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From Seaniad - Sunday, 24th September 2006, 03:54 (GMT)
Its good to see that you are keeping in touch with your past Adrian! Just remember that these people inspired some of your best work.
Madelaine is on a holiday in Edenhope so the house is very quiet & I have time to sit on the computer.
Hi Maree I don't know how you can put up living with Adrian, you have probably been driven insane already and don't realise whats going on.
Cheers Seaniad xx
i love you to
From tom conroy media inc - Monday, 6th November 2006, 06:09 (GMT)
two stories in national papers and only one name mention. maybe you should aim smaller like dvd reviews in the border and star of corowa C grade cricket reports in the free press for bowling right arm smoke
From Beau Waters - Sunday, 26th November 2006, 06:40 (GMT)
Th Wanders won the final nad den scored a solid 27 off 65. We bought a 3.66m pool (possibly a bit big). We are thinking of getting a video camera - wht type is yours? do you like it?

Tim got Den's PE job. We picked sots of mangos. I am writing in simple sentences - you may want to use some of these in your class.

See you
u rite rel good bo. u get t truck job for next year or what. i hope your relationship with Anthony is still developing in a profesional manner. u selpl oserw nhat em llisy lafel!
From Lea - Tuesday, 22nd August 2006, 01:39 (GMT)
Hi guys, loved the updates, sound like life out there is never dull! Hope the trip to Melb goes well. The Blackley clan are heading to South Africa in four weeks. Can't wait. Love the web page.
I can just imagine blackers wearing a leapord skin G banga, it paints a beutiful picture as he runs across the savanah
From Veron - Wednesday, 23rd August 2006, 00:54 (GMT)
ooops, found them pics.
not bad, but whats with the CLEAN KITCHEN
Come on Vron, you know our house is spic'n span EVERY day of the week (not just Sundays!!)
From Veron - Wednesday, 23rd August 2006, 00:36 (GMT)
I cant see the bloody pics.
C'mon girl.
No crying, we'll be fine,just think of all your pressie.
What do you wan't for tea???
Cya reaaaaaaaaaaaal soooooooooon
For dinner i would like some Goat cheese on crackers for starters (lets say around 4pm) As an on-tray i would like tender loin chops that have been seasoned with fresh basil and garlic. For my main coarse a hind leg roast with all of the trimmings, cooked in the camp oven with rosmary to flavour the beast. Vegetables are optional, lets eat CJ i mean meat). For dessert i would like fresh fruit and cream. All of the products used in this meal can be found hanging around in RR.
What do you say V Ron?
From Ruth & Peter - Thursday, 20th July 2006, 06:16 (GMT)
Barda is gorgeous, hope he doesn't get too big. You are surprising me Adrian, doing your own web page, next thing you will be Principal of the school!!!!!! The Outback looks fabulous, wonder what the rivers will look like with a bit of rain? Hope you two really enjoy yourselves out there. Your hut looks great, a lot bigger than the tent. You might be able to get the ironing board out and everything. Oopps I don't think I saw you pack an ironing board into the limo!!! Is it a "dry" camp or are you able to enjoy a beer or seven? Think of you often.
Love from Ruth and Peter
The ironing board was actually strapped tp the roof of the car cleverly disguied as a surf board!!
Camp here is very dry 150km to nearest sweet sweet beer!
From MiL - Thursday, 20th July 2006, 07:36 (GMT)
nice work, very impressed with your efforst, hope you are both well. if you need anything please give us a ring and we will be happy to help you out. love to you both, and hugs and kisses on all your pink bits.
MMMM kissing pink bits! Your a bit rude dont you think James!!!!
From Matthew Drum - Friday, 21st July 2006, 03:07 (GMT)
G'day Adrian and Maree

Great website and pics look pretty good too, if you need a big hat/buckle or northern country accent for the rodoe then just give us a call and will try and help you out.


Matt Drum
The rodeo is on soon mattymatmat so you had better send those items by express courier pidgen. Maree is really getting outbach drowll down pat. We will call up for some lessons just before the big day.
From jk - Wednesday, 2nd August 2006, 20:48 (GMT)
please explain, did i mention i met a scotish bloke with good teeth, weird i know. I was scared to!
From - Sunday, 6th August 2006, 09:35 (GMT)
Dear Maree:

Please note typing errors - apparently and anyhow!


All sounds exciting.

From Charlie - Monday, 7th August 2006, 08:23 (GMT)
Hi Rock and Maree. Great site and will keep in touch. I agree that you need to work on your editing skulls - jest watch your spulling.
From Ruth - Tuesday, 8th August 2006, 04:52 (GMT)
Found the pics - just great.
Looks like paradise without the extras - room service, takeaways, marguaritas etc.
Barda is growing fast, well from the rear end view.

At least she has hair on her rear end now as the mainje has clear up
From Cowboy - Tuesday, 8th August 2006, 10:52 (GMT)
Adrian and Maree - Over the coming weeks I will provide some tips to ensure your trip to the rodeo is a major success

Rodeo Success Tip No 1
Pronunciation of the word - Yeah - this is a very important word to Nothern Australians, and all sentences must start with a yeah even if followed with a nah -it must be prononuced in a dry monotone manner - after you have practised this I will post Rodeo Tip No 2
Yeah nah alrighty them little mate. This sentence was time at taking 9.35 secs to say. Is that a good time master cowboy?
From Cowboy - Wednesday, 9th August 2006, 08:26 (GMT)
Rodeo Tip No 2
Always take a pen and autograph book to rodeos. Although others may have you believe differently Peter Falconio did not met with foul play that night, he ran off to join the circus was sacked, and now participates in rodeos.
Would that be the crazy bull rider going by the name of BJM.
His bull is called Chainsaw
From Tony Scally - Wednesday, 16th August 2006, 05:40 (GMT)
Found your site, obviously. Very impressive.
From Seaniad - Monday, 21st August 2006, 14:14 (GMT)
Got your postcard!
Thanks for remembering my B'Day!
Not!!!!!! Assume I will see you when you are in Melbourne.
not if you use that tone of voice!!!!!!!!!!!!
From Schmick & Jenna - Tuesday, 22nd August 2006, 05:48 (GMT)
Mmmm goats! Whats the deal with the car on its side? just the local version of parrallel parking huh? We are heading off for a uni trip to Broken hill in few weeks, all payed for and all good! Keep the photos comin guys, talk soon.
From - Sunday, 27th August 2006, 07:52 (GMT)
who is that hot bloke sort of on the couch
He's a donkey or is that an Ass?
From Charlie - Monday, 28th August 2006, 11:41 (GMT)
If you go to the site below and imagine that Robinson River is 100-150 k's souwest then you will know where our adventurers are!

Great work Charlie horse. If you want an idea of where Robinson River is check out this web site
Been looking for something like that!!
From Suz, Peter & Zam - Thursday, 31st August 2006, 04:43 (GMT)
Great idea your webpage.
What a wonderful experience you two are having. Me thinks you are learning more from the kids!
Would luv to visit....
You gonna come visit or what lady? Would be grand if you did!!
From The Old School Tie - Friday, 1st September 2006, 08:45 (GMT)
Dear Adrain

It is with much displeasure I noticed on the 'internet' a pupil from YOUR school trying to choke poor little Johnny to death with 'the old school tie', please enforce some discipline Adrian.

Lachlan Livingstone-Hall
This is the type of discipline that i have been teaching my students. "Your little Johnny obviously did somthing to piss the other child off, therefore needs to be taught a lesson!!!
I think that you will find that it is common prctise and my new book titled "He hit me first Sir" will explain this sytle in more detail!!!
From Paul and Gen - Wednesday, 6th September 2006, 23:29 (GMT)
adrian why arnt our messages that we are saying coming up on the screeennn
thanks mate
The messages only appear on the screen when i decide to answer them. I am in the process of putting together a page for all Carey and Rob kids to use. It will be up by Monday
From Bryan Roberts - Friday, 8th September 2006, 03:14 (GMT)
Hey AJ and Maree

Just checked out RR on google earth. Its actually really clear and the river looks great. This is what i do at uni by the way

I couldn t find it and i wasted an hour of my work time your smartarse. Do you know exact references?
From Sheryl Rhodes - Tuesday, 19th September 2006, 10:51 (GMT)
Well Adrian its nice to hear you landed on your feet and its good to see your a fair way from a McDonalds, your kankels were getting rather large, not like my beautiful legs. I was a little worried, you were getting a bit long in the belt strap, i didn't want to have to wrestle you for the pies at christmas. Well i'd best go i've got a side of beef of the spit and Brendon's getting a bit toey, he already ate the poor beasts hooves you know. Good bye Adrian, say hello to your beautiful and very understanding lady friend.
I would appreciate in 99 Wanstead would keep their fantesies private. That inculdes visitors from the Valley!!! BFGB