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From Jay - Tuesday, 17th October 2006, 07:00 (GMT)
Darling Kilina,
So glad you had such a fabulous 21st birthday - the "Dancing Queen" by the sounds of things!! Look forward to seeing the photos. Much love, Jay xxxx
Yeah, I did! I just posted some new photos, enjoy! Loadsa love, xxxxx
From Jay - Tuesday, 3rd October 2006, 15:26 (GMT)
Me again! Just spotted all the photos - they are amazing. What incredible scenery.
love again, Jay xx
Yes, Alaska has got to be one of the most beautiful places I've ever visited - some of the scenery is breathtaking! lots of lvoe xxx
From Jay - Tuesday, 3rd October 2006, 15:22 (GMT)
Darling Kilina,
I have no idea how you manage to fit so much into 24 hours a day!!! What fabulous experiences. Look forward to seeing more photos.
very much love,
Jay xxxx
That's what I keep asking myself! And the reason why I never seem to have time to update the website! xxx
From Klaus - Friday, 25th August 2006, 09:08 (GMT)
Ah, two friendly American guys ...
From Klaus - Saturday, 26th August 2006, 16:51 (GMT)
Bravo! Well done!
i 've found out how to see my messages! at last! love xxx
From hansjürgen - Sunday, 27th August 2006, 07:53 (GMT)
hello kilina
for this thing internet is very good, we are still near by you.
the nature photos are very lovely.
sandra is staying in ravenna,italy now.
Hi H+K+S+A!! i'm glad you like the photos! I hope sandra has a good time in Italy. Lots of love xxx
From Angi - Sunday, 27th August 2006, 19:08 (GMT)
Hallo Kilina,

du hast eine sehr interessante Webside mit schönen Bildern!
Vielen Dank für deine E-Mail und ich finde es sehr schön, dass wir uns auch auf diese weite mailen können.

Hast du dich schon eingelebt? Hast du schon Schule gehabt?

Werde mir immer wieder deine Website ansehen und auch mal mailen.

Wir wünschen dir eine traumhaft schöne Zeit in Alaska

Angi, Roland und Tobias

Lots of kisses
Hi Angi, es freut mich, dass es euch gefaellt, mein Blog zu lesen. Alles liebe, xxx
From Sonia - Sunday, 27th August 2006, 19:28 (GMT)
hola Kilina, soy sonia checaaaa... espero q te lo estes pasando genial, no nos heches mucho de menos, ok? un besazo enorme. Y acuerdate de la postal: c/ l'orada 256. Portocolom 07670.
Hole guapa! no se si entenderas todo lo k escribo, pero te lo envie por si acaso kerias ensayar tu English! besos xxx
From victoria - Monday, 28th August 2006, 11:09 (GMT)
Kilina... thanks for sending me this link... Happy to hear you are doing well and have embarked on an adventure! well done, wish you all the best! xxxxxxx
Thank you! I sent it jsut in case you were interested! hope you're doing well xx
From Kat - Tuesday, 29th August 2006, 09:46 (GMT)
Hi Kilina! Your posts are really interesting, and the photos are cool! The area you trekked in looks really pretty, and it looks like you all enjoyed it, even though it was tough! I'm glad your roomate is nice, I'm sure you'll get on fine, don't worry!
I look forward to more info and more pics soon! Take care, and loads of love xxx
hey kat, thanx for checking out my blog, glad you like it! i thought it was a good way to keep in touch with everyone! i got your email, and hope to hear more from you soon! xxx
From Ems - Tuesday, 29th August 2006, 13:43 (GMT)
WOW Kiilina it all looks and sounds amazing. You write so well the storys are glad you are enjoying yourslef so much keep it coming so good to read...loads of love and kisses Em xxx
Thanx for your message, and glad you like blog! it's thanx to you that i knew about it! hehe. let me know how you're getting on, and hope you have a great time in lanzarote (or was it fuerteventura?). lol xxx
From - Thursday, 31st August 2006, 21:38 (GMT)
Hi Kilina,

ich finde deine diarys richtig Klasse, vor allem da ich so auch Englsich lerne. Die Fotos finde ich ganz Toll. Die erinnern mich so an meine Klassenfahrt in Boscha ( Schweiz) bzw die Landschaft. Zwar habe ich nicht jetzt jeden Tag deine diarys zu lesen, aber wenn ich lesen, dann mit vernügen und gerne, weil sie toll sind.
Also ich wünsche dir eine unvergessene wünderschöne Zeit.
Danke, freut mich dass es dir gut gefaellt! alles liebe, xx
From Klaus - Saturday, 2nd September 2006, 16:10 (GMT)
we are all getting quite jealous about the fun and excitement you are having....
hope you enjoy your weekend trip to mount mckinley. rather sure you will. mind the moose (early 17th cent.: from an eastern algonquian language; compare narragansett: moòs.).
From carla - Sunday, 3rd September 2006, 12:23 (GMT)
hi kilina!!!!,
i hope you are having a nice time in alaska i'm haveing a great time i went to aqua city with Loli and Caroline and Alice and you??
oh well i have to go now
Hello Carla! i'm having a lovely time in alaska. i hope you had a great time in Canada. Will you write me and tell you what you did? Lots of love to you and Zoe, Kilins xxxx
From Ursi und Helmut - Monday, 4th September 2006, 12:54 (GMT)
Hallo Kilina,

wir finden es toll, daß Du uns an Deinem Aufenthalt und Deinen Erlebnissen teilhaben läßt, Dein Tagebuch und die Fotos sind super! Auf diese Weise bist Du auch nicht ganz so weit fort!

Toi toi toi und eine gute Zeit in Alaska

Alles Liebe
Ursi und Helmut
Hallo ihr lieben, vielen dank fuer die nachricht! Ich wunsche euch alles liebe, Kilina xxxx
From Jay - Thursday, 7th September 2006, 16:11 (GMT)
Darling Kilina - What an incredible experience!!! I have only just had time to read your entries and look at the gorgeous photos. Hope it all continues to go well. Loads & loads of love & kisses,
Jay xxxxxxxx
Dear Jay, yes, it is an amazing experience! Hope you enjoy the diary entries/photos! Lots of love to you all xxx (PS how's Soph getting on with her new job? And how was your tour around Europe?)
From mike - Friday, 8th September 2006, 17:24 (GMT)
very me at high camp on McKinley and we'll do some absailing..I'll put you in my favourites and show the girlies why they should stop watching sky tv
haha! yeah, i'm having an amazing time out here. hope you keep on enjoying my diary entries!
From Onni - Tuesday, 12th September 2006, 14:20 (GMT)
hey! sorry i haven't been in touch sooner. wow, it all sounds amazing, i'm really jelous. i might have to go to alaska as well for a term. i can't wait to start uni in a few weeks time. i sent you a parcel from julie's with some thermal clothes, hope it arrives soon. love you, xxxxx
hello!! so happy to hear from you! i've really missed not speaking with you when i call home. i might have to call you in england some time, or else we can chat when you're home those few days before term starts. thank julie for the parcel (though i'll write to thank her when i receive it!). speak soon. love ya lots, xxxxx
From Pati - Thursday, 14th September 2006, 19:44 (GMT)
Hello Kil! I'm writing to you in English because it's the main language in this site... and after a month living in English I'm used to it. As I told you some days ago, your picures are quite similar to mine. I keep updating my blog too, but nobody posts any comments... :-( What do I have to do to receive some feedback?
Though I haven't had time to read all your posts, I can tell you that I'm really surprised. I didn't know you wrote so well!
Cold kisses from Finland
hola wapa! vaya, el Ingles te ha salido perfecto, eh?! impresionante! se ve k te tienen okupada alli en finlandia :) todavia no he conseguido ver tu blog, no se x k razon. kizas podrias enviarme algunas fotos algun dia si te apetece... enga, bss y hablamos pronto, vale? xxx
From Lisa - Saturday, 14th October 2006, 05:02 (GMT)
Dear Kilina,
I´m writing to wish you Happy Birthday! I hope you have a wounderful day and are able to celebrate with all of your new friends and all the best I wish you.

Have a great day!


PS: Have you read my cards?
Thank you very much! yes, i received your cards - they were very sweet! thanks! love, kilina xxxx
From Onni - Friday, 29th September 2006, 10:05 (GMT)
hello! just wanted to let you know that i'm having awonderful time!!! my new flat mates are nice (although maybe not the kind of people i would become best friends with). i've met loads of people, and i've joined quite a few societies. i'll send you an email with loads more details. i was wondering if you still had your darwinien evolution and animal behaviour essays on your lap top? if you do, could you please send them to me? thanks!going to freshers ball tonight, very exciting! love you and miss you. xxxx
keep me uptodate with what u get up to in Brighton, ok? love ya xxx
From - Monday, 2nd October 2006, 07:13 (GMT)
Hi Kilina,
wie gehts?

Ich habe gerade dein diary gelesen und mir ist etwas zu deinem Modern Dance eingefallen, wo du dich beschwert hast, dass ich Ballett bewegungen macht und du lieber Jazz Tanzen würdest. Wenn man in einer Schule, nicht in einer Tanzschule geht, wo man selber die Tänze aussucht, lernt man natürlich Ballett dazu. Jeder Tänzer/in, der sich auf einen Tanz spezialisiert lernt Ballett dazu, dass gehört nun mal dazu. Die Tochter von meiner Mutter Freundin, die Ballettleherin ist, ist in einer Tanzschule, wo sie Tanzabi macht, und dort lernt sie jede Art von Tanzen, auch die, die ihr nicht gefallen. Ich selber habe Ballett Mal gemacht und so schlimm ist es auch nicht. Dennoch kann ich dich verstehen, denn ich finde selber Modern Dancing besser.

Sag Mal kannst du mir ein gefallen tun? Könntest du mir mehr über die Eingborenen in Alaska erzählen. Ich würde gerne darüber irgendwann ein Refart in Englischunterricht halten.
Könntest du mir diesen gefallen tun und mehr informationen geben? Wenn nicht, ist auch nicht schlimm.

Dein diary finde ich ziemlich Klasse, nur nicht besonders leicht.
Ich wünsch dir was
Du hast recht, und ballet gefaellt mir auch! Alles liebe, xxx
From Klaus - Monday, 9th October 2006, 07:59 (GMT)
The fifth most visited Planetranger blog of the month - what fun. Congratulations. Not only that, but one of the best also. Well done, Beans.
Yeah, was exciting to see that! Love you xoxoxoxoxo
From - Saturday, 14th October 2006, 11:01 (GMT)
Hi Beanie, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, we're all very jealous of you - sounds amazing. Rick thinks you write very well and is enjoying your blog. (And me too.) Look forward to seeing you at Christmas.
Lots of love from us all Sue, Rick, Zoe and Carla xxxx
thank you very much! yours was the first card i received, and by far the loveliest! glad your enjoying the blog. lots and lots of love, xxxxxxx
From Ursi und Helmut - Saturday, 14th October 2006, 14:49 (GMT)
Hallo Kilina,
wir wünschen Dir alles Liebe und Gute zu deinem Geburtstag. Wie feiert man in Alaska? Wir hoffen ,Du hast einen schönen Tag!
Dein Tagebuch und die Fotos finden wir toll.
Love and kisses U+H+T
Vielen vielen Dank! Hier feier ich mit einem Geburtstagsfest mit Freunde! Alles liebe ung Gruesse, Kilina xxxxx