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From ash - Tuesday, 16th May 2006, 04:35 (GMT)
hay kez
yea we do have skype ill email the number or addy whatever it is to u, when my dad gets home. it would be really cool if you could come with us to the snow, its something not to forget! it looks like your havin a great time. dont party to hard. jj :) speck to us soon love me xoxox
hey not sure if it will be possible but if it works out ill be so excited!!! hope everything is going well at home and school! miss you lots love kez
From Mat Bolle - Saturday, 29th April 2006, 08:55 (GMT)
Hey Ladies, only checked the e-mails now, sorry about that! Oz looks f--king amazing, you must be having an awesome time!!! We really need your party spirit back in SA. Kez im trying my best to do for chris what you do in your absence minus the action part!!!! Keep the party going!! Mat
hey mat, thanks for looking after chris for me, i really appreciate it!! and don't worry ruth and i will be home in no time to show you all how to really party!!!! hope you have a good week. love kez and loo
From mother darling - Sunday, 30th April 2006, 09:54 (GMT)
Hi Babs and Kezzie
Your trip sounded just awesome......... Just think you can now start planning the next one for when Chris is there!!!! Love you always and miss you all the time
hey ma, we have already started planning and budgeting for our next trip. timetable for this term is you adn miss you loads loo xxx
From mark - Sunday, 14th May 2006, 14:23 (GMT)
hey kez
was just looking at your hotos..
you girls must be havin a blast.
will speak more some time.
miss u lots
love marki
hey marki...good to see you checking up on us. missing you too.
see you in october for a lekker jol!!! ha ha
love kez
From Carls - Tuesday, 4th April 2006, 13:15 (GMT)
Hey Loodle and Kez!! This is so cool, your own site, very good idea bokkies. Sending lots of love from central Africa, biggest sis Carls xxx
hey big sis. thought you'd might be proud :) miss you lots love to stoich. love loo and kez
From Rory - Tuesday, 4th April 2006, 12:09 (GMT)
What a wonderful idea to create your own website. You are both pretty smart! Love too you both and it sure looks as if you are both enjoying the sheaf, I mean Sydney very much. I'm so proud of you both...keep on surfing I say. All my bestest love...Roarus.
hey ROARUS. we'll have a VB for you at the sheaf, but only one! miss u lots love your guls.x
From CHRIS ><> - Tuesday, 4th April 2006, 12:23 (GMT)
Hey babi, and kez. This is an awesome idea. I have to say tho, that looking at the pictures, i got a bit nausious wave. it just upsets me so much to know how far away you guys are and that cheis and i arent able to experience it with you. I miss you so much, i hope you guys are looking after each other, i am sure you are. I love you so much bab...and u kez but in a different way. take care. XXX
hey bab. we mis you so much. cant wait to see you in june, we goning to have such an awsome time here. kez loves yo too, in the other kind of way. i love youxxxxxxxxx
From g - Tuesday, 4th April 2006, 13:25 (GMT)
hello! thanks for emailing! i wasnt sure if i had the right address! wow.. you guys look like you're having a complete jol! haha! does the school put you guys up?
keep on bringing it in for the reeal thing!
miss you guys!
love george
hey g master. hope uct is goign well. have a good holiday, and email us soon ok. miss you love us
From - Tuesday, 4th April 2006, 14:37 (GMT)
hey you poo faces!!!
nice seeing you girls. you look like you having plenty fun, especially my baby kezling. i love you pup. love m.
yes well, wot can i say...we in oz. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH PUP!!!!
From Saldana - Tuesday, 4th April 2006, 15:35 (GMT)
Howsit man, this is the coolest website that i have ever seen ever!! You must really keep it as updated as you can man. It looks like such a jol. varsity goes on holiday this friday. f--k yeah!!! I went to saldana last weekend with marcus which was nice. anyway- i have a huge ecos test to study for tomorrow. it is so kak. the golden sheaf looks great- i'd like to pop in for a little brewski some time ey!! Missing you both so much. The website is rad. love claudiao
hey saldana breathe. we'll meet at the sheaf tonight! round 9 oclock. good luck for your test wolly. love and miss u.loo and kez
From Rache sis - Tuesday, 4th April 2006, 15:40 (GMT)
hey loo and kez..wazzup bitches.... hope you doing fine ..miss ya stax everyday!! loo still waiting for you to write back!!
Love ya
hey rabobbi.
am goign to write youa letter this week, ok! promise dude. i love you and miss you love loo
From Andz - Tuesday, 4th April 2006, 17:53 (GMT)
hey guys...this is so rad...looks like you guys are having fun!!!
Keep the news coming...its nice to hear and see what you guys are up to!!!
hey stokie....hope stellies is going good. miss u 2 love us.x
From mommy J - Tuesday, 4th April 2006, 18:30 (GMT)
hi you two skollies..... not so sure about all the sheaf stuff.. but it looks as though you are having loads of fun :) Love lots
hey ma, love u. miss u lots loo
From kathryn - Tuesday, 4th April 2006, 20:22 (GMT)
hey guys
love the site, looks like you guys are having an awesome time
we gotta sort something out for when im in oz, i'll be there the whole of august basically
miss you loads
hey kath. no ways, we will deffinitly hook up. it will be so awsome to chill with you. miss u love us
From jess hugOOO) - Tuesday, 4th April 2006, 20:41 (GMT)
Helo there chickies!!!
great to hear from you crazy pidgeons!! good to see you girls are having a really rad tme!! this is areally good idea to have this website!! very brainy!!must be eating ur jungle oats or kangaroo pelets!! hope you two are keeping well and i hope to see some more interessting ozzie adventure stuff soon!!:) oh by the way my oldest sis(megan) and bruce(the surfer dude) just got engaged!!yay! and theres a bit of a bun in the oven!! so im going to be an aunty in september!!hehe! lots of love to you girlies!!
love jessXXXX
hey jessy.
congrats aunty!
missing you loads loo and kez.
From La - Wednesday, 5th April 2006, 08:27 (GMT)
Hey u ozzy maniacz
Loving the website. keep having a raucous time. Loo, wish you weren't miles away when i am finally in CT.
Love & miss lots. Cuzzin La
hey la, i know ddue we got such bad timing the two of us. hope you enjoying student life, and loving the mountain:)
miss and love u lots cuz loo
From Sasha Moore - Wednesday, 5th April 2006, 08:28 (GMT)
Hey Ruth,
thanks for sending me the link. It looks amazing! How long have you guys been gone for? Good luck and take care of yourself. Im doing well, still at uni in Canada. I cant wait to come home. What are your plans for the rest of the year?
love Sasha
hey sashi we been here for almost 3 monnths now. where bout in canada are you? missing home too. will be here for the rest of the year, hopefully doing some travaling during our holidays. write soon xxx
From domdom - Wednesday, 5th April 2006, 11:55 (GMT)
wow, looks like so much fun guys, miss you loads, send some more pics okay??? love ya.
hey domi, missing you, you crazy chicken!!! lots of love, kez and loo (keep checking the sitefor more pics) xxx
From mitsy - Wednesday, 5th April 2006, 14:06 (GMT)
yo, nice site girls... i like it.
sounds like you having a sick trip. all is good here in ct. speak soon

hey waz, how skilled are we!!! ha ha miss you lots love kez
From colliwobbles - Wednesday, 5th April 2006, 15:01 (GMT)
I love and miss you both so much. The photos made me "homesick" for you all over again. Enjoy easter and bless you both. Have a jawl on safari.Looking forward to sharing a flat with you when you get back!! (Kez knows what I meen) We will buy one with the credit card!! Love youMOMMIE XXXXXmwa
sounds awsome to me mom!!!! miss you and love you lots love squinky. xxx
From Zel - Wednesday, 5th April 2006, 16:18 (GMT)
AAAAAAHHH..... hello there my pookies!!!Wow its so great to see you gys having an awesum time!I just got so sad looking at the photies coz i really miss you guys!!!Stellies is absoloutely amazing but gee i wish i was taking a gap year!Looks so brilliant!!!!Keep the photos coming guys!!!You both still look as beautiful as ever!!!!!Missing you guys loads and very jealous of the your yummy surroundings:)
Well, enjoy and thanks 4 the photies:)
Speak soon
Love you love Zel xxxxxxxxxxxx
hey zel, we glad you enjoying stellies! missing you lots. send us some pics love kez and loo
From Marcellus - Wednesday, 5th April 2006, 16:59 (GMT)
Ahoya Brothers!!

Just got the email about your website. So jas!!! hope the sun, the waves, the beers and the kak accents are keeping you guys sane!! british weather and travels are definately becoming more and more of a jol. sent you guys an email with photos and other shit from Milano. anyway, will chat to you soon. keep jolling, and keep bringing it in for the real thang brothers!!
nice to hear from you brother, will keep you updated!!!! love kez & loo
From niggo - Wednesday, 5th April 2006, 20:05 (GMT)
Ahoy. Looks like you guys haaving a awesome time. Nice website... Love nick
hey spooky, we missing you. love us
From mat - Thursday, 6th April 2006, 09:47 (GMT)
bubblegum throwers ....?
hey u girls looks like u havin a absolute jol
Nz is crazy but fun .... haha hit me back sum time k

Mwah Mat
hey fellow bubblegum thrower...send us some pics an dwatch out for those flying gum balls :)
From Za - Thursday, 6th April 2006, 10:18 (GMT)
clever clever nincom poopies... more photo's please:)
hey zazie...ya we are pretty smart arnt we :)
love you