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From Ally - Thursday, 31st May 2007, 11:49 (GMT)
Hey Tam
Miss you much. It is wonderful to see that you are truely experiencing life and the beauty that it holds hidden from us City folks. lol..
Hey Ally! How are you? Ally go with the girls on Pride weekend! It is nice to all be together! I miss you guys! Big hugs and kisses! Love, T
From ruth - Wednesday, 1st August 2007, 01:08 (GMT)
Oh my g-d, did you not get the wobbly leg syndrome coming down?? You know me and mountains - going up is definitely the easy part, I just hate the down!! Guess we will have to see you in Sept if you aren't in TO that weekend in August - let me know when you are coming to visit us!! All is great with us, kids are fab and James even did his first pee in the loo tonight!! Bless, he is growing up so fast its scary!! Daniel is nearly 4, just organising his bday party. Working hard, playing lots too, life is good!! See you soon, enjoy every last minute.
Love the Levitskys xxxx
I hope to see you soon! I will try as soon as I can!! Big hugs! Love, T
From Mila - Sunday, 3rd June 2007, 15:25 (GMT)
Hi Tams,

Your pictures are amazing - you really do have to send them in somewhere (not sure where, but I'm sure there is demand).

Are you going to take some time to relax after that trek or is there more trekking on the agenda?

Sasha had her dance recital yesterday (Saturday) - it was incredible. She was in two of the numbers and was very good (not that I'm biased or anything), but watching some of the older girls perform was unbelievable, the whole show was great.

Keep the pictures coming.



Hey Mila! I am resting, I have been hanging around a small city called Pokhara filling some of my time with activities and the rest with card playing! Of course you are biased, but I am certain she was adorable! Thanks for the pics compliments! Chat soon. Love, T
From Keely - Saturday, 9th June 2007, 13:31 (GMT)
The shopping bug has got you too!!! Now you know why I have bought so much stuff in India... ! You can sell your hats in my new shop which is opening up at the end of the summer! See you soon.... in north India...Ladakh!
Yeah!!! Perfect! I just couldn't resist!! There are soooo many great things over here! See you soon, keep in touch! Love, T
From Judy - Saturday, 16th June 2007, 05:52 (GMT)
Glad to see that you're still having fun. Sounds like it's starting to wind down for you.

We're looking forward to you coming here soon. July 23rd, right? E-maol me with the details.

Love ya!
No details yet! I haven't exactly decided what I am doing the last two weeks of my holiday! Trying to extend my India visa by two weeks. If so I will be there two weeks later. But I am coming to see that adorable new baby of yours! Chat soon! Love, T
From keely - Saturday, 16th June 2007, 12:47 (GMT)
Hey there everybody... I am leaving for india in 2 days and have officially started my OWN blog!! hehe
I am going to India on a shopping trip for 5 weeks, buying gems and jewelry and handicrafts for the new shop I'm opening in late August. You are all welcome to read my blog and hopefully our blogs (and paths) will converge when Tammy and I meet up in the Himalayas first week of June!!
At least we hope to meet up the first week of July! Only time will tell! Love,T
From Stacie - Sunday, 17th June 2007, 17:27 (GMT)
Your pictures are breath- taking!!! It looks beautiful everywhere you have been..I can not believe you are coming home soon ..Time passes too quickly..Take Care Stac
Hi Stacie! Good to hear from you! I was thinking about you the other day! Amazing all the things you have time to think about when you are not working! When I get home I WILL be in touch!! T
From sezin - Sunday, 17th June 2007, 18:26 (GMT)
these are wonderful postures Tamara ! I admire ypur adventurous spirit. Good luck for the rest ! And I am sure you will havea all the fun !
Hey Stranger! So good to hear from you! What are you doing with your life? How's Turkey! It has been many many years! Hope you are well! T
From Sarah - Monday, 18th June 2007, 17:15 (GMT)
Hey Tams,
Great pics!
I can't believe that the school year is almost finished! David finishes SK this week!!! Ahhhhh! And Karen graduated pre-school on Friday!!! So cute!!! I can't believe she's going into JK next year. Very weird. Right now I'm really looking forward to sending them both - both! - to camp Robinhood this summer! Yes I'm free!!! for 6 weeks anyway. (I'm so bad!) We're going to Baltimore the day David finishes school - thursday - for a few days. And that's about it!
Have fun!
Love Sarah
Enjoy your freedom! I guess that's how my mom felt when she put both kids on the camp bus for 4 weeks or more!! T
From Mom - Tuesday, 19th June 2007, 15:39 (GMT)
Hi Traveller,
Great Fathers'Day calls from both you and Darryn and a wonderful steak BBQ from Chef Barry and Hostess Gerry. Yum! Yum!
I skipped golf-league today -it was supposed to be big thunderstorms and then(too late) ..the sun came out. grrr.
Attending the DSS Communications Party this afternoon/eve.
You look great in all your Blog pictures and Darryn sent us a few in his Fathers'Day card for us to show around --really fit, gorgeous, Globe Trotters.
In July we may go for a few days to Point Pelee with Ralph & Paulette. By the way Paulette has something on disk about teachers wishing to publish. She will share.
No summer plans --waiting for our traveller's return.
Hugs and kisses xox
Did dad like my Father's Day card?? Are you on your way to the airport to pick up my stuff? Only 48 hrs for free after that I pay for storage!! Sorry about golf! I would like to publish something! Just not sure what angle to take! Time will tell! Hugs and kisses! Love, T
From Darryn Weinstein - Thursday, 21st June 2007, 12:04 (GMT)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TAMS!!! I know you want to have lots of fun on your birthday, but did you really have to go all the way to China to do it :). May you have many more happy, healthy and prosperous birthdays.

Your bro,

It is my first B-Day away! Not bad but not what I expected! Thanks, Love T
From Lisa - Wednesday, 20th June 2007, 17:38 (GMT)
Happy Birthday! I hope you have a great day, wherever you are!
Love Lisa, Sean and Peyton, Logan and Jordana
Hey Lisa! One more week of school! Hurray for you guys! Enjoy your summer! Love, T
From sydney - Thursday, 21st June 2007, 21:36 (GMT)
hi tammy its sydney i miss you so much i'm looking forward to see you soon ,on june 28 (thursday)i am going to camp shalom for 3 in a half weeks its my first time .i'm so exited i've been reading your blogs it sounds like your having a great time i love you xoxoxox
WOW!!! Now I am excited! Sleep over camp is the best! I know you will have a great time! I have soooo many great memories from Camp SHalom! Big Kisses! T
From GERRY - Friday, 22nd June 2007, 14:07 (GMT)
Happy Birthday cousin. Mom and I are going out for lunch to celebrate your birthday. I guess we should go to loblaws and buy a white birthday cake.

Your funny! No more Loblaws cake if I want to keep this body!! T
From Jan Willem Schilt - Saturday, 23rd June 2007, 09:13 (GMT)
Selamat tahun baru Tamarra! (happy birthday Tamarra). It is still a pleasure to follow your adventures on the net. Hope you had a nice birthday dinner. Love, Jan
Thanks! Cool Birthday wishes in foreign languages! I love it! T
From mom - Saturday, 23rd June 2007, 11:51 (GMT)
Hi Beastie,
A very happy B-Day. Gerry & I went out for lunch to celebrate your B-day. We looked at the sky and shouted "Happy B-Bay Tammy" . I hopre you enjoyed your lunch at Bagel Plus
Love you , Us
Thanks! There were no bagels or any other kind of food available on my b day! Story to follow! Love, T
From Darryn Weinstein - Sunday, 24th June 2007, 03:37 (GMT)

I received your pics. There are some great shots. I love the rainbow!!!

Great! Glad you like them! Big hugs! T
From aaron - Sunday, 24th June 2007, 13:40 (GMT)
Happy Anniversary to you guys! Hugs, T
From LAUREN - Sunday, 24th June 2007, 13:41 (GMT)
Thanks Lauren! I look forward to seeing you soon! Big Hugs! T
From Sheinman - Monday, 25th June 2007, 16:15 (GMT)

Sorry I missed your actual Birthday. I'm sure it was great despite having to eat noodles instead of cake. That pie looks good.

Everything here is OK, except my dad's back isn't doing well. He has been on strong pain killers and hasn't been able to work for a couple of weeks (that's driving him crazy).

But with some rest he should be better in another couple of weeks.

I'm doing very well at work. I've been here almost 2 months (time does fly) and my boss is very pleased with me so far.

Love the pics!! Take Care!!

Love, Sheinman
Hey Mikey! Glad you are enjoying the job! Can't believe I am coming home so soon! Big hugs! T
From Natalie - Sunday, 1st July 2007, 21:24 (GMT)
Hi Mammy,
I've been sick for 10 days now, can't shake it!!!you'd think i was in Delhi with the stuff that i'm blowing out of my nose....ha ha gross eh?
It is bloody hot here! I am itching to leave Delhi in two days I will be complaining about the cold! lol! I am sorry you are not well! Trying resting! Maybe it is the evil air conditioner! I decided even though Delhi is hotter than hell to get a room with no AC! Boy have things changed for me! Love you lots! T
From Sheinman - Thursday, 5th July 2007, 14:43 (GMT)
Hi Tammy!

I've got great news!

I've only been working here for two months and they are sending me to Iceland August 14 for a week to help out with a fundraising marathon event there.

I'm sooo excited. It's going to be very cool (literally and figuratively).

Talk to you soon.

You leave the day I return, that's funny! But soooo lucky! I hear it is incredilbe up there! Good for you! Hurray! Chat soon, but see you later! T
From Nathan - Friday, 6th July 2007, 16:11 (GMT)
Where are you off to? Shimla, Minali, Dharamsala?? Were you not already there? I loved it up there. But it was fall when I was there so too cold at night. I guess you won't have that problem. Go buy a Enfield and tour around the northern road to Leh. If I had the time there I would have done that trek. Oh yeah and if there wasn't snow that time of the year. So jealous as always.
Leh is amazing! I am not leaving anytime soon! So much to do up here in the mountains! And NO bike for me! But I am going to try and catch a ride to Srinigar on the back of one depending on the time! Chat soon. T
From Judy - Sunday, 8th July 2007, 05:14 (GMT)

New closet organizer in place, room will be ready by the end of the week. HAve read abou your travel issues - look forward to hearing your arrival date.

Sharlotte is now smiling, cooing, and giggling. You'll be here at a great cute time.

I am soooo excited to see the baby! Still no date but you will be the first to know!! Hugs, T
From Mila - Tuesday, 10th July 2007, 22:50 (GMT)
Hi Tams,

So.... are you coming home????

Work has been insane lately, I'm looking forward to some time off in August.

Sasha got her level 4 badge and Madeleine got her Salamander badge. I"ve told them all about your great summer jobs and that they have to get their badges.

Hope all is well with you!


Yeah! I am glad they are little fish! I don't want to come home!! But I am!! Aug 14th if all goes well! Singapore Airlines and I aren't seeing eye to eye on this! Soon I will sick my mother on them!! Enjoy the summer, and the holiday! Chat soon! Big hugs! T By the way what are the kids doing for the summer??