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From Mum K - Thursday, 31st May 2007, 05:06 (GMT)
Great photos and what sights. I am in envy. Looks like lots of fun was had by you all in Amsterdam and Barcelona. Do I see a touch of sunburn Tish? Fab work guys. Got me excited when I saw your W/W High St flat and Shayz and Blair tucked up in your lounge. How about one of your new place. XXXX
yep i'll put some of our new place on the next lot - got a little bit of a tan but all gone now!
From MumK - Sunday, 11th March 2007, 04:48 (GMT)
Well done kids! Best photos are of Brugge - very attractive people in that place??? The photos you took are really good. Egypt you had to experience. They have bigger camels there than in Dubai. We look forward to heaps more. XXXX
yes very beatiful aren't they, especially the younger one i must say xxx
From Nat - Friday, 24th March 2006, 20:30 (GMT)
hey chick,

Can't wait to hear all about your adventures!!

From lisa - Saturday, 27th May 2006, 03:28 (GMT)
Hey Alicia,
where's all the goss and good photos?
we're bored, it's not very busy and I'm at work with Nat and Daph eating choc and listening to cds.
Hope you're having fun xx
From Basia - Tuesday, 2nd May 2006, 23:47 (GMT)
Surely you have some news to tell us! First impressions? Travel?
Time to start your journal!
From Mum K - Sunday, 15th April 2007, 04:37 (GMT)
Well done guys! I'm impressed. You found so many different things in Budapest. Really an amazing place with such views. I wish we had found the Labrinth. Looks cool. Might just have to pop back fo a day???
Ok you can stay with us! Yeah it was pretty cool, and really massive too - it was all underground so was quite dark and damp but it had cool sound and lighting effects.
From CarolK - Saturday, 10th June 2006, 03:36 (GMT)
Yay guys!! I've found it okay but alas no picys as you said. Still it's good to see a map.
Heaps of love, Mum XXX
From John aka Dad - Wednesday, 16th August 2006, 09:31 (GMT)
Mustn't be too much happening. Still no photos.
Hope all is well and camera is still working and hasn't been lost or perhaps you don't know how to use it. Em could probably show you.
From Lee and Pops - Sunday, 21st January 2007, 02:06 (GMT)
Am just at robyns showing lee and pops your photos. They think you look lovely as usual. Keep up with the good work - we are all waiting for the next lot. All our love from good ol NZ. XXXX
Thank you lee and pops! Will put some more on soon so keep checking ;) Lots of love to you too. xxx
From Bronwyn - Thursday, 8th February 2007, 02:47 (GMT)
Lucky Bitch you just wait
he he! cant wait for you guys to come over :)
From shayna - Saturday, 20th January 2007, 01:09 (GMT)
I like your cute hat too. and nice photos of the scenery.
we've just been looking thru all mamas photos. u look beautiful!
Mums looks beautiful too. ceeya soon xoxoxo
Thankyou Shayna :) very sweet of you. Talk to you soon! xx
From Aunty Robyn - Thursday, 25th January 2007, 00:13 (GMT)
Hi Tish,
the photos look great.
Your mum sounds like she had a wonderful time ....she said you are looking great and was very sad to leave you behind!! We survived 5 weeks away with 5 teenagers...had lots of laughs and way too much to drink and eat but enjoyed ourselves even tho there wasnt much snow. David hurt his ankle so was out of action for a week or so but we convinced him to stick his foot in his ski boots and take some panadol! Love you
Sounds like you had a cool time, pity about the snow! Hope you had fun in Vanuautu too. Love to you all xx
From lisa s Air NZ - Thursday, 7th December 2006, 09:05 (GMT)
Hey Miss,

what a shame about your camera, I've been waiting for photos. I hope everything is going well and you're getting used to the cold weather :)
Have finally got around to putting some photos on! have a few more to put on in between calls at work so watch this space... Will never get used to this weather its depressing! Hope you had a great xmas and new years. :)
From Dad - Thursday, 11th January 2007, 23:20 (GMT)
I think I have the same pictures of Bruge.....really nice town.

Looks like you had a good time in Egypt .........didn't know Owen and Gav + 1 were with you.

Good to see keep the photos coming.

Trust all is well and Alicia has enjoyed some time with Carol.

Best wishes

From Jenna - Thursday, 18th January 2007, 20:44 (GMT)
Hey guys, wow those photos are amazing. Its good to see your having so much fun and seeing the world!! Hope youl cmoe back together to see NZ again sometime soon haha
Lots of Love xx
Yeah it was pretty cool in Egypt... You will have to save your $$ and come to visit us before we come home!! xxx
From Danimal - Sunday, 21st January 2007, 06:27 (GMT)
Hi guys,

The photos are cool! Sound slike you are having a blast over there. Bruge looks very interesting too. Planning to come to London around October. Exciting.

See ya,

From Jenna - Tuesday, 23rd January 2007, 23:25 (GMT)
Hey Tish and Adam

Good to see your adding some more photos. You both look so happy : ) It looks amazing the places you've been. Also good to see ones from good ol NZ. Talk to you soon
Hey jen, yeah its been pretty cool lately, lots more travel to do though. It snowed here last night :)
From Julia - Monday, 26th March 2007, 04:33 (GMT)
Hey Guys!

Had dinner with Basia & John on Sunday and Basia gave me your link to your photos...they're great. Wasn't Egypt amazing!!! I may be in your neck of the woods again for work in May (i'll let you know once its confirmed). Take care.

J :)
Cool let us know, will be good to catch up again.. i think we owe you a meal this time :)
From Julie - Monday, 26th March 2007, 02:23 (GMT)
Hey - finally checked out your website after Carol reminded me about it in the weekend. Great pics - those sexy looking women in Brugge are cool! I've managed to get my photo's printed and nothing more - not at all organised like Carol is. I'm still getting my head around moving countries in a few weeks - house gets packed and sent next week and I'l be camping at home after that. Adventures all round.

Cheers dudes
Cool hope all goes well! xx
From Jenna - Tuesday, 27th March 2007, 01:42 (GMT)
Hey peeps, Cool to see the photos of Brugge and more of Egypt and everywhere else up. Looks like you had a wicked holiday over Christmas and New Years. Counting down till you come back :)
Miss you Lots!
Miss u too!! xx
From Bronwyn - Saturday, 2nd June 2007, 01:20 (GMT)
wow all the photos are so amazing im soooooo soooooo excited. only 10 more sleeps :)
Only 6 more now!! Can't believe your nearly here... can't wait to see you! xx
From Carole - Sunday, 4th February 2007, 09:20 (GMT)
Great to look through your photo's and see some of the places that you have been to! Brings back memories! Stayed a night with Mum the other week and enjoyed seeing her photo's and hearing her stories! Have fun :-)
Thank you :) yeah i bet she had lots to share! xx
From - Monday, 12th February 2007, 07:39 (GMT)
wow! You've done a really good job of the photos! And you've really made me more determined to visit Egypt-with John or without!
glad you're using your time so well;and looking forward to seeing photos from your trips this year!
Yeah its definitely worth it, an amazing place.. you'd love the camel riding its heaps of fun! Really looking forward to seeing you in Rome. Alicia & Adam xx
From Kirsty - Thursday, 22nd February 2007, 22:40 (GMT)
Hey guys, wicked photos! I'm so jelly! Looks like you are having heapsa fun, just save some for when I get there... just over 4 months and counting!
Dont worry we will! cant wait to see you xx
From lisa - Friday, 2nd March 2007, 07:27 (GMT)
Hey Alicia,
glad to see you finally have some photos up! Your photos are awesome and it's good to see you're getting out of smoggy old London.
Ange Simmonds is back at work after having a baby. Tehani has had her bub and is still off. Even Hannah from Refunds is 6 months up the duff. It's lucky you left when you did!
he he - sounds like there must be something in the water over there!