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From Steve and Andrea - Friday, 4th August 2006, 01:07 (GMT)
Great website
Awesome to catch up on your travels with photo gallery
Safe Travelling
nice to hear from you guys, hope all is well in your household, loving it here on Santorini, relaxing and sunbathing as well as a bit of swiming and snorkelling, what more can you ask for!! anyway nice to hear from you
love keryn and simon
From Tim - Wednesday, 26th July 2006, 05:44 (GMT)
Hey guys,
Sounds like you guys are having a mint time. Pretty jealous but will hopefully get my share of travelling soon. Katy and I are planning on coming over your way around the 10th of December this year. Thought it would be good to see you guys over there and catch up. We're thinking of staying in england til about the 27th and then going to head to Prague for new years (I hear its dirt cheap). Also hit Egypt and Turkey, depending on the hostile situation in the east. Another than that planning work is just the usual over here. So looking forward to hearing from you guys.
greta to hear mate, would be awesome to catch up. Let me know when and where etc and will try to take some time off to catch up or something. You could even use our place as a base if its in a convenient location, not sure where yet. Hey what is the situation in the east at present? haven't read a paper in some time. Say gidday to Katy for us,

From Mum - Tuesday, 4th July 2006, 00:01 (GMT)
Think this is a great idea. Look forward to seeing the bulls!
Yeah sorry about no bulls Mum, a have a few saved in the memory bank though. Thanks for your text the other day. We will try to get more photos from now on. Bye
From Ben - Thursday, 22nd June 2006, 16:12 (GMT)
hey man,
wicked photos. the lakes district looks awesome, pity we couldn't get up there.
you must be hanging out for pamps by now?
keep cool, talk again soon.
Hi there mate, only just realised how to check messages! sorry so slow. all is good survived the bulls, crazy mate, bull testing times 1000! hope alls well with you
From Simon Hart - Wednesday, 28th June 2006, 22:20 (GMT)
This RectumRanger site is great
hart you are a piece of wood, that is not cool.
From Ben - Saturday, 1st July 2006, 18:26 (GMT)
where are these photos of you in the green skin tight speedos that marcus promised us ????
coming mate, coming
From Laura Pelly - Monday, 3rd July 2006, 13:12 (GMT)
Hi you two..
Andrew sent me on this link - Wanted to say a quick hi and to wish you both the best for your travels - your itinerary sounds wicked, just sorry Dublin couldn't be fitted in.. seems like an age since you were last here..take care, have a ball and i'll hopefully catch up with you guys soon.
Love Laura xx.
Hi there, thanks for your well wishes. We will shows up in Dublin again don´t worry. Good to hear all is welll over there.
From michelle - Sunday, 9th July 2006, 08:38 (GMT)
hi there Keryn and Simon thinking of you guys having heaps of fun love to you Mum Michelle xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Hi there Michelle, thanks for your message. We are both well and having a great time so far. hope all is well in the bay. say hello to all for us.
From maca - Monday, 10th July 2006, 15:32 (GMT)
no, no, seriously hows it going? did you catch up with that urban rat Bay? Was he to be found in a corner surviving only on his own vomit?

that muscle bar sounds good marsh...wink, wink.

As for me well I ventured to Shropshire for a party (friends mothers 50th? - Don't ask) and ended up getting hammered both nights. Mint spread and shite load of wets - these peoples is loaded ow.

On the way back we got stranded in a traffic jam in an area I call the valley of evil. It's located on the M62 heading out of Manchester.
Sunday was a reasonably nice day, until we hit this place where some weird fog came down, the wind started to blow a gale and it began to rain. Traffic ground to halt. After an hour or so we decided to get out of the car and stretch the legs - it was then in the distant fog that we all heard it - a faint crunching of bones. On this, we decided to take a small sealed farm track just off the highway to the valley below.
Although fog surrounded us we pushed on dreamlike, neither asleep nor awake. At the brow of one hill Chris saw a large ginger beast crossing the road with a dog/wolf laid limp and bloodied in its teeth. The beast paused to meet our gaze. Four hours of harrowing chase ensued until we reached the safety of the city walls. Needless to say all slept with the light on.

a to the k
Yeah mate that valley of the evil is a place to avoid eh? yes did catch up with Bay and he was in great form, he even was kind enough to lend me the travel speakers, mint. you realise I can chose which messages to put on the site don´t you? By the way you are incredibly weak.
P.S. say hello to the lovely Morag when she gets home.
From Andrew - Monday, 10th July 2006, 15:54 (GMT)
Nice work...the top of the building you photographed in Madrid is the post office I think? As overblown as you can get really. Not a slick as the Waipuk Kiwibank/postshop though eh? keep working the wifebeater as well...the singlet tan line is a must...
Thanks bro, can always rely on you for the technical details, truth is the audioguides were inaudible so gave up after 5 minutes and just guessed as to what they were. laters
P.S. they should never have ripped down the postbank, those 50c Fridays were awesome
From Andrew - Wednesday, 12th July 2006, 16:17 (GMT)
No worries - getting a good singlet tan is a tricky business. Should you require any further technical advice let me know.

Tip of the day - using more than one singlet should be avoided. Different shaped designs could really cut down on the definition you are looking for in a tan line.
yeah thanks for that, have had to change singlets though as my favourite one walked off me the other day, couldn't bear the smell or something.
From maca - Thursday, 13th July 2006, 09:32 (GMT)
its funny how these travel speakers have suddenly become communal property? good stuff - travel on lovely speakers travel on. if you need any travel advice, just ask the speakers they have done more miles than gandalf. keryn i note that you have been comfortably standing close to strangers in photos, i am gutted. i have changed my deoderant.
enjoy barca, great place, almost as good as waipuk.
yeah those speakers are gold, Bay was almost intears parting with them but he knew it was for the greater good.
From Mum - Thursday, 13th July 2006, 20:17 (GMT)
I can imagine the adrenalin rush you had running with those mad creatures!!! What a shame you didn't get into the arena!!!!????? Thank god, I would have had a fit if I had heard on the news " crazy young kiwi mauled on ground of bull arena ". I think you were very lucky. Keryn, what did you do while all this was happening? Visit the temple to pray????? Willie back in ChCh and very happy with exam results. Can't tell you what has been happening here as it is just so exciting!!!!? Not. Keep having fun and take care.
Love Dad and Mumxxxx
Yeah cheers for that, Keryn was , lets say, under the weather, that day so she only has hyped up stories to go on. We had heard rumours there was kiwi guys killed on the first day but have had no solid evidence to back that up, would be bloody awful if that was true. Waipuk sounds fairly exciting eh? has the cold let up yet, we are literally melting over here. See you
From Janice - Friday, 14th July 2006, 04:04 (GMT)
Great to read of your travels will follow your progress as you move around Europe. It is cold and wet here so quite envious of your warm weather. Not that busy at work thankfully so have managed to get my office sorted. Still trying to get to a three day week, but won't happen for at least another 6 weeks as Ben is off to Singapore for 3 weeks on Army business. The floors in the surgery area are all being sanded so that lino can be laid - you will see quite a few changes on your return including a new isolation area being built in the back kennel area. Take care. Jan
Great to hear Janice. Yes the heat is amazing over here, I reckon at leat 35 degrees daily easily. It doesn't let up either. Sounds as though things are going well, hope they continue that way. Bye
From gus - Monday, 17th July 2006, 15:42 (GMT)

want to send you a telegram stop where is your next main destination stop meet you at the train station stop

yours ed stop
Well possibly the best bet may be Florence or Roma stop Try either or and I'll attempt to check both stop good speed stop Tensing stop
From Mum - Wednesday, 19th July 2006, 01:36 (GMT)
Great to read the latest. Marseille obviously hasn't changed in 30 years. Hope you enjoy Italy. Emailed you yesterday with very little news!
Have fun and take care.
Love Mum
Yeah it was a dive. Thanks for the email was good to hear from you,

From Campbell Robinson - Wednesday, 19th July 2006, 15:01 (GMT)
Reading about your exploits is seriously therapeutic Marshie - I take it you guys are heading to Rome? Obviously you are - would be like going to Havelock and not going to Happy Tav ?? Make sure to have a good wonder round the Trestevere area, its mint man - lots of quaint little eateries and places to people watch - sort of the funky artsy part of Rome. Look out for a place that specializes in freshly squeezed Sicilian Orange Juice. Its mint after a solid mornings sightseeing. Keep it real Marshie.
Yeah cheers dude, good advice, Roma has been great so far. Heavy sightseeing load though, don't know if we will crack the whole lot. C U
From michelle - Thursday, 20th July 2006, 21:19 (GMT)
Hello there Keryn I hope you have a very Happy Birthday today. Thinking of you, nice to hear your voice on Monday love you lots, love to Simon Love Mum xxxxxxx
Thank you very much Michelle, we had a good day on the 21st, the night before had been a reasonably heavy one so went out for dinner on the 22nd overlooking Florence. Catch you later
From michelle - Thursday, 20th July 2006, 21:29 (GMT)
Hi there, your travels sound lots of fun very wet and cold here today and it has been the last few days. Alyce is flying to London on the 4th, she is going to a little town called Wimchcomb (I think you guys know what I am with names). We have been taking the pickets down what a difference. It is still your Birhday so hope you are doing something special love you Mum and Michelle xxxxxxxxx
Don't know of that place but will easily be able to find it. love Keryn
From michelle - Friday, 21st July 2006, 11:52 (GMT)
Hi guys At work at present horrid night duty, quiet at the moment. Hope you are having a special day Keryn. Have been thinking of you fancy being 26 not far off 30!!!!!!!!!!!! catch up later love Mumxxxxx
I know its quite scary, hope the weather sorts itself out soon. Love keryn
From gus - Thursday, 27th July 2006, 10:39 (GMT)
marsho and k,

rome is mint, bit like a mint pie. I have been investigating this telegram option further, seems it is possible. i need an address though, are you likely to based in one location for a while? you must nearly be finished in roma? i will send it to the main post office of your next destination, let me know team.

chur chur,

ps don't listen to lonely planet robinson stop. he seeks to disrupt your journey stop. trust no one stop. especially hostel folk stop. thems be crazy stop.

Cheers Ed

Sounds as though you really have been researching this, I actually went into the PO in Firenze but the ques were huge so bolted. Possibly Athens may be the best bet. Will let you know as soon as we have the address of a pension etc. Just watched the vids, mint like a mint pie, wished I had been there to smash you cause you is weak.

From Ruth - Friday, 28th July 2006, 08:28 (GMT)
Hi Keryn & Simon You guys I know are having a great time. Keryn david has had his 26th. He's moved to Auckland to be Area Manager of 9 stores there. Don't know what is going to happen to the house they are building here. Saw your Mum and Alyce last week nice to catch up. Going up to Stephens Sunday so that should be good to catch up with Megan, Sarah and the kids. You guys make the most of everything you can and it seems that u are.
Take care and lots of love Ruth XXOOXX
Nice to hear from you, i was thinking of davids birthday, probably cause it is 2 days after mine, that sounds awsome about his new job, good on him. where is he building a house? never knew about that, anyway thanks for the email. lots of love and kisses, keryn and simon
From Osama Bin Laden - Tuesday, 1st August 2006, 15:09 (GMT)
Firstly Hi Simon and Keryn - your travel diary makes me so jealous as I am holed up in a cave somewhere near the Kyhber Pass. Don't tell George. Anyway me and the boys are big fans.

Tim - the situation out east really is hostile. Watch your back. I normally would want to destroy an infidel such as yourself but since you are Simon's brother I will extend you an offer. Your engineering skills are required. Come and work for me and I will provide a cave with your own fire and AK-47 for you to fire into the sky in rage. Please forward me your CV as HR are getting arsey about recruiting westerners for the Al Quieda.
Ciao, Osama.
cheers bro, hope we never catch up,
see you never
From michelle - Thursday, 3rd August 2006, 15:32 (GMT)
Hi guys I'm on that bloody!!!!! night duty again. You sound like you are having a great time even makes me want to travel a bit. Got a lovely card and photo from Trish in Aussie. Hope all is well lots of love Michelle and Mum xxxxxxxx
Hi mum
that was nice to recieve a card and photo from trish, harry is a little cutie, hope all is well there, how was alyce's fairwell, has she got an email address, i will get in contact with her when we get back to the UK
From sarah - Friday, 4th August 2006, 03:09 (GMT)
hi guys
cool website. Hope you had a
great day for your birthday
Keryn I was thinking of you. Better go at work talk later.
Thanks, had a pretty good birthday, just been relaxing for the last 3 days, trying to work on my tan, getting better, have been snorkelling quite a bit, the water is so clear you can see for miles. anyway will try to ring at some stage, say hi to whetu and the kiddies, tell them i miss them heaps
love keryn and simon