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From - Wednesday, 9th May 2007, 09:25 (GMT)
great !!!!!very lovoly
Thanks, Mr or Mrs Mysterious!
From Ash - Tuesday, 6th February 2007, 01:09 (GMT)
Good work fella. I'm gonna do the old cliche & say i'm jealous. I'd love to turn the clock back & start again, rather than rotting in Oz. Oh it's a tough life.

Have you been asked to star in any Bollywood movies yet?
Enjoy Rajasthan & don't let it turn you into a 'Save the Whales' activist.

Keep on truckin'
Come on pal, you can't get greedy and you can't complain about being in oz! Its just over a month for me now and I've really settled into traveling life and loving it! I did get asked to do a Bollywood as an extra but missed the 4.30am start - I blame the kingfisher, would have been a story to take home! Keep safe mate and save those whales!
From Paul - Tuesday, 2nd January 2007, 20:31 (GMT)
Hello I know you've probably only just landed but I thought I come on here and say good luck matey! My 2007 has got off to a great start! You've gone and just as I got inside from saying goodbye to you Kate txt me to say she just wants to be friends! :( Now I'm stuck on my own boo hoo hoo! Anyway let me know if you can still recieve texts as Danny wanted to send you one! MWAH
Hi mate! Sorry to hear about you and Kate but im such Cilla will organise another candidate. I can still recieve texts, got one off Sam yesterday inviting me to her engagement do this weekend - will you tell her its going to be a little difficult! Keep those Y2K7 emails coming too - power rangers are going to take over the world! Ta rar!
From Ash - Thursday, 4th January 2007, 06:24 (GMT)
Hello mate,

Vaguely remember you saying you were setting up one of these, so i got searching.

Hope India hasn't been too crazy so far & you haven't had any bus attacks (sorry for that story 2 days before you left).

Anyway, hope you have as good a time in Asia as I did. I'll maybe see you in Oz ,if i'm still bumming here when you get here.

Don't eat the chicken!

Alright pal! Don't worry about that story, heard far worse off others. No bad experiences but this crazy old man took me to get some tea today and tried a mail scam on me (little did he know I took his wallet) Ha ha. Only kidding! Crazy Indians, you've gotta love em! Did you feel like what the hell is going on the first few days? Hope to see you in Oz mate!
From MR SMITH !! - Friday, 5th January 2007, 08:19 (GMT)
craig , I don't have anything too important to say ! I just want to be a clever clogs and be the first to leave a message, ha ! miss ya mate x
Sorry you were beaten by del im afraid! You'd love it out here gaz, everyone has a moustach! Missing you too fella x
From Del - Friday, 5th January 2007, 09:36 (GMT)
Wow Big Craig!! Its like uv had a 2 week holiday already! Im so jealous! and were all stuck doing the same boring routine in ever so exciting Blackburn :( Anyway have lots of fun im sure u will.. thinkin bout ya mwa! xx
Hey little DEL! It feels like 2 weeks too! Come on blackburns not that bad, richmonds and liquid in one little town & the currys are fantastic there! And you do love those deaf people! Mwah!
From JONNY - Friday, 5th January 2007, 13:07 (GMT)
Alright mate, yeah the tuk tuks are pretty crazy but getting used to them now - saw about 8 kids in one the other day, crazy! Hope you have a good one in the US mate! x
From Ruth - Friday, 5th January 2007, 22:05 (GMT)
Hi Craig. Glad you got there ok. Seems as though you have done a lot of sightseeing and learning already! and the adventure has just begun. Keep in touch and look after yourself. Ruth
Hi, thanks for the message. Its been a bit of a culture shock but its amazing how quickly you adapt, a lot of learning to do though! Hope your all well! x
From Nick - Saturday, 6th January 2007, 17:08 (GMT)
Alright Craig, Ash passed on the link to your site. Sounds like you'll have an awesome time out there & man you've got some nuts starting in India..guess you'll be prepared for anything after that though. I've finally decided to go travelling too but not until next Decemeber. Oh yeh, what the hell was I thinking starting CIMA!? Might catch ya out there. Take it sleazy big man.
How are you fella, its been too long! I know CIMA, you've got balls for starting that bad boy! Still trying to find the Indian version of Evo but the Kingfisher beer and currys are top notch! Get travelling though pal, the career will wait for a bit. Take it easy!
From Dec - Saturday, 6th January 2007, 22:46 (GMT)

It sounds amazing Craig. I especially like the tale about the Indian Dell boy. Most Indians here are dell boys so Iím sure itís all good! Since you have been gone (5 days or so) The UK has been taken over by Chimps, the ice caps have melted and sank Blackpool I now live on the coast in Preston, its beautiful it really isÖ. Sea views! Really I hear you cry!? NO! CRAIG Iím messing around we are all fine.
Itís great to hear your meeting all these interesting people. Youíre going to learn so much about everything. But remember know body likes a cocky bastard.

If you need me does any research for you or anything let me know as I am sure internet cafes are expensive in places like India.

Keep in touch Iím an avid readerÖ

All the best Palin!

DEC Mwha
Dec darling - how the heck are you, keeping starbucks entertained I expect! I'm missing richmonds already, its got me going cold turkey for cleaning glasses! Glad to hear the Chimps haven't taken over already but that Tony isn't much better! Its actually pretty cheap out hear to use the net but if I need any special research I'll let you know! Take care mate.
From amanda - Tuesday, 9th January 2007, 09:53 (GMT)
herrrrrrro craig you indian magnet, trip sounds fantabulous so far and im not going to lie to you but i was on new bank road in blackburn yesturday and i though i had travelled to india toooo ha ha ha!!! anyway you have to buy a quality prayer mat coz where would you be in life without one. Ah and that poor elephant, me thinks you should of bought it, used it to travel into the indain jungle or something and then set it free, then you would of beeen my hero!!!tad far fetched maybe.... anyhoo hope you've had many tasty indian currys that haven't completely blown your mouth off oh and i wonder if you can order popadoms and mango chutney. Oh god now im just pepping on and sounding rather uncultured. have muchos fun on your travels, take care and look forward to your next update from
manda / ( REN and Stumpy) lol do you remember think i was stumpy (pub quiz) mwa xxxx
Helloa manda! I think i had good preparation for india from living in blackburn, not too much of a culture shock for me! The prayer mat has already been purchased and is being used on a regular basis! The currys are really good and you'd love the fish out here. Hows uni going, not long now before you'll be entering the big bad world of ears?! Hope your ok and had a nice xmas too Stumpy, from your arch rival Ren mwah xxx
From big bro - Friday, 12th January 2007, 21:18 (GMT)
hi bro. glad ur ok. sounds like ur havin a fab time even tho u woke up to a big spider. i well could of emagined ur face. found ur emails very intrestin and funny esspecialy bout da indian dell boy. (ASDA PRICE!!!) lol. hope it keeps goin well for u. take care luv big bro. mwa. x
Hi bro! Good to hear from you. Yeah my reaction to finding the spider was one of a little girl! There's lots of asda price guys out here which is ok but they can get pretty annoying after a while! Still having lots of fun on my tour and my group are all cool! Hope your looking after yourself without me to keep an eye on you and your keeping on top of the cleaning! Ha ha ha! Take care bro xxx
From Del - Friday, 19th January 2007, 12:14 (GMT)
Hello Big Craig!
I still cant get my head round u being on your own in scary curry monster, carpet smuggling, elephant knidnapping india all on your little ownsome!! :( so tell Mr Swiss that your little Del says he had better look after u!! grrr.. anyway to my disbelief it sounds like your doing a great job looking after yourself and having an amazing time!! Im so jealous every time I read what your doing it makes my sad little world seem so narrow! Make sure you do get your photos on soon I cant wait (to be more jealous ha ha) But if its any concilation you missed a good night the other week - we started in Leeds then ended up in Sankeys then to a random girls house til dinner time!! just me, matt and lisa having a random little trip ha ha!! Anyways dont be getting a dodgy accent or anything I want u back in one piece!! love ya lots mwa mwa! xx
Hello there my little mess head! Leeds to sankeys ey, sounds like a trip i would have liked to be on, im missing a good nite out although the hippies here have a rave every nite but its all hard trance - whoop! I am already talking like an indian and smelling like a week old curry im afraid but thats not too different from how i am in blackburn! I'll send some pics soon i promise, Mwah to you and matt! xxx
From Eileen - Sunday, 28th January 2007, 17:09 (GMT)
Hi Craig,

It sounds so amazing what you are seeing and experiencing! Just can't get the picture out of my head of loads of Indians hammered and bashing into each other on the dance floor to 90's pop music!

Good to hear from you - like the photo's especially the one of your pet spider!

Speak soon and take care, Mumx
Eileen AKA Mum! It was a sight I won't forget, just shows some parts of our culture are pretty similar! The spider was enormous, well pretty big, the picture doesn't do it justice. Hope your ok and I'll upload more pictures soon, love Craig x
From jonny - Monday, 29th January 2007, 15:18 (GMT)
sounds as if your having the time of your life. i can sympatise with the anoyance of people wanting to know your life story. it gets tedias very quickly!! the beach hut sounds wicked. i quit at Richmonds on saterday at 4 when i was ment to be in at 6, haha. Karin was askin about you when i rang in. she said to say she was askin after you, so, she was askin after you!!
have fun mate and keep the updates comin.
The hut is like a wood palace, right on the beach too so I can't complain! I find it pretty funny some of the questions I get asked but I'm sure after a couple more months of it i'll just start making things up and tell them I'm prince charles! Shame about richmonds but it does eat up the weekend - 2 hours notice though I like it! Take it easy pal!
From Suzanne - Tuesday, 30th January 2007, 20:18 (GMT)
Hey Craig! Can't believe you've only been there a few weeks and done so much already! You're making me soooo jealous - can't wait for Summer and my trip now! Carry on having those brilliant new life experiences and keep us updated with them, and send us more photos too!
Take care, Suzanne xx
Hey Suzy! Hope your ok in sunny Coventry and keeping everyone supplied with energy! Think the energy forcaster here needs sacking as the power cuts out all the time so they must be running out! Bet your looking forward to summer and getting traveling - you'll love it! Take care, Craig xxx
From big bro - Wednesday, 31st January 2007, 21:44 (GMT)
hi bro. glad your ok n sounds like ur havin a gud time on ya travels. i looked at da pics which i found looked very well even tho u didn't have ya GHD's. was it not scarry on da roads when ya hired dat scooter. sounds like ur little hut on da beach was quite amazing. hope u have a great time in delhi. look forward to see ya other pics soon. take care luv mark mwa xx
Hey bro! Yeah, struggling without the GHD's but i've now developed a bee hive style that im quite proud of! The roads are nuts but in Goa not too bad so only had a few close calls. Beach in Goa was amazing and now im in a city again im wondering why I left!?! Im looking forward to the north but its going to be hard work i've been told! Take it easy bro and hope your still getting down pro-bodies! x
From jonny - Tuesday, 6th February 2007, 15:45 (GMT)
cool mate, photos look ace. i am so gelouse like every other working Brit. i am glad you have made mates wi some guys. crab chasing? you catch any? haha. that puney fish was pathetic craig. good job your not relying on your fishing skills to live, goldfish boy. i wish i was there it looks amazing. have fun mate and keep the blog updated and pics coming.
be careful mate.
Hello there jon boy! Hows work going in sunny Clitheroe then??! I caught a couple but they got their revenge by nearly chopping my fingers off! I was pretty bad at the fishing so that MONSTER I caught is getting stuffed and mailed back to you! It is ace out here mate, you should give traveling a go if you get the chance. Take it easy mate! Mwah!
From Paul Harrison the 3r - Tuesday, 6th February 2007, 16:46 (GMT)
We havent had an email for a while Mr. Craig is everything ok?!?

1st things 1st why does your brother write like he's a black rapper with his 'da' can he not write 'the' it only has only one extra letter! Ha ha ha!

Secondly wow I've never seen your hair as messy as it is in that fishing picture! Not using straightners for a month has made it out of control! Keep growing it though, dont give in to the bold head just yet! hahaha!

Everythings OK back home! My house still hasnt sold but hopefully it will soon! When you return I might have moved to Manchester though! I dont think I can cope living back at my mums!

Because he's the biggest baddest mo fo ever to grace this planet in a silver bullet, boo yak-a-sha! Ha ha ha! The hair has gone crazy but im going to stick with it unil its long enough for dreads then I can be a real hippy (only joking!!!) As I write this a cow is wandering up the internet place steps and wondering how the hell its going to get down!!! Manchester is the best option, I certainly think thats where i'll be heading once I return! Keep it real home boy! Respec!
From jonny vulgar - Wednesday, 29th August 2007, 16:03 (GMT)
yeh, 2 days till i rock the white isle. woop woop
Enjoy Ronson - don't do anything I wouldn't ;)
From Mum - Thursday, 15th February 2007, 13:26 (GMT)
Good to hear from you Craig.

Each place you are visiting seem so different from one another!

Uncle Bill appreciated receiving your telephone call last Saturday.

Take care and keep in touch
Hi mum. Yeah, each part of India in very different from the next, especially where i am now. We have come into the nearby town today where its rare to see westeners so lots of staring and questions! Hope you and mark are ok back home and are travelling around in luxury in the escort!!! Take care, Craig xxx
From Anthea - Monday, 19th February 2007, 16:18 (GMT)
Hi there matey, so there is life after victrex! your hair is a bit scary. Its good to hear from you, keep the emails coming, we are all having a laugh at the puny fish - but most of us are jealous. Everyone sends there good wishes to you - bye for now Anthea
Come on anthea, you know i just did the hair for you and now without victrex i've had to let my standards slide! Hope your doing ok and had a nice xmas, seems so long ago now! Hope your keeping control of that ebay addiction!!!
From Ash - Wednesday, 21st February 2007, 22:38 (GMT)
Craigo you're worse than me for updating the site.
I await news on whether the preachy volenteers convert you into defacing scientist's grave stones.
Some of those types wrecked my head, they become more local than the locals!
I suggest a "George Bush rocks" t-shirt to really spice up camp.

Take care pal.
Im afraid i've already entered a seperate spiritual dimension that you will never be able to understand through yoga and lentil soup which I throw against the wall to make impressions of what my future holds!!! Well not quite yet anyway but you do meet some nutters on your way round, Goa was the hotspot so far! I know im pretty rubbish on the updates but the net is snail out here. Loving your page still and mate, I understand the cheese! Keep on flying the flag pal!
From anne - Thursday, 22nd February 2007, 17:10 (GMT)
Don't kno if the last one sent, so if it did sorry for the repeat!
Finally caught up with your travels which took ages- so my bro will be pleased!! it's making me sooooooo jealous that you're having a wonderful time & seeing loads of new & exciting places..its defo made me reconsider travelling one day in the distant future. it's just amazing what wonderful stuff you can do , just by leaving your own back yard!!
the pics were really nice aswel & its nice to see how much your enjoing yourself (but whats goin on with the hair!!).
Everything's same old as usual so nothing to report, & it would prob just seem boring compared to what your upto anyway!! but finaly found your replacement for the late night chats, although she's not as funny as you & she always moans about me keeping her up!!
Anyway must get back to "work", but hopefully chat soon. really missing you actually xxx
Hey there! I'm certainly missing those Wednesdays in liquid or has it changed name again?! I actually do miss bits of Blackburn but mainly family and friend which is tough sometimes. Glad you got my blog address not sure if Del passed it on. It is amazing out here and completely mind blowing at times but something you should do, after CIMA of course, hows that going by the way? Everyones done the hair comment - didn't realise I was so renound for it!!! Hope your still raving it up in blackburn but hopefully leeds a little more these days! xxx
From bro - Saturday, 24th February 2007, 16:48 (GMT)
hi bro. hope enerything is going ok for u. i txt ya a couple of days ago but didn't know if ya got it. just da same at home, everything is going ok wid jodie. liked how u tried teaching thoes kids Englsh but they didn't know wat was going they were blagged!!! lol. btw suzanne is here n she said hi. gona go now but keep in touch. take care luv big bro x
I got the message thanks, the trouble was at the other side of India from where I am so not to worry! I can imagine not a lot has changed back home, well apart from your lodger! Teaching is going well but is a lot of work but very fun too! Hope alls well back at the ranch and your not grabbing too much overtime! Take care x