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From Richard and Lola - Wednesday, 13th December 2006, 13:47 (GMT)
Looks like you are having a great time, and what a way to follow your journey. We are thinking about you, and hope you travel safely. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. See you in January.
Merry Christmas to you too. I am well. I will see you soon. Love Donna X
From Amanda, Dave and Jam - Sunday, 3rd December 2006, 02:30 (GMT)
All together again in Blenhiem Palace for Dave's b'day and a bit of a good bye to Dean and Jana. Is a 'big night', we miss you so much. Glad ....donna, its dann here!!! sorry i didnt get a change to say goodbye in person, (...and jamie). i hope africa and the animals are being really friendly !!!! hugs & kisses, danni, Dave, Amanda AND JAMIE!!!! XX
Oh, everyone is there but me... hope you had a great birthday Dave, I was thinking of you. So, another big night in Blenheim Palace, hope it out-did the last party! Africa is great, no big animals to scare me yet! Enjoy AUS Amanda. Love Donna XX
From Amanda - Wednesday, 13th December 2006, 04:51 (GMT)
Hi Don,
Well safely home in Aus, is great to be with my family again and the weather has definitely turned it on for me (35 degrees). Is amazing to hear of all your adventures, I can just imagine you freaking out about all the animals.... Miss you lots, will email very soon (sorry I've been so slack).... Love you lots xxx
Hi mate (again),
Glad things are good in AUS for you. I will be there soon, can't believe it is almost over. Have a great chrissy. Love you, Donna X
From Mum - Wednesday, 13th December 2006, 00:37 (GMT)
Donna. really enjoy keeping up with your travels.
I mineded Kate for the last week.she is such a lovely little girl. But was hard bringing her into work.
Hope you are able to take lots of photos.Love you
Hi Mum (again),
Sorry again, first time to an internet in almost 2 weeks. I hope you enjoyed minding Kate. Thanks for the messages. Love you, Donna X
From Melanie - Thursday, 23rd November 2006, 05:51 (GMT)
Hi Donna, what a good idea this website is! Wow I am so envious of your amazing time you seem to be having in Dubai with Shiralee, what a place! Loved the story about all the waiters at the Lebonese restaurant, I could just imagine you there, waving at all the waiters! Not long until your next adventure of a livetime in Africa, did you pack the travel diary? See you on the 14th! Love Mel xx
Hi Melanie,
Ha ha, I could imagine you counting and laughing at the waiters with me. Yes, have the travel diary, have been writing in it since Venice (21st Oct). See you on the 14th! Hope you are well. Love Donna X
From michael byrne - Friday, 27th April 2007, 05:36 (GMT)
hey donna,

this is an amazing website! dont know how you did it but so good! love the photos!
Hey Michael,
Didn't know people were still looking at my site... I really should update it a bit more often! Glad you enjoyed the photos. I'll be back in Melbs early May, I'll be in touch and hopefully we can chat up soon. How is Ella? Hope all is well with you. Love Donna X
From Melanie - Wednesday, 27th December 2006, 08:54 (GMT)
Hi Donna,
MERRY CHRISTMAS, I was thinking of you on Christmas day and what an amazing time you must still be having! I'm sure it will be a Christmas you'll remember. Your expereince of white water rafting brings back memories of my expereince in Austria on Contiki- I was the unlucky one from our group that got stuck under the raft when it tipped too. In the dark and in the bitterly frezzing water from the Alps, it really wasn't a pleasant expereince- I've never been so cold.
That sounds terrible about your skin, you poor thing. I hope the anitbiotics and cream is working now. Not long to go, see you in a couple of weeks! Love Mel xx
Hi Mel,
All better now. Thanks for thinking of me on Christmas, hope you had a good one too. It rained and rained on Christmas, but it was good to be somewhere so different. See you soon, love Donna X
From Auntie Sandra - Sunday, 3rd December 2006, 00:20 (GMT)
Hi Donna. As you can see I now have the internet. I did send a message but maybe it didn't get through. Am very interested in South Africa as we have been there. Have a Merry Christmas and I'll see you in February.
Hi Auntie Sandra. Yes, I got both messages, it's just that I have to reply before they reach the website... and I haven't had internet for a week! Thankyou, have a great Christmas too. I will be back in Jan. Love Donna X
From Amanda Anderson - Tuesday, 5th December 2006, 02:28 (GMT)
Sky diving! No way! I'm so impressed. Glad you're having an amazing experience. Thanks 4 b'day wish. Settled into Geelong well. Enjoy yourself, Amanda xoxo
Hey hey,
Hoping to hear from you. It was strange to know it was your birthday and not be able to contact you. Glad to hear you are back in Geelong and its treating you well. I am enjoying myself heaps. Looking forward to seeing you in Jan. Love D XX
From Ngaire - Thursday, 7th December 2006, 01:56 (GMT)
Hey babes, I am so excited that you patted a cheetah, and that you went sky diving! Your adventures are definately more exciting than here. My adventures are limited to the Nursery being closed because its too damn cold! Ill tell you all about it in an email. 7 days till I'm on a plane and outta here hooray! Miss you heaps... take some pics of the animals for me!! Love N xoxo
Hi there Ngaire,
It's too cold in the Nursery, what the!! I was thinking that it is almost time for you to go to AUS, yah for you! Got lots of animal pics. Miss you too babe, Love Donna X
From Tara - Saturday, 17th February 2007, 02:40 (GMT)
Hello Donna!!
This is my first look at your webpage and it's great! So good to see your photos and read about your adventures....though I'd like to know a little more about Neil ;)
Good to hear you've been getting some work, I have to start supply teaching soon too. I'm sure you'll enjoying living in Melbourne. Am hoping to get down there sometime so will keep you posted.
Take care and we'll speak soon.
Love Tara xxxx
Hi Tara,
Good to hear from you. Enjoy supply teaching - I hope you get enough work. Neil... what do you want to know, how about I give you all the gossip after my trip to South Africa? Will def see you in Melbourne when you are down. Take care, Donna X
From Amanda - Monday, 18th December 2006, 01:15 (GMT)
Hey D, Firstly I wanted to thank Lisa for the X-factor updates. Keep them coming! And secondly, I can't wait to see your photo's! Sounds like you're really getting the most outta the tour. PS, I'm putting together a mixed netball team in G town next year. You keen? Me, Ali, Redge and you. Got a few guys lined up too! xoxox
Hey mate,
So good to hear from you. Got some awesome photos, esp of the animals. Def keen for mixed netball, count me in. Redge in the netball team, what, why, isn't she living in Melb??? Love you mate, Love D XX
From Mum - Monday, 20th November 2006, 00:47 (GMT)
Hi sweetie, really enjoy hearing about Dubia. give my love to Shiralee.
Have a great time on your touring. Take care. love Mum
Hi Mum,
You did it!! Glad you managed to figure out how to use the website. Already gave your love to Shiralee, she appreciated it. Love Donna X
From Nikki - Friday, 5th January 2007, 00:19 (GMT)
Can't believe I've been so rubbish and this the first time I've read the site since Dubai and now the trip's almost over - sooo sorry- I didn't forget you, I promise, things have been really busy. Good in a way though as I read the whole Africa diary as a proper story. Was insanely jealous up to Botswana but then it sounds like it's been pretty tough. Certainly an experience it seems - I admire your good spirits.

Take care and hope the remainder of your trip is happy, healthy and brings some more amazing experiences.

Hi Nikki,
Yes, second half a little tougher than the first, but all is good now and really enjoying my time. Don't be jealous, you will just have to come to Africa as well! Thanks for the message. How are things with you?? Donna X
From Matty - Tuesday, 14th November 2006, 11:45 (GMT)
Best of luck Dons! Was awesome seeing you last weekend!! Have a brilliant time and enjoy yourself!!
All the best,
Matt & Tiana
Hey Mat,
Loved Glasgow and was so good to see you and meet Tiana. Hope the Polish couple are working out. Good luck with the move to Ireland. Love Donna X
From Kellie Thomas - Tuesday, 14th November 2006, 21:13 (GMT)
Hey Donna,
I hope you have a wonderful + safe trip on your way home! When you get back to Oz you will have to come up to sydney to visit.
Take care
Hey Kellie,
I will be in Sydney from 14th - 16th Jan, we will have to go for a drink. Hope all is well with you. Love Donna X
From Ben Kennedy - Tuesday, 14th November 2006, 22:54 (GMT)
Hey Donna! I totally envy all these elaborate and interesting "way-home" trips via Africa, North America etc. Beats running out of money and going directly home to previous job! Have bought a flat in Canberra, but still haniging to get back OS. Hope you are well; enjoy! Ben
Hey Ben,
Great to hear from you! Lisa says hello. Congrats on the house! All well here, only hours left in London. Love Donna X
From Lisa - Wednesday, 15th November 2006, 09:11 (GMT)
Hi Chesh,
Well just testing that this thing works. I look forward to hearing all about your adventures on the way home on this website. Travel safe, take care.
love lisa xx
Hey babe, I think its working. Thanks for your awesome present. You are the best. Love Chesh XX
From Taryn - Wednesday, 15th November 2006, 11:43 (GMT)
Hi Donna,

Just want to say that you must a fantastic time in Africa.
Keep well.
Hi Taryn,
I hope Africa is all that you say it is! You enjoy your trip home. Love Donna X
From Michelle - Wednesday, 15th November 2006, 11:45 (GMT)
Hope the start of your homeward bound trip is off to a sensational start. I didn't realise it was Dubai first, if you get a chance suss out the teaching situation for me, always thinking about options! MIchelle xxx
Hi Michelle,
Yes, leaving for Dubai in a couple of hours. My mate is a teacher so should be to suss it out for you. Take care, Love Donna X
From Hayden - Wednesday, 15th November 2006, 16:55 (GMT)
Hey Donna,

Hope you had an awesome flight and watched lots of cool movies on the plane!
Hope you have an amazing time!! We all miss you already!!
Keep Smiling!

Hi Haydi,
Close, but not the first to post a message!! Thanks for the goodbye phone call. Enjoy your sister's wedding! Donna X
From Ian - Friday, 17th November 2006, 02:43 (GMT)
Hi Donna,

Looking forward to catching up with you again in the new year. Have a safe trip!
Hi Ian,
Wow, you have time in your busy life for a message, really appreciate it! Been in Dubai for 2 days. Hope all well with Nicky and Nat. Love Donna X
From Nat and Hayd - Friday, 17th November 2006, 13:06 (GMT)
Hope your having an amazing time travels to you!! xxxx
Hi guys,
Just arrived in Dubai, certainly a very different place. I am back with Shiralee - she says hi. Safe travels to you too.
Love Donna X
From Julie (Teacher) Tayl - Saturday, 18th November 2006, 16:21 (GMT)
Have fun in Africa and the rest of your travels and back in OZ.
Thanks Julie,
Currently in Dubai, sitting by the pool. Having a great time, a little nervous about Africa! See you back in AUS. Love Donna X
From Lisa - Sunday, 19th November 2006, 11:33 (GMT)
Hi Chesh,
Glad to hear that you are having a hard time over in Dubai, sitting by the pool, visiting the shopping malls, going to camel races, driving and fitting in the occasional drink! Enjoy girl, you deserve it. Take care especially on the roads.
Love lisa xx
Hey mate,
Yeah yeah, hard life for me. I do have go and clean Shiralee's appartment now, we have made a right mess! Hope you are good. Love Chesh XX