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From Johnny - Saturday, 3rd March 2007, 07:36 (GMT)
Sounds like Jules has been doing a lot of the driving in Germany! Ha Ha Ha! It has to happen sooner or later, the odd bump and scratch is expected. Try 200 km/h next time, see if the citroen doesn't shake to pieces if it get there? If nothing, this is great practice for driving in France. They are freak'n mad on the roads. Wait til you see them drive aroung the Arc de Triumph (pardon the spelling). Anyway have a few more beers for me and Mon says hi and hopes the you are having a blast.
Catch ya later.
No offence taken, the boys just leave the serious driving up to me, the snow, driving through the alps! etc etc None of this autobahn driving, it's just tooo easy. Lots of love to you and Mon
From Johnny - Tuesday, 20th February 2007, 06:12 (GMT)
Nothing out of the ordinary there! You have a habit of finding things close, under repair or just gone. Congratulations on that fine experiance. I hope you were able to find a bit more in V than expressed in the last posting. Glad to hear that there are no broken bones after skiing. Obviously didn't go hard enough? Any how I hope the big apple has more to offer you. They say it's the city that never sleeps, but on previous performances, no doubt you guys will find it snoring! Have fun and look after eachother.
P.S It is newbridge Heights. So I hope our Dux is doing well. I'll see if I can find a teacher that remebers him. If they still exist.
See ya
Thanks John! Big apple kept awake, probably no thanks to us!
From Ian Large - Monday, 12th February 2007, 02:34 (GMT)
Last time I was at Disneyland we played spot the fastest family. It was overwhelming - there were so many of them!!!
They are so far!! they are just purely FAT
From Johnny - Thursday, 15th February 2007, 04:11 (GMT)
Chris, you're as soft as butter!!! If you wanted to slide on your bum, you should try the toboggan (or did that already happen in your ski gear?)
Glad to hear that you still can't turn Pete, shift your fat ass to one side to get some weight on the edges of your skies! Wish I was there with you Jules to see Pete stack it. I'd laugh too.
Keep having fun and have a little for me. Catch ya later.
Before I go. At one of my schools their is a Christopher Saleba on the honour role. I think it's Dux of yr 6. I think about 1989. Is this you Bid Fella?
See Ya's!
is it newbridge heights? If so this will be Chris. As for my turning, I'll take you on any day mate with your 2 days in the snow. Hit plenty of blck runs and took on the dowhill run for the olympics today. Love to you and Mon
From Crackers - Monday, 5th February 2007, 02:07 (GMT)
It is 1pm local time and I think you are just about to board the plane. Good luck and have a great time.
From Cathy - Tuesday, 13th February 2007, 01:38 (GMT)
Hi guys!
Sounds like you are having a blast! $34 a bottle moet! I hope you shipped a plie back to Howard St! I am sure Debbie wouldn't mind storing that for you Pete! Well I should be teaching the kids so.... keep safe, miss you lots.... Talk to you soon.
Luv Cath
Opps forgot tho ship back, going to the real thing in France!!
From Cathy - Thursday, 15th February 2007, 01:49 (GMT)
Bugger! I would have loved to have seen Pete stack it! You better have photo's!
Love Cathy
Bite Me!!!!!! hehehe
From Kristine - Saturday, 10th February 2007, 01:02 (GMT)
Hi Guys,
Good to hear from you!!!
Wanted to let you know the interview went well and referres have been called...
Will let you know when there is any more definate news!!
Take Care!!
Great Kris!! Good luck!
From Ivana Cola - Friday, 16th March 2007, 00:27 (GMT)
Back from skiing Park City, Deer Valley, Canyons, Alta and Snowbird and all I can say is that UTAH snow lived up to it's reputation "BEST SNOW IN THE WORLD". It was sen...f...@#$&* am now skiing black runs, bowls, moguls -covered with dry knee deep powder, with so much confidence. We have put in on our "to do again" list.Park City is sooo pretty. Had 3 days in VEGAS (Disneyland for adults) prior to hitting the ski slopes. Saw Beatles Cir-De-Soliel show. Talk about fitness and strength!!!! We stayed at Treasure Island resort. Highly recommend it. Was a lot quieter than the other over the top, woggy mansions. It was Mafia capitol. You build big, but I can build bigger - so there!!!!! Had a buffet meal at Eifel Tower-was excellent. Enjoy reading your entertaining intrepid adventures.
Am jealous, very jealous... Glad to hear you had some good snow, whistler started well, but didnt hold it up. LOL
From Johnny - Thursday, 22nd March 2007, 01:12 (GMT)
Hey Hey!
Sounds like the right things to be doing, eating and drinking til your hearts content and then some. How are the waist lines? Pants a little tight now? They should be otherwise you need to double your efferts. You have to come back fat, it's the rules of traveling in Europe.
Eat and drink some more for me. Mon sends here love and hope you are all well.
Take care!
Waist lines took a massive explosion in the first few weeks and have stabalised if not decreased a little since then. Though I may be carrying a seat around with butt. Just kidding not too bad really at all.
From Robyn Aitkin - Friday, 23rd March 2007, 03:04 (GMT)
Hi Jules,
Not sure when your birthday was, but happy belated birthday wishes from us all. Things are gearing up for the start of netball on the 31st march - yes, thats next weekend. Where has the year gone!!
I need to check a couple of things with you which can't wait until you get home. Firstly, the umpires for State Championships (which are at Sutherland this June long weekend) have to be submitted by 13 april. Are you available to umpire and if yes, what day or days can you do?
Secondly, NSW is running a Level 2 umpires accreditation course on 19 and 20 May. Do you want me to submit your name - they have to be in by 4 May? You need to do this for an A badge.
Love the website and reading all about your travels. Its making me very jealous!!
Good to hear! I flicked you an email to make you jealous of our latest adventures, Good luck for the weekend! Julienne
From Tony Saliba - Wednesday, 28th March 2007, 02:01 (GMT)
Hi all
The best way to get the bottles home is empty. They weigh less and if they break the bubbly is not lost.
Another suggestion is to wrap in a large towel.
Barb and Tony
Thanks, we discovered a third.. just buy a samsonite bag!! See you soon, dinner on the saturday needs to be beryls potato salad and barb to cook a pork neck please!
From Marcus and Sylvia - Sunday, 4th February 2007, 18:46 (GMT)
Enjoy your trip, see you in March,

Marcus and Sylvia
Karlsruhe, Germany
We can't wait until we get there!! Looking forward to seeing you again. Love Pete and Julienne
From Barbara mum - Saturday, 10th February 2007, 09:40 (GMT)
Glad your'e having fun, have more fun in the snow that's when more girlie screams might be heard from Chris while on the skis. Enjoying new car drove it off the driveway onto the lawn. Tony has done all the driving. Season tickets will be picked up on Sunday 18th at Belmore oval. Until next time Love Barbara & Tony
From Paul and Andie + 2 - Saturday, 10th February 2007, 11:42 (GMT)
Great to hear from you. Hope it is not to cold. Andie wants to say that Tom has done 7 wee's in the toilet today so can they come the Disney Land? I think that the chippies are a good enough reward for him. Take care. Aussies lost the first one day final to England. I'll keep you posted if you're not looking up Cricinfo.

Love the Fitz's
7 pees!! We also heard we lost the cricket since!! We leave the country and this happens!!
From Talitha - Saturday, 10th February 2007, 19:14 (GMT)
Hi guys. Looking forward to catching up with you next month at the wedding. I'm spending a couple of days with Shay and Ollie in Dublin before heading to Athlone so might catch you there. Have fun, don't break anything! Love Tal
Opps haven't got athlone booked yet!! Will see you then, and if you want a lift to Dublin let us kow. I think we get in at around 14;00
From Dianne Ward - Saturday, 10th February 2007, 22:09 (GMT)
Hi Jules
I'll have a dozen bottles of the Moet thank you. Hope that is $34 australian. Agree with you about the Americans, tight clothes and very overweight.
Good luck with the skiing.
LOve Di Ward
Sorry $34 USD!! Nice but we are going to the real thing in France to the cellar door in champage for a day!!
From Michael and Anne - Monday, 12th February 2007, 09:26 (GMT)
Great to see you guys are really getting into the American culture of Johnny Rockets and Tony Romas and that Disneyland appears to have lived up to (jetlaged) expectations !

Back home, Johnnie Howard has criticised the American Democrats potential candidate - Obahm? - and his stand to withdraw troops from Iraq. Kevin Rudd has attacked his stance in Parliament and Howard's comments have caused quite a stir in the USA - or so we are led to believe by the media. Go Hilory Rodham Clinton !!!

England somehow beat us in the second final of the one day internationals - winning the series two nil. SUCKS !

Pouring with rain in Sydney - 100mm in the last 24 hours, and believe it or not, some even in the bloody dam !

Have a great time in Whistler - remember Chris - weight on the downhill ski !!!!!!!!!


Anne and Michael
Thanks for the update! Howard has made the media a couple of times for that reason!!
From ivana - Tuesday, 13th February 2007, 05:10 (GMT)
Angela B is reading your email behind me & said "to break a leg.......or two". Make sure you ski the glacier-it's a bit of a hike to get to it-but worth it. Then look back & absorb the view. Photo opportunity. Park City has had another 18 inches in the past 48hrs. 6 more sleeps for me.
From Lals - Wednesday, 14th February 2007, 19:19 (GMT)
Nice to see your having a grand time on your trip. What part of your trip did you like the most so far? Where are you now? We are in Marco Island(west coast, below Naples) Florida. Temps in the 80's. Let me know what is going on. Fondly, Lals
hi Lals. Still just in Whistler at the moment, enjoying a little R & R at the snow, and onto NY on the 19th... Glad life is sunny in Florida
From Gerry - Wednesday, 14th February 2007, 22:25 (GMT)
Hi all,
Glad your having fun. Chris, not that I ave ever been skiing but I share your feelings, they couldn't drag me skiing. Shopping is a much better option. Pete and Jules, I hope your limbs are still intact! Did you get my message about no address for Marcus and Sylvia. Love to you all and a big hi from everyone
Thanks Ger, will send address asap
From ivana - Wednesday, 14th February 2007, 22:42 (GMT)
Hang in there Chris. Professional skiing lessons always works. i went through what you are going through- when i first learnt to ski. i said then-i hate this, not doing it again, now 20yrs later i keep going back for more.
Chris has given up due to the weather... They say the snow is better in North America at the moment
From graham - Thursday, 15th February 2007, 10:22 (GMT)
Hi troops,love the feedback on your adventure.I'm with Chris.I hate having a cold wet bum.Pete,I hope the JEWELS are intact after your grief in the chute.Jules,darling,I ho[pe you are intact after Pete's grief also-very funny.Stay safe,love you all.PS Chris reminds me of Mark Twain as a raconteur.
hey dad,
yes Chris is Mark Twainesque. hehehe My JEWELS are just fine thanks......... Love to you all
From Cathy - Saturday, 17th February 2007, 09:10 (GMT)
Hi Guys!
Pete whats with all the hehehe's you must find yourself highly amusing!!! Hehehe! Whistler sounds spectacular! Wish i was there. No news really to report, except I am going into hospital to have all 4 wisdom teeth out on 12th of April - What a suck!! Chubba Cheeks! At least its not Chubba Chin, hehehehe! Miss you both lots (especially celebrating Debs Birthday) Have a safe trip to the Big Apple, and remember my shoe size is a size 6.5!!! Think Manolo, Jimmy Choo, these are the essence of high foot fashion!
Love you,
P.S Jules you better get yourself some heels!!! Then share with your friends :)
Cath, I get a car before you get shoes. They're about the same price anyway aren't they? heheheheh
From Suzanne - Sunday, 18th February 2007, 11:26 (GMT)
Have made it to the west coast of Australia for week number 3 of tour.
It's great when you get paid to have a holiday.
Spent the weekend Wine Tasting in the Margaret River and missed not being able to call to get wine recommendations from you all.
Did manage to find the chocolate Factory in Margaret River so all was good.
Love hearing about the adventures of your trip.
Margaret river!! I hope you bought a couple of bottles to add to our cellar! Glad you are enjoying your self!!