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From garry llew - Thursday, 9th November 2006, 00:48 (GMT)
hi sheeeena
thanks for the chrimbo card
jenny and myself send our love
c u soon
From Everyone at jessops - Thursday, 9th November 2006, 00:46 (GMT)
Have a nice time sheena and remember to bring ducky back in one piece
From Saileshmama - Wednesday, 22nd November 2006, 00:16 (GMT)
Sheena, sounds like your have a great time down under... making me envious to pack my bags and join you.. Mami and Neea send their love too.... Take care. x
From Bhikhu masa - Thursday, 14th December 2006, 13:19 (GMT)
Sheena gujarati ma lakhwanu. tame bahuj maja karo so. Hamare bhatnao australia javu seh. Hamara bathane mate tickets moklav. tara mate hame hagendas lavsu.
Austrlia ma Xmas maite kangroo benave or emu!!!
australia boh fine che ne kangroo meat boh sursus lage! Awjo australia... ticket muklav santa ben sathe xxx
From Mitesh - Monday, 30th October 2006, 13:46 (GMT)
Good luck!!
From Amisha - Monday, 30th October 2006, 14:05 (GMT)
Hi Chick,

Just want to say congrats on getting out and about in the land of Oz, do keep us all informed and up to date with all the pics. When you're back I wanna hear about it all so we should go out for cocktails in Brum?!

Have a safe journey. x
Thanks hun! U take care and have a fab christmas and new year. Hope your enjoying your new job! Definatly have to meet up for cocktails when i get back xxxx
From Charmaine - Monday, 30th October 2006, 18:37 (GMT)
Hey Chick,

Thought I would be the first to write on your message board!! Have an amazing time travelling, I wanna see all the photos when you get back! Love you lots and lots! Charmaine xxxx
Ta Char! Good luck with you masters. I'm afraid my cousin Bij was the first to write on my wall, never mind I'll speak to you sometime before I go hun xxx
From Raj - Tuesday, 31st October 2006, 13:22 (GMT)
Good luck...
From Bijal - Tuesday, 31st October 2006, 13:47 (GMT)
Hey mot bhen!

Have a great time and get a wicked tan lol.

Look out for a rocket with my name on it, i'll send you one on bonfire night!

Neway have fun!


p.s. am i the first to write something on here?
Thanks hun! Ur the first one on here. Any messages for Vins and Micks?
From bex from work - Tuesday, 31st October 2006, 21:14 (GMT)
good luck with your travel,
i'll be watching your blog, so don't forget, to keep us posted.
can't wait to see all your lovely photos, don't forget to upload some.

have a fab time

from the bexstar@ jessops 0270
From Nimish - Wednesday, 1st November 2006, 14:10 (GMT)
Hey Traveller,

Have Lots of fun!!!!

Keep well and have a safe journey.

From Smally - Friday, 3rd November 2006, 16:39 (GMT)
Have a GOODAN!!!

Don't forget to pack the smelly shoes....



From Ricky - Saturday, 4th November 2006, 13:20 (GMT)

You can't leave me here with Mum and Dad... I'm going to go crazy!!!

From Nana & Nani - Sunday, 5th November 2006, 17:46 (GMT)
Have a good trip and good luck.
From Vinay Mistry - Tuesday, 7th November 2006, 06:51 (GMT)
merry christmas
happy new year
From Kristen - Tuesday, 7th November 2006, 10:42 (GMT)

Let us know when you're safe and sound! Have an amazing time! so jealous!

Love k x
From mel - Tuesday, 7th November 2006, 18:57 (GMT)
hope you got there safe and have recovered from jet lag. Have fun REMEMBER you are not allowed to bring any aussie boys back LOL
From mash and ash - Thursday, 9th November 2006, 15:55 (GMT)
Sound like u r having a great time out there. Say hi to the family. Not sure if i am being a thicko but can't find any pictures. I will be checking your adventures everyday so keep us posted.......but can u tell me where the pics r.
sorry again, had a bit of trouble uploading the photos. will get them up soon though x
From mum - Saturday, 11th November 2006, 17:31 (GMT)
Hello Sheenu<doo How are you? Glad to see you are enjoying Aussie life. I bet Vinay and Mickey have grown.
Tonight dad and i are going to Palfrey school for diwali celebr. Daumasajis mum has passed away on 11/11/06. speak to you soon give regards to all. mum
From Rena - Saturday, 11th November 2006, 17:51 (GMT)
hey sheena.. glad 2 hear ur havin a gr88 tym.
oh yh hav showers frm no on lol den peeps myt sit by u LOL.. jokesss. neway tc hav a fab tym nd take care..

Rena xXx
From bex at 270 - Sunday, 12th November 2006, 09:59 (GMT)
hello chicken!

NO SHOWER! Tho i could smell you from here in england, hehe!
only joking chicken.

sounds like your having a fab time already, just make sure you show off your pics wen you get back.

don't forget its a place your remember for life, so take every moment in, so you can tell your children in time to come.

keep us posted, cheers

From Darsh n Bav - Sunday, 12th November 2006, 22:15 (GMT)
Hey ! you finally made it, well before use....xcelant... i see you are having fun already...we are following you so keep this plant ranger updated..... looking forward to reading more. Keep on Enjoying traveller.
Be Safe
Darsh n Bav
From Bav bhabi - Sunday, 12th November 2006, 22:20 (GMT)
How do we view your pictures ?????????????????????
having problems uploading pictures! sorry everyone xxx
From Tara-Jane Jemson - Monday, 13th November 2006, 10:31 (GMT)
the first part of your trip sounds great i am very jelous! im planning on going back to america this summer to see my family with my boyfriend, i cant wait! im a little confused as to why you hav not yet taken a shower though?!? xxx
the no shower bit.... I left london on a sunday and landed in sydney on tuesday! yuck!
From jitteeee - Monday, 13th November 2006, 11:59 (GMT)
hello helloo (gud daaaay m8)
bet ur avin a realy gud time exploring the aussie out bk... tink of ya loads n remember wat i asked frm u ;-) wink

tc n say gud daaaay m8s 2 every1 4 me cheers
got micky to check out the girls on bondi beach for you using my binoculars