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From Mom - Tuesday, 13th February 2007, 14:40 (GMT)
Hi Tams, Great chatting with you.(IMing). Can you Skype from there? This set of pictures are the best. They capture the character and beauty of India without emphasizing the downside. I love them. How are you storing them? I guess you could have used our 2 memory sticks (our deal of the year, so far). We use one to carry your pics with us to everyone's computer.
Glad you are acclimatizing to India. Have fun-see everything. Come home safely and entertain us with your tales.
Big Hugs, Mom & Dad
Happy Valentine's Day! Still having fun! Love, T
From AARON - Wednesday, 14th February 2007, 12:21 (GMT)
Hi Tammy we got are first snow storm today..We are planning a trip over March break , trying to get a last minute deal...Hope all is well , love you . Aaron
Hello Weinstock family! Big Valentine's Day Hugs and Kisses! Love, T
From Lisa - Wednesday, 14th February 2007, 18:53 (GMT)
Hey there...Happy Valentine's Day!
Just did your teaching preferences for next year...I put down all ESL history and Civics! Just kidding! Marypat said our numbers haven't gone down so hopefully we won't lose anyone.
Send me a time when we can connect on Skype.

No Skype so far in India sad to say! But every place is different so we shall see! Hugs and Kisses! P.S. NOT COMING HOME EARLY!!! Good try!
From miki - Friday, 16th February 2007, 10:22 (GMT)
hiiiiiiii tammy
waaaaaaaowwww you are really love travelling much,is make me jelouse in you ,coz i never go any where contry look like you,he he he he alwasy keep in touch with pamela by sms ,some time she said to me if she worry about you coz you dont send her email to her,that she said to me,how is india tammarra?? which is nice than lake maninjau he he he,,is my dreams since i was small can go to india,tamarra can you take pic of tajmahal please and send to my email. or by post pleaseeeeeee,i really want to keep that pic of your presnt he he he,, jan say hello to you
India is fantastic and crazy and alive! Totally different from Indo but a good piece of my heart still lies in Sumatra! I really loved it there. i was just thinking about you and Pamela today! send a hello to her. It is hard to right everyone personally. But I am always thinking about you guys! chat soon. tamarra
From ALLY - Saturday, 17th February 2007, 15:33 (GMT)
Glad to see that you are truely enjoying yourself. I love ready your blog. I can actually hear you telling the story. Miss you much. Dont get to skinny, love U the way you are. XO Ally
Too skinny??? is that possible!! I have a long way to go before that happens!lol Hope you are well. chat soon, love, T
From Keely! - Sunday, 18th February 2007, 03:20 (GMT)
WOW.... I just got home from El Salvador and Mexico... to finally get to read your blog!I love to hear you writing about my beloved india. You will find more of what you've seen already in the north... every state is a little bit different, and a little bit the same. Watch out for those gorgeous kashmiris... they do love to talk.
They are the smoothest talkers ever keels! Did you have fun?? India is super noisy and polluted nt sure my lungs are going to make it! cha soon, Love, t
From keely - Sunday, 18th February 2007, 14:38 (GMT)
loved the pics... by the way, that "character" on the temple... is Lord Krishna! They are not characters, but gods :)
gods to some Keely! I have discovered I seem to really lack a belief in god. Not exactly the right country for that! Are you home?? Love, T
From Leigh Thornton - Friday, 20th April 2007, 00:23 (GMT)
Hiya Tammy! WOW. I will live vicariously through you. I'm due with baby #2 in two months, so I am drooling at your trip.

Leigh I have met soooooo many people travelling with their kids! I have a whole new outlook on this kid thing! Now I just need to meet someone, getting married and get pregnant! NOt asking too much! I have seen people with tiny babies and entire families! Amazing! Chat soon. Good luck! T
From Natalie - Monday, 19th February 2007, 13:21 (GMT)
i saw a show on tv about Amma. that is so cool, i want to hug her too!! I'll just hug you when you return then. keep her vibe within until then
I will Nat! It was fun! Chat soon, Love T
From gerry - Monday, 19th February 2007, 13:26 (GMT)
Hi Tams, sounds like you are still having a blast! I am not surprised. I am heading down to Florida with my friend Patti, another holiday never hurts. We will be seeing your partents again. Take care.. Love you, miss you.
Geraldine the cow!
You are very funny Gerry! How many times did you ask me not to call you that! By the way FYI for all of you it wasn't me calling my skinny cousin fat it was the name of a childhood book! Have fun in Florida! Love, T
From rick & Angie - Wednesday, 21st February 2007, 04:53 (GMT)
Hello from us,
are you finding it cool in munnar, and have you had a cup of local tea. more important have you found any food you can eat as we found it very hard to find food we could eat not enjoyed, but could keep down.
take it easy tam love Rick & Angie
Hey guys! I am sooo glad you wrote! Munnar was AWESOME!!!! I had the best BBQ chicken! YUM YUM! Now I am in Cochin, great seafood! So doing okay! I am still with Alex for another two days! Chat soon, Tamarra
From Jan-Jan - Wednesday, 21st February 2007, 18:24 (GMT)
Hi Tams. India sounds fantastic. How did you meet your cousin in India?? - you didn't explain it in your blog.

We just finished renovating our upstairs bathroom.

The boys are great...and Joshua is loving his nanny.

hugs and kisses...we miss you!!
Nanny??? Have you gone back to work fulltime??? OMG!! The house will look so different when I return, can't wait to see it! Chat soon, Love, T
From Dil - Wednesday, 21st February 2007, 18:50 (GMT)
Hi Tamara,
It's been some time since I've checked your blog, but again...WOW! It looks like you're having an awesome time. It will take a year for you to explain to everyone all the experiences you're having, and all the amazing pictures you're taking. LOVED the ones with the kitties by the way!
All's well at ACCI, we're into Sem.2 and everyone's eager for March Break to get here.
Be safe and always looking forward to reading your experiences and looking at your pics.
Dil ;-)
Hey Dil! Glad you guys are managing without my social calls! Things are great here in India! Chat soon! Love, T
From Sandra Rufa - Friday, 23rd February 2007, 17:13 (GMT)
Wow Tammy, what an adventure. Your pics are amazing! Looks like the trip of a lifetime and no one better to enjoy it than you. I will keep checking your updates. Take care around those wild animals - the men!
LOL Sandy
Thanks Sandy! Hope school is good! Have to run! Love, T
From Darryn - Sunday, 25th February 2007, 13:16 (GMT)

What can I say, but you are amazing. I love your pictures and I have shown all my friends. You always come up in conversation and everyone at the Dental Conference knows about you. (Well, perhaps not all 20,000 people). Have fun and keep blogging.


Thanks Bro! I can't wait till you are beside me blogging with me! I am super excited about Nepal. But still have much of India to take in first! Hugs, T
From Ruthie Dean - Sunday, 25th February 2007, 19:13 (GMT)
Hi Tim Tam Tummy,
It's been a while since I wrote, but I do check your blog regularly to see how you are doing! India sounds like fun, but I'm still not convinced enough to want to go there. I'm looking forward to hearing about Nepal - that's somewhere I would LOVE to go with hubby and kids! Glad to hear you are having such a good time, you always sound so happy in your blog! You were definitely made to travel. Holy moly, six months already, where has the time gone?? All is well with us, boys are well and lots of fun. James is quite the adventurous little trouble maker (someone had to get daddy's genes!!) and Daniel and he are getting into mischief together. Missing you, take care love Ruthie
Boys will be boys! You need to have another one and hope for a girl! Just kidding!!! I am happy and really enjoying every minute. I still have to pinch myself reularly! Love ya, T
From Keely - Monday, 26th February 2007, 04:54 (GMT)
I have bargained at that fish market in cochin many a time... great fish! Love the stories!
Hey SHerman! I hope you are super jealous! I still can't believe I am here and you are not! How's our home? Love, T
From Nathan - Monday, 26th February 2007, 19:50 (GMT)
Hey Tammy. Just got the website from my sister. I can't wait to go through it all but you are in one favorite country and one of my fav places there. I was there just after the tsunami (2 days afterwards) so they were still on edge. I remember having a tiger ?? beer and fish dinner on the shores when they called for another tsunami to hit. The cafe in town was a great place to get drunk. The backwater tour was great at well and I went overnight. Did a man with polio help you find the right bus to get back to Cochin??
Your funny Nathan! Cochin is super touristy like most places in India. There are many many touts! But I am loving it! Keep in touch! Tamarra
From Sheinman - Monday, 26th February 2007, 20:28 (GMT)
Hi Tammy,

Well, I've been busy interviewing for a new job. I had a second interview with a company that runs 3 digital cable channels this morning and I should hear if I get the job by Wednesday.

I had dinner at Dr. Danny's last night. Saw Marla and the boys (they are so cute and growing up fast). They finished the basement and it looks AMAZING. They also painted the living room. You won't recognize the place when you see it.

I also had a blind date with a corporate lawyer last week. Although we had a great time, she called yesterday to say that she is way too busy to date. Oh well.

My cousin's Bat Mitzvah is this Saturday and you are all the way in India. I guess you can't join me. My niece Jordy asked if you were coming with me and I said that you will be there in spirit since you are half a world away. I'll have a few drinks for you.

Take Care!

Your funny Michael! Too bad I am missing a Sheiner Party! You know how much I enjoy them. My fingers are crossed for you and the job! That would be an exciting change! Chat soon, Love, T
From Mila - Friday, 15th June 2007, 01:01 (GMT)
Hi Tams,

I can just picture you making the bus come to you and negotiating for another bus.

Well, I had 2 days off, which was very nice. We had Sasha's S.K. graduation, which was quite a performance but I cried, as did other moms. Last night we had the school BBQ and today was back to work.

Where are the pictures?

Glad you're loving your life!


YOur funny! I never took you as the emotional one!! Glad you enjoyed your time off, I am too! Not sure how I am going to adjust to being home! CHat soon! Love, T
From funmi - Sunday, 29th April 2007, 02:09 (GMT)
Hey miss ..this Funmi from Downsview.S.S...i love all u picture ...u are really having fun... i wish i can do that some day....have fun take care
Hi Funmi! I hope you do travel someday. It is a great way to learn about the world and other cultures and appreciate all the good things you have! T
From denise - Thursday, 1st March 2007, 14:22 (GMT)
Hey T!
Here is an ACCI Swim report
we brought 27 swimmers to regionals on Feb.12 this year it was held at the Etobicoke Olympium.
7 swimmers moved on to City Finals (although 1 did not show on the day of event)
Dylan Xu won 2 1st place medals and therefore qualified for OFSAA on March 6 for 50m free and 50 m butterfly
he also qualified for 100IM but he is only alowed 2 individual events and since he got a 6th place in IM at City Finals he has a better chance with his other events.
You taught him in History last year but I guess you will have to wait until next year to see him swim. He is awesome.

I hear that you lost quite a bit of weight. good for you!
I joined the Y but I haven't been for a few weeks I guess I have an uphill battle.well worth it though in the end.
Have a great day
Wow! I am soooo excited about swim team! That is excellent and you all deserve a pat on the back! Losing weight while travelling is much easier than at home! Chat soon, Tamarra
From Keely - Thursday, 1st March 2007, 14:38 (GMT)
Every single thing you are saying is a perfect vision in my mind... from the overnight train to the sleeper bus and from city to city... Its a great route you're taking and I'm so happy you are seeing and feeling the magic of India the way I know and love it! Its a typical Canadian winter here as you probably can imagine... and you aren't missing anything! Keep writing.... love the details!
Thanks Keels! I really am loving it! Even though these people are totally backwards sometimes! I just go with the flow! Anything is possible in India!! Love, T
From Mom - Friday, 29th June 2007, 01:40 (GMT)
Hi Tams, You you are making me tired. Too much energetic travelling,Yours. We are all well and hanging out at the golf course and the Health Club and pool.
This weekend I will have been married to your father for 44years. Amazing!! No Plans as yet. Houston's Chicago?? oops --gone! We have not tried the newly opened one here. It won't be the same-- I need a daughter to share the Hawaiian Steak.
Love and hugs,
Hi Mom! Happy Anniversary! I am heading back to India! I have found a way to extend my visa but it means hanging out in hot dirty Delhi for three days! God help me!! After that I am heading north! I am going out to eat my own steak right now! Big hugs! Love, T
From SUE SPITZ - Monday, 5th March 2007, 17:59 (GMT)
This is sooo strange and keeps happening! I just met a woman that reminded me of you sooooooooo much that I was going to email and tell you but you beat me to it! She was a wonderful kind hearted woman full of energy and life and always the optimist! A truly delightful woman who had also had knee replacements. And here she was trampsing around India! I hope you are enjoying your first grandchild! So exciting. Take care, Love, T