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From Rich - Monday, 22nd May 2006, 02:58 (GMT)
AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH shit you missed the concert of a life time. Ben Harper reached into my loins and started to play the "la coca rachae". (<-- really dont know how to spell that). Bro Jack johnson was there!!!!!!! F#%king big surprise style!!!! I cant believe you missed it for typhoid fever and unisef. ah well got to do what you got to do and right now i got to tell you your still a dirty sanchez for leaving me and I will continue to make you feel guilty untill you come back to me safe with ten hundred trillion pictures from national geographic and SBS. Love you mate. Luke, Lynch, Liam
Your all gay
But did Jack play?? You cheeky bastard. Just ask Rula-- we know how good that Ben Harper style is. The jealously wont stop when I arrive... the photos make the jealously live on forever-
From Nancy - Tuesday, 18th July 2006, 05:11 (GMT)
What a trip!! Lucky you experiencing the other side of the world. Keep the diaries and photos coming man.
Cheers big ears!! The camera is being a gem!! See you soon xxoo
From Div - Wednesday, 2nd August 2006, 04:22 (GMT)
Hello my white friend,
Time has flown like a Boeing 777. You will be back soon! All hot and tanned, but most probably not. That's not to say you aren't already hot. Lots of girls think so Aiden, it's true. I'm on the mailing list of the Aiden is my Lion fan club.
I await your return.
Mate, i have to get a hold of this fan club list.... BUT, im too busy trying to avoid the 'We Want Aiden Killed By A Lion' Fan Club. You cant have one without the other. Doggoneit!!
From Liam - Wednesday, 17th May 2006, 06:17 (GMT)
Hey, I'm shocked you'd never been sailing before too. You spent so much of your life by the sea? (Rhetorical, I don't care).

In my previous message I forgot to include the one piece of interesting news i had: Gareth from uni got a job in my lab! He started Monday but I wont work with him till next week cause I'm doing nigths.

Speaking of work, I need to go. Enjoy your idyllic lifestyle while the rest of us work our fingers raw making a living swine! (said with love)
Give Gareth a big fat kiss for me!! Hey, there is one coming your way to my friend.... ahh those late night lab sess...... errrr.. workings.
From Roberto - Sunday, 7th May 2006, 07:51 (GMT)
Boa noite.
Roberto the non mentioned of the family BBQ here (muito) obrigado. just sending ya some massive huge amounts of love. I'm sure your havin some great times so dont even need to ask how ya doing. Life is extra extra exciting in lismore (STANDARD) we all know lismore rocks everyones world. Anna sends her love, have some big party times for us, a big double pump for our BAD BOY.........OH and hope ya shizzle dont fizzle ATE' BREVE!
Tha shizzle is tha fizzle, downtown style mofo hitting these big bad boy suckas up as much house that funky built - Buenos Aires style yall. Aight.
From Div - Sunday, 4th June 2006, 06:13 (GMT)
Maiden aiden,
I have rechristened you as such:) What glorious times you are having, and as i'm about to have my exam, i am most jealous of your gypsy ways. I tell you, i have never ever studied this much in my life and i feel as if i am morphing into a nerd. This saddens me very much.
I am most amused to hear that you are wearing all items of your suitcase to work. However, you may just be giving the impression that australians lack style. hehe.
Maiden aiden, i hope you are well and safe and looking after that special organ we call the liver.
God bless!
Love div
The ways are far from Gypsy.. I am at Iguazu Falls as I write this- still jealous?? I hope that the exam goes well, as i know it will. You dont want to show that you have style... thats how you lose your liver, which I intend to keep!! Send me your email address!!
From carmen - Wednesday, 3rd May 2006, 00:13 (GMT)
aiden?!?! how are you?!? thanks so much for messaging me, i had been wanting to call u a few weeks ago when i realised i lost your number when i got a new phone...well i hope this trip is amazing! when are u planning on getting back to brisbane? and any plans for visiting us syney siders any time???
take care of yourself and have a blast!!!
Going good. Atm on the 5th of August... actually one of my mates moved down to Sydney so maybe... when I pay all my travelling debts... so definitely in 4 years or so.
From Ritchie - Friday, 12th May 2006, 02:15 (GMT)
Ha muchos perros you prick! I also know how to say spanish omlette. Hi All who are reading this especially rula. Miss ya sweethart! Aiden, your still a dirty sanchez for leaving with out me........OHHHHHHHHHHHHH BOOOOOOOOOOOOOM thats my third spanish phrase I know ''dirty snachez". Spanish stial dawg. So lets get down to the nitty gritty! Are the girls in the post cards the same as the girls over there. IF SO! FIRST CLASS TICKET BABY. Miss you so much bro. The gats aint the same, infact I havent been and not gonna. Screw mission impossible! :(

Watch your organs cause I hear kidneys are going for 2 million pesos on the mexican black market
Take care mate
You see Ritch, spanish omlette is in English... you could at least say espanol omlette.. (I have no idea what omlette is in spanish) but surely you watched the olympics. Miss you muchos, the gatts and mission impossible, but then again, mission impossible has got nothin on these broads!!
Have lost 2 kidneys, 3 hearts, but still going strong with 1 lung.... living like a bloody king though!! Love you bro-
From Rachel - Sunday, 14th May 2006, 13:11 (GMT)
Hey Buddy, nice travel blog.
It sounds as if your having a fantastic time. Keep up the good work while those in Brisvegas settle down for the long haul with exams (n.b. biochem thanks). Take care Rach
Ohhh.. crap. Good luck with the exams, you´ll do well, esp because of the notes you photocopied off me are the best!!
From Matt Lynch - Monday, 15th May 2006, 03:01 (GMT)
In your search for you very own penelope Cruz, you havent happened to stumble across any attractive Australian women over there yet have you? I heard from a friend once that there was no such thing as an attractive Aussie girl, and that every single woman of spanish extraction is flawless? glad to hear that you are having fun. Ola
I havent met one single Australian, man or women for that matter... im not sure about the every single woman of spanish extraction is flawless, but the argentines give them a run for their money...
From Gem - Saturday, 27th May 2006, 03:36 (GMT)
Honey, for the infestation you've got one pill a day ain't gonna cut it. I'm thinking a blowtorch and industrial-strength insecticide is on the cards.
I do sincerely hope that your work in corrupting the youth of S America is going swimmingly. I've got list of non-extraditional countries you can flee to at hand.
One of them is definitely not Paraguay... didnt write it on the page, but I got rejected from there and had to go back to ARG. Yes, that customs conversation was very fun... esp the first day here in Posadas. Can you try the Caribbean...
From Nancy - Monday, 19th June 2006, 04:20 (GMT)
Photos look great. Peter was immpressed. We have enjoyed the diaries, certainly a great way to be in touch and beats letters and postcards. Thanks my friend.
I cant take all the credit for the photos.... we pooled all of them and I choose the ones I was in basically... THANKS TASH, she would be angry if I didnt mention her..
From Rula - Wednesday, 26th April 2006, 04:15 (GMT)
Finally got on, there is so much to read i just don't know where to start :)... thought i'd leave a hello and good luck message! hope you have a blast! Not long to go now.
I know. Scared every minute, but also excited. Hope you are going well, and thinking about you.
From Rula - Wednesday, 3rd May 2006, 04:03 (GMT)
NEW VOLLEYS?!??! whats going on... not a good start!!! What happened to mine?
These are for the trip only. I didnt want to wreck yours see??
From Nancy - Sunday, 7th May 2006, 21:51 (GMT)
Can you change the date in the camera. It's not January 2004!!
Trust you to notice that!! Have you looked at the pictures!?! Geez. Love you too!
From Shazza from Melb, Au - Monday, 8th May 2006, 10:04 (GMT)
Thought heaps about you on Wed, the day you left. I am so glad we came up to see you before you go. Love you always,Shazza, Rani & Cinta, oh Peter too.
Great to see you as well. I hope to come down again when I get back... if im not indebt that is... damn.
Love you all!!
From Rula - Tuesday, 9th May 2006, 09:43 (GMT)
Ley mw know if you are getting these im curious? Anyways im going put messages up from time to time, to say hey... I like this site, it's as if we get to live with you as you do all your travelling. hope you are enjoying it!!
Yeh, im getting them! I wonder why they are not being displayed though...
From Gem - Thursday, 11th May 2006, 08:56 (GMT)
You are, hmmm, how do they say it in spanish? El bastardo. Stop having ultra-fun in Sth America while I waste away in the Motherland learning irrelevant things.
On the other hand, I am glad you have not died yet. Well done.
Miss you! xoxox
Not irrelevant, just not as good... HA! Miss you too. Hey, we never did have that lunch did we?
From Liam - Monday, 15th May 2006, 03:45 (GMT)
Ello sweetheart.

How dull life is with no Aidens in sight.

Not much news on my front and I've just read all yours so I suppose there is little to talk about then isn't there.

Oh, on Friday night a guy I work with and hardly know made me come out for a drink after we finished work at midnight so he could tell me all about how his marrigage is falling apart. I wasn't quite sure what to say so I went with "Sooo... she's single now right?". It was all a bit awkward but at least I got his wife's number out of it.

Hope you're having mega-fun (you clearly are and I am uber jealous but also very happy for you - vicarious living is great for the faint-hearted).

Miss you like Ritchie misses liver function.
Adios Muchacho!
So whats the wife like?? Hot as hell i bet. everybody turns to Liam when they have problems. Miss you like Ritch misses liver function?!? Not much eh??
From Zara - Thursday, 18th May 2006, 07:03 (GMT)
Hey dude!!
Hope all is going well, and i am loving the photos! take care and be safe.
Cheers mate!! Hope all is well with you also.. hey! get back to your study!! ;)
From Div - Thursday, 18th May 2006, 10:37 (GMT)
Has the rash subsided? In the event that you attempt taking advantage of voluptuous south american ladies, i sincerely hope it has. Scaly skin is not a good look. Anyhoo, GROSS! Well, our dear friend Rose, and i have had many a chat regarding your likeness:) And i'm still highly amused and entertained. Gamsat marks come out around now- my sister is a little scared i thinketh. But regardless, you both will be fine!
Aids, you sound like your are having a blast and a half! What glorious fun!!
Hope to chatty with you soon! I miss you!!
Straight Word Aiden!
Rash?? What rash....
Ssssh. you might scare some people.... Dont get too chatty with Rose, whatever she tells you is a big fat lie. BIG UP THA FAT BEATZ. STRAIGHT WORD STYLE.
From Gem - Thursday, 18th May 2006, 11:20 (GMT)
No, we didn't have lunch cause you're too cool for me. But that doesn't matter cause I told everyone you work with that you have crabs before you left.
Anyway, I bet you're not even having fun. What beautiful lies these are, Aiden.
Not crabs, but herpes.. hey, 1 pill a day they say-- but when does it work??
From Luke - Thursday, 18th May 2006, 12:17 (GMT)
Hey Mate, Glad to hear you are having a ball! I can't believe you don't listen to ACDC... they are lightyears better than Jack Johnson & Xavier Rudd etc.... even 10 year old argentines know that!

Make sure you don't do anything stupid like bowling one of your killer inswinging swing kings (that could get you in trouble). Drink plenty of Agua too (that is the only spanish work i know, had to chuck it in somewhere).

Would hope that you were having fun but obviously you are having the time of your life already, so it's not really necessary. But if you want to add to it I recommend you buy an ACDC cd so you can party with the 10 year olds....

Keep safe mate!!! Cheers Luke
The Argentines have been educating me... I know a couple after they have played it to me.... times of the RE came flooding back to me.
Dont worry, the swing king will be back in action. Soon rather than later. CHEERS!
From Denis - Saturday, 20th May 2006, 06:27 (GMT)
Hey amigo. How’s the trip coming along, sounds like you’re having an awesome time.
Checked out your pics, and was thinking about how you manage to look like the biggest tourist in south America (especially around all the natives with their black-tans).
Don’t forget to pass me the numbers of some/all of the goodlooking Latino lasses when you get back ( if you can get me the number of Jessica alba’s sister/lookalike I owe you big time). Actually, your trip came in handy for me the other night when I met a hot Argentinian chica at the Down under bar –mentioned you were over there and she said “excellente, let’s make out now” (classy joint aye?)
Alright, stay safe and hope u pulled some nice marks on the gamsat. Cheers Denis
At the downunder bar eh?? Glad to hear Im helping you from abroad.
Hope work isnt too crap, and your still not working hard. Hey, and no promises with the Jess Alba look-alike.. every man for himself. Maybe keep checking out the Down Under bar???
Good luck with the exams!!
From Antonio - Saturday, 22nd July 2006, 03:06 (GMT)
I'll try not to make any grammar mistakes here...
(even knowing that I will..)
(I made one right there didn't I ?)
Well, to start how was your hang over thursday? (or tuesday, I still mix this up..)
Mine was terrible.
But it was whort it, because I drank with you!
I want you to know that you left Brazil not only with memories of a beautifull country, but also with mine friendship, and you can ask Leo how hard is to own mine.
I hope you come back soon so we can drink more beer!
Maybe I'll visit you some day, if I'm able to get out of Brazil some day. :P
Good luck on the rest of your trip!
Much love from this country, mate!
Mate, I think you done well!! I had an awesome time and and looking forward to drinking with you another time soon.
Leo's planning his trip to Oz, maybe you should tag along???? Just a thought.. Big hugs brother