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From brondell - Wednesday, 14th July 2010, 23:43 (GMT)
Hi Tamarra,
Had a super lunch with your Mom, Lesley Golden, and Giulia Mazzella. We went to Canoe (TD. Tower) for a Summerlicious event. She clued us in on your blog and adventures. Once again, I marvel at your spirit of adventure which I never had even when I was much younger. I will keep reading with great interest.
From Ruth - Thursday, 15th July 2010, 15:58 (GMT)
Oh, brings back memories...told you it was a fun place to go....when are you going to chichicastengo.....the market town - take the chicken bus there for the experience. You are getting too spoilt in your old age. Have fun, stay safe and bed bug free xxxx
From Ellesa Hunter - Thursday, 15th July 2010, 21:23 (GMT)
Hi Tammy,
You are in my beloved Guatemala. Bien Viaje! I have lots of ideas of sweet places for you, but I'm sure you'll find many on your own....Felizidades!
From Nastalie - Sunday, 18th July 2010, 17:10 (GMT)
Your weekend sounded great!!! Wish i could have partied with your babe!
From Ally - Sunday, 18th July 2010, 22:07 (GMT)
Hey Tam...miss you much. Glad you are hooking it up..with the Gay boys...always a good time. Bed by

Have is almost done...
hugs and kisses
From Della - Tuesday, 20th July 2010, 00:46 (GMT)
Hi Tamarra,

I am sitting with your lovely lady and we are enjoying your pics from your Guatemala trip. I am looking forward to following your and your lovely lady's blog! Keep me posted on your trip.


HI Della glad you are following along!
From Ruth - Tuesday, 20th July 2010, 03:32 (GMT)
So glad you are loving the country, all my memories are coming flooding back. Happy to hear you took the chicken bus too, you can't become a total princess yet Missus!!!
keep having fun, looking forward to hearing more soon. Love R & gang xxx
From Sheinman - Wednesday, 21st July 2010, 01:56 (GMT)
Hey Tammy, got your email. Glad you are having loads of fun. I love the photos.
From AAron Weinstock - Wednesday, 21st July 2010, 12:33 (GMT)
Hi Tam sounds like you are having a great time...We are going to visit SYD at camp on Sat ..So quiet around here . Carolyn and I are enjoying each other company.....Love you ...Aaron
Hi COusin! Glad things are good. I am loving Guat. Say hi to the kids. Is Lauren staying extra time
From - Friday, 23rd July 2010, 21:20 (GMT)
Hello ladies. Glad Alyssa has arrive safely. Have a blast and keep us updated.
From Dina - Friday, 23rd July 2010, 23:05 (GMT)
That was the first time you've ever milked a cow!?! Did you not have a field trip to a farm during your formative years? Now what could one attribute your desire to squeeze a teat, hm? Glad you're having fun! Say hi to Alyssa!
From Kissmah - Saturday, 24th July 2010, 15:17 (GMT)
Hey Tam and Alyssa,

I'm really glad Alyssa arrived ok and you two have made it past two meals and still standing. LOL I hope you two have a wonderful time together and I miss you both already can't wait till you're home again!!! All is well here at home and I'll continue to read the blog for updates.
Love Kissy
From Nastalie - Sunday, 25th July 2010, 01:33 (GMT)
Glad to hear Alyssa is still alive. have a great time you two!!
From Mila - Tuesday, 27th July 2010, 01:47 (GMT)
Just this morning I was wondering why you never responded to my email and then shortly afterward I received your email - just like our phone calls...

Glad you two are having fun. Enjoy and of course, stay safe.

From - Tuesday, 27th July 2010, 22:42 (GMT)
Short and sweet! hI to both of you. Counting down to my holiday Sunday up at Blue Moutain....

Yipppeeee! It should be good fun! Hugs Back
From Keely - Wednesday, 28th July 2010, 15:45 (GMT)
Keep having fun... love the pics!
From Jana - Wednesday, 28th July 2010, 20:28 (GMT)
Hi Girls,
Sounds amazing! The treehouse sounds incredible. Awww puppy love, I hope Brahva Extra found a good home. Have fun!
Love, Jana
HI Jana,

Glad you are following our trip. We are having an amazing time...keep reading! T & A
From Allison - Thursday, 29th July 2010, 19:11 (GMT)
Hey Gals...glad all is well. The pictures are amazing. The puppy was sooo cute...

Hugs Ally
From Heather - Friday, 30th July 2010, 00:49 (GMT)
Hi Lissy,oops Alyssa,
So glad you sent me this address. I'm getting a great kick out of your adventure.Enjoy continuing on this great journey together. See you soon. cuz H.
Hi Cousin,
Glad you are enjoying our adventure. See you in September, hugs A & T
From Mom - Saturday, 31st July 2010, 15:38 (GMT)
Hi there Two Monkeys in a tree,
Oh no NOT monkey's ?! daughters!! Did this one have washroom facilities in the tree-tops, like Laos?
What absolute fun. All is warm/hot here . Dad & I are also having good summer fun-- golfing!!! sailing, boating (00ps! an accident there) swimming , Mahj and tomorrow hiking at the Botannical Gardens near Hamilton. But it doesn't beat Monkeys , Treehouses and temples.
om Hugs, M xox
It all sounds very action packed! Glad you are enjoying your summer and that the weather has been so agreeable! Hugs, T & A
From Emma - Tuesday, 3rd August 2010, 20:58 (GMT)
wow a REAL volcano? lucky. Zip lining looks so much fun. Is the tree house comfy? I hope your having lots of fun in Guatemala. Love: Emma.
Hi Sweetie,
Thanks for writing. We are having a lot of fun. Yes, a real volcano! Our tree house was great! We miss you and love you. Write to us again. Hugs and kisses, love T & L.
From Shel & Phyl - Wednesday, 4th August 2010, 19:20 (GMT)
SO great to hear from u yesterday. Loved the tree house photo. Look forward to going thru the pictures with u when u get here.
Love & Kisses!!
Enjoyed chatting with you guys. We are having an amazing time. Hugs, T & A.
From Jan Jan - Thursday, 5th August 2010, 16:56 (GMT)
I didn't know that you were going to Belize. I'm surprised you didn't get your way on the bus...that's not the Tammy I know. Pictures in the caves are amazing - it looked like you were the only ones in there. xoxo.
The cave was cool. I am not fighting with a big black MAMA!
From Jana - Friday, 6th August 2010, 00:35 (GMT)
Hey girls,
Everything sounds like so much fun minus the bus fight. Lis I hope you didn't get squeegeed in the head. Lobster and coconut, oy vey! Love the pictures, keep having fun.
Love, Jana
From Robbie - Friday, 6th August 2010, 02:08 (GMT)
WOW, sounds like a blast. What an experience. Enjoy the rest of your trip
Thanks! Hope you are also enjoying your summer! See you in Sept! A & T