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From mum - Tuesday, 26th December 2006, 12:42 (GMT)
Tuesday 26 Dec 11.30pm
Hi! How was your long train trip? Did you get lots of rest? How was the view from the window? What are your Intrepid companions like? Are you feeling better? So many questions...
We had a fantastic Xmas Day! It was so much fun...Great company, great food and we all got great presents!! The weather was overcast but the temperature was perfect...warm and a little humid. We partied until about 2.30am and all fell into bed exhausted but extremely satisfied. The day was only spoiled by your absence! Maree went home about 1.30 am and Aki and Bronwyn stayed the night! Today we watched the cricket, relaxed, went for a walk and ate left-overs and lots of chocotale!! We finished the night with a action comedy!!
And guess where we're going on holidays??? Norfolk Island for 7 nights!!! We are all really looking forward to it! Val was very surprised!! So were Brad and Ryan! Anyway, I'm off to bed. Sleep tight! Enjoy every day. We miss you. Lots of love, mum xxooxx
sounds like evryone had a great xmas! we would have loved to join in with the Hallelujah Chorus!! bed before midnight? go mum!
From Ron - Wednesday, 27th December 2006, 06:00 (GMT)
Hiya guys,

Great to talk on the phone so you got some Xmas vibes. Back at work now and a few kilos heavier. Hope the train ride gave you a chance to relax and recoup for the next leg. Missing you heaps, Dad xxx
yuk! work must suk! but not long til your week away. have a ball
From Mum & Peter - Thursday, 28th December 2006, 22:34 (GMT)
Hi Alex and Gemma
Haven't heard from you in a few days. Hope everything is OK. Every one here is OK Nan & Pop are going to Eve and Bills today for a week. Lauren has arrive for a few days.
Gudrun says if you can see a cheap ipod ( appently the wide type >6cm with video) - good luck with that one!

Hope you can post some more photos soon - Nan and Pop are trecking up the stairs to check out your website too.
talk to you soon
Love Mum
hi nan and pop - there are plenty of ipods but doubt there ability to work for more than a month and worried about the guarantees - are you being serious?
From Sonia - Saturday, 30th December 2006, 04:21 (GMT)
Finally after 2 weeks of no Internet I can see all your photos! Looks and sounds like you are having a ball. Our Christmas was nice and quiet. Busy with work(ugh Big W sucks!!).
Keep having fun and stay safe.
Love Sonia
Merry Xmas and Happy new year. how are lee and paige? hope the new place is great - glad we are not still working at big w!! love us. see you soon
From Mum and Peter - Tuesday, 2nd January 2007, 22:45 (GMT)
Hi Alex and Gemma
Glad to get a longer version of what you have been up to - what an education- priceless. I am very envious of the amazing karst landscapes. The Most amazing thing is that they are made from beds of limestone layed down under shallow seas like Great Barrier reef present conditions - on little coral at a time totally awsome! Makes you really appreciate the planet as an evolving being!
Lots of love
Please email if website doesn't work
Mum & Peter

Hello! Travelling is the best education in the world! It is so amazing to just experience how other people live!
From Sonia - Friday, 5th January 2007, 13:04 (GMT)
Oh I am so jealous! Sounds like you guys are having the best time!
Paige and Lee are great. Paige turned 7 on the 4th of Jan. Her 2 front teeth are slowly coming. New house is great. Having huge problems with old Real Estate. But anyway.... Cant wait to see you when you get home. A Monopoly challenge is on the cards I think!!! Who is gonna win next?!
Gonna have another look at your photos then go to bed.
Take care and stay safe.
Love Sonia
P.S. Sorry Gemma but we will still eat bacon!
Say happy birthday to paige! we are having the best time. bacon tastes so damn good even when your hungover (Alex!!)
From mum - Friday, 5th January 2007, 21:56 (GMT)
Saturday 6 January 8.45am

Glad you are enjoying Vietnam! What a contrast in temperature! It must be great to be warm again! Your photos are great but I found the dog dinner photo distressing. It must have been aweful for you. Oh well, I guess it is facing up to reality...and as Brad pointed out all animals are treated cruelly before they hit the dinner table. Go veggies!!
We are leaving this afternoon for the first leg of our holiday We're spending tonight in Sydney and flying to Norfolk early tomorrow morning. We can't wait! We are all in need of a relaxing holiday!! It's our 30th wedding anniversary tomorrow!!! We're going to a nice restaurant on the island to celebrate as well as a jazz afternoon at a winery.
We'll try and access the internet while we're there but it could be difficult. We're back on the 14th!
Look after yourselves. Love, mum xx PS Have you managed to change those Singapore dollars I gave you? Hope the shopping is better in Vietnam!Seeya
30 years - wow! i hope you had a great day! you guys should come to vietnam you would really love it! maybe an aniversary present?
From Mum & Peter - Saturday, 6th January 2007, 04:52 (GMT)
Hi Alex and Gemma
Glad to hear that you are in Vietnam safely - your photos are abolutely amazing especially Yangshou (except for the little doggies - I won't tell Max) I think I would be a vegetarian for sure if I had to see that). What was Lauren doing on top bunk in train on Christmas Day???
The Mekong should be an absolutely fabulous experience, one of the world's greatest rivers. There should be lots of interesting villages to see along the way. We are coming with you next time.
Its Jonathan's birthday today - apparently he has gone to the races for Hayden's buck's party. They had Kayla's 21st party last night - sounds like it went off really well. We have been going to the beach a bit the weather has been fantastic - not too hot but clear blue skies, but the water is rather cold still. I have given up coffee for a while to break the daily craving and have just had my first vist to Goldbergs - Oh yes green tea (not quite the same)
I know it must be a bit challenging at times but its great to see those photos and know that you'r OK especially now your itinary is out the window. Write agian soon
Love Mum and Peter

You shouldhave a coffee over here - condensed milk and espresso coffee poured over ice - very delicious. green tea is still trendy though
From Rostas - Saturday, 6th January 2007, 23:27 (GMT)
Hi Gemma,

I finally managed to get onto the internet to check your blog from my busy schedule of relaxing in Newcastle. It's been great to catch up with a whole lot of friends from Uni and school! Well, who am I kidding? I only cought up with about 5, but they were the ones who count! Spoke to Sketch yesterday who asked about you Posselt kids, says to say hi.

Sounds like you are having an eventful time. I'm sure that you'll look back on the not-so-good times (waiting for Sunrise on the Great Wall) and smile. All of the memories generally come good with a bit of separation!

Hope you're both well, and I can safely say that seeing all these people set off on an overseas trip, it's got me thinking, 'where am I going to go???'

Stay safe and have a great time.

Love Rostas
yo yo rostas! glad to hear you are enjoying your holiday. where are you going? - where ever the hell you want my friend!
From The Fam - Monday, 8th January 2007, 05:41 (GMT)
Hi Gem and Alex!

Arrived safely in Norfolk yesterday afternoon - really scary landing due to strong winds and rain! If you need to contact us you can on this address - We are staying at the Trade Wind Cottages and the local phone number is 24416. Hope all is well with you and you are having fun in the sun! We miss you heaps, wish you were here. Take care, lots of love,
From all the family
Heya! We just spent 2 lazy days on a beach resort - ah life is tough - have a great time at Norfolk and relax everyone!!
From Jono & Lisa - Monday, 8th January 2007, 09:53 (GMT)
G'day, Happy new year! It's good to see that you are enjoying your adventure! The web site is fantastic!! :) We missed you over christmas and newyear but we'll catch up when you return. Take it easy, stay safe.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY JONO!! hope you had a great day - we had a cold one for you
From Mum and Peter - Wednesday, 10th January 2007, 04:29 (GMT)
Enjoy the boat trip, take lots of photos. Counting down the days till you are home. We are going to Katoomba with A/Kathryn, U/Doug, A/Liz and U/Alan from 1-4 Feb, then I'm off to Canberra and south coast for a Rivers workshop and field trip 5-9 Feb. But there will be a small window to catch up and celebrate Alex's Birthday. Stay safe
Lots of Love Mum & Peter
sounds great. theres a little window, but it can be made bigger if you can pick us up at the airport -930pm, 28th of Jan, flight TG991. then you can throw me a bday party the next day!!!
From Lucy - Thursday, 11th January 2007, 01:51 (GMT)
GEMMA!!!! ALEX!!!! Wow your trip sounds fantastic! I finally got on the internet! Can't wait to see all the photos when you're back! (when r you back!) Miss you heaps! and so does Effie!!!! (WOOF WOOF!) (SLURP!) Enjoy the rest of your time and i'll see you when your back for a good old ozzie barby (vego, of course...) and a swim at the beach! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox Luc
hi lucy, hope you have been keeping that surf board in action! i would kill to go to the beach right now! we get back 29th of jan. does effie still like her house mates! XOXOXOXOXOXOX
From Lauren - Thursday, 11th January 2007, 14:23 (GMT)
Hi Guys!
Hope you are both well and enjoying your trip! Sad not to see you over christmas and new year but should see you in march! Stay safe and well. Happy new year! loz xx
Hope you enjoyed christmas in newcastle with all the family! see you in march at mia's wedding.
From Belinda - Monday, 15th January 2007, 08:11 (GMT)
Hi Guys
Photos are great, Vietnam sounds really interesting, I will be picking your brains on your return. Cant wait to see the photos. Guess what, am moving to Merewether on Saturday! 2 mins from beach, awesome!
Being seeing you soon, love Belin
wat wat youre moving? have to catch up on the goss in 2 weeks. hope the move goes well!
From Mum & Peter - Monday, 15th January 2007, 10:21 (GMT)
Hi Alex and Gemma
Glad you survived your Mekong experince - you may look back with a different view in time. Phnom Phem looks incredible - buildings look so intricate. If you get a chance check your email there is some stuff regarding your registration
Talk to you soon
Love Mum, Peter and Max
From Mum & Peter - Monday, 15th January 2007, 10:26 (GMT)
Hi Alex
we will consider your lovely offer of picking you up - Should be Ok at this stage, will keep you posted
thaaaaaaaaaanks! kepp me updated on registration situation - ronald had my licence when we left
From Jess D. - Monday, 15th January 2007, 11:42 (GMT)
Hi Alex and Gemma,

I am SO jelouse Cambodia and China are both on my to-d list! Andrew and I are talking about Croatia, Italy and Hungary next Christmas and all your travel stories are making my feet ITCHY!

I'm pleased you like Vietnam it's my fav country that I have visited so far!

Enjoy the rest of your trip!

you should be itchy travelling is awesome. croatia is on our hit list when we get some money together an go to europe!
From Michelle Gaffney - Tuesday, 16th January 2007, 07:02 (GMT)
Hey Gem and Alex,
Sorry it has taken me so long to write to you. Belinda and I Forgot the web page that you told us to go to, so by the time that you get this message you will be on your way home, oh well, better late than never. As I see from all your photos and letters, you have both had a great time. Miss you both heaps and can't wait to hear all your stories.
Love Shell
Hi Shell! Hope you have had a great Holiday and have not been working more than swimming at the beach!! Southeast Asia rocks and should be at the top of your to do list!! see you soon
From mum - Tuesday, 16th January 2007, 11:12 (GMT)
Saturday 13 Jan 1pm
Hi Gem Gem and Alex!
Great to hear that you have been relaxing at a resort! But you're trip along the Mekong doesn't sound too good! Looking forward to hearing more about that...
We are having a great time in Norfolk! This morning we went on a 3 hour boat trip to circumnavigate the island in a small boat with an outboard. The driver put out some fishing lines and caught 3 big kingfish. We saw heaps of birds, flying fish (which were awesome!), large green turtles and a few small to medium sharks right near the boat. It was fantastic! The driver took us through a huge cave and out the other side after waiting for the right swell. It was very exciting!
Tomorrow morning we are leaving at 7am. Wish us luck as the runway is really short!! (The island is only 8 km long!)
Lots of love from all of us xxx
PS Have you cashed the Singapore dollars?
HAVE FUN!! Stay safe. Bye...
sounds really awesome! Its good to here you are all relaxing and enjoying the holidays! How was the flight? He He
From Mikey Mike - Friday, 19th January 2007, 03:23 (GMT)
Heya Kids!
Wowzer! I've had the best time reading up on your crazy adventures! Your pictures are amazing and Im incredibly jealous! I wanna be there! lol Cant wait to go on a crazy adventure lol Tassie is on hold at the mo because I have to go to Perth instead :( but never mind... it will happen lol

And if your fam are reading this - HARROW! I've tried calling you guys back and will try again today, because I've been in Bathurst with NO mobile phone reception for almost 2 weeks and Brad had my old number :( Wish I could have made it to dinner with you guys - miss yas heaps!! but anyway I will give you a buzz :)

Sorry Gemma and Alex... this blog is meant to be for you, not your families haha. oopah! Well I am looking forward to the many more photos, stories and adventures you guys are having! Miss you guys heaps and heaps - looking forward to seeing you both when you guys get back! Wazoooo! Behave. Ni hao!! Tzi Tien!
Luv Yas,
yo mike! whats been happening? perth? SE asia after tassie is a must! how is your fam? how are the bday plans coming along? ebe home soon, cant wait to catch up!
From Mikey - Saturday, 20th January 2007, 07:00 (GMT)
The fam are great! We had an absolute ball together! I saw your brother day - Hi Ryan! We went to Talbot and Eleisha Smythes wedding! Wazoo! It was great! only 21 more sleeps til my birthday! Wazaoo! Havent totally planned the entire week but will explain all when you get back! Love the photos and the stories! Keep them coming! Love you guys! Miss ya's! Behave! Wazooooo!!!
20 more sleeps now! Not the entire week?? i'm shocked! Did things slow down for you over the festive season? see you in a week!
From not a slef - Saturday, 20th January 2007, 07:30 (GMT)
Just got back to Melbourne after three weeks of fun and frivoloty with the fam. Your photos are great, you've put so many up - it's so good seeing what you've done! Enjoy the last leg of your trip, it sounds like you've both had a awesome time! I have lots of news and things to talk about too! Anyway, I've gotta go and get some food as my larder is empty.
love Brad
lots of news and things hmmm...intreging! Good to here you had a great time at home! hope you come back again soon so we can catch up! xox
From mum - Sunday, 21st January 2007, 23:10 (GMT)
Monday 22 January 10am
HI guys!!
All's well here...we're just gearing up for your return!!
Angkor Wat sounds so incredible! We'll have to see it sometime! You have certaunly had an amazing adventure over the past 6 weeks. You'll have so many stories!! Can't wait to hear them all!!
Brad returned to Melbourne on Saturday. We had heaps of fun all together but missed you guys. Brad has some big decisions to make...
It was soooo hot here yesterday...41 degrees...but the water is freezing...only 14 degrees!!!
It's Bill's 82nd birthday today!!
Happy birthday Bill!!
Hope the next few days are fantastic. Enjoy it to the full!
Hi Mike...hope to catch up with you soon!!
Keep up your postings and photos. Lots of love, mum xxx
PS Maree is reading your site too! She loves your stories and photos.
Take care. Only 6 more nights!! Seeya!
Hi Maree!! How are you!! only six nights now thats just not nice to point out!! actually we start the last leg of our adventure tomorrow with a 10hr trip to bangkok!! its so lucky we have trained ourselfs to read for hours on end on bus trips without feeling sick!
From Ron - Monday, 22nd January 2007, 09:02 (GMT)
Hey guys, I haven't written for a while. Sounds like Vietnam and Cambodia (and hopefully Thailand) are all really interesting. You have experienced some serious weather differentials. Speaking of which, it was 41 deg here yesterday and people were treated for both heatstroke and hypothermia at Newcastle beaches as the water temperature is 14 degrees! All is fine here and we can't wait to see you both soon. Don't forget all those good stories!

Love Dad
yeah it has been a few crazy weeks of weather!! 41 wow thats hot! it is more humid here than hot but there is a lovely sea breeze at our beach side retreat!!