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From Kim - Monday, 28th November 2005, 09:18 (GMT)
Hiya Kel & Rob.
Have a fantastic trip and look forward to hearing all your news. Have just got me letter inviting me to do the moonwalk next year - fancy flying over?? Not the same doing it alone. Love Kim
Might pass on that one as still recovering from the blisters - mind you, the walks Rob has planned on this trip may cause worse blisters than the moon walk!
From Carolanne and Geoff - Friday, 23rd December 2005, 02:30 (GMT)
Merry Xmas and Happy New Year,
Eating crabs, prawns and fresh mackeral at Munna Pt camp with your mum and dad and Janie and not at all seasick.
Lots of love,
C'annie and Geoff.
Thanks for reminding us. We on the other hand will be having soup and bread to try and get our budget back on track after Antarctica...
From Mum - Sunday, 4th December 2005, 10:58 (GMT)
great to see the site, glad you are having a good time, can't wait to see the photos. Spent the day in the boat, went in at Bribie and up to Caloundra, beautiful day, wish you were here.. Love you both
Wish we were there as well but only a few months until we are.
In Ushuaia at the moment watching it snow!
From Dad - Monday, 5th December 2005, 00:53 (GMT)
It's very exciting reading the unfolding narrative together with the photos.
Best of luck with your Antartic endeavour.
love to you both.
Just arrived in Ushuaia. from 36C up north - hence board shorts and t-shirt - to snow storm!
From Richard RM2 - Wednesday, 18th January 2006, 04:37 (GMT)
Now, I might be reading this wrong, or it's some in-joke i've missed, but to quote you guys 'Nick from Holland (Danish are everywhere)'.
Maybe you should go back to Europe and learn where the Danish come from.

Good site though, great read and some fantastic pictures. Glad you're having fun, sounds a little too active for me.. gotta go, pies and Tim-Tams to be eaten!
Kel is still learning where the 'Dutch' come from - mistake corrected...

From MC - Wednesday, 7th December 2005, 09:16 (GMT)
I have the answer to your top rating web site guys. I am bored at work with only 2 weeks to go i check this site every 15 mins to see if there's a new post. Am i thinking no posts once you are on the cruise? internet access in the antartic??
No Internet access - unless you want to pay $3US a minute, but free Internet access the day we get back so Rob will have fun loading all the photos up
From karen - Thursday, 15th December 2005, 05:25 (GMT)
hi rob and kelly
saw both your mums at tuppaware party last night, got your web page. Just wanted to wish you happy holidaying and it sounds like your having fun. We really enjoyed the wedding and i got to see photos last night. Enjoy the cold, cos were frying here. Will drop you a line soon - you might be able to catch a whale with it!! have lots of fun. Luv karen and gerd XXX
Hi Karen,
glad you are liking the web page - we aim to please.
Hope you have a great christmas
Love rob and kel
From MG - Tuesday, 20th December 2005, 07:29 (GMT)
Has this diary surplanted normal email conversation? I spose I'll have to keep it civilised then. Top work RM & now KM sounds like ya having a good time. cya
Email, what are they??
From Anne and Geoff - Saturday, 24th December 2005, 09:14 (GMT)
Dear Rob & Kel
Absolutely amazing! Have a great Christmas from all your relatives down south of the border! 40 degrees at our house today!
Dear Anne and Geoff and all the relativies down south,
Sounds wonderful - here is about 15 degrees but we head off to northern Argentina tomorrow so we can finally unpack all the warm weather gear we have bought!
Have a great New Years!
From Judy Fischer - Sunday, 25th December 2005, 05:24 (GMT)
Merry Christmas from all the family - here at Diane's it is stinking hot - about 39 degrees. We all miss you. have a great time = wish you were here or we were there.. love you
Hi Mum,
Nice a hot - bet the pool was well used!
From Laura and Drewe - Saturday, 31st December 2005, 04:23 (GMT)
To be sung to the tune of I like aeroplane jelly;
I like tinned peaches, tinned peaches for me. I like them for dinner I like them for tea. A little each day is not gluttony! We love your site; it gave us some good laughs. Can't wait to see you back, but for the mean time enjoy the hiking. Sounds like a memorable life time adventure that you won't find in many tourist brochures.
Hi Laura and Drewe,
After 2 days of hiking and eating peaches we were singing and saying silly things!
Can´t wait to be back either but have a few more treks and animals to see
Kel and Rob
From THe Fischer's - Monday, 9th January 2006, 03:31 (GMT)
Jane Has been sick too. I think i ate a bad springroll on New Years Eve...infact Chris, Ned, Leigh and Jarrad all has the same ones...very ill.

Kelly next time you take the horse and let Rob Walk with the packs. Sounds like you're having a ball hope to speak to you soon. Love Mum, Dad and Jane
Glad to see bad food happens in Aus as well! I really tried with the horse but lost in the end - more scary I think as at least with walking you can stay away from the edges!
Kel and Rob
From Ange & Matt - Monday, 28th November 2005, 22:14 (GMT)
Best wishes guys.
Have a great time.
Stay safe.
luv Ange and Matt
Thanks and will try and stay safe - just need to stop Rob from wanting to hike anything he sees!!
From Geoff - Wednesday, 30th November 2005, 10:11 (GMT)
Have a wonderful time!
Be careful!
Change your underpants at least once every two days!

Best wishes
Sure it can be every 4 days - if you include wearing them the wrong way round!!!
From MC - Thursday, 1st December 2005, 13:05 (GMT)
Although i'm sure you ate the whole meal and half of Kell's!!!!
Actually 3/4 of Kels and that was not including the entrails!
From wez - Monday, 5th December 2005, 17:43 (GMT)

buenas tardes. Como te va? Suerte!


I can´t help it what time of the day you read our emial - it was Buenas Dias when I wrote it!!!! How is work (snooker playing) going???
From Fulvio - Wednesday, 7th December 2005, 15:53 (GMT)
Hey guys !!! good to see that you have been updating the site and good luck for the trip to Antartica... fasten the seatbelt !!!
Kel, I told you to bring more than just beach flip-flops to wakl in the snow .. and Rob, stop taking pictures of colourful butterflies cos i know that you believe they are not as beautiful as the Australian ones anyway !! :-)
Have fun, F
Australian ones are not as large!
From Jo (Tolfree) - Thursday, 8th December 2005, 21:03 (GMT)
Hey Rob and Kelly, congratulations on becoming mr and mrs!
Great to hear all your adventures - am feeling very jealous! The photos are fantastic. x

Hi Jo,
Thanks for the congrats! You will have to sit through the boring photos nights when you get back from the UK. hope the weather is not to bad and you enjoy the Xmas in Austria.
Love Kel and Rob
From MC - Thursday, 8th December 2005, 22:16 (GMT)
Oh yeah and no wanking on about Symonds being a QLD'ER cause he was born in England and we don't wanna get your old man started!!! Love ya work Dave!! Yup i'm bored
Symonds is the second greatest Qlder to ever be a Qlder.... only slighty behind Matt the bat.

P.S. Remember MC - kids visit this page. No more referencing to your favourite past time.....
From Kev W. - Friday, 16th December 2005, 15:27 (GMT)
Hi Guys - just caught up with your web site - it all sounds pretty fantastic so far (50 year olds dancing to bad 80's hits? - sounds good to me!) & how great to be able to share at least some of it with you! You do all the hard hiking, we get to see the great pictures!
Looking forward to the next bulletin.
All good wishes, Kev.
Hi Kev,
More hard hiking to come. rob has some plan to climb some active volcano in chile so should be great photos then!
Have a great Xmas and new years.
From Diane - Tuesday, 20th December 2005, 19:06 (GMT)
Kel & Rob
Fantastic photos. Have been regularly checking the site.
Kel, I can sympathise with the sea sickness but what a fantastic adventure.
Look forward to hearing and seeing the rest of your adventures.
Hi Diane,
Seasickness was not that bad once the Argentinian doctor gave me some medicine!
Hope you all have a great Christmas and new years
Love rob and kel
From Fulvio - Tuesday, 3rd January 2006, 12:37 (GMT)
Happy New Year guys ! seen the Antarctica pictures... really jelous now ! Ju's bump keeps growing and she's even started winning the race with me... I'll let u know once I've discovered if it's a boy or a girl... cheers for now.
Hi Fulvio,
Can´t wait to know if a boy or a girl. You could compete with us on the stomach bump front, but Bolivian food has started to put a stop to that!
From Ads - Sunday, 8th January 2006, 19:19 (GMT)
hey guys,

Photos of Antarctica are amazing!!
Looking fwd to seeing the ones of Machu Picchu.
I'm off to Canada on Sat!
Take care!
Gee you have a tough life. Do you ever stay put for a couple of weeks??
From Linda (apples) - Tuesday, 17th January 2006, 15:05 (GMT)
Sounds like a crazy few days! Good idea/timing with the sickness Kel! Take Care Luv Apples
I thought the sickness was the best way out. Hope the school kids are behaving themselves.
From Luke and Kam - Wednesday, 18th January 2006, 11:45 (GMT)
Hi guys, we have just had some lamb and snakeskin stew and some coll beers to wash it down. Hope you are well.

P.S. The conductor at the train station said no more tarantulas so be careful.
P.S.S. Nice phtots
Hey guys,

Have you guys been washing down the Lamb with too many beers again???