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From Drea - Sunday, 16th July 2006, 11:35 (GMT)
hello girls
how are your travels going- mine are very fun. bit sore but out and about last night and today. bought heaps of nice and very cheap things today- so hot here and i had to wear a big hat all day, so anoying. anyways have fun and PUT UP MORE PHOTOS

and you can see mine when you get home....

lots of love drea
hello drea!!!! we will put up some more photos jelous you went shopping!!!! have you xx
From meils - Friday, 15th September 2006, 03:42 (GMT)
oh i'm at work and super enjoying the photo upload as they arrive! good work guys xxxxx MISSSSS YOOUUUUU
misss you too meilie... i did them for you! xx
From Jules - Tuesday, 18th July 2006, 15:36 (GMT)
Hey girlies! Hope you're having a ball at the Amafli! It is the most stunning place ever hey? Going to Positano and Pompeii? Oooh! Very jealous! More photos, more photos! Your stories make me laugh, keep it up... HAVE FUN!! x0x0x0x
hey jules!! we are back in ROMA now.. amalphi was absolutely amazing...we loved it!! hows old london town going??? xxxx
From Jules - Thursday, 20th July 2006, 10:23 (GMT)
Backwards land is just GREAT... no, not really. Still about 1000 behind time! Have fun Senoras! x0x0x0x
Ciao! Yes, you need to get out of there... whats with the changing of the guards? Old school, let it go...
From fifi - Thursday, 20th July 2006, 12:24 (GMT)
i am really missing you guys :(

really really sad about it.

i missed you guys on msn before!! gohd! i will ring you guys on the weekend...

lots of love my lovelies
We miss you too! We cant wait to drink wine and eat gyoza! GYYYOZA! xxxxx
From Claudia - Monday, 24th July 2006, 14:25 (GMT)
LOVE the new PICS!! You guys look so so tanned and beautiful!! (as always) Looks like you are having the time your lives.. Keep it up! So jelous.. I leave London in 5 weeks and I can't wait!! xxxx
how cool!! im so excited for you...i want to know what your plans are?? will write you a email... love you xxxx
From brandy - Tuesday, 25th July 2006, 07:23 (GMT)
im still browner than you sweetie.chevron island tans bulbs are obviously a lot stronger than the european sun in the summertime!he he.just joking!love you so much!bridge dont forget the monkeys!xxxxxxxxxxxxooooooooooo
hehe...ok ok we are onto the monkeys...i seriously doubt you would be darker than us brrrandy! love you xxxxxx
From Meils - Tuesday, 25th July 2006, 12:13 (GMT)
Hello cats!
your photos are so beautiful! and lucy! how come she doesn't have a tan like you guys? I can't believe how long you've been away and you've still got a month at least to go!!!! when do you come home???? any ideas yet? Still so jealous of your adventures. Hey bridge did you bite the pelican back? oh and ps. it might be a little late, but I LOVE limoncello.......... just in case........... xxxx

PS if drea is reading this! I've been thinking about you, hope everything is going fantastically!!!!!

love you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
will let you know dates ASAP .... as i know you will be there to attend our GREAT "and were back" party!!! love you xxxxxxxxxxx
From ness and laura - Wednesday, 26th July 2006, 18:57 (GMT)
Hey girlies!!!
Glòad we made it onto your page. Guess what...We spoke to Cody with Grantos in Santos!!! He misses us. You're only a few days ahead of us. We're in Venice. We copied you...we've made a're on it. it's 'nessandpop'. Check it out.
You're hot.
Love the Sydney girls.
Oh my god!! How funny, we are pissing ourselves right now!!! We actually think that Cody might be picking us up on the bus today to go to Nice!! how funny... We are staying in nice for 7 nights and swiss alps for 5 nights so we might run into you!! let us know your dates, wanna pull some more craaazy nights!! xxxxxxxx
From Drea - Friday, 28th July 2006, 05:01 (GMT)

sorry been really busy and not on the net. back at home now and everything is fine. cant wiat to see guys, got your msg yesterday sorry i have not writen back. Yeah ben and i are still going too Dubai but in October, so i'll be here to see your funny faces when you two get home.....i saw all your amazing photos you both look so brown and healthy- keep having the time of your life and keep putting up more photos i feel like ive missed out on so much over the last week of not checking your website..

love you both lots cant wait to see you both not long now.... drea
Hi Drea! Glad to hear you are home and all is good! We cant wait to see you, although you might have to call out to us because theres a chance we wont recognise you, you sexy thing.... xxxx
From meils - Tuesday, 1st August 2006, 23:24 (GMT)
ok so like i need dates!!!! '
PS lachie's dad and step mum recently did that cinque terre walk, looked so beautiful but soooo long and sooo steep! xxx Proud of you!
i know...we are so super FIT!!! 9th there!!!!
From Alex - Wednesday, 2nd August 2006, 16:07 (GMT)
Your pics are awesome. Looks like you are having a ball, and you are sooooooo brown! Hope you bought lots of lemonalla in Capri - it is just the yummiest. Wish we had of known about Sardinia earlier, you would have loved it. So so WILD. Definately make a trip there if you can. Lots of Love, Alex xxx
ALX 69!! i know so devo about being so close to you guys, yet so far! hope you had an awsome time...nice is great..! xxx
From Jules - Thursday, 3rd August 2006, 21:08 (GMT)
tsk tsk... once again causing trouble..! Love the photo shoot at Trevi! Dilussionals! : ) Bet you ended up throwing like 16 coins in didn't you!? Have fun!! Miss you! x0
We're backpackers Julia, we can't afford to throw 16 coins... but we did get some unusual stares from onlookers... and perhaps we were hit by a few flying coins.. miss you too xxx
From meils - Friday, 4th August 2006, 01:57 (GMT)
I LOVE your new photos!!!!
i laughed...
did you get my msg? i'm not coming up anymore. xxx
; )
Whatever piglet, i know you are coming, and you're coming EARLY!!!!! Sooo excited, thanks for jump starting our weight loss regieme. We were picturing you when you were in France you chubba wubba
From emma - Friday, 4th August 2006, 02:37 (GMT)
miss you too! xxxx
Miss you 3!
From Claudia - Friday, 4th August 2006, 06:26 (GMT)
Hey Chickas!!
Wish you guys could have enjoyed it wish us as well!! You will have a good time in the south of france -if you go out in Monaco go to the Sass Cafe - and to Jimmeys club - if celebes are town they will definatly be hanging out there!!! P.s There is a supermacardo casino - one day Niki and I ventured out and everything was soo exy so we went there.. and had the best pizza ever! mmm YUM!!! xxxx
We went to Monaco and pretended we were in a James Bond movie... very sexy indeed!! xxxx
From drea - Friday, 4th August 2006, 07:11 (GMT)
hello party animals
nice new photos you guys look great keep up the good work- that walk looked pretty hard even for you mel, did it by any chance bring back any boxercise memories???
We breezed through the walk, what can we say, travelling really does wonders for the fitness. Hows the new look??
From wyzy - Friday, 4th August 2006, 07:46 (GMT)
Poppet! whilst I am loving the new MJ's can you please post some photos where we can see your eyes... I'm sure you can tell the health of one's kidney by looking into the eyes!
As you can imagine, I am ALSO tan just like you!

Miss yous

K xx
There are 2 reasons why the sunnies are always on: 1. I look REALLY ugly when i'm squinting... and 2. More often than not my eyes are looking a bit worse for wear after a big night.... Miss you lots! xx
From Claudia - Friday, 4th August 2006, 12:42 (GMT)
p.s love the photoshoot! hahhaha xxxxx
Yes, everyone seems to be massive fans of the shoot.
From Mummy - Sunday, 6th August 2006, 22:20 (GMT)
I cant stand the spelling!!! You really have to stop spelling dudes wrong.... it is ... DUUD.... All and everyone is well at home, it is cold and windy.... but the spring flowers are peaking through... keep up with the red powerade darling!!(s)
no we are trying to say DUDS...not dudes.. powerades are so expensive.... xxxx
From meils - Tuesday, 8th August 2006, 04:10 (GMT)
Today's DIET when travelling:
2 pizzas for breaky
maccas for lunch (cos you can't afford anything else)
maybe skip dinner and drink 6 cocktails instead
follow it with a dirty souvalaki (straight to the hips)
best part is that you can just throw it all up after that!
hey healthy choice is looking after yourself.
HAVE YOU HIT 600 yet?????

Bridgie your msg made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. How romantic. "high on life" xxx

Shit yeah, weve already had the 700 party. Last night, in a pub in switzerland called the Bomb Shelter, it literally IS a bomb shelter. Bridge went ALL out with the celebrations... oh dear. We love you. xxx p.s. STOP PRETENDING WE ARE FAT.
From meils - Wednesday, 9th August 2006, 02:20 (GMT)
you're not fat! sorry. it's not even possible!
switzerland, spain, then where?? how exciting! x
sick of me yet?
hehe...i could never get sick of you meilie....we just ran into lucy in NICE!!! its here birthday!!! after spain, then paris, then HK!! yay!! xx
From The Andy Peters - Friday, 11th August 2006, 08:17 (GMT)
hey girls just showing some luv

checking the pics there great very addictive

haha a keep up the good work great to read your stories and see what you are doing

hope all is well have some fake smirnoffs for me

ap xxx
Hi Andy! We actually had some more fake smirnoffs out last night in Barcelona! Barcelona is sooo great!! Hope all is well at home.
From drea - Tuesday, 15th August 2006, 07:14 (GMT)
hello again

im so bored at work - and ive been on the computer for so many hours i think my eyes are going square.... just thought id say howdy hope your are taking lots of new photos to post up soon - love you both lots

hello!! we have lots of photos! dont really have the chance to get them up on the page...wait till you see our white water rafting funny! ps. you would love barcelona, best shopping ever!!!
From drea - Friday, 18th August 2006, 01:53 (GMT)
hey guys - so excited you guys are nearly home cant wait. Gina is coming up tomorrow and fi gina and i are heading out into town- wish you girls were here to join us, fi and i will finally have friends again........yeah!!!

hurry up and put more photos up too - are you girls proud of me i finally got myspace and msn

hello!!! so you guys had a huge night eh?? so fun...hearing great things about the nose, cant wait to see xxxxxxx