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From Guero - Friday, 20th April 2007, 03:10 (GMT)
Heather, I wish I had your talent for writing. You paint a picture with your words, something I strive for everytime I write about my own experiences. Wow. Wonderful pictures as well, that granite chunk looks incredible, are there rutas set up on it? Im so stoked to climb with you soon, and even more stoked that you will just outclimb me like normal instead of destroy me b/c you have climbed every second day in Colombia (I havent gone since Bolivia, the bouldering on the beach hurt and was more for the camera than anything). Megan McCormick is the host of Pilot Guides on OLN(also with the crazy englishman Ian Wright), that show I told you about that funkin rules that you can get from the library, and it will be so funkin rad if you get a spot on the Colombian show! Hope to see you in the jungle bonita famosa! Cuidate.
I hope we can make it up any volcanes after my time here in BOgota. I am lazy, but this will make Huaraztat much better!
From Tu madre - Thursday, 19th April 2007, 15:05 (GMT)
Hola mi hija,
Yet again, an excellente diary entrie y magnifica photographicas!!!! Hope all the scheduleing works out between you and tu amigas - love ya mucho
xoxoxoxoxo will write an email with all your college info soon;)
Hey Madre, all is well with sceduling, destiny takes us to other corners of the universe I guess. Thanks for being such an inspirational Mom by the way. Mom you should come visit me instead, I actually think you would be blown away at how many terrorists there aren't and how safe it actually is. Can't wait to see the college info. What would you say if I told you I wanted to live here and open up a ...well...I don't know yet. Sound good?
hehehe, love you lots Mom!
From Leslie - Monday, 18th June 2007, 05:52 (GMT)
Hey there lovely lady! Well I have some big news for you.... I will be home when you get home! YAY! Will definitely explain more when I have some time. Just wanted to tell you that so you could look forward to someone actually being there when you get home. Hope everything is awesome and well. Love Leslie
I am looking forward to seeing your fine ass. Hope you plan on driving to golden with me. YOu better not move to BC without saying goodbye either. I hope you live in YYC for the few days I will be there, and we can rock out old school gangsta style, in da hood, representin like we should. Maybe we can do something juvenile like egg coffee guys store haha I am 22, seriously, I am 22. We, together, have a youthful essence, lets party honey!
See ya in a month! Besos y amor de Huaraz
From chelsea T - Thursday, 31st May 2007, 04:48 (GMT)
Intense???? the look of the sheeps eyes as it got SLAUGHTERED in to your dinner were intense?!! I bet. Oh my god...thats a very...interesting storey Hetaher Louise. All though the trek sounds beautiful..I'm wondering how this beloved region of yours would cater to my vegitarian diet!
Hey Chiquita bonita!
Actually there are lots of delicious veggie restaurants here, I hit them up for fresh salads and new crazy foods with grains and super tasty sweet potatoes grown here. THe great thing is, its even easier for vegetarians, and also gluten free/lactose free. I dont know why buy soy milk is super cheap, tastier, and since there is so much food produced here, its cheap and easy to find lots of stuff...and for some strange reason there are like 40 chinese restaurants in this town. YUM YUM. Anyways, I miss you dearly, keep up the good grow op!
Big kisses!
From Heather - Thursday, 31st May 2007, 04:13 (GMT)
Hey hey,

I'm glad to hear you had an adventure and were able to experience it with Jared. Keep the stories coming you crazy girl. I'm going to Golden tomorrow and start work soon...very excited!

take care,
HAHA Cailin, you are supposed to put YOUR name under the column "senders name" not mine. I love you and you have made my morning. I really hope work treats you well and the kicking horse river gives you some wild rides, try to keep those tourists alive ehh!?
Check out my latest story on gri gris, and give yourself a hug from me,
From Lynn and Jim - Wednesday, 7th March 2007, 02:51 (GMT)
Hola from Mexico! Our luggage didn´t make it with us either!!! We leave for home on Sunday. Muy triste. Hasta luega.
Ohh no! Well you can join my new club, the F-You Air Canada Club. For you guys that is a little bit worse though, because it is a major percent of your trip! Where did you go in Mexico? Como estas tu Espaniol? Aqui todo bien, immersion es mejor para me, y apprende un poco todos los dias!
SAludos, besitos!
From ana (mexicana) - Wednesday, 30th May 2007, 15:42 (GMT)
Hola Heather! si funciona?? jaja, como les fue en Huayhuash? me muero de la envidia! No sabes como extraño Huaraz, Peru y a ustedes. Ya estamos Isa y yo de regreso en Mexico pero con ganas de seguir allá con ustedes divirtiendonos y escalando. Espero que se sigan divirtiendo muchisimo, disfruta Huaraz por nosotras, un abrazote a Lucho, Javier, Angie, Jared y Andres (AK). Portate bien nos vemos en Mexico pronto!
Un abrazo

Hey hey there!
Huayhuash fue super bien! Y tu, como te fue Vallunaraju? Huaraz, y la casa de Lucho no es lo mismo sin las Mexicanas! Estoy mejor y lista para rumbiar, pero no hay una influencia Mexicana para mi, que lagrima...entonces, puedo esperar hasta Mexico. Cuidate y suerte en tus examens, una abrazo a ti y dale una a Isa!
Nos vemos chica!
From chelsea T - Tuesday, 22nd May 2007, 03:45 (GMT)
AHHHHHH I can't belive you perched that giant snake on your shoulders!!!! holy cow! Thanks so much for the phone call last week...made my day (actually made like 2.5 days!!) sorry I haven't sent you a long peronal e-mail in awhile..crazy busy with the greenhouse; tis the season.
will send you the dirty details of my very interesting life asap though.
love you lots
your sista from another mista
Hey there sista!
Glad to hear your greenthumb is being put to work. I miss you lots and am glad we could chat...understandable about the e-mail...I basically just hate computers in general so meh. Send details sooner or later and I will call you back for some juicy gossip updates.
Lots of besos from me here in Huaraz!
From Lauren - Wednesday, 7th March 2007, 01:05 (GMT)
Hola Chica!

My first morning with the girls went very smoothly! We even got to school a bit early!! They LOVED your email and can't wait to see pics and hear from you again!
Ohh I am so glad to hear this! Hey don't give them the URLl for my website, it may be inappropriate for young viewers, and I could see the pictures being rated PG13 or worse at times. I am so happy you could take that job Lauren, you are a perfect person for the girls. Give them a hug for me, pet oakley, and take some spanish classes if you have time!
I heart you Lauren
From Angie - Friday, 13th April 2007, 02:34 (GMT)
Hola chica! Que tal Bogota? Y has visto mucho a Cata? I'm about out of here! Counting down anxiously...cannot wait to see you and paaarty down! FYI UBC Vancouver is my #1 grad school choice, wish me luck! Luv ya chica, cuidate mucho!
Por primero, SUERTE! Que chimba, UBC! Voy a visitarte alla por supuesto! Estamos feliz a verte pronto Angie, Colombia esperando!
Quieres ir a Cocuy conmigo, porque cuando tu quieres, puedo esperearte! Entonces, voy a escribir un journal entry, desde mucho tiempo que hice eso...
besitos muy grande, que te vaya bien!
From padre - Thursday, 26th April 2007, 03:58 (GMT)
Well, welcome back amongst the commoners your hindass, i mean highness! i can't imagine my bank card being eaten by a machine, so i don't have one. I do however have a visa and AMA, which i needed last week. Beat and i slid off the road near Bell Pole, during a severe blizzard, and extremely slick hiways. You know i don't have good traction with my van. Anyways, glad you are experiencing everything Bogota has to offer. the good, the bad, and the ugly. Have fun, learn lots, love dad
Ohh Dad, you couldn't resist with the 'ass' comment could you. I think you could become quite accustomed to this lifestyle, I guess you almost are anyways...go for the early retirement! I do love it here, and I have started to figure out names of alot of what we grow in spanish. Here they call Oxalis 'piel de sapos' (frogs skin). There are some other funny ones. I got some plants for my roommate ...a Norfolk Island Pine a bit smaller than the one you have cost about $14 CDN. They can just grow so many cool things here...I was wondering...after importing tropical plants why did you choose Calgary to live and work? Out of the whole world, how did you pick Calgary?
Anyways, I am making green enchiladas so have to run, miss ya,
Love ya! Give Mom and Baba a hug for me!
From su tio - Saturday, 17th March 2007, 00:24 (GMT)
Nice pic's I especially like Heather in the rose garden...
thanx for the letter!
Where are You now?

Love Uncle Mike
Hola Tio!
I am in Manizales tonight. Had an amazing experience, I think my fav. one so far, at a coffee finca today. Will write more about it later...tomorrow, as the internet shop closes soon, but check out my new picts. Love ya, say hola to the abuelos for me!
From Grandma k. - Thursday, 8th March 2007, 02:52 (GMT)
Oh so happy we got letter. s already, all my friends want to read them also. hope that's alright We know you wll have a great time and becareful.
You'll want to travel while your young and all your life but in case get lots of it now, just in case. We love you girl so much and wish you much happiness on this trip. Love Granma & Grandpa K.
Hey Abuelos!
I love this place, and yes, I am being very safe. You don´t have to worry about me today either, as your President is here, and he has brought his own police as well, so security is really beefed up. In the countryside it is wonderful, people are people in every corner of the planet, and their overwhelming generousity has already made lasting impressions!
Love you guys!
From Shannon - Tuesday, 13th March 2007, 00:45 (GMT)
Wow heather you sure sound like your keeping busy and haveing fun! I wish i was travelling right now, i went to the airport the other day, and wanted to fly out to join you!!! The pictures are amazing it looks so beautiful out there! Jake is good it's mucky out here so haven't been riding but i am all this weekend!
Keep haveing fun!
P.s When do you get back?
Hey Shannon. When you are done high school you should travel. If I could give anyone one bit of advice, the most important thing which I consider imperative to self growth is travel. You know the feeling, but you just wait until you are older too, and sans parents he he he. It is INCREDIBLE! The beauty is lost in the photos, sadly photos can not quite capture the entire presence of their subjects, but I try to convey this through the caption. The vast expanse of wild nature here is crazy! I should get back to it now though, so kiss Jake for me, give him a good scratch, and have fun in school. Start daydreaming of our enormous planet and picture yourself in some region, enjoying the culture and whatever else there is to offer!
I will be back late August, will have to come by and say hello and show you my pictures!
Happy spring!
From Leslie - Wednesday, 14th March 2007, 00:52 (GMT)
Hey there darlin'

Just a quick question.... we are booking Machu Piccu this weekend... should we only give them a deposit and pay the rest when we get there? I think I remember you saying that. Keep on rockin'
Leslie xoxox
Yes. Absolutely do that. We did that and our guides tried to up the cost when we got there so make sure you get EVERY single document and an absolute confirmation of the price. We were able to argue (in spanish) to ensure of the prior cost, but without linguistic skills this would be very difficult, and its amazing how poor tour guides english becomes when they are not getting what they want. Extremely annoying! ANywho, good luck, say hello to your parents for me, give Nemo a scratch, and get your ass down here, I miss you!
PS I listened to Da Hood yesterday and thought of you!
From C-unit - Saturday, 17th March 2007, 00:21 (GMT)
Hey hey,

Me encantan las photografias...nos mandas mas!
Empiezo trabajar a STARS la semana pasada y aprendo mucho. Yo necessito el dinero a ir a Golden. Nada mas decir tu (this probably isn't quite right). Te diviertes!

Me encanta tus españiol! I will write soon chica, I promise, until then keep on earnin, I can send you a "package" if you want hehe.
Good luck with GOlden!
From Chelsea T - Thursday, 15th March 2007, 00:46 (GMT)
Ola heather, great pics.....glad to hear that you started your adventure off with added exciement; F$#%!$% air canada!!!!!
miss you tons
but will it up in's crazy beautiful here, it's exactly where I need to be.
love you man
So nice to hear from ya Chels. I cried in the airport. Then this HUGE feeling of overwhelming adrenaline dried my eyes and I got on the plane, begining my adventure. I am glad you are in Golden, I hope it is nice there. I heard my Dad is coming out, he could maybe bring my snowboard for ya! IS there still lots of snow out there? GIve Issac a hug for me, and breath that fresh clean mountain air.
I heart you too sista, keep it real and take care of our Moms!
From Leslie - Friday, 23rd March 2007, 01:30 (GMT)
Hey there you,

I am guessing you are off adventuring, climbing, scuba diving and having too much fun to write it all down. Just wanted to tell you that I miss you! LOT'S. Say hi to Damian for me, and keep on representin'.Love ya sista
I miss you, I love you, and I will write (I PROMISE) soon!
From tu madre - Monday, 26th March 2007, 02:45 (GMT)
Hola, guess I checked for your email 5 times today;) Wow, your stories should be published - of course I'm biased. The Archeological sites & aqua sound great to me, not so much the maleria (shouldnt you take pills for that) & the scorpions;( Love & Miss mi solomente hija
Hola Madre.
dont worry, I am taking anti-malarials. Its cool, Im out of the jungle now, back to where I should be, inland, away from the crystal blue waters of the Carribbean, and close to lakes and maountains. I will try to climb a volcano or something now. I miss you Mom, there are places here you would actually really enjoy! Its beautiful, not as cheap as I expected, but incredible. I am doing really good, eating some delicious fruits, and headed to Manizales for some outdoor adventure. Will post a story when I have time, XOXOXO Hug Dad
From tu favrita padre - Monday, 26th March 2007, 02:32 (GMT)
hola Heather, Yo preparo comido para cuatro chicas and mama esta noche. El porko spagetio.. he he!, no bueno espanol... Glad you are having fun. things here going well. the mexicanos are integrating well.
Hola Padre!
COmo estas? Que tal?¿ Glad to hear you are i nthe kitchen, you should try to learn something Mexican, although you do make the best spaghetti sauces! How is the greenhouse? Everything look ok, no botritis?
Gotta run,
love ya!
From Lynn & Bill - Sunday, 1st April 2007, 03:30 (GMT)
Your pictures and notes are appreciated. The memories you are making must be most fantastic. Have a great trip!
Bill & Lynn
Hey there!
Glad to see Mom sent you the URL! The memories, like most, are incredible and have really changed my impression...hopefully others as well, of this big, vast land known as Colombia. Keep checkin´on the site, should have some more journal entries up soon, and have had some really cool surprises lately!
Ciao! Have a great day!
From su tio - Wednesday, 18th April 2007, 00:20 (GMT)
Dear Heather: One of my little letters didn't go through. But oh well, You wrote me anyway...
It sounds like You are really getting out there. It sounds like a wonderful place. I ask Veronica how to say that in spanish but is was to long...

Love Uncle Mike
Haha, too long, aww come on, lets hear some spanish. If everyone I knew and loved made a concerted effort to translate eveything they said to me in Spanish, imagine how fast I would learn haha. Yes, Bogota is a wonderful place, actually, I think it is one city in the world that I have found which I could live in for an extended time. I love it! good to hear from ya! Give Grandma and Grandpa hugs and kisses from me!
From Chelsea T - Monday, 7th May 2007, 03:36 (GMT)
holy crap man those are some amazing pictures. I love reading your e-mails...I must admitt I've been a little behind with them but I got fully caught up tonight and enjoyed every minute. We are crazy busy out here in Golden; just wrapped the trade show here in town..that was funny, met lots of locals. I think they could smell me from miles away. They were all "yer not from round here ar ya??" hahaha love small towns. Suns finally out after a very dim couple of soggy weeks and the vitamin D is fully assaulting me. Lovin it.
miss you lots but am happy to see you fully enjoying a little bit more of what this wonderful planet has to offer.
Hey there my Sista!
Glad to hear you are soakin up some rays. I am in the Amazon basin now and very far from glaciers and seems to rain alot here. I miss you too...after leaving BOgota I am a bit missin´people...I have no friends here and there are no backpackers. It is good though, I get lots of time to think, and to observe. I also bought a friendship by purchasing a breakfast empanada for the cutest puppy in the world. He followed me for about 3 hours after that. Who says money can´t buy love, that puppy loved (still does) me.
OK, well take care, you might here from me on sunday, I hear skype is free.
Mucho love from Heather in Letecia,
From J - Saturday, 3rd March 2007, 14:51 (GMT)
YOU! AMAZING. Have such an awesome, brilliant, fabobulous time in Colombia (I hope you didn't watch Maria llena de gracia before you went - eek!) and make friends with the animals and go swimming a lot. I got your e-mail in the middle of my horrid exams, but I wish SO much that I were going too! Best xxx
It wont be the same travelling americasur with no one to pirate lago titicaca with. Alas, I will have to rape and pillage sola. OK, maybe just pillage. If by chance you have time, drop down for awhile, or even better, come to Canada chica! Are you still going to work for Bush or what¿
paz y amor,
Pisco Heather
From Grandpa - Saturday, 3rd March 2007, 15:57 (GMT)
Good Luck
Hey you Abuelos,
you must be the coolest grandparents on the planet. Did I ever tell you that?¿