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From liz (little sister) - Sunday, 11th February 2007, 01:41 (GMT)
hi shaz, hope that you are having fun, (which you are by the sounds of it, like normal).
the boys send lots of hugs and kisses, and are wondering when you are going to send some pictures, so get your arse moving with them.
don't forget to send post cards, keeping a collection and record of everything you send. mum & andrew sends their love and so do I. have fun, you lucky cow.
love you
Hey sis, living it up out here in true sharron style. Will try and get some photos on soon I promise. Give the boys a HUGE hug and KISS from me. Postcards being sent. Love to all. xxxxxxxxxxxxx
From Linda Lee - Tuesday, 2nd October 2007, 08:16 (GMT)
larissa had boy and girl on thursday. dylan rhodri and jasmina anwen. they're all doing well.

lets not mention the rugby!!
Congratulations Larrisa, you going to have your hands full there! Best of luck to the both of you!
From Linda - Wednesday, 30th May 2007, 14:43 (GMT)
wow - your photos are amazing. pity you don't seem to be enjoying yourself though..... NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!
Glad you all enjoying the photos - nice to be able to share the 'good life' with you guys!
From Larissa Godfrey - Monday, 8th January 2007, 17:11 (GMT)
Hi Sha, (In Australia you will probably be called Shazzzzza!)You're web site looks great - I'm looking forward to hearing all about your great adventures. Martin says he is not jealous just yet as it is Barmouth and not Bali!!!
Love Larissa
From Owen - Monday, 8th January 2007, 18:29 (GMT)
Good luck and best wishes for your travels! It seems it's not even safe for me to travel in *this* country, as I managed to crash my car yesterday... Looking forward to hearing about your adventures!
Oh dear Owen I hope the crash wasn't too bad! Better stick to walking!
From SteveM - Tuesday, 9th January 2007, 08:41 (GMT)


I might just set up my own blog: Round Gwynedd via Llanfairfechan.


Take care.
From Linda - Tuesday, 16th January 2007, 09:01 (GMT)
i know you'll have a fantastic time. watch out for the "brits abroad". they're a total nightmare and give backpackrs a bad name. see you next year. have passed this link to everyone here
Thanks for passing the link on, I'll try and get some photos up in NZ, internet access here in beautiful Fiji is quiet dear!
sha x
From Martin - Tuesday, 16th January 2007, 09:20 (GMT)
Hope the cold has cleared off and your only problem in the months ahead is too many hangovers and far too many boys/girls to kiss.


From Linda - Monday, 29th January 2007, 13:50 (GMT)
siarad cymraeg all the way!!!!!
Ron i'n dechrau sirad efo'r Tracey rwan. Mae hi'n isio ymafer achos mae hi'n dechrau anghofio geirau!
From Linda - Monday, 5th February 2007, 17:10 (GMT)
Welsh word of the day:
CENFIGENNUS (Jealous) as in "Dwi mor cenfigennus!". Mwynha'r hwylio x
Gair newydd ydy hwn am fy, dwi'n licio! Mae'r Tracey wedi dechrau dysgu geiriau bob wythnos i cael praf!
From MARTIN - Friday, 9th February 2007, 15:40 (GMT)
Happy "woofing" days - keep enjoying.

Lots of snow in Wales - but not much in Anglesey - booh
Glad to hear the Winter weather has improved! Its hot here, and the UV is intense! Lots of suncream a must!
From Dazza - Wednesday, 14th February 2007, 12:38 (GMT)
Hi Shazza!

Eurwyn told me about your 'blogg' so I had to check it out! Sorry I couldn't make your leaving do. Sounds like you're having a great time! Pleased to hear you've taken up the challenge of erradicating invaisve species abroad too. Look forward to reading more about your adventures around the globe!


Dazza x
Hey Dazza, great to hear from you. Watch out invasive species world wide I'm taking you on!!
From Linda - Wednesday, 21st February 2007, 13:18 (GMT)
were the hundertwasser toilets world famous before or after you've used them?!
Ha, ha!! No they were certainly famous before I used them! x
From Martin - Monday, 26th February 2007, 13:38 (GMT)
That teddy bear in the photos is worrying me it looks like a figure from some horror movie - does it bite at night ?

Ahhh, and we thought it was the mosquitos!!!
From Linda - Thursday, 15th March 2007, 09:45 (GMT)
oh wow cross between a bike and a merry-go-round! what the.....?!
Great fun that was you pedalled and the thing went round - like flying bikes!
From martin - Monday, 19th March 2007, 10:23 (GMT)
Have a bottle of the local brew as the land purchase has gone through !!!
Excellant!! BIG smiles here. One up on JAJ!! Now where's that beer..
From Linda - Thursday, 22nd March 2007, 15:13 (GMT)
fynny thing happened today. larissa, eirian and me were walking back to the offices at dinner time when an old lady stopped us and asked if this was a public car park. we informed her that it was a private staff only car park. she started going on about how she pays council rates and should be allowed to park there. we told her that no one clamps here so she should be fine. so she asked for my name incase she got a fine and could say that i'd said i was ok to park here. i didn't give her my name...... so if you get an email regarding parking from highways you'll know what it's about!
HA, HAAA! Nice one!
From Sammy Lee - Sunday, 25th March 2007, 12:12 (GMT)
Hi Sha,
I've had great fun reading all about your adventures and I am so jealous!!! From looking at the photos it looks like your having a fantastic time!! Cant wait to read your next entry! Well we had snow last week and today its actually sunny (but knowing the British weather it'll probably be snow again tomorrow!!)
Take care and a big hug
Love Sammy Leexxx
Hi Honey, I'm glad that you're enjoying reading my blog. I think its probably one of the best things I've ever done, and I very nearly did'nt bother! Have Larissa to thank for introducing me to the website - thanks Larissa! Hope to have some new photos up next week to continue making you all jealous. x
From Martin - Wednesday, 28th March 2007, 08:20 (GMT)
and they are even planting the trees this week (not as big as your huggy trees) ... have another beer on us
Great! Dedicate one to JAJ! Enjoy the planting - wish I was there to help! Thouh mind your back Martin if you're partaking!
From Linda - Monday, 2nd April 2007, 09:31 (GMT)
avoid fox glacier - it's where the fat americans go - they carve steps into the ice for the lazy fxxxers! defo go to franz joseph where'll you'll get to experience the real ice with crampons, ice axes and ropes. plus there are loads of natural ice slides, through ice caves that you can slide down on your bum! cold and wet but cool!!!
Sounds excellant mental note made of that honey, don't want to be chugging behind a fat american was anoying enough some of the people on the Tongariro crossing!
From Mel - Monday, 11th June 2007, 02:00 (GMT)
Hey there! I just wanted to leave a little message for you. I'm alone again. In Brisbane. Hoping to get a car relocation deal to Alice Springs tomorrow! That would be awesome... four wheel drive camper van!!! I'll tell you how it went. See ya soon. Glad that your Bar job worked out that well!
Hi honey!
Great to hear that you're having fun in Oz. Four wheel camper van - ace! Still enjoying the Bar work, tho hard work and long hours! Enjoy the heat its freezing here in Chch! x
From Holly - Wednesday, 2nd May 2007, 12:38 (GMT)
Hi Sharon

Coming out to NZ in from 14th to 25th May, gonna only be on the North Island. If that fit in with anything you're doing, drop me a line and maybe we could meet up.

Sound like you've been having fun.

Take care,
Hi Holly great to hear from you. Unfortunately I'll be in the South Island now until I leave NZ. Will be down in Wanaka hopefully learning how not to fall over on a snowboard!
From Linda - Thursday, 3rd May 2007, 08:16 (GMT)
is your yahoo still up and running - i'm getting undeliverable messages everytime i try to send you an email. jst thought i'd let you know incase there'sa problem with it.
Hi honey, Yeah still up and running, tho think people been having trouble b4 I know Rhiannon said she been having trouble. Keep trying!! Let me know if you get lots of trouble I'll set up a new address.
From Martin - Monday, 14th May 2007, 16:11 (GMT)
Meanwhile in a council committee meeting somewhere in Wales .......
YAWN!!! Sorry such a frantic lifestyle is burning me out! :D
From Martin - Sunday, 3rd June 2007, 18:01 (GMT)
Great photos. Look forward to seeing more wildlife shots on site - or is the "wildlife " the parties !
I can defo say that my life is totally wild at the mo! Will get some 'wildlife' shots up soon!