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From Mystery gal... - Thursday, 29th May 2003, 17:03 (GMT)
I like Cormorant man!!
Hes hot isn't he... 96 and all the girls love him! Thanks tho mystery gal!
From Banananana - Friday, 30th May 2003, 05:13 (GMT)
I am sooooooooo jealous....
Prince Edward Island, the home of Anne (with an e).
Its meant to be beautiful! Was forced to watch that show... my god how boring! But pretty and green yeah!
From Conchi - Wednesday, 28th May 2003, 11:26 (GMT)
yeah, yeah, life is good... OK, so basically we´ll have to wait another year. Right? Gosh! I just look like my mother. Sorry guys. TAke goog care!
Are you pissed Conchita? Is Paco making Mojitos? Come to Peru with lovelita... we'll meet you there! Abrazos!
From Tine - Wednesday, 28th May 2003, 15:33 (GMT)
Hi Nick,

Just found your website address in my diary - Great adventure you guys are having. Hope you are well! Anyways could you email me on the adress above.

spk soon

Tine xx

Hi Tine, good to hear from you. Hope all is well wherever you are (back in Denmark?) Will email you now!
From who's bad? - Monday, 26th May 2003, 23:13 (GMT)
There's always someone who cannot appreciate art and culture!
From Old Man - Monday, 26th May 2003, 07:39 (GMT)
HI Mate
Photos are fantastic nearley as good as Aus,Keeping a eye on things all's well at home with us guys ,new surfboard 8-0 ft its a cracker, take care,will call soon
Hey Old Man (Nicks Dad)... glad to see you are looking after the surf for us! They say its going to be hot tomorrow here - thats 20 degrees. Enjoy that Scotts Head sun...
From Linda - Monday, 3rd February 2003, 22:36 (GMT)
Am I first, Am I first????
hehehehe. Glad to see you guys have found a place to live... however hicksville it is... love the plastic plants perhaps u can bring me home a cutting?
Keep smiling and have a drink for me. I've just come back from a week of lounging in the sun up the Gold Coast. Hey, it's not another country but at least it's a holiday. Anyways, take care and I'll catch u soon. Lin xx
Just like with all the boys Linda, you are in fact the first! We'll be sure to bring back a plastic cutting for you. Although it may not make it through customs.
From Conchi - Tuesday, 4th February 2003, 10:37 (GMT)
Lucky you Pip! well done, you have your own space, poor them they have to share...a cubicle, ja!!. hope everything is going all right, I saw your house, it´s reallly nice. More Ghetto??.
Hey Conchi! Yes Pip is very lucky. But she really wishes she was in the room with the boys.
From - Tuesday, 4th February 2003, 11:44 (GMT)
Oh-come-on...scottish plastic plants are thousend times better!!!!
...mmm...have you dusted yours yet????
you should hang a senor Mujon from it!!!
We love your house anyway! Hugs from the Lovely Lodge!
Hugs and pedos back from the Hillbilly house. Our plastic plants need no dusting, it adds to their charm. No señor mujons - but Nick did make one of those soups last night...
From Banana - Thursday, 6th February 2003, 21:46 (GMT)
Now now, don't be down guys & chick, there's a lot of potential for that house. For starters, have you thought about starting up your own business.... you've got the floor/office divider for it and the Bob tree would get you all started for some serious planting. I hear there is a lot of Bob growing potential in Canada, as long as you don't get caught. On the other hand maybe you shoud stick to your job hunting, and guys.... get a heater! Pip, I've never seen anyone who looks so COLD.

Sending you all hugs
Luv S
You're not the first one to suggest this dodgy line of business. We would probably need some heat to take it up though. Have fun on your new bike Banana! We just received ours. Yay.
From Jarlath - Friday, 7th February 2003, 10:19 (GMT)
Yer photos don't work; well, not for me anyway. .Good luck with the job interviews. It's 26 degs in Melbourne at 8.55 pm. Ah, what the hell; let them eat snow.
Okay, I've seen you use a computer. It's definitely your end with a problem. As for the snow eating, we're not there yet. Instant noodles will do for now.
From raffa - Sunday, 9th February 2003, 01:57 (GMT)
hello guys,
so nice to see the hillbilly house and you again..but i think you should ask Pip to help you with your room..
i´m just back to London in Paco and Conchi house, really beautiful and comfortable place..
good luck gys and take care
big kiss
Ciao Bella! We might decorate the office soon! Say hello to Paco & Conci! When are you coming to Canada?
From Linda - Wednesday, 12th February 2003, 21:52 (GMT)
Happy Birthday Pip!!!
Hope you have an unreal day and those boys treat you well. Wish I was there to help you celebrate but don't worry I'll have an extra drink or 10 for you over here.
Luv ya!! Lin xx
Thanks sweety!!! Well I am now officially 27 and half an hour and actually looking forward to what 27 brings!! Watch out Canada!! Wish you were here too. xx
From Mrs Lloyd-Smith - Thursday, 13th February 2003, 11:23 (GMT)
Yep that is my official title now..
Great to read all aboot life for you guys in Ca-na-da. Have you seen Caitlin or Joey yet? What aboot Tessa Campanella? (she is the one that 'messed' aboot with Joey). Where's the petition to de-aussie the Anza? I'll sign!
Love Leah xxx
PS Melbourne is STILL sunny....
Melbourne still sunny? We didn't know Melbourne got sunny. Haven't seen Joey or Caitlin. But we believe Snake might be living out of a shopping trolley somewhere downtown.
From lovely Ainhoa - Thursday, 13th February 2003, 12:39 (GMT)
Is it your birthday Pip? have a good one then!
My hotel is packed with aussies (staff, not guests...) and they all say 'have a good one mate!!!!!' with very aussie accent!
I loooooove it!
Thank you! I had a great birthday with lots of drinkys. that's a good accent to pick up too!! Take care xx
From Ma Ronayne - Thursday, 13th February 2003, 14:49 (GMT)
Hi all of you I like the house - marginally better than the Ghetto. The male bedroom must remind you of cramped weekends spent in the spare bedroom at Cardington. All the best Mom
Hey ma!

Its a little worse than that - with sleeping bags as linen. However Pip bought "comforters" on the weekend which has improved things a little.
From Mrs. Jackson - Friday, 14th February 2003, 16:04 (GMT)
Hola chicos!! Have you been in South Park yet and met Kenny?? The city looks just terrific... and your flat seems really lovely... (not as much as Lovely Lodge though).
Get my index finger in your right eye and my heart finger in your left eye and a wee kick on the shin from DK with all my loveand care!!!
Hola Chica! We haven't met Kenny, but we did see the girl in the wetsuit at Stanley Park - she is a statue just as dissappointing as the mermaid in the country you are in!
From Linda - Thursday, 20th February 2003, 22:18 (GMT)
I'm sooooo excited. I just got tickets to the one and only concert at the Hordern for Ben Harper and Jack Johnson!!!!! And I just had to share it. 2 gods in the same room on the one night... bring it on!!!!!
Seen him so I know you'll enjoy!! I must find more bands here to see. You have to get here too!! More girls the merrier!! Have fun xx
From Emma - Friday, 21st February 2003, 03:57 (GMT)
I think it's very appropriate that Nick lives so close to "Gas Town"!!Don't you?Tim would know 'bout that ,sharing a room 'n' all! Looks like you're all having fun anyway and the house looks cool.Glad to see the koalas have been put to good use....Take care
Well in Australia a bed is called a 'fart sack' by some. Mine smell like roses! - right Ainhoa?
From oh-come-on! - Saturday, 22nd February 2003, 15:04 (GMT)
so rude! mine do! not yours!!!! excuseeeeemeeeeeeee!
Tus pedos son como de las elefantes o chanchos! Las mios son como rosas! Tu eres muy peste... comeon! Muchos Besitos lovely!
From conchi - Sunday, 23rd February 2003, 14:32 (GMT)
so sorry Pip, didn´t know it was your birthday, Happy birthday anyway!! in spanish we say that is better late than never, so... say hello to Timoteo and Nicolas.
Pip says "aawww thanks" Conchi! She's very happy about the late wishes - means her birthday lasts longer.
From Conchi - Friday, 28th February 2003, 09:18 (GMT)
Hi guys, so nice see the pictures of Lynn Canyon Park, hope you all are allright. Lots of kisses from pakitoloverboy and me.
Lot's of kisses back - we are fine and lovin Vancouver!
From all the lovelitos - Sunday, 2nd March 2003, 14:09 (GMT)
that´s Ainhoa, Sonia, Paco and Conchi.Como estais amigos? Sigue utilizando Tim la crema para la cara?(pakitoloverboy) La guitarra de Nick tiene mucho polvo(ainhoa)no vais a entender una mierda, al menos hasta que lo traduzcais al ingles. muchos besos (Conchi).el pato de conchi es un freak (sonia).
teneis tetas de plastico... lo sabemos....
Tim tiene ojos muy jóvenes. La mella canta como enrique, nosotros entiende, muchos abrazos y tetas del plástico.
From Hookdog - Thursday, 6th March 2003, 11:43 (GMT)
Hey guys, how are y'all doing? Haven't seen any updates for a while... Guess what? I got a bike for my birthday - but am struggling to ride up from the road onto the pavement - have come off a few times (although once was after quite a few beers - and on Sandra's new bike)... Oh well, maybe you can teach me sometime?
Happy to teach you - congrats on the bike ... happy birthday too you old hookdog. Riding and drink - don't mix well!
From hola hillbilitos! - Thursday, 6th March 2003, 14:05 (GMT)
am 28 and it is not the end of the know what? am wiser! ha ha!
hugs everyone!
Happy birthday lovelita. You know life begins at thirty. So you are sill only practising.