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From Jan Willem Schilt - Saturday, 7th April 2007, 11:42 (GMT)
Hi Tamara, alwayys great to read your stories. In here it's early in the afternoon on saturdayy, which means me and Mike were chatting together. She's also great. Still jealous so am preparing such a trip in two years. Love from Jan, maybe see you in Amsterdam one day
I hope you will see me in Amsterdam some time soon! Give big hugs and kisses to Mike for me! Take Care! Tamarra
From Valla Mezei - Wednesday, 11th April 2007, 23:50 (GMT)
Hi Tamara
I saw your mom today and of course, she's carrying a folder with all of your travel photos. That's so cool...
You take good pictures and I noticed a picture of a building in Jaipur that you forgot the name of. It is called "Hawa Mahal" (Palace of Winds), a five-storied wonder that the Maharajah of the time built so that his wife and the women had a supreme view of all the proceedings and festive celebrations. It was specifically designed with overhaning windows with latticed screens, domes and spires. This way, the women saw everything, but they were not seen by the townspeople, especially the men. Don't forget that at the time it was built, all the buildings in front of it did not exist, so the view was perfect.
Wow Valla you have a great memory! I have seen so much that I can't remember the names of half the places! Still loving it over here! T
From keely - Thursday, 12th April 2007, 13:06 (GMT)
Waaaaaaaaaa! I am soooo jealous right now.... dreaming of the Himalayas every day!
And loving every minute! Sohail is delcious! Hugs T
From Ally - Friday, 13th April 2007, 19:34 (GMT)
Hey Tammy take a picture of the Dalai Lama for me. Wish I was there with you. Miss you much. You look great and the girls are still the same
No they are not, but that is okay with me! If the price of losing 50lbs is going down a bra size, no problem! I had some to spare! Chat soon, big hugs! T
From Keely - Saturday, 14th April 2007, 18:13 (GMT)
You are killing me over here!!!!!
I'm looking for cheap flights right now!
You are toooooo funny! Having a great time! I know why you love it so much, especially up here in Dharm! The mountains are amazing! Blog to come! Hugs, T
From Slana - Saturday, 14th April 2007, 21:00 (GMT)
I'm finally getting a chance to get caught up on your blog (and everyone else's life--great job Ruth, congrats sheinman!) and procrastinate from unpacking the last 10 boxes in my new place! It's great here, i sleep so well at night but i'm not doing so well at finding spots for all my stuff. If you are ever planning to buy a little place, do it right after you get back and start from scratch--don't bring anything with you! I sort of wish i'd gotten rid of everything i own before moving as I have far too much stuff and really, i'm certain I don't need it all (except the kitchen stuff). Work is insane, of course, but it's a good reprieve from unpacking. OK, back to it. Lovely to see the pics of you, i miss you so much!!! How was seder with the travelling jews?
Hi Slana! Well I am glad you are getting settled! It will be perfect by the time I see it! Should I take the gift I bought you back, obviously there is no space for it! lol! Didn't I write about sedar! Too many people not a strong enough leader. But still nice! Chat soon! Hugs, Tamarra
From gerry - Thursday, 8th July 2010, 13:27 (GMT)
Glad to hear you arrived! Relax and enjoy.

From Pat - Wednesday, 18th April 2007, 22:22 (GMT)
Hi Tammy. I have been thoroughly enjoying your blog for months! What an amazing adventure you are on. The pictures bring it all to life for me and you look as if you belong in every shot. It's so entertaining for all of us. Thanks for sharing so many personal experiences. Downsview won the gold again for hairstyling and we're off to the provincials on May 1st. We are having our pot luck this Friday so we will be thinking of you. Take care of yourself.
Hi Pat! Congrats on the gold! It is definitely because of their amazing teacher! You are soooo good with them! I had my hair hacked off by some barber on the street. It cost me a dollar! I am happy to be rid of some of the inches, it was too much hair for this heat! It is still shoulder length or just above, but some hairdresser is going to have fun with it when I get back! Take care! Tamarra
From Marisa DSS - Friday, 20th April 2007, 19:37 (GMT)
Hey Tammy saw your mother today and she looks great as usual. Just checked in on you and you look GRRRREAT. Hope you are enjoying yourself, it looks like it. Wish i were there to see all those beautiful sights. Take care .....
Big step from the resort life to India! I have turned into a grungy backpacker! I am looking forward to some nice new form fitting clothes upon my return! I will definitely stopin and visit in Sept! Chat soon. T
From Lori - Thursday, 21st June 2007, 00:43 (GMT)
I have been catching up on your blog...I'm jealous!!! Enjoy it while you can. Looks like you have been having a blast!
It has been great! Hope you are well! T
From keely - Saturday, 21st April 2007, 13:21 (GMT)
Hey.. sounds amazing as usual. What's the local buzz about Aishwarya and Abishek's marriage... they are the Brad and Angelina of India.. the wedding was yesterday, it must be all over the news! They are soo gorgeous! Yestereday I went to see Zakir Hussein, the world's most famous Tabla (drum) master at the Centre for the Arts. I got all dressed up in indian garb... bangles, salwar, etc.... thought of u. Bring home some nice bangles!!!
Hey Keels! I haven't heard that much about the wedding. But I don't watch TV or read the paper much! I did seem them in the Guru and liked it! It is fun to play dress up in Indian wear! Chat soon! T
P.S: I went to see Javed he is in S. Africa but his cousin said hello!
From Mila - Friday, 22nd June 2007, 01:04 (GMT)
Hi Tams,


I figured I would post this now (June 21) so you would see it on your birthday.


Your Good Mila! I was away from technology for four days! But thanks! T
From keely - Monday, 23rd April 2007, 19:13 (GMT)
Ha ha ha.... the old cross the street to the travel agent ticket buying scam! Ha ha ha....! Nice one that you didn't fall for it! I hate those guys! I have yelled at them myself. Wow... good work on finding Javed... yes, he travels a lot... too bad you didn't get to meet him. It is sooo funny, no matter who goes to India... we all encounter the same stuff! Dont eat at any riverside cafe's in Varanasi... the most unusual and un-apppetizing things are floating by. Varanasi is famous for silk if you were planning on buying any.
Not shopping much! Saving some money for Nepal! Loving Varanasi eeven though it is 45 degrees! Haven't seen any dead bodies floating by! Chat soon! Love, T
From Mom - Wednesday, 25th April 2007, 20:48 (GMT)
Hi Traveller, We saw the movie Namesake at Bayview Village ( by the way, this theatre is closing permanently tomorrow--so sad) and we loved the scenes shot in India, ie Calcutta. It's about cultural and generational differences in an Indian family living in New York. Darryn saw and liked it too.
The red convertible looks like new and Dad has decided to drive it all summer. Still probs with parking 3 cars.
Are you excited? Darryn is! We are too! Sherpas and Trekking the Himalayas (start at 2 and go to 8 CN Towers high)-- Wow! How far are you from Everest? Even the name Katmandu is mystical
Have a great time. Waiting to hear all about your meeting, accommod., sherpas & hiking, etc. Tick -tock tick- tock...
Hugs to you both,
Mom xoxo
Hi family! I am super excited! This is Darrryn's first time in a third world country and he is in for the shock of a lifetime! But also the thrill and adventure! 4 days to go! Love, T
From Sheinman - Wednesday, 25th April 2007, 20:52 (GMT)
Hi Tammy,

You must enter some of those pictures into a photo contest because you will definitely win something.

What a thrill is must have been to see the Dali Lama and by chance was a BONUS!!!

All is well with me. I am enjoying my last few days before starting my new job on Monday the 30th.

I hope that you and Darryn have a blast in Nepal. Do you plan on hiking up to the base camp of Mt. Everest? That would be cool if you could see all of the mountain climbers getting ready for their summit attempts.

Take care!

Definitely a hike in store. We are going to discuss which when we meet in person! So many excellent choices!! Good luck at your new job! You are so qualified it should be amazing! Have fun! Love, T
From Mila - Monday, 30th April 2007, 01:21 (GMT)
Hi Tams,

Your pictures are spectacular (except no recent pics of you).

I can't believe you "happened" to see the Dalai Lama - on second thought, yes I can, sort of like the "parking goddess" thing.

Things are good here - Ian was away last week but his parents were here (they had a wedding), and his sister from Vancouver was here (she had a seminar). It worked out well, because they were able to help out on Satuday during the day.

Work is busy and the girls are busy, but nothing much new to report.

Have fun with your brother in Nepal and post some pics of you.


Hi Mila! Life is exciting as usual! When do you come up for air! Children, work, inlaws, travelling husband, I don't know how you do it! Big hugs! Love, T
From Elizabeth Donis - Monday, 30th April 2007, 17:18 (GMT)
Hi Tammy, more wow....take care of yourself...Liz
Hi Liz! How are you? I am sure you are fantastic as always! I will come visit in September! T
From Krystyna - Monday, 30th April 2007, 17:36 (GMT)
Hi Tammy!

I am impressed with your pictures! They are absolutely aaaaamazing! You should contact National Geographic immediately!I am insipired by your trip. I am applying for 4/5 now. I hope you have great time with your brother. What a meeting, anyway. Truly Weinstein style! I just spent my whole prep watching the pictures and daydreaming about my future trips. Meanwhile I am still here but moving to Central Commerce in September and hopefully following in your steps in 4 years.
Take care! You look great!
I am sure you will enjoy the change of schools. I can't believe how different Campbell is. Funny how I miss DSS though! My trip has been great. Coming home will be the challenge! 4/5 IS THE BEST!! Start planning! T
From Mu - Thursday, 3rd May 2007, 12:46 (GMT)
Tammy I can see how I'm going to spend my day....LOL The pictures are amazing to say the least. This trip is certainly agreeing with you you look wonderful. I bet you will have some stories to tell when you get back...I can hardly wait. I don't blame you for not wanting to come's so beautiful there.
Have a good safe.
Mu & Pete too
HI Muriel! Hope you guys are enjoying the beginning of summer! See you soon! Tamarra
From Natalie - Thursday, 3rd May 2007, 17:03 (GMT)
good luck babe!!!
Luck not required! All these months of walking have paid off! My body was well behaved! A few knee problems on the way down but someone leant me a knee brace! Perfect! Big hugs! Love, T
From Gisele - Monday, 7th May 2007, 17:40 (GMT)
Hi, Tammy,
Spoke with your Dad today and he gave us your Blog. I have spent the better part of this morning reading and looking at your amazing pictures. I'm so glad you have the opportunity to visit these wonderful places and meeting amazing people! Hope you enjoy the time with your brother and experiencing the wonderful sights of the Himalayas..... Take care and lots of hugs,
Gisele / Nanabear
Hello Neighbours! Glad you are well! See you in August! T
From Elana - Saturday, 12th May 2007, 13:41 (GMT)
I Miss you!
I miss you tooooo! You would have liked my 24 day hike! Love T
From Judy - Friday, 18th May 2007, 21:40 (GMT)
Dear Tammy,

SOrry out of touch - getting used tot he new addition. ALmost cried when I read about your camera - so glad that you got it back!! Hope that your hike through Nepal was everything you wanted. Makes me tired thinking about it.

WE will be here when you come. I'll een have the room cleaned up. SO looking forward to seeing you. Much has changed for both of us over the past year. 55 pouns lost - will those undies I've been storing still fit?:->>

So mommy of two! I hope you are not going too crazy! Life is good here! Chat soon. Still don't know when I will be there! But I will keep in touch! Hugs, T
From Nathan - Thursday, 24th May 2007, 11:46 (GMT)
Hey Tammy,

Can't believe you went to Amritsar. This was also one of my favs in India. Did you have a chance to eat at the Free Kitchen?? (gave a donation but was never asked for one). I went there twice and just love how welcoming the Sikhs are. Too bad the town doesn't resemble the beautiful temple at all. Want to back my bags and hit the road when I see you posts. Great work!

It was an incredible experience! I ended up staying a few days, even though the free kitchen food left a little to be desired! T
From Leigh Thornton - Monday, 28th May 2007, 15:43 (GMT)
Again....I'm drooling. This sounds faboulous. I can't wait to see pictures and hear some advice on real traveling with wee ones.
I am telling you Leigh it is no problem! Take the wee one and go!!! Soooooo many people doing it! T