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From - Monday, 10th August 2009, 00:49 (GMT)
oh the desert, i can't wait to hear and see. i love the desert and dessert!! lol miss you tam xo
who is this!!
From Alyssa - Wednesday, 12th August 2009, 15:21 (GMT)
Hi there,

Great blog. Thought I would let you know that it's Wed. Aug.12th!!
From Gerry - Wednesday, 12th August 2009, 23:17 (GMT)
Wow, you look so happy! I think you should just continue to travel and not come home.

From Lisa - Friday, 14th August 2009, 03:14 (GMT)
Heather had her baby - a boy named Jack - 5lbs.11 oz, I think - not bad for a month early!
Take care and keep cool - it is finaly summer here as well - over 32 for the next five days and the last 4!
From Angie - Monday, 17th August 2009, 23:58 (GMT)
Glad you are enjoying Morocco - it is HOT and lots of fun :)
From Mom - Tuesday, 18th August 2009, 02:43 (GMT)
Hi Beastie, Chicago was great fun. You know you should have made the commute! LOL Good wedding reception, great to catch up with the Edison family. I am in love with Ellesa`s 2year old daughter, Arianna. Darryn was a wonderful host . His apt is perfect but too many stairs for us --good thinking to book us a hotel and so organized (did I expect otherwise!)
Hope you both are feeling better.
From Lisa - Wednesday, 19th August 2009, 15:18 (GMT)
We are in the hotel, bargaining is going okay but sloooow! Hopefully the pace will pick up today! Take care!
From - Friday, 21st August 2009, 01:38 (GMT)
We just had a Tornado hit Toronto. Roofs off of houses and crazy weather..... I think we should all move to Moroco!
Really!? Who sent this? Not a drop of rain this summer.
From Dina - Tuesday, 27th July 2010, 03:35 (GMT)
I'm so envious! Did you by any chance remember to snag a lava rock for me as a souvenir? If you did, you rock the casbah! And if you forgot, don't worry about it. Miss ya!
Of course I did Dina! How could I forget. Now when they ask why my bag is so heavy I can tell them I am carrying rocks!
From Shari & Hushy - Saturday, 24th July 2010, 02:32 (GMT)
Hi Tammara .. sounds like u r having a great time... enjoy reading your blog ...we are seeing Guatemala through your eyes ... no hiking no poopy diapers ... so for us it is a breeze...sure would have loved to have the $12.00 massage no that is a bargain..enjoy enjoy take care Hushy & Shari
From Shari & Hushy - Sunday, 1st August 2010, 05:32 (GMT)
the pictures are amazing ...sure looks like u r both having a wonderful time reading the blog ..oh to be young again and to have the strength to do the things u r both doing ...keep enjoying and keep taking the puppy soooooooo cute but how would truffles feel about the puppy?? ... Tamarra so i spelt your name wrong the last time ....
Didn't notice if you did spell it wrong. Things are great here. Today was really awesome. You will have to wait and see.
From the mama - Sunday, 1st August 2010, 03:21 (GMT)
hi kids just wanted you to know that we are keeping up with your blog and are enjoying every word love and hugs lissy i did this all by myself as you can see
Good Job Adrienne!! Mazel Tov! It took me travelling for my mom to learn the internet as well! But one must adapt when your children galivant around the globe! Hugs, T & A
From Emma - Thursday, 3rd June 2010, 03:43 (GMT)
I like the picture on "THE DESERT" were you are riding a camel.
Thanks Emma! No pics posted yet of this trip internet isn't great!
From Farwa - Tuesday, 10th August 2010, 02:30 (GMT)
Your trip sounds amazing regardless of cockroaches and all!
I am loving your pics! the manatee, the tree house, all looks amazing! Enjoy the rest of your trip!
Love Farwa =)
Glad you are following Farwa. Kepp in touch! T
From Nastalie - Friday, 9th July 2010, 18:14 (GMT)
Hi buddy, have fun studying spanish. You can talk sexy to me when you come home. xoxox
From Natalie - Friday, 9th July 2010, 18:16 (GMT)
Here is the site where Tamarra is studying Spanish, for anyone who is interested.
From Elana - Sunday, 11th July 2010, 22:10 (GMT)
FYI: NO BABY!!! I went for the C section on Friday am, got all prepped and poked for the IV etc and the ultrasound tech came in and said: the head is down. I was like: shut the f--k up! Needless to say, all the floating in the pool last week and relaxation (or reflexology) must have taken its toll and Farfel flipped to the correct position! So now I WAIT! It's friggin hot and I have no plans so i'm bored and this baby will take its sweet time, i'm certain. Just wanted to let you know!
Love, Slana
Elana you crazy fool! By the way Happy Birthday! And good luck! I look forward to the message! Hugs, T
From Jan Jan - Monday, 12th July 2010, 15:09 (GMT)
Hi Tams.

Glad to see that you got there safe and sound...but next blog - escribir en español.

Mantenga segura
From Phyllis G. - Monday, 12th July 2010, 20:44 (GMT)
Hola Tamara,

Glad to hear you made it there safe & sound! Hope you get rid of those bed bugs realllll soon. Que te diviertas mucho!!
From Shari & Hushy - Monday, 12th July 2010, 22:54 (GMT)
sounds like u r having a great time... continue to enjoy just be careful ...we will continue to read 'the tamarra adventure'
From Nastalie - Tuesday, 13th July 2010, 01:23 (GMT)
Bed Bugs and a dog!!! Geesh. Hope the new place is better
From Sarah - Tuesday, 13th July 2010, 02:11 (GMT)
Hey Tams,
Good to hear you got there safe and off to a great start!! (apart from the damp bag)... Enjoy!!! Sarah
From Dina - Tuesday, 13th July 2010, 02:55 (GMT)
Eek, bed bugs! My skin crawls just thinking about it. BTW, have booked my trip; I leave on the 2nd to San Francisco until the 7th and then I get on a cruise to Alaska until the 14th. Then it's 1 night in Seattle and then I'm back on the 15th. I may make my own blog. Keep you posted! Have a great time!
Sounds great Dina! Have an amazing time!
From Jan Jan - Tuesday, 13th July 2010, 16:43 (GMT)
Seriously? Bug bites? Gross!! You will have to wash EVERYTHING in hot water to make sure that you've killed everything and not just transported it to another bed. Besides the bugs, sounds like you are having a great trip so far. miss you xoxo.
From gerry - Wednesday, 14th July 2010, 22:15 (GMT)
Hey cousin, I never said that the benedryl would work on bed bugs.. or maybe flees. Too bad about the cheap drinks.. but you are a cheap drunk... 50 cents is crazy..Miss you
Hugs your fav. cousin Gerladine the cow