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From Mum & Peter - Saturday, 27th January 2007, 00:38 (GMT)
Hope you had a great Australia Day ! Stll don't know who won hotest 100? I listened to some of it, but missed the end. We had a fairly quite one went out for breakfast and tea with Gudrun but lazed aroun during dy as Peter's knee is stil a bit dodgee from his arthriscope

Can't wait to see you tomorrow night, travel safe
Love Mum & Peter
how is peters knee?
augie march - 1 crowded hour won hottest 100.
see you tomorrow night!
From toldoy - Thursday, 28th December 2006, 00:56 (GMT)
Hope you guys had a wonderful, white, inside-of-a-train Christmas! It was lovely here - as usual eating eating and drinking from three in the afternoon to one in the morning with a few short breaks for prezzies and a walk. What did you get for your secret santa? There are a few things waiting for you under the tree for when you get back!
Xmas in a train was not so bad - we played drinking games and wore santa hats til lights out at 10pm. secret santa was great. G = key ring. A = chairman mao philosophy book!!
From Mum & Peter - Sunday, 31st December 2006, 05:09 (GMT)
Hi Alex and Gemm
Hoping you have a great New Year- Hong Kong should be fabulous - take care tlak to you soon
Love Mum and Peter
hello! Hong kong is pretty cool. the shoppping is just incredible - prada, dolce & gabbana or really cheap tat (crap)! if you had loads of money and about a week, you could do some serious damage!
From mum - Thursday, 14th December 2006, 06:19 (GMT)
Thursday 14 Dec 5pm
I love the photo of the frozen lake and the ice skaters! Wow!! I wish I was there with my camera!!!!! You are going to get so many fantastic photos!! I'm suprised China reminds you of Japan. I thought it would be quite diiferent...but I guess they are both Asian countries with long histories and similar religions. And sometimes it is difficult to pick a Japanese from a Chinaman!
Guess what?! I've just booked to go on a mystery holiday with Brad, Ryan, Bill and Val for 7 nights! It's a Xmas suprise so I can't tell you...ssshhh!!!
Got to go...just about to pour a nice HOT cup of tea!! Are you jealous!!! No hot tea in that is odd!!! Don't stay outside too long...or you'll freeze!! Take care, especially if ice skating!Lots of love mum xxxx
Yep i could sure do with a cuppa or even better a coffee! I bought some nice jeans to keep me warm but other than that the shopping is very expensive and boring.
Your holiday sounds like a great idea - if only i could be in 2 places at once!
From Mum & Peter - Sunday, 21st January 2007, 04:35 (GMT)
Hi Alex and Gemma

Photos are great as usual - you will have to see what Aunty Sue and Maya have done with their Dubai and Paris photos onto CD - it has music and effects are great.

Everything is going well here . Peter and I are off to Sydney tomorrw to check on stuff for Feb event and Confernece in May. Pappou is in hospital getting a few tests done after a mild heart attack - no need to worry its under control from what I understand. But he will probably need to go into a nursing home soon.

Everyone else is good.
Looking forwrd to seeing you next Sunday - have a great time at the beach. look after yourselves
Love Mum and Peter
called dad today, things seem ok. hop e sydney was good. can you keep me posted on what is happening with registration - it is really important, i cant start work without it
From Mikey - Tuesday, 23rd January 2007, 05:21 (GMT)
Wazoo! You guys are in the tailend of your amazing trip! Enjoy the last of it! Looking forward to you guys coming home safely! Remember to have your flags ready for Australia Day! (even though they 'banned' the flags at the Big Day Out pfft)

We'll all be up in Forster playing at a public gig (2 of em!) and them heading to Benn's farm for an Aussie Day Bash! Wazoo! So no speers pt park this year :( But Forster! Will have see Bill & Val! lol ;) Anywayz, behave kids!

Hi to anyone else reading this! Wazoo! Love yas! Ni hao!!

Yo Mikey, i do wish we would be their for Australia day! Oh the bbq's, beaches, fun in the sun and the hottest 100!! oh well back to the land of oz soon!!
From Bill and Val - Wednesday, 24th January 2007, 01:48 (GMT)
Your beaut travels are nearly over so we look forward to hearing all your adventures. Have a great time in your last few days. Take care. Much love to you both and see you soon, Bill and Val xxx
Hello! i hope you had a great birthday Bill! Can't wait to see you both when we come back!! Take care!
From mum - Wednesday, 13th December 2006, 03:44 (GMT)
Wednesday 13 Dec 2.30pm
Oh you poor things! What a terrible flight!! You must have been exhausted. How incredible to go from a hot summer day to freezing cold with snow and ice!! A bit of a shock to the system!!
Nothing could match India!! It was the ultimate destination of extremes!! If you survived India, everywhere else in the world will be a breeze!!!!
We went to the Mayor's Xmas dinner last night and I wore my blue jewelled 'Indian outfit'. (What memories!) Last year at the Mayor's Xmas dinner I promised to wear something from India this year!We left for India one year ago tomorrow (14 Dec)!
Happy holiday...and get as much rest as you can. Take care and stay warm. Miss you.
Lots of love, mum xx
It is cold but bearable - everywhere is heated but outside you have to keep movin' or else get frozen to the spot! Me and Alex don't like the food yet - very oily. China reminds me very much of japan (and china town). bye!
From toldoy - Thursday, 14th December 2006, 01:23 (GMT)
Hi from the barbequed state...

Aaaaaaaggggggghhhhhhhh!!!!! I can't believe its that cold! Everything must look very pretty though. Nice work with the flight - As least they let you down, you could well have had to make an emergency landing in North Korea. What are the people in your tour like? Fun, adventurous, boring, silly, interesting, scared, or some heady mixture of all of the above? Write more on your page! I will continue to limp around on my manky foot and try to avoid being grilled/smoked.

Have fun kidz!!!!!
very funny! We don't meet the tour group till friday night. We have been exploring all on our own! Guess what you can't buy a cup of tea in china - it is so cold and not a hot liquid in sight!
From mum - Sunday, 17th December 2006, 02:25 (GMT)
Sunday 17 December 1.30pm
Hi! What a time you're having!!
Just remember every misadventure and hardship makes such a good story when you get back!! Is it really colder than Annapurna Base Camp (Nepal)? I guess it's the wind chill factor that gets you!! Stay warm...if you can!
Take care as always, especially walking across frozen lakes! Love, mumxxx
PS Spelling lesson...ages (not agers!) and sugary (you get surgery milk in an operating theatre!!) We love you Gem!
hey that was alex!!! grrr. mmm! it was way colder than base camp! Once again today it is very cold out - so cold your head aches. We took shelter in this internet cafe to get out of it and to up load photos but they won't let us use the USB port!!He he!
From Mum & Peter - Friday, 22nd December 2006, 01:12 (GMT)
Hi Alex and Gemma
Hope you are keeping well in that freezing cold - don't forget to take your juice plus it help. It sounds so exotic all the fabulous places your going to, so much histor compared with Australia. Nana and Pop are arriving today (its Pop's Birthday). I am about to go over to NSA for Christmas lunch and the giving out of bonuses. Also Afie's last day!.
I finished work on Wednesday!!! and looking forward to a quiteish Chritmas - not sure if I will see much of Gudrun and Jonathan- they are coming for luch but Jono is complaining about getting around the relies - he also has LLIsa's familty as well.

Anyway - Talk to you again before Christmas - Hope you can ring us.
Love Mum& Peter
Sounds like Christmas will be fun! doesn't feel like christmas over here at all. we will give you a call on around christmas lunch time. also the meesages dont show up until we reply to them
From Mum & Peter - Sunday, 24th December 2006, 03:26 (GMT)
Hi Alex and Gemma
Photos are fantastic! It looks awsome. Take double juice plus it will help you get over your colds more quickly - go to a doctor if it starts to go on your chest!
Nan and Pop are helping me cookm the Christmas turkey this afternoon, because its not supposed to be too hot tomorrwo we are going to have a hot dinner -Pretty much organised, We are going to Aunty Su's about 11 am shhould be back here about 12:30 our time
Love Mum
From mum - Wednesday, 3rd January 2007, 00:16 (GMT)
Wednesday 3 January 11am

It's so good that your site is working again! We have really missed your postings!
Your Xmas train ride sounds like you had fun and got to relax! Did you end up using your "Xmas Kit for travellers"? I'm sure you saw some great scenes out the train window. It sounds like you had a great time in Yangshou. I'm looking forward to seeing your painting Gemma! How awful for you to see dinner being prepared. You poor thing!! Vegies rule!! Trekking amongst the rice terraces sounds great too and would have brought back many memories of Nepal. Hong Kong doesn't sound that great but hope you find some bargains! Enjoy Vietnam! It's supposed to be very nice. Looking forward to your next post and more photos. We're starting to prepare for Norfolk! It should be great...and relaxing...for a change!! Wish you were coming too! Take care as always and have a wonderful time on your next leg! Lotsa love, mum xxx
PS We met you both in India on 2 January last year...great memories. What an adventure that was!! It certainly prepared you for any other holiday challenges!! Has anything been worse than India...other than the cold? India was certainly a country of extremes...but all at the bottom end of the scale!!!! Seeya!
We didn't do any shopping in Hong Kong not our scene. We did a lot of organising though - if we were in race around the world we would have won!!! HK was very colourful but all about the shopping!
From mum - Thursday, 25th January 2007, 00:45 (GMT)
Thursday 25 January 11.30pm
Hi guys!
Just read your last post from Bangkok. Your "bus" ride sounds horrendous! It reminded me of doubt it reminded you too!!. Surely this trip couldn't have been any worse than some of those overnight Indian buses...or was it!!?? You didn't hit anyone did you Gemma?!!
I loved your photos taken at Sihanoukville, Cambodia. It looks like such a picturesque place...a great place to chill out! You both look very relaxed in the photos...but that was before your 16 hour "bus" ride!! How did you find Cambodia? Would you recommend it? Or did you prefer Vietnam? Can't wait to hear all your stories!!
I'll send you an email soon, Gemma! Take care in Bangkok and get home safely. Lotsa love, Mum xxooxx
PS Don't forget to spend those Singapore dollars!!

Hi Michael!
If you want to call in to see my parents, Bill and Val, at Forster they would love to see you. Their phone number is 65 558519. Val loves making cups of tea and cooking for visitors! Yum!! They live in a nice house opposite the water! Seeya soon, Cathy X
Yep that bus ride took every ounce of self restraint not to kill someone! In fact one pommy nearly did!! Shoppping is ok but i swear you have to asian to pull of most of the clothes they sell around here!!
From Brad and Ryan - Saturday, 13th January 2007, 01:20 (GMT)

It's our last day on Norfolk today - we just went on a cruise around the island and saw sharks, turtles, and got about 2 metres from flying fish! YAY!! It was Über cool! It looks like you guys are having heaps of fun. The trip up the Mekong sounds awesome! V & B send their love! Keep having fun kids!
Love Brad and Ryan
we have been cruisng up the mekong - just rice paddies, water buffalo in a prison boat.
From max - Sunday, 10th December 2006, 23:32 (GMT)
have an awesome trip!!
i will miss you
From Sonia - Monday, 11th December 2006, 07:40 (GMT)
Hello guys!!! Hope your flight was uneventful and safe. Have the best time!!!! I'll keep an eye out for pics and news
Love Sonia
Thanks! we had a very eventful flight, read entry 2! hope moving house went well.
From mum - Monday, 11th December 2006, 07:55 (GMT)
Well, we hope you made it safely to freezing Bejing!! Did you get much sleep on the plane? Have a fantastic holiday!! You both deserve it! We'll try not to miss you too much. Take care. Lots of love, mum xx (PS Maybe I'm the first to write! He! He!) HAVE FUN!!
Hey max is real!! China is much much cleaner than India, the people are more friendly, but they can't que, and it only smells a little - very pleasant!
From Alex's Mum - Sunday, 17th December 2006, 09:05 (GMT)
Hi Alax and Gemma I have sent an email to Alex's adddress- hope youa are both well and keeping warm - sounds great so far . talk to you soon love Mum and Peter XXX PS Max says hi!
Hello! Xian is much warmer than Beijing! Hope you enjoy your last week of work! Call you for Christmas. We loved hiking on the wall it was so steep - the highlight so far!
From toldoy - Sunday, 17th December 2006, 21:51 (GMT)
Sound like the kung fu was fun - I guess the message there is always go and see kung fu over opera. The cold sounds unbelievable - I intend never to travel anywhere in the winter, except perhaps the Bahamas. Did you take any terrible Tianamen Sq. parody photos? I hope so. Anyway, hope you are having fun climing all over the wall!
HIYA! The great wall was spectacular! how's your foot? You must be looking foward to going home in four days. We didn't take any parody photo's at the sq. as we would have frozen in that position forever...hahha!
From mum - Wednesday, 20th December 2006, 13:30 (GMT)
Wednesday 20 December Late!
Hi Guys!
I love your photos of the Great Wall! It must be fabulous to photograph! You both look half frozen in that photo of the two of you at dawn. You were very brave to get up so early in that temperature! How's your cold Gemma? Hope you're taking Vit C etc and getting lots of rest...ha! ha! Did you know that Marlene is the only one in the family that has been to the Great Wall? Our Xmas preparations are going well...but still lots to do! Everyone I meet is so stressed out! Maybe we'll go on holidays before Xmas again next year! It was so simple in India!! Just a couple of plates of rice and curry...tinsel, Santa hats and a small Xmas cake !!! Keep having fun! And look after yourselves!! Miss you, love Mum xox
Xmas is simple here too, it is non-existent. we will probably go out for breakfast, and luch before we get onto our overnight train. our group did a secret santa though!
From Ron - Wednesday, 20th December 2006, 21:14 (GMT)
Great photos guys! You have been very busy and seen some fantastic sights. Hopefully you will gradually be heading to warmer climes from now. Maybe you should get some Chinese herbs for your cold! It is mad here in the run up to Xmas - maybe there is something to say for communism (or buddism or...).
Keep warm, Lots of love Dad xxx
The weather is getting warmer, today it is 9 degrees. check out the home page, our photo of the great wall made it.
From Ryan - Saturday, 23rd December 2006, 13:16 (GMT)
i'm dreaming of a white christmas..... sounds like your going to get one HA! it sounds like you kids are having an awesome time! the great wall photos looka amazing! :) enjoy your once in a life time experience! And don't walk on any thin ice ;)
Ryan xoxo
P.S brad comes home tomorrow! and i only have 3 days of work left WOOT!!
hello! Good to here from you. How is work? How is Bron? I hope your not too tired from going to sydney all the time. China is great but much more well advanced. Hey 2 people in our tour group write for a car mag. in London!
From Mum - Sunday, 24th December 2006, 13:49 (GMT)
25 Dec 2005 Just after midnight!!
Merry Xmas!! We're all going to bed. I finished wrapping the presents before midnight!! I can't believe it!!! It's a first! Even got to see the last hour of Carols by Candlelight! I still love Marina Prior's singing...even Brad was impressed when she hit a really high note perfectly and so strongly. It was amazing! One day you'll be up there Gem singing at the Myer Music Bowl in Melbourne!! We really missed you especially when all of us (including Bill and Val!) joined in to sing the Hallelujah Chorus and We Wish You a Merry Xmas at the finale!! We all took different parts: bass, tenor, alto and soprano. It was hilarious! We missed Alex's fine voice!! What do you sing Alex...tenor or bass? The Xmas tree looks great with the new lights. Brad loved your decoration Alex (the empty camphor green hanging thing!!)! The house is all tidy with decorations everywhere, including the paper chains in the family room. We are all very excited about tomorrow and wish so much that you were here with us.
Hope you're feeling better Gemma and are almost over your cold. Get lots of rest whenever you can.
Don't forget to get out your Xmas kit tomorrow on the train!! I'm sure even though you will be bored on the train, you will be able to get plenty of rest...and hopefully the train will be WARM!!
Happy Xmas!! Hope you'll ring us tomorrow! Got to go to bed before the reindeer land on the deck!! Luvya both. Take care. have a "great" one!!
Lots of love and Xmas cheer, mum xxxoooxxx


From Val and Bill - Tuesday, 26th December 2006, 12:20 (GMT)
26 December 11.15pm
Greetings on Boxing Day!
How are you both? We hope you are feeling better.
We've just had a lovely two days at Eleebana eating and drinking way too much!! 'Twas great to hear from you! Keep yourselves fit and well for the rest of your trip. We're heading home tomorrow morning. All the best for the new year!! Love Bill and Val xx
Merry xmas and happy new year! we missed the traditional christmas food, but im sure you ate our share. have fun in norfolk island! xox