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From Alison - Friday, 11th August 2006, 01:30 (GMT)
Hey dudes! scruffy yet?
Jesse is clean shaven - Mat is the bearded bushman!!
From Tim Chapo - Wednesday, 30th August 2006, 06:17 (GMT)
Matt and Jess
Surely there is nothing else that matters. Jesse pull that finger out and grow some wiskers!
From Pete - Tuesday, 3rd October 2006, 04:11 (GMT)
Hey Mat and Jesse,
Keep up the good work, sounds like you're getting the hang of travelling about Oz. You've got some good photos there. How is the travelling book coming along?
cheers Pete
From Ratna - Thursday, 10th August 2006, 03:15 (GMT)
Hi ya Matt, you were in Wooli !! thats so close to Robert. The house is not the same without you but you sound like you are having fun. My first movie i selected was aired on SBS Tuesday nite. Roberta is comin down for the weekend, this should be heaps of fun. well, take care and I love the website. Ratna xxx
From Simone - Friday, 11th August 2006, 00:09 (GMT)
Hey Jesse and Matt,

Love the website. Its great. Sad to hear that you guys didn't end up catching anything of a good size after we left.
We want to thankyou both for such a great weekend. Siting around the fire, drinking beer and talking shit was the best. I love it. "You guys can join my camp fire anytime" he he. That saying is from the Man from the Snowy River.

Anyway have fun on Fraser, you should definately catch some fish there and of descent size.

I llook fowward to the next update.

From Jones - Tuesday, 22nd August 2006, 00:45 (GMT)
Hey Boys,

Sounds like you're having a blast - bastards. Jealous as all hell. I can only find confort in the fact I'm closer to Berka than either of you.

Sad innit.
From Dick - Wednesday, 23rd August 2006, 00:05 (GMT)
59cm.. is that all, talk to me when you've caught anything decent in size.. haha
I'm at work and reading this and am soo jealous, glad you boys are having fun, catching some sun and fish. Nice work.
From Paula - Tuesday, 5th September 2006, 02:58 (GMT)
Hey Mat and Jesse,
You sound like you are having an awesome time. I'm so jealous! Keep the stories and photos coming.

From Aaron - Sunday, 10th September 2006, 01:10 (GMT)
I am loving the site lads. It really takes us into it with you. Love the photos especially. Cant wait for the next installment....
From Jules W - Wednesday, 9th August 2006, 08:49 (GMT)
Have fun mate. Now is the perfect time to spend the time learning to fish on the fly... you know you want to.

You fished the Gorge ! Legendary stuff . You know a 7 weight flyrod and a badass popper would have had bass crawling all over it, don't you ?

Have ya got a tinnie ?

Cheers, Jules
From Alex Badgery - Wednesday, 9th August 2006, 21:40 (GMT)
G'day Mat & Jesse,
Its 7:30am and I am in the office (Kent St) looking at tower cranes, building facades, piles of documents and emails and then I read this....need I say more. Please keep up the diary - fantastic to read though it was strangely pleasing to read that you were both freezing on day 9! Alex Badgery
Piles of paper are good for you - piles of fish and lots of freedom are good for me!!!!!
From Bowy - Wednesday, 9th August 2006, 22:42 (GMT)
You bastards! Sounds like you are having a great time... hope the fishing picks up.
I have an interview this arvo to work for Fosters (Carlton United Breweries)... my dream job. All the best lads, and Dus, I am going to punish you in the Julian...
Going down Bowman... Good luck with the fosters job!!
From Martin - Wednesday, 9th August 2006, 23:03 (GMT)
Did you make sure that you packed the squid lure? - for salt and pepper squid. We'll be heading over today to the Noodle Star - thought you'd be interested. How's the new ebay fishing reel - is it up to scratch?
salt and pepper squid sounds great - haven't had anything like that for a while! Fishing reel holding up well!
From Amy - Wednesday, 9th August 2006, 23:46 (GMT)
Sounds like a tour of beauty - natural wonders all round. Sorry you missed Rob but he's here this weekend so will say hi for you. D and I will wave to you from plane to Brisvegas next week. Hope the fishing picks up!
From Stu - Thursday, 10th August 2006, 06:59 (GMT)
BASTARDS. Freezing arse off in ireland and all you can talk about is fishing and drinking cans around camp fire. Well its finally under way anyway. Sounds great so far. Myself and stace are heading over in october so dont know where youll be. We will be hitting cairns, brisbane, perth, sydney, melbourne and then driving to adelaide. The southern areas will be in the wrong direction but it will depend on how far north you are going and the length of time your going to take travelling up.
Take it easy guys
keep me posted
From Labrooy & Skye - Monday, 14th August 2006, 11:12 (GMT)
I will take on, and punish, the winner of the choccy challenge in a world championship showdown.

Sounds like you are having as much fun there as we are in Sicilia. We survived our first 10 hours of driving with crazy Italiano's yesterday after lounging around on the Amalfi Coast. Off to Mt Etna tomorrow and a bit of Taormina magic.

So you bastard's aren't the only ones having a great bloody time !!
From Sarah - Monday, 14th August 2006, 19:04 (GMT)
Hi Mat,
Great to see you are having the adventure of a lifetime! Still plugging away over here in the UK, but will be coming home in Oct/Nov for a few weeks for a fleeting visit, but guess you will be off somewhere exotic! Hope things are going well and make sure you catch a barramundi for me at some stage!! Hope to hear from you soon.
Take care,
luv Sarah
Hi Jesse
From Claire, Jay & Meg - Monday, 14th August 2006, 21:27 (GMT)
G'day Matty & Jess. Website awesome. Pictures beaut. Great way to keep up with you. No news our end. We look forward to your Frazer photos. Take care. Luv Sis
From Dave - Thursday, 17th August 2006, 09:46 (GMT)
G'day Lads,
Sounds like you're gonna need a bit more luck with the fishing. Lucky you've got the fred rogs to rely on in the event of an emergency.
Good to see a pretty full account of things already. You've got some great photos up too.
Keep up the good "work".
Cheers Dave
From Smack - Sunday, 20th August 2006, 22:36 (GMT)
have you been working out DANG. I just read all that, & cos im soo good at computers i didnt realise there was a web site the first time yuz sent it around, i thought yous forgot to attach anything uselful and deleted it, assuming yous were smoking crack in the internet cafe. Im at work its monday, there was a wave sailin comp on the weekend, but no wind. yay. I mopped instead. gotta work now. ps, nice pins, u should shave that bitch done and teach him to fish!
From - Monday, 21st August 2006, 08:27 (GMT)
Looks like you're both having a wicked time. Was having drinks with Mel Alsop over here the other day.. London seems a far cry from you at the moment. Spud sent me your ph number so will call at some stage. oh.. and did you see mum's fish.. I think she caught a bigger one than yours... how annoying for you!! H xx
From Spud - Wednesday, 23rd August 2006, 10:12 (GMT)
It taken a long time coming but jee it good to see you out on the road. To be honest I was bit worried that you might not catch many fish and I would have a cranky brother but it looks like my worries are over!!
love spud
From Jum - Wednesday, 23rd August 2006, 12:01 (GMT)
Gday Matt & Jesse,
Your website tastes good! Looks good! Feels good... Hmmm. Makes me hungary for more fish. FOr more shnitzel x

Thanks Jum, looking forward to a few beers and stuff at your place over chrissie time !!
From Muz - Tuesday, 29th August 2006, 08:44 (GMT)
Seeing as though you're having trouble getting phone reception, I was considering training carrier pigeons. However, in light of the news you've had a dry spell fishing over the last week, I'll consider the birds' safety and give the idea a miss.
Enjoy the Nth Queensland coast..

From Curly/Gumma - Tuesday, 12th September 2006, 23:41 (GMT)
Taken me a while to get on your site because of restricted access..."profanity" the firewall tells me. It's prob the picture of you Dus in that tank top. Kidding, you look hot in a man kind-a-way. Mat great beard, I would expect no less from an adventurer such as yourself. Pictures and tales are great. take it easy guys. A
Thanks Curley...It is now known as the amish growth thanks to mat shaving off his mo and leaving the to come!