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From mom - Saturday, 25th November 2006, 23:01 (GMT)
Tamarra,Gorgeous Pictures. You look very happy . I guess that was before the Dr. Sam,blood tests, hospital etc. I hope you are both well now.
By the way it is pomegranate season and they are so big this year. I think of you each time I go in the supermarket BUT I don't buy any . Think of all the $$ I am saving.
We went to Sydney's 10th B-Day party at Kelseys ( And at Steeles & Yonge, Dad said "Where's the present?" OOPS! -at our front door)We didn't join them for the movie "Happy Feet". The Melands were in too.
The day after my hair cut week Lauren will become a Level 1 ( double the price) By the way Lily says hi.
When is Laos?
Mom & Dad
Wow, I can't believe my little cousin turned 10! Lauren writes me but I don't hear much from Sydney! TO bad about the pomegranate, maybe next year! I do love them!! It is watermelon season here, yum yum! The pineapples aren't as good here as they were in Malaysia! Chat soon, Love, T
From Mom - Saturday, 27th January 2007, 03:50 (GMT)
Hey my Tams,
No, I am NOT missing you!! :=) I am meeting all your friends ' and some of their parents. Yesterday was a cool(cold for Fla.) rainy day and the whole world went to Boca Town Centre. In Nordstroms, Myra & Allen raced by me ,kissy kissy, late for dinner. We are seeing them for cocktails and testing their chopped liver then dinner at the "club" on Sunday. And then I met Barbara and Mel Grossman-Elana's parents. Mel shaved his head and he and Dad were sitting back to back (waiting for their wives). Hmm! which one is mine!!?? Mel is well and they are off on a cruise. Good luck Elana for the new condo.
Last Sunday, we had a great time at Joshua's 1st B-Day- we got him a Tommy Train outfit and stuck your tiger pic on the back of the card. Josh stopped crying after Dad took his glasses off.
Careful that you don't forget a tuna sandwich in your back pack!! Phew!
Tonight Fahitas at Chillis with the golf group, then we taught them Dominos.
Truffles says hi--He's loving Fla. and shedding his winter growth everywhere--his body is so confused. I could knit a scarf a day with his fur.
Have you mapped out your stops in India? Where do you fly in?
Have fun at the beach.
Love you,
Mom & Dad
So I wrote this long response. Probably my longest adn the computer crashed. Which is always annoying, but fortunately doesn't happen that often here! I remember one summer every message crashed! Grrr! Either way it sort of went like this: You forget one tuna fish sandwich in the back of your car for six months about 8 yrs ago and no one ever lets you forget it! lol! Funny that you met Elana's parents. They are great fun! I think it is good that you have finally gotten some shopping time, I think? Not good for Daddy! And I am sure you miss me DeNILE is not just a river in Egypt! Things are good here. I arrive in CHennai in India next SUnday at 7pm. I haven't opened the book yet but I have a decent idea of where I want to go and in what order! Chat soon, Love, T
From Nicholas - Tuesday, 28th November 2006, 16:18 (GMT)
Hi Tamarra,

Sounds as if you are a having a wonderful time, apart from being run over and getting sick! I enjoy reading about your adventures and looking at the great pictures. Enjoy Laos!
Nicholas and the History department
Hey History! I have been thinking about you guys! Hard to believe it is almost holiday time! Wow! Hope the term is going well. Thanks for the line! I guess the bike and stomach things are all part of the adventure. You gotta take the good with the bad! And really the good is sooooooo good! Love, Tamarra
From sarah - Tuesday, 28th November 2006, 19:40 (GMT)
Hey Tams,
Hope you're not cut up too bad and the scraps will heal fast! Frogger... there's a blast from the past. My brother and family were here for the american thanksgiving long weekend... so i spent plenty of time with them. the kids just love spending time together. Did I mention in my emails that I cut off all my long hair again?? Yup... did it again. It's shorter than ever. Anyway.... enjoy Laos! msn too! Ruth.... I emailed you... Love to get together when you're here - email me!!!
Love Sarah
Hey Sarah! I like the short hair, I like the long hair! So that's good. Funny that you did it in the winter! And you are skinny! Wow! I am impressed!! Not the expensive travelling diet that I do! 25lbs and counting! It is really showing in my waist and face! ENjoy the holiday season. By the way how's part three?? Love, T
From Shadan - Tuesday, 28th November 2006, 23:34 (GMT)
ahh...amazing pix miss! and i especially love the temple with the tree..that was AMAZING... hope ur feeling better... and i shall talk to u later ;)
Thanks Shadan! Keep studying! You are a super star! T
From Gabriela - Thursday, 30th November 2006, 10:21 (GMT)
Dear Tamarra,
Great meeting you - I shall be reading your blog from London and eagerly awaiting news of your latest capers....... Your pics are amazing - we didn't get nearly as good a shot of the sunrise at Angkor. Watch out for the you know, "healthcare" takes on a whole new meaning in the 3rd World!!!!!!!!!!
Happy travelling,
Love Gabriela & Kevin
Thanks guys! Don't work to hard!!! Chat soon. Tamarra
From Darryn - Friday, 1st December 2006, 00:08 (GMT)

I am looking at making airline reservations. I will probably be leaving Chicago on April 29, 2007 to arrive in Kathmandu two days later on May 1, 2007. There is a 15 hour overnight layover in Delhi. This brings the total transportation time to 31.5 hours. The second flight is on Jet Airways.

I have a graduate assistant that works in the dental school that is from Nepal. We spoke briefly and he confirmed that we should be able to charge our cameras. We also should have a lot of fun doing a 3-5 day rafting trip if we want to try to set that up. In addition, even the locals get sick from the water in Kathmandu and we should NOT drink it!!!

I hope to sit down with him later and talk some more. Perhaps we can meet up with his brother in Kathmandu? I haven't asked him yet.

Let me know what you think of the flights.

Before I start giving suggestions about flight you need to tell me what you have tried. I think through India is the best, but then do you need an India Visa? And read about the Anapurna Sanctuary trek, shorter than the other one. Rafting for 3 days sounds good. Five is too many. Most of the time things like that can be planned on the spot. Food for thought. Love, T
From barry - Friday, 1st December 2006, 04:34 (GMT)
Hey Tammie,

Pictures from Angkor wat look great! sorry to hear about the motorcyle mishap, but I am sure it will go into the weinstein memoirs. Just keep exploring and loving it.

Barry Steinberg
Sorry you aren't coming. Hope all is well in Montreal. Chat soon. T
From Jan-Jan - Saturday, 2nd December 2006, 22:14 (GMT)
It was great IM'ing with you. We still haven't hooked up with Ruth and Al yet, but are planning on brunching with them tomorrow.

There was a thin layer of the white stuff on the lawn this I guess the spring like weather we've been having is now ka-put for the year. Oh well. Hope to see you online again soon.

Love and miss ya tons!!
I am high up and I am wearing long pants and my fleece for the first time! But I have the hottest shower and the coziest duvet! Love, T
From sarah & lori - Tuesday, 5th December 2006, 21:42 (GMT)
this is from Lori.... i'm on the phone with her now.... "yes i still exist!".... "you know me and computers". about the motorcycle... "sorry about your fall. see you in the spring..... GRISWALD!!!!"
Thanks Lori! Nice to hear you are still alive! Write me! Read the blog you may learn something new! Love, T Hi Sarah!!
From Jan-Jan - Thursday, 7th December 2006, 04:19 (GMT)
Great photos. I can see that your knees are still a bit banged up. But knowing you, it's not slowing you down a bit.

We saw Debra, Ruth, Alan, and the kids over the cute!!

I visited London yesterday - It was a nice day, and I caught up with an old friend of mine.

Keep well..missing you.
Sounds good! knees aren't pretty! The scabs are healing the bruises and lumps are another story. Of course it isn't slowing me down! Love ya, Tamarra
From lisa wvaisglass - Wednesday, 6th December 2006, 14:40 (GMT)
hey u !! i feel so bad i havent been able to rite u earlyer either i havent been home or i jsut dident no ur blog anyone i have it now .. im in miami and its 935 in the morning and im actualy dressed and ready to go to the ocean did u ever think i could do anything this early in the mornign lol im so glad to here that ur having a good time i m having a great one with shoping and south beach and my first time ever in an ocen things well couldnet get better im so glad that i went i feel like u lol doing things i wouldn normaly do liek were going to go wakeboarding in the ocean and a little cruse i duuno just using up everyday fully i now no i like places that arent my home traviling is realy fun except for the 30 hour drive but im not complaing im in a swim suit while my mom is in her winter jacket im sure u of all people no how amaizng that is ... jsut wanted to say hi make sure that ur doing well and i hope that u have the best time ever p.s u better be home in august none of this teaching bull shit that i here u wanna do there . i dont think its gonna happen lol ur mom toldus that when u come home shes taking u back to school shopping .. i jsut might have to come lol all is well loveeeee u sooooo much
Hey little cousin! I am glad you are having a fab time in FLorida! Vacation rocks! You ought to try a year of it! heheheh! But not until you finish school! Sorry! Enjoy the sun! Love, T
From carolyn - Wednesday, 6th December 2006, 22:50 (GMT)
Hi Tammy,
Your travels sound amazing. Sooo jealous. It's starting to get real cold in TO. Stay away from the booze. Take care, and keep on enjoying.
Love Carolyn
p.s. Lauren passed her level 10 swimming and to quote her "will be able to work as a lifeguard in 5 years" (she'll be 12. That's old enough to put her to work!).
pps. Saw your folks last week. They look good.
Hey Carolyn! Glad all is well! Nice to hear from you. Sometimes Lauren writes which is nice! She takes after me in the water! Chat soon, Love, T
From Natalia Feldman - Thursday, 7th December 2006, 05:30 (GMT)
Hey Tamarra,
Remember me?
I just wanted to say hello… oh and yea… your trip is AMAZING.
I’m so jealous…it’s all good though because for my first trip out of the country
Im going to Cuba. Im starting small :) Im going with Adam, who by the way says hello.
Cant wait to read more.
Hey Natalie! Of course I remember you! How are you? How is University? I hope all is well. Write me an email on my hotmail and tell me all about your life! Glad you are enjoying my blog! T
From Maggie - Thursday, 7th December 2006, 20:03 (GMT)
With the weather getting colder and colder, I 'm getting more and more jealous of your trip. I Noticed you are are still talking about volleyball even from far across the planet. You must miss the Hoovers something awful. At home we are preparing for the annual Shindig and festive gatherings. You will be missed at all our parties but at least we know the partying is continuing in Laos. Great pictures!
Mey Maggie! Glad to see you Campbell staff are still alive. The only one I hear from is Sheli Myers! Hope the semester is going well. I can't believe sem one is almost over. Time flies when you are having fun!! I am loving every minute of my trip. And savouring every moment! Happy holidays! T
From natalie - Friday, 8th December 2006, 18:54 (GMT)
hey skinny minnie,
you look fab in your bikini!!
xo Nat
Thanks! Not skinny yet but working on it! T
From Lisa - Friday, 8th December 2006, 20:08 (GMT)
Nice bikini pic! I see the travel diet is working it's usual magic - you look fabulous, dahling!!
Things are busy here- gearing up for the holidays and I have a pile of meetings and mommy groups etc. over the next few weeks. No snow yet and our Campbell Christmas party is next week. Take care!
Sounds busy and fun! Sort of like my life but different kind of busy and fun! Yes, the diet is moving slower now! But slow and steady is fine with me! Chat soon, Love, T
From Natalia F. - Saturday, 9th December 2006, 02:59 (GMT)
Hey Tammy,
i dont have your email. can you give me it so i can email you? or email me so i will have it Chat soon, Tamarra
From Mila - Saturday, 9th December 2006, 03:59 (GMT)
Hi Tams,

Great pictures!

I saw your cousin Lori (at Pure) and I gave her the site for your blog.

Ian had his cast taken off yesterday (Thursday) but his wrist is still not totally healed and he can't do much with his hand yet.

It's the weekend (yeah!!) but it's going to be a busy one - Dance class for each, then playdates for each, then on Sunday skating and then 1 birthday party each and to top it off, Ian's sister (from Vancouver) is coming in on Sunday afternoon. Hopefully it will get warmer this weekend - it was absolutely freezing today -do you miss it?????????

Where are you going after Laos?

Keep having fun and stay safe!


I don't miss it one bit! I don't even get an airconditioned room anymore. Chat soon, T
From vicky - Thursday, 8th February 2007, 01:53 (GMT)
You should try to head to Mumbai and catch the filiming of Shantaram and you might get offered a role :) You could be the leading lady opposite Johnny Depp!!! Ahhhhhh!!!
The book was great are they filming it in India? I guess so, at least some of it. Is it filming now? That would be sooooo cool! T
From vicky - Thursday, 8th February 2007, 01:59 (GMT)
p.s. india is not so scary - im met my husband there 4 years ago when i went for ten days! you just gotta watch out mostly for scams... took me 8 months there to get gastro - the food ain't so bad so long as you stay away from street food that might have been sitting there all day! just need to be a bit sensible and you are :) ... you crazy thing!
I didn't know you got married! Congrats! Maybe I will meet the love of my life in India?? WHo knows? So far so good with the stomach! Fingers crossed! You spent 8 months in INdia? Wow! Do you have any suggestions? CHat soon, T
From mom - Friday, 15th December 2006, 21:32 (GMT)
Hi Puss-cat,
So excited to chat on the phone with you. I went to class buoyant all afternoon. For some unknown reason I had been fretting in the DSS staff Room all this week. Also we all discussed how you dealt with "nature's call" from the treetops..for men it might be easier. LOL Your pics are clear and I can enlarge them with a feature I have recently discovered on the Blog site.
Rest a bit in Thailand..get recharged. Where are you going next??
Dad just brought up the mail -your Cambodia postcard (we never got the 1st) . It has 3 stamps, totalling 400R(??) and 3 postmarks on it thus covering most of the message.
Love and hugs,
Mom & Dad
That's funny! Nice chatting with you! Next I am going to a city called Pai. It is a backpacker pit stop! I will hopefully book a train ticket today to get me down to Bangkok before things close for xmas. I need to chat with Singapore airlines about changes tickets and dates! Chat soon, Love, T
From Jan-Jan - Saturday, 16th December 2006, 02:25 (GMT)
Happy Hanukkah!! We just had our first latkes of the holiday...yum. Tomorrow we have our party. The treehouse adventure sounds amazing...i can't wait to see more pictures. Keep having fun. xoxo
Happy Channukah! there are pics up go look! Love ya lots, Tamarra
From Peyton - Saturday, 16th December 2006, 15:05 (GMT)
Hi Auntie Tamarra,
Happy Chanukah! I love you and I loved your pictures. I like the daisy picture. I want to have flowers like that. I want to go on a zip line when I am eight.
Happy holidays and have a good trip!
Love Peyton

Hey Gorgeous Girl! I hope Kindergarten is going well! Growing up so quickly! Eat a latka for me! Hugs and Kisses, Tamarra
From Lisa - Saturday, 16th December 2006, 15:11 (GMT)
Hello there...
Peyton dictated her own message. I will send you pictures separately.
We had a staff party last night - you were missed. Had latkes for lunch yesterday and might make some tonight. You are probably not going to get some so we will enjoy them for you!
All is well here - babies are getting big, rolling over, playing.
Take care and enjoy Thailand - get your hair done!!
Love Lisa
Your funny Lisa! I do need a hair dye job! I did have a pedicure yesterday, but it was a shitty one! But my toes are nicely painted again so that's good! Happy Channukah! Love, T Hi Peyton!