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From Gam - Thursday, 2nd August 2007, 07:41 (GMT)
OMG - so you did ended up getting DRUNK on your last nite here in OZ. And hey $5 jagerbombs!!! That's so kool, better past me the details on that one. Well, enjoy ur journey. And nice comment with the photo of us, viet bitches u really think u'll get away with that one?? I don't think so......see ya round.
Hey hey Gamster! I was planning to e-mail you but this'll do.
It's Jager Monday in the Crown so be sure to have a sly Tuesday sickie (unlike your suspicious Monday one!)
Haha, thought the Viet comment was a bit riskay but knew you's wouldn't mind!
Take care & keep those accountants laughing! xx
From richie - Wednesday, 13th December 2006, 19:17 (GMT)
happy birthday fella, ooo getting old! well done on the skydive, nuts of steel.

keep on pimpin!

Cheers fella. Where are the days of neg down Jubiliee gone! Ohhh those were the days.

keep on goosin'
From Craig - Wednesday, 13th December 2006, 12:55 (GMT)
How do fella! First of all happy bday my son - wish it was 18 again! Bet the skydiving was amazing (not nervous my arse)! Beats a dirty night in Evo any day! Less than 3 weeks for me now and I am nervous as sh!t! Hope you have a good xmas mate!
Eh up pal!
I swear to God i wasn't nervous. I get far more nervous driving my shitheap wheels.

Can't believe you go soon. You should get a planetranger set up so i can follow in envy as i'll be a working man by then.

It'll all be good, just don't trust those Indians one bit!

From Dad - Wednesday, 13th December 2006, 09:19 (GMT)
sounds good as usual.

Skydiving? Hope you haven't handed your crutches back!

Cheers. Nah we landed on our arses so my ankle wouldn't give way.
From Carole - Thursday, 11th October 2007, 02:17 (GMT)
Hola traveller!!!!

Been following the adventures since the start...

Let me know if u pass by New York, I'm still there...

Enjoy South America!

The Crazy Frenchie
Frenchie!! Been a while. What´s the craic?

I´d love to pass by. If not, I´ll visit from the UK.
Great to hear from you!
Don´t mention the rugby on Saturday!
From Jim (God Bless Ameri - Wednesday, 13th December 2006, 08:05 (GMT)
Happy Birthday Ash!
Sorry haven't been keeping up lately but it sounds like you have been having a great time-think you might be overdosing on Irish bars though. Phots are fantastic Ash, I will definitely use this site when I do my treck across the 50 states planned for when I turn 40.
We are all well and Karen and Madison and Joel the monster send thier best. Not much to tell you except we are nearing the end of the football season now and the Jets have had a surprisingly good season consider we were supposed to be rebuilding and we have an outside chance of making the playoffs- lets hope.
Back home the soccer season is in full swing but I cant bear to watch such pish, the Toffees are having another mediocre season- win /loss-win/loss-usual. Wednesday are having usual season-loss/loss/loss-jammy win/loss, ho ho.
watching Ashes- coverage is brilliant from sky, best ever but England need to pull their finger out, hope you are looking forward to seeing your folks- I spoke to mum last week and she can't wait to see you, have plenty Kleenex when they meet you- for your old man I mean. Have a great day Ash, see you soon.
J E T S- jets jets jets!
Alright Jimbo!

Glad to hear you're off on your travels soon. I thought you were 40 already though? The U.S. doesn't really appeal to me but am sure it'd be interesting. I know a yoga teacher in Cali who'd be more than happy to provide you with a bed/or hers.

I haven't got much to add on your sports talk as i know jack about NFL, am losing interest in a 2 horsed Premiership & i defintely don't want to talk about England's piss poor performances.

Can you send me an e-mail cos whenever i send you one, it gets thrown back at me saying invalid address. I may have an old one.

Cheers for the message, stay safe pal.
From sophie - Monday, 18th September 2006, 02:41 (GMT)
Hi my name is Sophie.
I live on a cattle stasion in the Northern Territory of Australia I really want to start up a web page. Can you give me any tips? My web page is going to be about horses and what they do. So please give me some tips I am despert.
Thanks Sophie
Hi Sophie.

I just follow the wizards on this website. Maybe a might be better for a horse site.

Can you rent me out a horse for a trek across NT?
From Big Dave - Wednesday, 20th September 2006, 00:29 (GMT)
WHAT!!! Mel and Sophie are dead? What the hell is happening in Dolly-oaks? Someone please fill me in!!

Hows things by the wat Gitsy? Hope you're feeling better kid and the 'white stuff' has dissapeared too!!
Below message tells all.
I'm alright chief, getting the money together to get on the road again.
Bug is now long gone...i hope.

Hope the plush houses are treating you well & the fat kids aren't being annoying as fook.
From Trina - Tuesday, 26th September 2006, 12:40 (GMT)
hey ashley! just having a look at your China photos and making myself depressed about being home, boooooo! We got back two weeks ago and its starting to feel like i was never away at all....! when are you heading to melbourne? A group of our mates are there at the moment... keep in touch

Great to hear from you.
I still thought you had a few days left in Africa. Must be hard being back home.

I've kept a few China photos & i still laugh myself to tears when looking at that vid from Xi'an. You know the one!

I'm on the very long road to Melbourne next week.

I'll send you a e-mail soon talking more.
From Mum - Monday, 14th August 2006, 07:34 (GMT)
Glad to hear you're still having a great time. Tried to send message and said it was sent but I think number was still wrong - will try again.
Love you x
Haven't received anything. Make sure you include +61. xx
From Shavey - Monday, 14th August 2006, 13:55 (GMT)
Alright me ol' booooty!!

Glad to hear you made it safely over to Oz and are continuing to create a fair few antics (cheers for the texts!)

I can honestly say I've been up to pretty much nothing apart from a couple of weeks work with Pez. Still loosely looking for a job, any chance of a sneak of your CV??

Will have to update with the mundane stuff in a mail soon pal!

Take it easy skip!!
Alreet Geezer!

What antics? Not on this site ;-)

Hope Pez & his Bros mullet is treating you well.

I've totally revamped my cv so i'll forward onto you.

Tara la
From Dad - Tuesday, 15th August 2006, 18:29 (GMT)
Mornin sport,

Got your parcel, thanks for the "lazy boys" (sure that's not a typo?), can't wait to wear them in Cheers Saturday night, i'll still be the best dressed guy in there. Would thank you for mums's pashmina but she's decided she needs a new dress to go with it.

Good luck with the jobs, you must be fed up of tax dodging

Good stuff. Probably the cheapest & daftest presents i've ever bought, but it's all about the thought!

Got a job. I'll do a quick diary entry now.
From sean - Saturday, 19th August 2006, 15:10 (GMT)
hello mate good to hjear youve got to aus safe. if you go to adelade give me a shout my great uncle lives there and would be more than happy hes a crazy irish man. anyway mate take it easy and have a reat time
'ello chief.

Glad you've finally updated your site, i didn't even know where you were going.

Morocco sounds interesting & glad you've seen the Brit-less Spain.

From Gina - Thursday, 24th August 2006, 05:27 (GMT)
G'day skipper!

How you doin? I can see things have quietened down a little bit for you... still, at least you're getting free cake! I'm sat at my desk eating Skittles (am getting a little hyper I fear!) supposed to be proof reading some stuff, but instead I'm chatting on MSN to you! hee hee!

Still, before you came on-line i'd started this entry, so I'll finish it.

My new job's going well, got back from Hong Kong yesterday which was fun... fantastic place for shopping, but it's a shame about how beautiful the place USED to be. Now it's like a mini-New York.

Hoping to head to Yun Nan in October holiday... as it was so highly recommended by yourself! And there's no way that i'm spending the whole week off in Shanghai -it's great for weekends but i've done all the sightseeing stuff around here so i need to find me some fresh pastures to explore!

Just remember, whenever you feel a little bored or restless... cast your mind back to the conversation we had in the Hotpot restaurant in Longhua, Shanghai... about who's town is more scanky, inbred & drug controlled.... Raunds vs. Rushden... an on-going debate my friend! hee hee! Life isn't all bad, we're over here! x

P.S. One of my all-time favourite quotes from Dumb and Dumber... something to make you smile: "We got no food, no jobs... our PET'S HEADS ARE FALLING OFF!"

laters, take care :)
Howdy hi!

I'm suppose to be doing many tedious tasks too so it's good to have someone who shares my timezone to chat to!

My boss reads this site so i shouldn't have said that!

I didn't fancy the Hong Kong metropolis. Yunnan ahoy! It's a fantastic region & probably my travelling highlight so far.

Our fellow Shire squires will not be impressed with our convo but sod it..they can leave!!

It's what keeps me going.

Right back to work. Leftover cake awaits!

Take care kidder
From mum - Thursday, 24th August 2006, 07:23 (GMT)
Hope you not squashing too many cakes during your packing duties. And not to tired after your hard day in the office.
Speak to you soon
Love you xx
Yes to both but i haven't dropped any yet. Better than fruit picking.
From dad - Thursday, 24th August 2006, 18:55 (GMT)
Wednesday 1 Wrexham 4

Oh dear! Guessing that's the Carling Cup.
Not a bad start for us
From mum - Friday, 1st September 2006, 20:05 (GMT)
I'll be your drinkin buddy! You are much more popular than bloody Huntley. Still tryin to persuade Dad we can afford to come January! Love you xx
Haha. Stop your shit weeks in Mediterrian Blackpool & you'll be able to afford it! xx
From armo - Monday, 4th September 2006, 12:36 (GMT)
hello buddy, well you getting used to the world of working again now then? sounds like you putting in some hours mate,so you should have some cash for dec then boy as you will have a drinking buddy then my friend i can tell you that haha,
but i am still very tempted to come out for more than the time i am haha if i can afford to, and as long as you get a heavy duty hammock for me to chill in mate i shall be a happy man,haha,so anything else new and exciting mate?

take care mate

It's painful but yeah slowly getting there.
My Oz bank account is now loaded with 2 weeks wages.

Get that 12 month visa. I bet you'll be applying when you get out here.

Remember, a pair of bordies & thongs (flip flops) and you're packed.

There's murmorings of more coming out but i'll wait & see!
From Dad - Monday, 4th September 2006, 18:13 (GMT)
Cheeky bugger
'Mediterranean Blackpool'. it wil be Peru, Zante(fair enough, but the Ionian sea) and Marrakech. That'll be 3 continents in 6 months You done more?
I think not.

PS. I still don't know what Lampard does.

After 30 years of shite!

I've done 4 continents if you include Cuba!

Morocco is about as African as Peter Crouch.

Yeah i'd rather have Beckham than Lampard. Thank God Hargreaves has an interest.
From Adam - Monday, 4th September 2006, 18:20 (GMT)
Please let our Australian cousins know that in the UK we are also in mourning for Australia's Princess Diana.

RIP Steve Irwin - The People's Croc-Botherer
I think he's more popular in the UK & the US.
They thought he was a bit of buffoon here.

The radio show i'm listening to is laughing at Jermaine Greer's comments & asking people to extend on it.

From Shavey - Wednesday, 6th September 2006, 21:23 (GMT)
Hello mate!

Thought I'd leave a little message as something for you to look forward to.......despite having drunkenly text and emailed ( I think)

Can you tell me who gets put away: Cameron or does Robert Robinson get found out. The wily young fox! Look forward to the introduction of said chick.....does she have a dog cos the street needs a new bouncer!!

Hope all is going well mate. How much longer are you in Perth?
Got the text Sunday, sadly i was awake. No e-mail tho.

Robert gets put away & now Cam is on his death bed after Hoyland ran him down in love for that traingle faced Asian bird.

No dog for the new girl but she comes with stick, wandering eyes & an evil streak.

Other than that, Sky is having alcho Stinger's baby.

I get some serious slating off the Aussies for watching it! They just don't understand.

Fairly settled in Perth so maybe another 2/3 months to get some funds rolling for a "bonzer chrimbo" in the sun.

Keep a check on Cork the Pork
From Nickyboy - Thursday, 7th September 2006, 08:58 (GMT)
....but have the Aussies heard of Steve Urban. Aka Bumhunter!? Can you just clear up something, which Hoyland ran Cam over?

Take it easy boss.. Still hanging onto the dream of getting out there for the ashes.
I mentioned it to a few hippies who were pretty horrified so i haven't brought Urban up again.

Max was the one, he catches a bit of 'yellow fever' if you know what i mean.

"bar-my ar-my"
From Mick - Thursday, 7th September 2006, 09:28 (GMT)
Hey Ash

...So it's you who's had your name up for the most hits on the homepage of this site for 7 months...well well well...Gitsy's Spirograph. In that case, I was honoured and privelaged to meet you mate...! Let me know when you're in Melbs. Cheers, mick the aussie.
Alright Mick,

I think it's got more to do with my parents being a little trigger happy with the "refresh" button.

I'll be east in about 3 months ready for another pommy win in The Ashes.

Good luck with the band & house hunting.


From Dave - Thursday, 7th September 2006, 14:39 (GMT)
Now then Mad dog, realised its been a while since i left you a message so here goes.

Sadly we dont get Neighbours out here but i'm shocked to hear of Stingray knocking up Sky!! Whats going on?

Although its not Neighbours (its Home and Away) during every break in play when Hewwitt is playing in the US Open all the cameras do is perv on his Missus, Hayley (Nipsys favourite) who is apparently more famous than he is! Is this true in Oz?

Anyway good to hear Oz footy is as good as the US, i haven't sat through a whole Redbulls game all season, even with the great Peter Canero playing!!

Anyway hope all is well, stay safe my travelling brother!!
It's all going off in Ramsey Street. I could write a whole diary entry about it. In fact i should!

I heard a quote about Hewitt t'other day "We don't mind when he wins cos he's Australian & we don't mind when he loses cos he's a nob."

His Mrs is possibly the thickest lass i've ever heard. Defo a pillow digger with a sock in mouth.

Read about your plush digs in the U.S. you jammy get.

Keep it real homebro
From Brown - Sunday, 10th September 2006, 07:49 (GMT)
on Friday night one brainless moron.......good win for the blues yesterday mate, i watched it at home hugging a lonely can of 1664 awaiting a pounding from the inbred boys from norwich.but to my surprise we turned them over 3-0! result! going to ipswich away on tuesday night, i must me stupid.take it easy fella
Alright Chief!

Two good 3-0's then!
Still hasn't sunk that we licked the redshites, if a little luckily!

Ipswich is a funny place but guessing you won't be hanging around.

Come on you blues (sky)!