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From Margie & D - Saturday, 18th November 2006, 05:28 (GMT)
Flor and hamish....what a great way for us all to keep in touch with your adventures . Happy Birthday Hamish and keep the news coming Dad/Mum(David/Margie)
Hi M + D,
Arrived in Buenos Aires yesterday - enjoyed our first night in the San Telmo area - we are now spending the next 3 nights in the centre before we leave to Uraguay. We love Buenos Aires - so beautiful and full of character. x flora and hamish
From Ross Larsson - Tuesday, 28th November 2006, 03:31 (GMT)
Gday Flor and Hambo,

Just so you know Gus Grieve is still a latte sipping girl, Your trip sounds amazing and hope your both well.

We heard from Grieve that your engagement party was a cracker - pity to have missed it - hope the plans are coming along well for the wedding...hambo + flora
From Beau - Wednesday, 6th December 2006, 01:07 (GMT)
Sounds like you are having a great time over there. Not much going on here. When do you head up yo see Jack?
Larsso's engagment party was a grest night.
We heard the engagement party was a cracker - pity to have missed it...we see Jack in early Feb hopefully for some skiing. Hope all is well in moree...
From Phoebe - Wednesday, 15th November 2006, 02:00 (GMT)
what a cool idea having us access your travel page...can't wait to read more. Have fun!
Phoebe x
thanks phoeb - we will try and throw some pics up soon to make it a bit more exciting - but the PCs here seem to be from the 80s!
From Elke - Wednesday, 15th November 2006, 02:10 (GMT)
Happy Birthday for tomorrow Hambo.....the 16th!! We will be thinking of you. Sounds so exciting and FUN!!! Lucky buggars, enjoy. All well here, Mia getting funnier and MORE determined by the day..... does not like to be in pram anymore...'Mimi walk' - very annoying!! Love rom us all. xxx
Thanks Elks - we went on a winery tour today to celebrate it - visited 3 vineyards and ended the afternoon with the best luch ever with awesome red wine...
From Margie David - Thursday, 14th December 2006, 07:19 (GMT)
So glad. you tell us about your adventures apres bike ride of death .What a trip you are having and how fit you must be. Will send you news on email. Cousco Christmas should be memorable xxxxM & D.
From Maso - Friday, 1st December 2006, 02:17 (GMT)
Dear Wehlies
Am thoroughly jealous of your adventures to date!

Have you seen any Llamas?

Love Maso
From Rach Wehl - Tuesday, 6th February 2007, 02:49 (GMT)
Hello Hambo and Flora

Just spoke to Felix -- he is going to pick you up on Wednesday from Eagle Airport

He is very excited

Have a great time skiing - simon and I are sooo jealous
From Lisa - Sunday, 26th November 2006, 06:33 (GMT)
Have just caught up on all the photos etc - sounds amazing!!!
All well here at Malarga - Off to Toowoomba for a couple of days for all Sophie's end of year bits - ad she comes home on Wednesday with us!! Still hot and dry - nice to see some green grass in your part of the world - not much here!!! Love to you both from all of us
I am sure Sophie will enjoy the holidays. Hope you get some rain.
From Lindy - Sunday, 31st December 2006, 03:24 (GMT)
HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Keeping tabs on the travels and getting very jealous!! See you in the UK in 07
L oxox
Happy NY too! Quito was very exciting you guys are heading to the UK too - when do you fly out to Africa? xx
From Ebbsy - Wednesday, 15th November 2006, 00:57 (GMT)
Hey Love Birds,

Great website. Sounds like your having a fantastic time. Sth America sounds unreal.

In Banff at the moment and loving it.

Will give you an update later. Keep the website updated.

Take care & safe travels
From Lou Duffield - Sunday, 19th November 2006, 00:29 (GMT)
Hey Flor & Hambo,

First of all contrages are in order, and what a fantastic start to a marrige. This diary is just fab. Bummer I didn't get to see ya before you left. Travel safe and keep the adventure stories coming.

ciao for now
Lou ;O)

Hey Lou, I hear you are back now from Dublin; how was it all? Keep us posted with your news xx
From Belly - Monday, 20th November 2006, 00:27 (GMT)
Flor + Hambo
looks like you guys are visiting some amazing places, will be sure to keep a close eye on your travels! you've inspired me to go out and book a holiday right now! hope you're both safe and well. take care. Belly
Belly! good to hear from are things!? Having a great time over here, enjoying the local beer called Quilmes and Iquana...glad to hear we have inspired some holiday plans....
From Andrew - Monday, 20th November 2006, 00:32 (GMT)
Hi Guys,

Looks great, hope you are having a fantastic time as it looks that way. Keep in touch!
From Charlie - Tuesday, 21st November 2006, 01:19 (GMT)
Sounds like fun squeal. Doesnt quite compare to sitting in Level 5 at the NAB building. Get some sun on those legs mate and keep in touch. T?
Yep, think I prefer it over here than level 5 NAB, hope the time books are going well!
From big david - Friday, 1st December 2006, 00:58 (GMT)
Looks like you are having a wonderful time.I recognise some of your photo's particularly in Ba and Santiago.I would like to go back to SA and do some trekking in Patigonia.You are in one of the best times of your life.Keep safe.Regards David D the elder
Hola Uncle David! We both loved the trekking we did in the Chile lakes district - amazing scenery - very keen to go futher south into Patigonia one day soon...
From Andrew Burke - Tuesday, 12th December 2006, 01:32 (GMT)
Mr and Mrs W,
This log is absolutely fantastic . Very educational and well written as even though I have not been there one can visualise what you are up to. Happy hour beer and pancakes for breakfast - it is indeed the promised land .

Like everyone who reads it I know am very keen to visit South America.
Andrew Burke
P.S. Hambo I want to see a full 'fro by end of trip
Hambo's 'fro is in full flight - it's definitely growing outwards by the day! We enjoyed hearing the HK update - keep them coming...
From Liv - Tuesday, 9th January 2007, 01:56 (GMT)
OMG! I'm so jealous, it looks like so much fun. Photos are awesome and I bet you guys are really fit and healthy. Love Hambo's crazy affro.
Chrissy and New Year great fun here - doesn't look as though it was anything on yours though guys.
Anyhow, love you both and keep the travel logs coming, xoxo
From Charlie Brown - Tuesday, 14th November 2006, 14:26 (GMT)
you know i'm jealous mate. look forward to checking this from time to time and seeing where you are.
From josh bell - Tuesday, 14th November 2006, 14:34 (GMT)
have a blinder hambo and flor! have some fun for me, im sitting behind my desk doing assignments! above all keep safe! hoping to see you in aspen!
had the best steak of my life last night. Study hard mate and look fwd to Aspen if you can get there.
From Anna McGarry - Tuesday, 14th November 2006, 15:03 (GMT)
Hello to both of you! ...A newly married couple (how exciting!). Sounds like a great trip so far - a once in a lifetime....and a must on my 'to do' travel list. Cant wait to you land in London....its a great place you will love it.
Stay well and chat soon
thanks anna - look fwd to catching up in Feb!
From Fred and Tottie(FOT) - Tuesday, 14th November 2006, 21:29 (GMT)
Thanks the update-great to see where/what you are up to.
Had our presentation at EDAW yesterday -- Lisa sends her regards Flora.
Happy b'day Hambo for the 16th.All well lots of love, fot!!!
From Claudia Cooney - Tuesday, 14th November 2006, 21:29 (GMT)
So glad you've both arrived safely and are making us all very jealous with your travellers tales!! Any chance you can send us a pic or two?
Has your spanish come in handy? I know you were very dedicated to your lessons Haimo! Shown off your salsa moves yet??
Great to keep up with your journey through this diary.
Lots of love, Cooney xxx
yep cooney - Hambo has been tango-ing the streets of Mendoza! Our spanish is JUST getting us by - actively compensated by our sharade movements...!!
From GILLY - Tuesday, 14th November 2006, 22:37 (GMT)
Hi guys

Sounds like your off to an awesome start already - I am totally envious. Very happy to hear that you have been doing lots of exercise - at least you get to see something awesome at the end of it!!!

Take care - travel safe.
Gilly xx
From Tink - Tuesday, 14th November 2006, 23:30 (GMT)
Hi Marrieds,

What an amazing trip you are doing! Sounds so surreal as I sit behind a computer, and complain that the aircon is up to high...

Where to next? Does this site also allow you up upload photos?? Love to see some if you get the chance!

Have a great time - somehow I dont think that needs to be said by the sounds of things, you are having plenty of that!

Be safe then! Love Tink xo