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From Dad McIntosh - Monday, 15th May 2006, 12:13 (GMT)
After nice long phone call Mon 15 May got onto this site and so pleased you are both getting so much out of your NZ trip. Doing things I would so much have liked to cover including the skydiving. Great that you are putting your exploits down in print plus the photos for us all to see.
Sorry there is not going to be so much time to explore North Island as you would like to do. LUV M & D McIntosh
From Big Sis Mac - Monday, 15th May 2006, 13:36 (GMT)
Hey! Your Mum just gave me your website address and I feel exhausted just reading what you two have been up to (and a little bit jealous too). I get to Acton and Oldham - you get to Hong Kong and NZ. I know who's got things right and it sure ain't me.
How do you find time to have a drink with all this photo taking and blogging? Or does Andy do all that whilst you sip cocktails Caroline?!?

Jane xxx
From Kennethina - Monday, 15th May 2006, 18:37 (GMT)
Hi guys, Ive really enjoyed reading your travel log, and looking over all those lovely pictures. I was just wondering who is this "Kenny" guy?. He sounds so interesting and handsome. Maybe you should post is phone number on the message board, so I, or any other single female who follows your travels can get in touch with him and witness his handsomeness "in the flesh". Take care.

p.s those Lord of the Rings facts were riveting. I went straight out and told all my friends.
From Pauli - Monday, 15th May 2006, 18:57 (GMT)
Fantastic travelogue and pics. Look forward to the updates. Brings a smile to my face!!!
From Zena and John - Tuesday, 16th May 2006, 19:53 (GMT)
Loved reading you diary and seeing your photos!
What an amazing idea - makes
me feel like I'm there too - can't wait till you get to Sydney!
Take care, and love to you both.
From Na - Wednesday, 17th May 2006, 13:33 (GMT)
I am a mirror lover. So jealous of your mirrorbar picture.

Didn't realise that Australia shares the same Mothers Day with China. I bought bunch of flowers for my mum on Sunday.

We Chinese believe turtles bring good luck, especially big ones, haha, Caroline, lucky you to have them as special friends!!!

Enjoy reading your stories. :-)
From gary mac - Thursday, 18th May 2006, 17:54 (GMT)
yo dudes! how did the skydive go? was that the 1st time? I did one over Las Vegas in the desert & thought it was the shit! lot's of screaming...I saw the LOTR exhib when it was in Sydney - pretty cool. Not bad fancy dress party ammo there hey? So, you like Sean bean Andy eh? was that your "mmmm...".
From gary mac - Thursday, 18th May 2006, 18:06 (GMT)
hey Kids...just had a look thru all your photo's - looks awesome. I'd love to check out NZ. the flight in the wee plane must have been amazing! & scary no? I'll send you an email for a chat....G
Hey G,
thanks for the msg, yeah having a great time. Skydiving was fantastic, first time for us both, but not the last.... Plane flight for skydive as cold, if not scary, sitting next to a thin plastic sliding door at 16000 ft, about -20 apprently.
Cheers. Keep watching the page, fella !
ps caroline wrote the Sean Bean comments, was a creepily real waxwork tho !
From mum Linda - Saturday, 20th May 2006, 09:39 (GMT)
lovely to talk to you on your birthday. It was a day you will never forget. I see that Zena enjoyed the diary I told her about it and she was keen to have a look. We are off to wet Norfolk tomorrow Sunday21st for a few days so I expect there will be lot s to read when we get back.
From Ruth - Saturday, 20th May 2006, 12:21 (GMT)
Hey to you both. Sounds like you are having a fab time. You are bringing back loads of good memories! Loving the part about wearing the same clothes for four days - so true!!
Keep up with the stories they are great fun!
Ruth x
Thanks for that - I was getting a bit worried that I was a skank!
From Na - Saturday, 20th May 2006, 13:37 (GMT)

perhaps my birthday wish is the last, but not the least I hope.
Thanks Na,
you weren't the last. Hope that you are well. i hear that job apps are going well for you ?
From Carmel - Saturday, 20th May 2006, 18:52 (GMT)
Man you guys are doing heaps! Damian and I are off to Portugal & Spain in June - can't wait.
Does Calender Kenny need to be introduced to CC do you think Caroline?
I'm not sure whether it should be Kenny or Kennethina that we should be setting up. Check it out kenny - I may not be in Edinburgh but my new years resolution keeps going! Have fun in Spain and Portugal - remember to drink lots of Sangria!
From Tam - Wednesday, 24th May 2006, 06:09 (GMT)
Hey you 2!!!
Happy Belated Birthday Andy! Oi Nutbag...change your clothes you filthy girl!!! Andy...having camped out with Nutbag before i can only imagine your pain!!! Sounds like you guys are having a great time..Cant wait to see you both!!!

Hey: if you bump into ken and barbie pass on my best!!!
From Mister Mark - Thursday, 25th May 2006, 14:15 (GMT)
Much love to the international arm of Team Ardmillan (did you know the Terrace is currently closed to traffic?) Your travels sound super, yous have certainly made up for not having left the house for six months before departure. And in Oz already, eh. Sorry to be the cynic but does that mean the diligent nature of your travelogue may be about to slip?
how dare you........well............we'll see..........
From Mum Mac - Wednesday, 7th June 2006, 08:06 (GMT)
Not enough of us are logging on to the website - it isn't on the top 5 hits! We'll have to start logging on 5 times a day to improve your position.

From Helen - Thursday, 8th June 2006, 10:22 (GMT)
Hey Caroline, Glad to see my home town is treating you well - or at least the bars are anyway! Glad you have finally come around to our Prison Break way of thinking - don't worry, I believe you can buy the 1st half of the series in Oz now so you can catch up!! Take care H -xx-
From Dad - Friday, 9th June 2006, 11:59 (GMT)
A milestone Andy getting your first pay packet, good on you. Good to read you both enjoyed the celebratory meal
Last 2 days here have been very hot, 27 degrees, today cooler only 11 and misty.
Your word training sounds so modern and certainly beyond my old brain, good on your achievemtn.

From mum broom - Monday, 12th June 2006, 10:58 (GMT)
Hi this is the first time I have opened the blog since NZ, so there was so much to read. You sound like you are having a great time tasting all the different wines. Glad to hear you have both found jobs. will log on more regularly now. Off to a wedding in Guildford and then on to see Sarah this weekend. Love to you both
From Na - Wednesday, 14th June 2006, 10:43 (GMT)
Your own office? a laptop? free fruits? listen to you i-pod? Sounds cool.
Better than a boring accountant who can only have 1 calculator with all the functions we normal people never use in the life. haha...
From Mister Mark - Tuesday, 20th June 2006, 11:59 (GMT)
Armed robberies? All night bar/clubs? Motorised bicycles? I'd never have let yous go if I'd known this was the kind of 'life-affirming' experience you had in mind. And falsified hotel reviews?! I don't know what kind of crowd you've fallen in with but you're coming home right now.
From Na - Tuesday, 20th June 2006, 18:10 (GMT)
Caroline, which floor is your office on? Why not simply take the stairs rather than the lift everyday? You can save your $16/visit to the gym I guess, heehee...I know it is a very cruel suggestion. Forgive me, it is my time 2.05am, my brain is not working properly...God knows how comes I am not in bed at this time!!!
(for England's sake actually, they play against Sweden at 3am my time!!!)
A good idea yes, but the ground floor is level 6, and I'm only on level 10. The gym is on the 1st floor. I know how you feel about the football. We shall be going to bed 2nite and getting up at 4am our time to watch Australia v Croatia!
From Mum Broom - Tuesday, 20th June 2006, 18:52 (GMT)
Hi Caroline

Tell Andrew that we still have a set of golf clubs of his in the garage from when he thought he might become a pro!!! ha ha
Ah - I will, he'll be pleased to hear that. Not sure where he can play when he gets home though. There's a driving range near Port Seton, but apart from that I can't think of anywhere.
From Jenni - Wednesday, 21st June 2006, 08:14 (GMT)
Hey guys
Great seeing you the other night. Shame it couldn't have been longer.
Enjoy the rest of your time in fab Sydney.
I'm in Cape Town now. Kari and I are thinking of setting up one of these sites too.
Will be in touch.
Much love J x
Hey Jenni - was good to see you too. Have you seen your photo online? Can't believe you're in Cape Town already....have fun, and you should definitely set 1 of these sites up - its free of charge!
From Dad - Friday, 23rd June 2006, 16:07 (GMT)
Have read all your news for the first time in a week, so too much for me to comment on except very well done with all the news. I speak to Na regularly every week to get her news, I make notes on everything and take them back to your M. We miss her very much as we do you and Andy. Weather here is so changeable, some days very cold, wet and windy and then 16-17 degrees. Highland Show is on at Ingliston and so traffic in city is simply bl....awful. Had a march up the Royal Mile today of Scottish Regiments, VERY impressive.
From Dad - Wednesday, 28th June 2006, 08:47 (GMT)
Gosh what an awful lot of packing, packing,packing