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From Natalie - Wednesday, 20th July 2011, 01:03 (GMT)
Going camping this weekend with Jenn, Karin, Ally and Shannon and Norm. Should be a fun hot time canoeing to our site. Looking forward to photos from Columbia.
Sounds good! Hot enough theas forsure! Where are you camping! I left my cord to my camera at home, no uploads till Alyssa arrives. Hugs, T
From Natalie - Monday, 25th July 2011, 02:22 (GMT)
I thought Alyssa was there on Thursday. Oh my gosh you are go go go. I was tired just reading your entry. LOL. We camped on Second Depot Lake just NW of Kingston. It was the most beautiful camping ever!! and NO rain for all 3 days!!. xo
Sounds great! Maybe I'll go next year!
From Jan Jan - Wednesday, 27th July 2011, 04:10 (GMT)
Sounds like you are having a fabulous time....naked swims...old men rubbing your arm....just a typical Tammy day. Miss you...xoxo
Having a great time!
From Hushy & Shari - Thursday, 28th July 2011, 20:27 (GMT)
Tamarra:sounds like you are having a great time. We are enjoying reading your adventures without the pain ... Enjoy enjoy
Chatted with Alyssa the other night and she was all packed and looking forward to meeting up with you tomorrow.
Hugs H & S
We are having a blast thanks. Hugs A & T
From Mom - Thursday, 28th July 2011, 21:05 (GMT)
Awesome Photos! great camera and great photographer. :)
Hugs, Mom
Thanks! Great things to photograph!
From Darryn - Friday, 29th July 2011, 04:57 (GMT)

The pics look great. I am glad you are having fun. Today was a big day...we got into our new building and the movers will transport our files and equipment over the weekend. The students start in just over a month!

Have a great time.

Cant wait to see your school and new apartment. Hugs T
From Ally - Friday, 29th July 2011, 15:47 (GMT)
Hey Tamarra
I always love your writing. Enjoy Love the Pics. Can't wait for you to get back and fill us in. Its better when you tell it.
Thanks, heard you had a great camping trip. Hugs T
From SheinMan - Friday, 29th July 2011, 18:16 (GMT)
Hey Tammy,

I bumped into Allyssa at Pancers on Sunday. She was having one of her last real meals before leaving for Colombia. I told her to say hi for me.

Dr. Danny is swimming across a lake next week for charity and I am going to follow him in a canoe. Should be fun.

Heading to the cottage tonight after work (my temporary job).

Continue having FUN!!
Thanks she told me. Hope you enjoyed your dinner. Happy paddling. Feel free to bonk him on the head once in awhile! Hugs T
From adrienne - Tuesday, 2nd August 2011, 00:07 (GMT)
hi kids,
we saw the pics!
they are faqntastic.
love, the mama
Hi Mom, Glad you are following along. We are in this adorable little town called Guatape. We shall spend a couple days here boating and hiking. Talk to you soon. Hugs A & T.
From - Tuesday, 9th August 2011, 01:16 (GMT)
Hello from blue mountain. How's things. Hot day for us here.
Glad you are having a good time and great weather!
From safia - Wednesday, 10th August 2011, 05:45 (GMT)
where are all the pics? dying to see them. The world cup game sounded ammaazing! come BAck!!
Not yet!!!!
From Momma Merle - Thursday, 11th August 2011, 14:59 (GMT)
Wow! Send me some of those in in the volcano mud bath. I was always regretting not sending home a life-sized terra cotta soldier for our condo doorway landing.
Fun, Fun,Fun.
2 happy adventurers.
From Nastalie - Friday, 12th August 2011, 01:10 (GMT)
I want to go in the mud volcano!!!!!!
You would have liked it!
From mom - Friday, 12th August 2011, 21:15 (GMT)
Loved the simile -"like submerged strawberries dipped in chocolate"
There is a book in there somewhere.
Love you
Hugs & kisses to you both.
Thanks! All is well in paradise! Hugs, T & A
From Heather - Sunday, 14th August 2011, 18:50 (GMT)
Enjoying the pics and living vicariously through you.
cuz H
Hi Heather,
Glad you are following the blog. We will write another blog later today. Talk to you soon. Adios, Lissy. xo
From Darryn - Tuesday, 16th August 2011, 00:23 (GMT)
Hi Tams and Alyssa. It sounds like you are having fun. I am envious of all the hiking and nature. On my day hike in the Columbia River Gorge I did aboit 10.5miles and my leg did not hurt. However, I was so worn out that my small cold turned into a big cough that did send shooting pains down my leg.

Market days was crazy and we hope the weather holds for the last Grant Park concert next weekend...Verdi's Requium.

The school opens in less than two weeks. It is amazing that only two years ago we were working on accreditation. Midwestern University is a great place to work and study.

Have a good trip.


Thanks for the update! Glad you are maxing out on summer fun! Can't wait to see you! Hugs, T
From Gerry - Wednesday, 17th August 2011, 01:46 (GMT)
Hi ladies. Glad to hear from you. It's been awhile. Take care. Feel better. Hugs
All is well, having a great time Hugs T and A
From Nastalie - Thursday, 25th August 2011, 20:12 (GMT)
"somewhere over the rainbow"
cool pic. love the straight hair
From Andrea - Saturday, 27th August 2011, 14:53 (GMT)
been following along... just thought I'd say hi here - what a fabulous trip! Love the pictures too:)
Thanks. Hope you are having a good summer.
From Mom - Sunday, 23rd September 2012, 21:16 (GMT)
Hi Beastie,
Glad you are back in travel mode. Sounds like fun. Diego-great chance encounter--that's amazing.
Hugs and keep-on trekking.
Thanks! I am happy wandering as always!
From Alyssa - Monday, 24th September 2012, 23:01 (GMT)
Great pictures, I love the cactus!
Enjoy yourself! xoxo Alyssa
From Shari & Hushy - Friday, 28th September 2012, 03:34 (GMT)
Hi Tamarra ... sounds like fun .. we enjoy reading your blog ... love travels with Tamarra ... enjoy enjoy .. luv Hushy & Shari
Thanks, hugs back at ya!
From Andrea - Saturday, 26th January 2013, 01:16 (GMT)
So happy to catch up on your adventures as always! Have fun and know we are thinking of you here in snowy freezing Pince edward county!!
How is the time off? How is our little puppy??? Are you bored yet? T
From lauren - Monday, 28th January 2013, 03:33 (GMT)
sounds amazing! we miss you tammy! lots of love! <3 <3 <3
Hugs, I miss you guys too! T
From muddy mud skipper - Monday, 28th January 2013, 03:50 (GMT)
sounds amazing. koeller told me about his time in the phillipines and with his stories and yours, seems like a must go type of place! sounds like youre having fun, and looks like youve been active! tell us more! youre not experiencing any storms there now? n australia and indonesia are battered.
Who is this?? I have only really had one full day of rain since I left. Other than that dry and having a great time! T