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From jenni - Wednesday, 31st May 2006, 02:15 (GMT)
Hey Andy and Caroline. All sounds great! And saw some of the photos, they look amazing. I'm in Melbourne now, will prob be in Sydney 11 - 18 June. Will you guys be there? We should hook up. J xx
Hey Jenni - glad we've not missed you! - We'll definitely be here - will email you with our phone numbers!! Hows the weather in Melbourne?
From Mum Mac - Monday, 22nd May 2006, 08:17 (GMT)
Skydiving/caving - I think this must be some sort of early mid life crisis!
From Jenni - Monday, 5th June 2006, 05:21 (GMT)
Weather in Melbourne was cold! In Noosa now so better. See you soon. Hope all is well. Jenni x
From Na - Tuesday, 6th June 2006, 06:08 (GMT)
Haha Caroline, you made me laugh.

I understand what you mean by ' oldest'!!! Same here. I guess Scottish people are just too nice to me, they never doubt my age - 18, but back home, no mercy to my age. People call me - old bean!!!

Hope you have got a pair of comfortable shoes. :-)

Be a good RSA and Have fun!
From Na - Sunday, 14th May 2006, 13:00 (GMT)
Hey Caroline and Andy,

Love your stories and amazing photos. Good work!!!

Strange. I left a message yesterday, but didn't appear on your blog at all....Fingers crossed on this one!!!

Bit quiet you two at the moment...Caroline, are you still having your hangover, heehee...

Looking forward to your next exciting story.

Have fun!!!
Na xx
This web log is quite good - cause the messages don't go up until we've read them - so if someone is really cheeky - say Kenny for example - you may not get to see it!! Not really - its only mushy ones from the parents that haven't gone up!
From Carmel - Sunday, 14th May 2006, 14:42 (GMT)
Are you sure the comedian you saw was in fact Mike King (not Hill)??!! What did you think? He is a real bro. By the way Caroline I think you look cool in All photos - love those spec saver glasses!
Comedian we saw was definitely Mike King - His jokes were pretty old. He was telling a joke about being stupid and got mixed up and told it wrong. Also rather racist - we learnt some new words that we're not going to repeat!

PS - Carmel - you look the best in your spec saver glasses!!
From murray - Monday, 22nd May 2006, 06:56 (GMT)
Hey guys, what are your flight details. i know you get in about 3pm but whats the flight number. i don't have to start work untill 6 or 7.
QF 0190, arrives 2.50pm thurs 25th. We'll follow you to work for a few drinkies !
From Trace - Tuesday, 23rd May 2006, 02:14 (GMT)
Hey kids
Looks like you're having a stupendous time in NZ!! Some great shots Nutty - what camera you got? Looking forward to seein you 'girls' in Melbourne!
Love Racey xx
P.S. Everything is cheap when you have POUNDS!
Hey Racey - in Sydney now so hopefully catch up soon.
From Mum (Linda) - Wednesday, 26th April 2006, 19:32 (GMT)
Hi sounds like you are having a great time. Looking forward to hearing about NZ. And what is this with the wigs!!! Make sure Andrew does some of the correspondence. Enjoy!
From moe - Tuesday, 2nd May 2006, 16:56 (GMT)
hi caroline hope you r havin a fab time kerr gave me this address hey if u were in clarinda,s ur plate would b gone have a safe journey enjoy love moe xxx
Eh? I must have been drunk when we discussed this!! Will you say Happy Birthday to Hughie and squeeze his bum for me - and Lilo aswell!! Think its the 10th May??
From Linda - Tuesday, 2nd May 2006, 23:58 (GMT)
great photo's, whose the photographer? should take it up professionally
I'd like to say it was me - but its all Andy's work!!
From mum - Wednesday, 3rd May 2006, 08:22 (GMT)
Bu the look of the plane, you should have visited the Church of the Good Shepherd first and said a little prayer. It does look beautiful, David Bailey!!
From Roofer - Friday, 5th May 2006, 10:32 (GMT)
hey guys. muchos jealous of the adventures you've been up to already, but then again they make me tired just reading about them! will drop you a mail soon when i've done something worth writing about..... roofer xxx
From Carmel - Sunday, 7th May 2006, 14:49 (GMT)
This page is so cool! I did not even know you could do things like this! I will enjoy reading your adventures. Remember for a proper bed - feel free to stop in at my mums in Northcote, Auckland. Plenty of space for Scottish waifs and strays! Have fun.
From Kenny - Sunday, 7th May 2006, 20:24 (GMT)
I'd just like to comment that Andy looked really cool when he was quad biking. Andy is cool. My point is that Andy looks cool, your cool, Andy. I particularly liked his hat. I think that if I had a hat like that people might say, "hey Kenny, your cool", but instead they say nothing. They just glance at me in disgust. Anyway, I miss you guys. Fudge says "I miss Caroline, even though my quality of life has improved". One Love. Kenny xx
From Alison - Sunday, 7th May 2006, 21:40 (GMT)
Fab to hear from you - looks like you are having a ball - miss your e.mails to LJ's - keep the pics coming - place is quiet without you - Edinburgh has been quite warm the last few days but tonight (07th May 10.45pm ) it is p....g it down - take care and hear from you soon. XXXX
Hey Alison - we're actually beginning to get some good weather - I even put sun screen on yesterday!!
From Mum McIntosh - Monday, 8th May 2006, 12:58 (GMT)
Hi there,
You really seem to be getting in the travel groove now. Reading the daily travel-log I try to guess who has written it. I think Andy could probably write a travel book with his descriptive info whilst Caroline would probably update the Lonely Planet with details of where 'you guys can hang out to get a hangover'.

By the way, Kenny, I think you're really cool too, dude!
See Kenny - you're not disgusting.....

Mum McIntosh - you're quite right - I'd never use the word traverse - which Andy has used several times, much to the amusement of my Preston Lodge schooling, and I have found some truly great bars. Also good work with distinguishing which mums you both are!
From Linda Mum - Monday, 8th May 2006, 14:53 (GMT)
Hi can we have a better photo of the van please
No problemo - although we did take a wrong turn through a sewage works (looking for a beach) - and we drove through a big big puddle poo - and now its all over the van. So We'll have to clean it first.

Other things we have learnt in the van are:-
1 Lock the fridge door before you drive away.
2 Unplug the electicity supply to the van before you drive away
3 Close the toilet and put the seat down before you drive away.
4 Don't leave a basin of dishes and water on the drainer as you drive away.
And my personal favourite:-
5 If a sign says last Mobil petrol station for 100km's - you fill up before your red light is on.
From Jen - Tuesday, 9th May 2006, 12:43 (GMT)
Hi! I can't believe you guys are so close, and I can't believe you have so many photos! Good work.
Hey Jen - only 12 or 13 days to go to Australia. Congrats again on getting your visa! We'll celebrate in style when we get there.
From moe - Thursday, 11th May 2006, 16:51 (GMT)
yes caroline i will squeeze hughie,s bum it is the 15th for them both hope all is going well for you both.take care lv moe xx
From Boring (but good loo - Friday, 12th May 2006, 20:39 (GMT)
Eventualy got your address from guess who - thanks ! ? !
Seems your having a ball ! - great this retired lark isn't it.
Not me without a word of caution tho..... just watch the morning after the night B4 behind the wheel... the punishments down under MIGHT just be more severe than here. Check it out first.

Cheers (hic)
My my what a sensible comment Mr boring but good looking. Were you a bank manager in a previous life?
From Mum Linda - Saturday, 13th May 2006, 09:02 (GMT)
sounds like you are having great fun. Are you sure you should be drinking and biking? Anyway have a sauvignon Blanc or two for me. Look out for Cloudy Bay. Will call you on your birthday. Happy belated birthday wishes Bill
We didn't make it to Cloudy Bay unfortunately, apparently The Witchery sell a bottle of Cloudy Bay on their wine list for 120 pounds - but you can get it here for $40!!! But found some great vineyards - and they'll export a case of wine for $150 dollars. Some of the better ones we found don't export though - sob....
From Mum Mac - Saturday, 13th May 2006, 12:07 (GMT)
So how many miles did you cycle and how many bottles did you drink? hmmm?
Hi mum
Didn't really drink bottles of wine - and didn't really cycle very far - only say 3km's!!
From Na - Saturday, 13th May 2006, 14:57 (GMT)
Hey Caroline and Andy,
So pleased to read your interesting diaries. Good work!!! Amazing photos too. You both look very well I must say.
Will be your regular blog visitor. Take care and have fun.xx
Thanks Na!!
From Mum Mac - Monday, 15th May 2006, 08:09 (GMT)
North Island seems to be equally incredible! It really is an incredible journey! Incredible!