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From Geoff Reeves - Tuesday, 21st February 2006, 17:23 (GMT)
Hello "must go now" nice to hear from name is Geoff,I look forward to more tales from your pen.This could be interesting.
he he he.. yes..thanks for checking me out.
Take heed and watch this space.
From Geoff - Thursday, 23rd February 2006, 19:54 (GMT)
Hey "must go now",
those birds will be confused.Maybe you should give them each a GPS system to get around the conservancy............Then when they are done use it for the US.
Geoff x
u know..
From ellen - Thursday, 23rd February 2006, 23:51 (GMT)
Read your Thurs. 23 Feb. blog and was concerned about the car and the food. Anyone we know? Keep writing because I'm reading. Love, ellen
i am not sure really.just the night guard.
I am having a budh dinner tonight so I will put an entry later .. depending on my state of mind.
From Nashipae - Sunday, 26th February 2006, 13:28 (GMT)
Have just read your site for the first time and loved it.
How's the poor man who was in the crash? if we know him please pass on our good wishes.
Take care
Love Nashipae
i will let you know from my other mail
From Marjorie - Sunday, 26th February 2006, 13:33 (GMT)
You said in reply to Ellen's message that you'd 'put a message later....depending on your state of mind'.
Mmmmmmmmm.....still no entry on the 25th! Wonder what we should read into that!
Hope you have now 'recovered'!
he he he. Iam putting something just now. Patience my impatient mother..
take care
From Gee - Tuesday, 28th February 2006, 22:58 (GMT)
I have never seen what an amazing writer you are!!! You should have an editorial section in a paper! Congratulations!
Loads of love
thanks .. in the states right now but i will call you
From Geoff - Sunday, 5th March 2006, 18:58 (GMT)
Smooth sailing.?? Football ? Your quite the athelete.............:-)) I never realised you had so many feathers in your cap.
he he he, now you know what you got yourself into
From Marjorie and Chris - Friday, 17th March 2006, 16:52 (GMT)
You're never at home!!!
Your site becomes confusing for those who don't know you e.g. who is Mia.....Suja... Park?
It is confusing enough for those who do!!!!! How many are going to the US? When?
Dear Girls,
Hold your horses, I am here and you can follow our trip as when we and what we are doing.
My bum is sore right now for sitting too long and I am thirsty. These americans have hefty portions.. and also hefty portions of cocktails.. so mmmmmmmmmmmmm...
From ellen - Thursday, 23rd March 2006, 19:56 (GMT)
I check almost daily and am disappointed when there' no new meaasage. Hope you are ok. When is the visit?
Hi, Ellen, I am in Tacoma right now. Please send me your number on my normal address and I will call you. I have cell number for here.
I am back dont worry
From Marjorie and Chris - Wednesday, 29th March 2006, 18:14 (GMT)
March 29th is truly the very, very, best ever!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a story!!!!!!!!! Please let us request Peter for our guide when we next come!! (We're too old for all that excitement!)
well, after the excitements we have had, geez lets see what we shall experience in Denver
From Evans - Saturday, 8th April 2006, 13:33 (GMT)
How are the presentations going? Freaked out? guess not, you did enough rehersals. The camp is ok and the rains are finally here. Got ya sms.

I cant receive external mails on my Lewa a/c but Sammy is sorting it out.

In the mean time anything urgent send to him.

Say Hi to Peter.

All the best.
Ohh. Kul.. Then just email me using my lycos account..
From Geoff - Monday, 10th April 2006, 21:40 (GMT)
Hello Queen Sheba,
makes for wonderful the cats outta the bag,drinking all those margaritas mmmmm what a life.The US will never be the same.When you have left they will all exhale. :-))........didnt they know you are a wild child...and who fans you in club class....:-)
Take care

Geoff x
well, purr purr
From ellen - Thursday, 13th April 2006, 19:19 (GMT)
I'm loving your stories - keep them coming! Enjoy and have fun!
From Bertie - Saturday, 15th April 2006, 14:31 (GMT)
Hi Queen Sheba,great to read more of your adventures.You thought Masaii could eat well now you know....:-).

Keep up the good work and remember all the stories you have to tell for when you get back home.Thats if those Margaritas dont get there first :-)
Tell Suja to save some energy for when he gets back and starts guiding again ...
Take care Sheba.
Bertie xxxxx
ohh dear , Bertie is the green eyed monster.
Well , thats just too bad.. it depends if Herby will fix for me those nasty margaritas.
From Nashipaei - Friday, 21st April 2006, 18:30 (GMT)
We are enjoying the adventures!
Give our love to Peter. (Bet he'll have grey hair when we next see him!)
we are fine. i hope you are all ok. And please tell Wanjiru to stop freting like my granny.I shall be there in december. why do you think i will be in birmingham
From ellen - Wednesday, 26th April 2006, 21:11 (GMT)
Thank heavens you finally checked in! There was just an article in the local newspaper about the Atlanta aquarium. Looked like an amazing place.
Loved your pics. How did it feel seing the eagle "behind bars."
Loved the maragarita pic. Enjoy and have a safe trip home! Love, ellen
how are you. i had wondered what had happened to you. Pass my regards to all. read on
From Wanjiru - Friday, 28th April 2006, 13:33 (GMT)
But I am your Granny! (Well, I bet I'm older than your mother!!)
Either way most people LOVE their grannies!!
No....not in Birmingham. I know that because I've arranged to meet its most important citizen while I'm at Lewa in December. (At least he's promised me he'll be there!!
Safe journey!
love you also. Gosh, I never had a granny that yaks like you. But I did quieten you up. See you December but until then , sit tight and be quiet and read on. Will call you soon when im in the vicinity. Incidentally , do you have anyone who is looking for a belle. Please let me know.Send cvs soon.
I have now become , the single column...he he he
From Sean - Friday, 28th April 2006, 23:03 (GMT)
one day I will begin to understand you :-)) till then I will smile and say "yes dear"
take care ! lovely photos,and see you soon.

Sean x
hmm. i send emails to people and al they say .. yes dear. your soon going to have a frying pan on your head.
From Wanjiru - Sunday, 30th April 2006, 14:25 (GMT)
Maybe it's because I 'yak' too much, but we have no idea why you and Peter in America!! (Nashipaei hasn't either and she doesn't yak, does she. Further to the yakking: - between you and me there's no contest. You win hands down every time!!! I know Peter will agree with this!) your trip. We just get the idea it's one long, boozy holiday when - SUDDENLY - you pop in the word 'presentation' and we think you MIGHT be supposed to be WORKING!!! Oh, Lord... those who sign up for you to join them together are in for a shock!!
Thank you for the kind offer BUT I have enough to do worrying about you - and especially Peter!! I bet his wife is also worried!!!!!
Love to you both
he he he...yikes..sorry , I was meant to tell you about my wok..too serious
he he he
From ellen - Monday, 22nd May 2006, 17:50 (GMT)
What an adventure! Thank heavens you finally checked in!A return visit in Nov. Maybe it will be closer to us!
Loved the cmael story! Ellen
he he he, pass my regards to my friend
From Bertie - Wednesday, 7th June 2006, 17:08 (GMT)
Back to the land of the living :-) welcome home
alive and well. barely
From ellen - Wednesday, 7th June 2006, 21:06 (GMT)
Loved your new sets of pics. Keep them coming.. I can't believe that it will almost be one year since we visited Lewa but its people and animals I will never forget.
Keep writing. Love ellen
thanks. Cn you imagine time has really flown. I hope you are all ok.
please say halloto all.
From WANJIRU - Wednesday, 14th June 2006, 17:52 (GMT)
Hi,and how are you?
Have loved your 'diary' and glad you're home.....but how's your memory? Can you remember back to March or April?
You said then that you'd look at the new Web site, see if our comments about Lewa needed any corrections....... AND WRITE A COMMENT ON THE GUEST BOOK!!
(Please do so before you open the usual bottles!!!)
Please rmember us to our friends there.......and give Peter and Nash a hug.
Love you, anyway.
Wanjiru and Wamboi
either im a dummy , but sincerely i have no clue what you are talking about.
i am suffering from blond moments
so please bear with me.
Nash has decided to be a rascal, you can have her
From Berty - Sunday, 16th July 2006, 20:10 (GMT)
Hi my garden is famous :-) Nice photos.! especially papa elephant.The one you didnt send me actually.Now I am impressed :-)).....Didnt you get the Suzuki jeep as gift after all your hospitality ?...should have done.:-))
Barny Bear x
he he he
From Wanjiru and UK Nash - Sunday, 23rd July 2006, 22:24 (GMT)
At last! We'd nearly given up on ever hearing your voice again.....and by the looks of the 'new' adventures - maybe you'll not be there in December!
You say 'either I'm a dummy'. Mmm, no comment! (You were about to go to the States but said you'd look at when you returned!! (See reasons on Wanjiru's last message)
Love to all our friends over there. See you all in December.
PS Have Nash? Yes, please
ahh.. my dear ladies, how you a blond
and i will indeed look at the website
I need absolution.What miss your visit in december.Of course not. Some people i know will not let me rest.My spirit will be restless after all the cursing i shall receive from one noisy lady. Who is so lovable but...
see you in december. Nash is areas.I am giving her up for adoption.