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From hazelle - Thursday, 28th December 2006, 01:04 (GMT)
Merry Christmas + A Happy New Year Ginoid!
Al the best for 2007 from Down Under. Sounds like you're having great time - the 'no fuss' pre-Christmas thing was similar out here too AND IT WAS GREAT! I even went shopping on Christmas Eve and had no queues. (Granted that was at about 8.30am!!) We're having a grand time - on hols for a couple of weeks so heading to Melbourne next week for our first real trip. We'll be sunbaking for a few days before that. Enjoy!
Love Hazel + Al xxxxx
From Vampers - Wednesday, 14th June 2006, 07:50 (GMT)
I am glad to hear you and the camel herder have decided to tie the knot at last. Congratulations!
From Kasia - Wednesday, 14th June 2006, 08:32 (GMT)
do you have any pics of the camel herder? i trust he has a beard?
x k
From kate - Wednesday, 14th June 2006, 10:34 (GMT)
First to send you a message! Hope you have a fantastic time in the weeks before you leave and the most amazing experience once you hit the chaos of Cairo! Katie x
From Sharon Watt - Wednesday, 14th June 2006, 12:41 (GMT)
Hey ismee !

I love your travel diary page. You are so clever, I just would not know how to set something like this up. It is starting to feel real that you are leaving!!! Gonna miss you big time kiddo!! See you on Saturday xxxxxxxxxx

p.s. Loved the photos!
Thanks Shazza, gonna miss you love, you and the rest of Team X make sure you have a great 5km in July xxx
From db - Friday, 16th June 2006, 08:48 (GMT)
dear Djinn
good stuff
especially the new lanark pic
we were awfully pleased £^%£*&%^%&!!!!!!!!
I'm sending this from your pc....
lots of fun getting it to talk to broadband.... seems I have to enable Mobile User VPN, then it all works fine
see u soon
Glad you got 'my' pc to work Dave - I'll pick it up on my return, if I return...
From Mark - Friday, 16th June 2006, 10:28 (GMT)
Some hot photos there V! Grrrr - do all those holiday making lads know what they are getting?? Hope you're going to keep up the running in Egypt! x x
Yep I can't wait to run around the pyramids in 40 degree heat....
From Diana - Friday, 23rd June 2006, 08:11 (GMT)
Is it true what they say about Camels that have long tongues ....... ?
Enjoy, and see you soon. Lots of love and luck (not that you'll need it- you will be fab) Di & Simon xxx
Thanks guys - you'll hear all about what's true and not. Looking forward to your visit xxxx
From auds - Thursday, 29th June 2006, 21:51 (GMT)

how goes it ???

Hey Auds - all going good, although slightly exhausting! Tour leaders here rave about the family trips so I think you'll have a ball if you decide to go for it xx
From Tim - Monday, 3rd July 2006, 14:46 (GMT)
Great news Gin, best vishes on new venture -sorry I missed the party -good pics (shame about the glasses)
Egypt, youll love it-
(I went to Moon Beach couple of years back -great hang-out for windsurfers -on Sinai coast -wicked surfing and wicked wind -good for chilling too)

Take care, and WHEN you come to Singapore, there is accomodation with your name on it -love n kisses from French Riviera Tim
Cheers Tim, can't wait to visit Singapore!
From May! - Monday, 3rd July 2006, 23:27 (GMT)
good luck in egypt!
i hope you have an excellent time and it's a brilliant experience
much love
From Shazza - Wednesday, 5th July 2006, 10:48 (GMT)
Hi - How's it going? Where are you at the moment. The excitement (nerves, knowing you) must be rushing now!!!

Have heaps of fun. Look forward to hearing soon.

Love S xxx
Hi Shaz - did email you but didn't come through for some reason, I'll try and resend soon xxxx
From Kirsten - Friday, 7th July 2006, 14:05 (GMT)
Hi Skip,
How's it all going? Almost done your 1st week .... have you met the camel-herder of your dreams yet??? Missing your email chat hugely. Will mail you properly shortly - lots to tell you.
lots of love Sharkeyxxx
From Lo - Saturday, 8th July 2006, 11:07 (GMT)
Hi Gin,

How are you ? Has that scarf got you into any trouble yet? Have you showcased your gorgeous hat and classy glasses ? Looking forward to hearing about all the chaos. Take care xxx Lo
Thanks Lo - will give you all the goss v soon I promise. Can't believe I just haven't been able to contact anyone but things should calm down a bit soon xx
From Diana - Saturday, 8th July 2006, 15:48 (GMT)
Hey chook, how are you doing? The other Tour Leaders seem nice and up for a laugh (you'll be right at home) When do you take your first trip/tour ? We can't wait to hear all about it.... Take care and lots of love. From Diana & Simon xxx
Thanks guys - first trip in a few weeks fingers crossed.....will keep you posted xx
From Kristy - Sunday, 9th July 2006, 23:44 (GMT)

how's it going????????

Nuts xoxo
Nuuuuuuuuts thanks for your emails. Will reply as soon as I can I promise. Just don't have any time these days!
From Sue - Monday, 10th July 2006, 14:31 (GMT)
Hi - How is it going in sunny Egypt? Where are you at the moment? Same old, same old back here. Missing you loads and everyone asking if I have heard from you....
Look forward to hearing from you when you get the chance.

Have fun!!!!
Take care
Sue x
Back in Cairo today after overnight train last night. Start second training tour today and back down on overnight train tonight! Crazy.....all good fun however - fingers crossed may get a couple of hours sometime to write to people properly! Say hi to all xxx
From Pamela McGuigan - Monday, 10th July 2006, 17:14 (GMT)
Hi Gin,

Hope you're settling in well!

Lots of love,
Hi P - having a great time. Bit of culture shock and didn't expect the training to be as hard as it is however am really enjoying it and can't believe it took me so long to get my arse into gear and do it! Will be in touch properly soon xx
From Sharon W - Thursday, 13th July 2006, 08:05 (GMT)
Hey Chic,
How's it going? I here you have been cruising down the Nile. Didn't do as well in the 5K last night. Dawn put it down to missing my running partner!! Think she's right! When do you fly solo and lead the tour? Enjoy and take Care, luv. xxx
Should be flying solo in 2 or 3 weeks, after my 3 hour long final interview! Never worked so hard in my life but all good fun xxx
From Ol - Thursday, 13th July 2006, 14:31 (GMT)
Hey little giant been thinking about you loads. How is it all going ? G and I had a brilliant time in serbia at the festival. No sleep lots of partying but also a bit of sun bathing. Hope it is all going really well and you are finding your feet. Loads love Big giant xxx
Hi Ol - all going great but working so bloody hard no time to email anyone! Not complaining though. Will be in touch properly very soon I promise xxx
From Vampers - Sunday, 16th July 2006, 14:42 (GMT)
Hey kiddo. Brilliant to hear it is all really happening. I thought you were making it up and just had a big spot.
A xx
the spot part is certainly true - email me your home email love (
From Kate McMurtrie - Monday, 17th July 2006, 16:52 (GMT)
Hey there gorgeous!
Sounds like you're having an amazing experience. Do the hotel staff where you stay leave you pressies like during the last trip!? kx
Hi kate - yes we have beautiful swans etc made of towels!!! Super hot just now and working v hard but def beats sitting in front of a desk all day xx
From lucy - Wednesday, 19th July 2006, 17:33 (GMT)
hey gin, how amazing, im so jealous. Not much going on here, bday tomorrow though - yay! Anyway was so lovely to see you before you went, hopefully see you in the near future!
lots of love lucy x
From Carol D - Friday, 21st July 2006, 17:34 (GMT)
Fab site & loved the photos. I am real sorry i didn't make the cafe royal got fog bound at Bournemouth Airport and did not get to Prestwick til 8pm! I truly was in tears

Anyway glad to see you are enjoying the new challenge and working very hard. isn't it nice to be working hard on something you actually enjoy? Take care & have lots of fun.
P.S Your hat 'n Sunnies are cool
Lots of love
From auds - Sunday, 23rd July 2006, 00:10 (GMT)

just a quick note to say we're missing you, yes even jacob, but glad to hear it all appears to be going well.

still haven't decided about next year still sitting looking at the brochure now!!

take care

love audsxxxx
Auds i was talking to one of my colleagues who does the familiy trips and he'd be happy to answer any of your questions before you book - email me at and I'll pass them on for you. PS - do you have a skype account - you can get me under ginblatch and we can have a chat xx