01 (GMT)
hey buddy whats up? So you are now down under as am i. I am living in a place called townsville right my magnetic island. Who did you come with?
Ya, for sure!!! i'm with a girlfriend which im meeting up with in Cairns and makin my way all the way down the coast!
maybe i'll come see you when i come down!!!
Loves ya
From Diane Jordan Nee Cha - Sunday, 19th March 2006, 03:39 (GMT)
Love reading your travel log Katy. Bad weather on cape prob from cyclone Larry, its hovering off the coast of QLD, its catergory 3 at this stage and expected to hit coast off Cairns on monday if it doesnt change direction.
Catch a few fish up there add to the pot with vege's.
Byee for now.
love Diane.
Hey dianne!!! i just experienced my first cyclone (although because we're in townsville we just caught the outside end of it) it was pertty scary and i'm very glad it's over!!!
Thanks for reading!!!
Love katy
From raelle - Friday, 14th April 2006, 01:07 (GMT)
hey babe how yous going?
Man where are you guys i rang you the other nite i saw whats his face and i think he was with the X, it was rough good thing i am tough. Hey im a poet and i didn't even know it. But you know honey i am not in it for the money.
So my plane is booked for the 20th to brisbane. I think that i have also scored a ride in a flash car from brisbane to byron as well. So ring me soon so we can hook up and paint the aussie coast all the colors of the northern lights haha.
Hey sexy thang! We jsut booked our bus for brisbane to byron, and it's on Friday, so hopefully we be able to hook up in Brisbane AND in Byron!
What's his face is a big bum and you can totally do better, right??? he's NOTHIN!!!!!!!
Love yas!!
katy xxx
From - Thursday, 20th April 2006, 02:01 (GMT)
Hi Katy,
how are you ever going to survive coming back to Spruce Grove and living with us ... this is such an adventure, I love your stories and can picture all the adventures.

love Mum
Well, i guess i'm going to have to manage!!!
love you so much!
Love Katy
From Gramma - Wednesday, 22nd February 2006, 19:27 (GMT)
What do you mean IF YOU HAVE TIME?.You must find time for me.I love you very much and wish you a safe and fun trip
i'm making time to write to you!!! lol. Love you, and i hope your ok with my entry!!!
Love Katy
From Grandad - Wednesday, 22nd February 2006, 19:33 (GMT)
Be a good girl Katy
I promise i will!!!
I love you so much!!!
From Diane Jordan Nee Cha - Sunday, 30th April 2006, 01:29 (GMT)
Dear Katy,
I think you might have passed us by, we are not in Sydney, we moved to Queensland. We live on Russell Island off the coast 15minutes from Brisbane area.
Great to see your having a ball.
Lots of love, Diane.
From Patty-Ho - Sunday, 5th March 2006, 20:18 (GMT)
Hey! I'm so sorry we kept missing each other on the phone. I love you sooo much and hope you have tons of fun! I'll send you a big email soon with all my news. Have a good flight!
I miss you already
i had an awesome flight and totally arrived safely and without any problems. promise to call you some time (probably not for a little while, just cause i'm so busy) but later on in my trip!
E-mail me bout all your new men!!! lol
love you!!!
From Dad - Tuesday, 7th March 2006, 06:09 (GMT)
Thanks for the call today. I'm happy that it was a good journey and that you took advantage of the VIP Lounge in San Fransisco!!! Those first class big seats are really comfortable, aren't they!!! I let gramma/grandad know that you arrived safely and really enjoy travelling "first class". They both wish you a good trip and that you should look after yourself and be safe.
Everyone wants to hear about your trip and adventures so get crackin' on your trip entries!!!
We miss you already, although Mom cleaned up your room and it is now her yoga place. Keely really likes it as she can stretch out on the carpet and do what she does best....sleep. Mom also drove her car today!!!!!
You got some mail today - can I open your mail and give you Email updates on what arrived, and attend to whatever comes in? Let me know.
X X X Dad
Hey dad!!! well... tell me what the mail is (like... from TD Canada or from whatever) and i'll tell you! ok???
i knew that mum would takeover my room, but i didn't know that soon, oh well, i still love her.
love you!!!
i promise to be safe!!!
From Kadi - Tuesday, 7th March 2006, 18:36 (GMT)
Hey Katy
Sounds like you are having an awesome time. It's pretty sweet here too there is lots of snow and it is cold so i hope you are enjoying the sun. I miss you
Talk to you later

Miss you too!!! i am having a blast, but dont worry, i'm coming home! promise!!!
Love Katy
From Gramma - Wednesday, 8th March 2006, 05:21 (GMT)
The getting lost is in the genes --or is it the Jeans?Sorry I passed this wonderful trait on to you.The up side is that you do meet a lot of people this way.We realy are enjoying your journal.Grandad even read it before he had his daily fix of "SPIDER"
Love you
aw, thats good that it's not just me who always seems to be getting lost! it really is a great way to meet new people though, your'e right!
i'm having a fantastic time here, it's amazing and HOT HOT HOT!!! love you so much
Lvoe KAty
From Mum - Wednesday, 8th March 2006, 15:20 (GMT)

I can hear the excitement, fun and energy in your writing, you sound like you are having a Blast!! Thanks for sharing your great stories, keep them coming. And remember getting lost is just part of the adventure.
Love you and miss you
thanks mum!!! i love you so much too, hope you're having fun renovating my room into your own little oasis! loves you!!!
From Rick - Wednesday, 8th March 2006, 22:17 (GMT)
Hi Katy,

So pleased your flight went well. I've spent my whole life gazing at 'those' who sit in first class wondering who they are! Wonder if anyone wondered who you were!!

Should be fun to hear the journey ahead from 2 perspectives, your's and Tammy's. You're different people! Tammy arrives and spends 2 days seeing Sidney on her own. You make a friend and couple up the experience!!
Too funny!

I called your mom and dad on Sunday!
They were both...adjusting - your dad kept telling how many days to go - you mom kept feeding your dad doggy bisquits to make him feel better.

Give Tammy a hug for us,

Thanks rick! yupp, me and tammy are different, but right now we're together and loving it! we just met up today, and are minglin and chillin! she taught me how to grocery shop on a budget! haha
Love Katy
From Nic P - Thursday, 9th March 2006, 18:01 (GMT)
Hi Katy,
Sounds like you are having a blast! I love reading your adventures... I get to relive my trip, through you! So far in Sydney you went to all the hot sposts (or so we thought)that Jill and I did, and you seem to have the same reactions!

Make sure when you get a chance to hike through the rain forest when your up there. It is amazing! Enjoy the GBR.

In one of your future Journals, can you talk about the cost of a hostel per night and tell me how the cost of food and everyday things compare with here! Keep on keeping on!


From Dad - Thursday, 9th March 2006, 20:12 (GMT)
Rick phoned me at 6:30 this morning to tell me about the cheap chicken story.....the guy is outacontrol!!!

Make sure you get a couple of extra underwater cameras and take lots of pictures. Don't forget that your digital camera IS NOT waterproof!!! If you see a shark, don't move and pretend you are a piece of coral - just like when you see a bumble bee and pretend you are a tree - they won't bug you. I read that somewhere....

Last night Duncan did his first "head chef" shift at Mario's. He was in charge of the kitchen. Didn't kill anyone and the place is still standing. Sounds like a success story to me!!
XX Dad
well, i just got off of the water from my diving course. it was 3 days of AMAZING DIVIN!!!! and i am not a certified ADVENTURE DIVER!!! (look it up because then i don't have to explain via e-mail!!! haha)
From Bren&Coll - Friday, 10th March 2006, 05:43 (GMT)
wow an adventure for a lifetime. your fun sounds infectious.glad your mom let us know about your diary.what a perfect way to have all the fun written down for later.this is better than tv & newspaper. don't keep us wanting more.enjoy every deserve it. chat at ya later...luv B & C
OH MY GOD!!! it's awesome that you got onto this!! i am absolutely having a blast!!!! i just returned from a 3 day 2 night boat trip where i got certified and was scubadiving in the GREAT BARRIER REEF!!!! it was to die for!!! i LOVED IT!!!
Love katy
From Rick - Sunday, 12th March 2006, 19:24 (GMT)
Hi Katy,

Congrats on the diving!! After reading your and Tammy's highlights, I have to go lie down until my heart slows down. Your energy is contagious.

I felt bad waking your folks up to tell them about the chicken-I thought all parents got up at 5:30 am to see what their kids were writing from Australia.

We love your writings,

Love Rick and Pat
Thanks!!!! i'm so happy to be certified!!!! i'm pretty sure that my dad enjoys it when he's woken up at 5:30 in the morning to hear your voice all excited, and not mine!!! it probably puts his mind at ease!!! and to think, you two put this whole thing together!!! (or so you think!!!) amazing! haha!
Thanks for the writings!
Love Katy
From Patty Ho - Monday, 13th March 2006, 19:40 (GMT)
ohhh man! I miss you sooooooo much... I can't believe I won't be able to talk to you for like three months! Who am I going to gossip to?! no Pat, you're trying not to gossip as much! bad girl
Things here are fine, swamped with work, sooo many papers to do and second midterms coming up. Boy life still sucks, nobody in my life, and it's lonely. I just want someone to cuddle with...
My coach got fired, so things with volleyball are a little crazy right now. We don't have a new one yet, but they've started the interview process and what not, so hopefully we'll know soon. I just hate not knowing, do we have to try out next year? what do we do for off season training? Man it sucks!!! That also means our banquet is cancelled, which mean that Sean (Hot hockey player) won't be my date. No got boy in a suit. God I was SO excited about that one.
I might be going to Great Big Sea, because they're playing in PEI on my birthday. I mean you can't be in the maritimes without seeing them at least once, it's a sin! The 24th can't come soon enough, to be legal all over Canada, I'm fired up! anyhoo, I think my ADD is catching up, becasue this is the most random email ever! LOVE YOU TONS!
WOW!!! honey i miss you so much too!!! i totaly hate not hearing about your horrible love life and your halarious stories!!! keep writin to me, but on e-mail!!!! it's easier to check and write to you on!
love you and miss you lots!!! i'm havin a beer for you tonight (on, and P.S. beer is SOOO much better here!!! No Tequillas though! lol)
Love you!!!
From Bren&Coll - Tuesday, 14th March 2006, 01:46 (GMT)
Congrats on the cert diving conquest! I can't wait to hear about more of your trip. Pretty boring when you have to live vicariously thru a 19 yr old on the other side of the world. And I get to keep track of your parents at home with the updates from their end. What could be better.Coll & I just working. Lots of overtime for me so not much fun so your trip keeps me going. I'm in my jammies but I am working not enjoying a good novel like your ma. toodles and stay safe. Your happiness is infectious & makes me smile each time I read your ya.. B
AWWW< I LOVE YOU TOO B!!!! misses you and yes, you can totally live vicariously through me!!! i'm having an amazing time, and if my next entry is anythin like the rest of my trip, it will be a huge highlight of my life! Love ya!
From Diane Jordan Nee Cha - Tuesday, 14th March 2006, 07:02 (GMT)
Dear Katy,
Glad to hear you are having a ball. Just watch those crocs up in northern Queensland. they are everywhere.
Just for the family in Canada reading this, Its amazing Two of my children played the mandolin too. Lots of love from south eastern Queensland. Cousin Diane.
From Diane Jordan Nee Cha - Tuesday, 14th March 2006, 07:06 (GMT)
Hi Katy,
Glad your"e enjoying things.
Our phone no is Queensland (07) 3409 1188
Love Diane.
thanks for the number!!! i'll keep in touch!