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From Mum C, - Friday, 29th September 2006, 02:54 (GMT)
hI to you both , now that I can do this by myself, cant wait to read what you are doing and where you have been, it's luuuuvvvvly. All is steady here,except I thought Grace's birthday on thursday 28th and Bronwyn's on Friday 29th, got themback to front didnt I. When you describe the little villages and towns, they're all as I imagine them to be and so lovely catching up with all the rellies. Take care and love tou you both and the rellies. Mum C xxxxx
Yes I always get those two round the wrong way. We are having a ball, now in Lagos. Just been for a walk down to the old fort and the old slave market, all the streets are just like those narrow hillside white pictures you always see in the greek programmes on telly. Lots of the same sort of products though, not too tourist oriented, it is pretty quiet here - probably as big as Ashburton? But needless to say more beautiful and steeped in history. ALL the little english villages are just as you see them on tv, the roads are very narrow and in some of the Welsh villages there is only one way traffic - wouldn´t fancy being a bus or truck driver anywhere over here. Portugal is just as bad, not so narrow but a bit daunting for me as everything is back to front; I´ve had the odd panic attach while KJ has been driving - which does his temper no good I can tell you. That´s it for today - I think we are going either: paragliding or to Porto Maio tomorrow.

love for now, V and KJ xxx

From Sheryn - Saturday, 14th October 2006, 08:19 (GMT)
Hi Guys
To add to your cultural experience of the Opera, I have the NZ vs Aus netball score to report - 43-37 to US!!!!! Yippeee, after Thurs' loss, it is now down to Monday's game to see who wins the decider.
Trade safe guys
Thanks for the update on the score, good we beat Sth Africa in the cricket too :-)) Talk soon, love to kiddles, Vee and KJ xxx
From Vix n Mal - Thursday, 19th October 2006, 06:39 (GMT)
Thank you both for the wonderful up dates we have both enjoyed sharing your travels, much love to both and Happy Anniversary XXXXX VIX
Thanx Vix
It's been great doing it along the way, have now updated with last minute thoughts and some more photos. Hope to talk soon, otherwise see you next year !!
luv V xxx
From John - Tuesday, 3rd October 2006, 07:53 (GMT)
Hi Vee and Keith,

Check your site most days. It makes interesting reading almost like being there (well a little bit!). Where is our bloody post card?
Works S**t missing you!!
Nothing to report.
Ola, come esta?
The postcards are on their way; yours and Rangiora´s are on their way from Keswick in the Lakes District. So glad that work is going well and that you are there and I´m not !!! Your day will come :-)

We are now in Lagos, Portugal - Tammy will tell you about it! Beautiful weather, beautiful beaches, beautiful scenery, nice people who suffer us non Portugese speakers quite well; but we are doing our best to speak as much as we can.
Have just finished a 2 hr walking trip around the old fort and slave markets. Everything is very close to where we are staying, the beach 2 minutes walk, the town centre, 10 minutes.
Having a great time, will write again.
see you,
cheers, Vee and KJ.
From nathan - Tuesday, 3rd October 2006, 04:26 (GMT)
good to see ur havin a good time were ever u r im at vikis at the moment sitting here with jake and i beyyer hurry up we going to play the computer now by by
Hello Mate,

What are you doing at Vicki´s? I thought you were staying at your Mum´s? Did things not work out??

Glad to hear you are there though whether it is visiting or staying.

It is beautiful in Lagos, Portugal. I spied a great present to bring back for you but when we went back to look we couldn´t find the shop. Will continue looking tomorrow. I hope to go para-gliding on Thursday (parachute behind a speedboat). Tell you about it if I survive.

Stay well and keep safe.

Love and smoochy hugs (:))

KJ and V
From nathAN - Friday, 15th September 2006, 05:43 (GMT)
Hiya Nathan,

How's things?

How was your afternoon at school. Don't forget to water the patio :)

Great that you are keeing an eye on the horses.

You would love it in singapore. They have 24 hr a day computer gaming rooms and not a tomato in sight.

Talk soon
Love KJ and V
From Bev and Shell - Monday, 25th September 2006, 01:29 (GMT)
Hey you two!! To date the diary of your travels makes for very interesting reading. Hard to grasp the sights and history from our little nook in the world. Mum is thrilled to have received the post cards. Presumably you are now checking out the sights of Wales. You'll be pleased to know that we haven't had a drop of rain so you must have taken it with you!!
From Shell = this is my second attempt to send you a greeting. I had a very wayward mouse working on my computer at home.
Take care of yourselves and each other. Thinking of you.
Love yas
Mum and Shellxxx

Hey you guys
Here we are in the North of England; 1 1/2 hrs from Scotland but a 7hr bus trip up from Oxford !!! We have just finished a tiki tour of Wales; you will see how that all went on the travel diary entry Keith has not long done (yesterday I think he did it). We had an amazing time; Mum you would have just loved it !!! Stunning scenery, great people and just such a world away from what we know - we have NO idea of old in New Zealand. Ludlow; our first step from Oxford before we went to Wales was all old Jacobean buildings, the oldest being 1123 !!! Not to mention the Norman castle the town (and just about every other town) has. We are here in Durham (Keiths' birth place) for a couple of days and then up to Edinburgh for a night before we go back to Oxford and then off to Portugal - phew. Shell thanx for helping Mum with this; big hugs and kisses to all. Can you let me know your street address so I can send you guys a postcard or two. I have asked Trace to get them all for me (hers, yours and Vicks) but not heard back from her yet.
Take care all,
luv from Durham (where I don't understand anyone)
Vee and KJ xxx
From Mum and Bren - Tuesday, 26th September 2006, 03:48 (GMT)
Checked upn you today 26th glad you are having a great time keep it up all well here old dragon under control( I mean mum) love to all from both of us here in Ch
Hello Bren and Mum,
Spent the evening at Jean and John's yesterday. They send their love.

Jean remembers you with a great deal of affection Brenda.

Today we are off to Workington through the Lake District returning this evening.

Stay in touch regularly please.


From MumC - Saturday, 14th October 2006, 04:17 (GMT)
Hi to you both,still not missing work I see, never mind enjoy every minute COS YOU ARE ON THE HOME STRAIGHT. had a busy afternoon shopping for shoes with Tracy Vicki Courtenay and Ashleigh, Ashleigh got hers and I got mine.[Iknew you wanted to know that]. Every one is well here.Looked up Portugal on the map, it's not very big is it, about two inches long and half an inch wide. How lovely to be able to see La Boheme in that particular setting, that will certainly be a lifetime memory.Must close and get tea will write again soon. Love to all. takecare of each other, love you both. Mumxxxx
Yes, we had a wonderful night at the opera. It was stunning. We joked about it being a truly international night: an opera written by an Italian (Puccini) about some french students, performed by the Welsh, conducted by a Pole watched by a pommie and a kiwi !!!

The last weekend was nice with Tony, Sarah, Evie and Tony's parents and grandmother. They are lovely people and it was great to talk to them.
Glad to hear all the arrangements for the wedding are going well, I think I have a dress (bought in Wales). Looking forward to seeing you again soon. Take care, love to Dad.
Love you, Vee and KJ xxx
From Sharon - Sunday, 15th October 2006, 04:17 (GMT)
Hello there, was just catching up on your many travels and thought I would drop a line. Have just spent a hour or so out with the mares giving them a brush and cleaning out their paddock etc. They are all fine, at the moment have some out around the drive eating the long grass as none in their paddocks, but they are survining! ;-).
Dont worry, since the pump nothing else has broken (touch wood) although I have to say everything that could go wrong, has gone wrong!!!
Its sunny today but strong winds. Ive had a bit of time off so sadly back to work tomorrow (which Vee...Im sure you are missing lots...yeah right)
Take care, enjoy your time left. I feel like you have been gone forever......
Love Sharon
Glad all is now going well. Thanks for taking great care of the horses. Tracy has told us about the winds, yay - sounds as if we have a hot windy summer ahead. Tracy will be picking us up on Friday, so we will see you after work. NOT missing work, but am missing everybody. Please send my love and warm wishes to all at work.
love Vee and KJ xxx
From Naze - Friday, 8th September 2006, 21:17 (GMT)
Hey Keith, found it mate looking forward to keeping in touch have an awesome time.
Hiya Naze,

How's the Unit?

Went to White Hart Lane, yesterday. You would have loved it.

Check you out on the site again soon.

From numa - Monday, 11th September 2006, 07:55 (GMT)
Hi brother. good to see having fun. hopefully we can catch. have fun & no foot in the mouth disease...okay. have fun.
Only 24 hours and we'll be checking in at the airport. Great t o hear from you bro. need rest, need rest, need rest.... :)
From Trace - Wednesday, 13th September 2006, 23:35 (GMT)
Have just arrived back at work after seeing you off at airport. As I was driving along Memorial Ave I spied the tail of your aircraft in my rearview mirror, and got decidedly excited. As you can know, not much happens in my life & I have to get my excitement vicariously through others.
Safe trip.
Love ya both,
From Trace - Thursday, 14th September 2006, 22:19 (GMT)
You're there. Hope you've had a good flight and that the jet lag doesn't slow you down too much. Nice day here again, 17 degrees.
Roll on summer.....
Well you saw the right bit, we were pretty near the tail.

Almost 10 hours was a good preparation for tomorrow's flight.
Vee and I got checked in to the hotal by 9pm. Was all a doddle really. Thanks for coming to see us off.

From Tracy - Friday, 15th September 2006, 08:51 (GMT)
Great reading Keith. Pleased you had a good flight, shame about the hotel. Never mind, the best is yet to come.
Hope you enjoyed the cruise and night markets.
Will print off these pages for mum. All well here.
At Changi on our way out to London. Today is warmer but still cloudy. Changi airport is amazing, a city on it's own. The cruise was great, beautiful to see the city at night, didn't go into Raffles for the $19.80 gin sling (!) as the city is full of delegates for the World Banking conference. Had a lovely night though finishing with a cocktail back in the hotel room.
Cheers and love to all,
Vee and KJ.
From Karen and the troops - Friday, 15th September 2006, 22:50 (GMT)
hi there,
glad the first leg went well and you seem relaxed already, keep it up!!
love from us all
At the airport now. London here we come.

Lovbe to all KJ and Vee
From Hambling clan - Saturday, 16th September 2006, 21:19 (GMT)
Glad to hear that everything is going according to plan (apart from the hotel).
It is so cool to be able to stay in touch.

YES IT IS GREAT. TRYING TO USE STUPID computer with all the keys in funny places, all cramped up in a tiny internet room in Oxford!!!

Having a great time, went back to where Keith came from today - it was pretty special. Seems all is well at home. 0xford is amazing, very busy but beautiful old buildings everywhere, taken lots of photos.

I'll go for now so that Keith can update the travel page.

Love to all
V and K
From nathan - Monday, 18th September 2006, 05:34 (GMT)
good to see you are having such a good time im being good how are you AND vee going now to feed them horses poor me just jokes by 4 now
Hi Nathan,
Great hear that you are doing well. Wev are now in Oxford. Have spent the afternoon visiting places from my childhood.

Visited a Virgin Records sho[p.Many DVDs to buyat great prices if we have any money left later.

Cheers and hugs

KJ and V
From Tracy - Monday, 18th September 2006, 21:57 (GMT)
HI guys,
Wow, 2 1/2 hours to get out of Heathrow, hard to imagine and totally mindblowing. Sounds like your first days in Uk have been both nostalgic and exciting all at once. Keith, its very cool that you got to see the place where you spent some early years.
All is well here, started Vicks wedding dress yesterday and have been going to the gym. Yay. Enjoying having the week off work. Bruce and Bron are back tomorrow night. They rode elephants! Something else mindblowing.
The updates are great.
Love Tracexx
Yes we are having the most amazing time. Doing all the things we hoped we would - have been to a football game, mixed in with all the Norf Londoners, and went on the tube. Got off at Marble Arch/Speakers Corner; from the brief look I got of London it looks really buzzy. I may go in and have a nose when we come back from Wales (where we are heading on Friday/Saturday). The weather has been gorgeous and in fact quite warm. Appleton (village where Tony and Sarah live) is a real chocolotate box village; all ancient terrace houses and thatched roof cottages. Quite close to Oxford and very easy to get around. Oxford is stunning; old buildings, about 20 colleges, beautifuly cobbled streets, very cosmopolitan too with all the pre-requisite shops (including Top Shop Trace!!). Prices are not cheap though; specially when you remember the exchange rates. Any way that's about me for now. Can you please let me know your number in Voss Street and could you also do me a favour and get Vicki's street number and Shell's too if you don't mind.

Has Hannah gone yet? If not please give her a hug from us and wish her a wonderful trip.

I've sent mum a couple of postcards; but not to you guys yet due to not knowing your number - duh !!!
cheers from old blighty
and the travels of Vee and Keith :-)
From Stacey - Wednesday, 20th September 2006, 03:25 (GMT)
Sounds like you are having a great time. Please say hi to Tony and Sarah for me - I have been meaning to email them for a while but havent quite gotten there. I would also love to see photos of the baby!
Yes, thiings are great. Remember to check the updates on the site.

Will our best to get photos to you asap. Tony, Sarah and Evelyne say Hi in return.
From Karen - Wednesday, 20th September 2006, 06:54 (GMT)
hi guys,
glad the rest of the trip over went smoothly. Hope you took some pics of Headington, went I went there were still people in the house so couldn't nosey too much. Jess and Simon have picked a great destination, Thailand just as a coup is happening. kids ay! who'd 'ave em????
Love to you both from all of us
Hi guys
Yes we are having the best time. It was great to go and have a fossick around the old house, quite emotional for Keith - we took LOTS of photos. Went to Lambourn; the Vale of the Horse - you know the white horse on the hill. Couldn't get very close though; the weather has been amazing so it was a lovely place to go walking. We are off to Worcester and Wales on Friday.

That's it for now. Will catch up in a few days.
cheers, V and KJ xxx
From nathan - Thursday, 21st September 2006, 06:05 (GMT)
going to nans tomorrow or today depending on when you get this message i guess were good same with the horses got to go and feed em soon laters bye
Nathan my mate,

How is it at Grans?

We are now up North with my brother Mal and his wife. Just arrived, Mal is still at work.

Thanks for taking care of the horses and being so good. Looks like I'll have to pay that bike off as soon as I get home. Remember you only have to stay atyour Mum's as long as it feels safe.

Hugs KJ and Vee.

Give my Mum a big hug from us.
From Sharon & Mark - Thursday, 21st September 2006, 21:09 (GMT)
hey there! thought i better drop you a line. Everyone is fine, grass is a very scarce in their paddocks but am keeping tummies as comfy as I can for all. Had 3 escapees one night (mares) that was fun. espchally in the dark. Had a foal swap paddocks??? have no idea how the hell she managed that, but was busy playing with Wizz when i got home. Had to get Grace to tell me how to use washing machine. Nathan been pretty good...hes off for the holidays, but really didnt want to go. Had to beat him badly a few times during the week, but dont worry no bruises are visable ;)
Enjoy your holiday.......
I have tried to email you but having probs with the govt email address, but now I have you. I thought the grass would be getting a bit scarce, but you can only do what you can; and if extra feed is needed so be it. Don't worry about Lucy (it must be her) swapping paddocks, she has done it before. Yeah I remembered the washing machine when I went to use Tony and Sarahs on the other side of the world!!! I didn't think N would want to go off, sounds like he is having a great 'boy' time with Mark; he's a pretty good kid eh? How are things with you two? We are having a great holiday; has been hectic in the last couple of days as we have tripped everywhere from Worcester over to Wales back to Oxford down near London, and then all the way up North (7hr bus trip - sux) to Durham city of Keith birth. It's great to be here. Thanx so much for everything; sorry not missing work at all - it's great!!! Say hi to all at WINZ. Over and out.
love from Vee and KJ xxx
From Trace - Wednesday, 27th September 2006, 11:24 (GMT)
Hi guys,
Greetings from the deep south.Sounds like you are having an amazing time, the pics are great and can you believe the weather you're having? It really does sound like the trip of a lifetime, and its so cool for you Keith to get back in touch with your roots. All is well here, our weather is on the up. Hannah is having a great time in Aussie with Grace, and its Brons birthday tomorrow. Sad news that you may have already heard........North Harbour took home the shield last weekend:-(
Have just remembered you asked for addresses Nett, and I'm sorry but completely forgot. In my defense though, I have been pre-occupied with
trying to get Vickis dress made and also month end and stocktake this week at work.Its been full on. I see now though that you have asked Shelley, so hopefully you have them.Vicki is in East Belt but I don't know the number. I will have to phone her and ask. McNatty's are 50 Moncks Spur Rd.
Well, its late and I need to go to bed. Another early start tomorrow. Keep on enjoying, and regards to Mal and Vicki.
Till next time,
You wouldn´t believe this but Keith has been telling me that we have no messages and that no one is even checking out the site ~- but lo here I am actually checking the "reply to messges" part on the home page and there are heaps of messages!!! Duh!

We have had the best time in England as you will see on the site - now in Portugal and it is very warm, struggling with the lanuage and driving on the right hand side of the road. Not helped by my minor anxiety attack yesterday when we arrived! Poor Keith. I´ll explain in more detail when I know that other people will be reading this :-))

I understand that you have been busy with heaps of stuff so don´t worry about the addresses, Keith has remembered Vicki´s so has sent her postcard, but I have sent yours and Shelleys to mum and dad.
take care for now, love K and V xxx
From Mum Bev - Thursday, 28th September 2006, 03:15 (GMT)
Having a lovely time reading your travels, am with you all there in spirit. I am goingto trace yor trip on a map, wish I had done that from the start.Went to see Grace and Nathan this morning, things going fine there, L orna and I weregoing to take young Nathan ten pin bowlinb today but because of other things happening we cant fit it in this week, but have promised it will happen maybe when you guys get back we can organise that.Once again lovely interesting reading about your travels, love to Vicki and Mal and Jean.Grace is delighted you ve seen Jean. Takr care and look after each other. Loveyou both and miss you heaps. Mum xxxx.
More cards on the way, posted at Gatwick. Glad to hear of your vicarious enjoyment in our travels.

WE love the idea of you folowing or tracks.

LOve KJ and Vee