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From Mom - Saturday, 3rd March 2007, 16:43 (GMT)
Mi hija,
There, another grey just popped out! Eyes open kid, lots of people love you! Great way to view your photos!
Love ya
tu madre
Hey Mom,
Gracias para todos,
can´t wait for my backpack. Are you practicing your spanish?¿
From Matias - Saturday, 3rd March 2007, 17:32 (GMT)
Man...time travels fast...i can't believe you are in Colombia right now...i wanted to see you before you left..oh well. Have a great time in when will you be arriving in Chile??

Matias, vas a visitarme in Chile! Llegado aca en el medio de Julio, mas o menos. Estoy desfrutando Colombia mucho ahora, voy a check it all out!
From Guero - Thursday, 3rd May 2007, 01:29 (GMT)
Ahh, to be climbing again, Im gonna have a lot of catching up to do! Fantastic photos, and an incredible story from your day in las piedras. Heather, I cannot thank you enough for telling me about Cuenca, I could stay here for years. I found a little climbing boulder just outside the city called Piedra de la trucha, and I was wishing that I had a friend to join me (I tried bouldering on it, kinda scary). The time will come when we can together dominate some rocas in Peru. Im gonna meet you in Iquitos on the 12th, Im making it happen. It should be an adventure getting there, but hey, thats the fun of it all! Keep on rockin chica, see you on the Amazon. Ciao bella.
WOO AMAZON 12th!!! Estoy muy feliz tu puedes desfrutar Cuenca, esta lugar tiene un essencia especial! Me encanta los edificios colonial y la feria de las flores cada domingo. Ya verlo? No se como salimos Iquitos, pero equipo Canada puede hacer todos, entonces, no estoy preoccupada como eso. Yo tengo suerte, y tu tienes buena karma, esta combinacion es una chimba para nosotros.
Hasta pronto, tu final besos de Colombia!
From Uncle Mike - Saturday, 3rd March 2007, 20:04 (GMT)
Hola atras mi sabrina: Buen swuerte con su viaje!

I love You very much too.

Talk to You later

Love Uncle Mike
Uncle Mike,
This place is great, for a big city it seems pretty cool, dirty air, but really nice people and interesting architecture.
Love you too, hello to Deva!
From Cailin - Sunday, 4th March 2007, 05:33 (GMT)
Just a pump up message for you:

I was just going to write the 'f' and 's' song but then I thought there might be young eyes seeing this. But you know what I mean.
Looking forward to hearing from you!!
AHHH Cailin, I was singing that just last night, when I found my bag was still in Canada. HOwever, the song grounded me, made me laugh, and then I drank 2 fantastically cold cervezas in my hostal with cool people. Ahhh life is good!
From Uncle Mike - Monday, 5th March 2007, 18:36 (GMT)
That's too sad You lost temporarely lost Your back pack,
Heather. But it sound far out down there! I'll be with You in soul...

Love Uncle Mike
It is far out. I have been the luckiest girl too. I am drinking a Cerveza Aguila from Colombia, in a local apartment chillin and killin,
Eso es la vida, mi encanta!
From Lauren - Monday, 5th March 2007, 21:38 (GMT)
Sorry you lost your bag but sounds like you're making the most of it so far!! Can't wait to hear more! Miss ya already!

Hey Lady, you know exactly how I roll! In fact, I am about to continue the good times. Today I went to a botanical garden and LOVED every single second of it. Will post picts soon. Hope the hole delivered! Love ya, come here ASAP!!
From Guero - Monday, 5th March 2007, 22:54 (GMT)
¡Buenas amiga! well nothing better than starting a trip in hardcore fashion eh? way to roll with the punches. your positivity in all situations is inspiring. i keep talking to more and more people about Colombia, and the overwhelming response is that its their fave country down here, i wish i could join you. disfruta vida bonita y escribe mucho. hasta pronto. muchos besitos.
Hey nice to hear from ya,
¿Como estas? ¿Como es tus trabajas? I love these upside down ¿¿ questions marks, they are awesome. I have been good, kickin´it with a people who are used to this city which gets me around quite nicely. The jardin botanico was SUPER chevere, you know what, your Madre would have loved it, you will have to send me her e-mail so when I get my pictures up I can send her the link of this page, there were some bad ass orchids and other crazy flores.
OK, well have a wicked day, come to Colombia if it gets to be too much, aqui, siempre tranquilo!
Besitos GUero!
From Isabel Garcia - Monday, 5th March 2007, 23:45 (GMT)
good luck with your trip. Have fun and enjoy every single second of it.
Hopefully we´ll see you in Huaraz in May.
Cuidate! Buena suerte!
Gracias Isabel!
Desfrutando todos ahora, la gente aqui son muy amable, y esta immersion en Españiol es perfecto para mi. Bogota es un ciudad muy interesante y con una cultura muy differente de todos las otras ciudades que me viste en Americasur.
Hasta Peru, y mucho cosas muy chevere en Peru!
From Velta - Tuesday, 6th March 2007, 14:54 (GMT)
Sounds like you had a bit of a rough start to your adventure. Glad you roll with the punches - besides - what can you do? I already have your site bookmarked. Looking forward to seeing your pics! Looking forward to your stories! Take care of yourself. I worry too!
GOod to hear from you! How goes the Lake Louise ladies club?
Everything here is so nice, thanks for your e-mail, actually instead of sending out mass e-mails I have decided to just post here, but it should be updated frequently.
From Leslie Marshall - Tuesday, 6th March 2007, 17:23 (GMT)
Hey there sista! Sounds like things are happening for you.... silly Air Canada, I should send them that song you wrote for them. = ) I hope you are living it up to the fullest, but I know you are and that makes me happy. It was sad coming home to no Heather but I know you'll be representing our team in great fashion in Colombia. I got all my shots this morning... 3 of them... and there's no one here to punch me in the arm... I can't wait to see some pictures, and hear some adventures. Missin' you already.
love leslie (Keep on rockin in the free world)
I virtually punch your arm Leslie. ouch. I will upload picts as soon as I GET MY LUGGAGE. Remind me to restrain myself in the airport. All should be well tonight, then I will just keep on rockin it! You and Lauren should book MP. I had breaky with a couple of dudes from the west coast who just came up from Peru and they couldn't get on the trail booking a bit in advance. Anywho, I have to run, Bogota summons me and siesta time is over,
From Leslie Marshall - Tuesday, 6th March 2007, 17:28 (GMT)
P.S I am just sitting here drinking some Mate and dreaming about the Andes... oooh yeah!
soon you'll be livin' the dreams baby!
From Tio Miguel - Tuesday, 6th March 2007, 22:16 (GMT)
Por favor no toma la aqua, mi hermosa Heather.

It sound like Your having a lot of fun though... wish I was there.

Love Uncle Mike
OK, I wont drink anymore. I promise. But I survived and the digestive system is running normally. hehehe.
Peace Tio!
From Cailin - Wednesday, 7th March 2007, 05:21 (GMT)
Hey Zaleschuck what up?

I'm having a glass of spiced rum with coke and eating some lindt chocolate as I'm listening to Gorillas. It's awesome! Anywho, I just wanted to say I am happy for you! And I am waiting in suspense about to see if you got sick. I hope you are okalee dokalee! I'm going climbing with Lauren and we will have a moment for you. I will have a climb in honor of you. Take care and keep us posted.
Luv ya Cailin
what a lovely little message. Lindt, ohh, que rico! I am super, the iron stomach prevails, soon I will go to the airport for the battle! Wish me luck and keep on climbing! Can you give your parents my website address?
Luv ya chica!
From katie - Wednesday, 7th March 2007, 07:47 (GMT)
hi heather
it sounds like you are doing good. people there seem really nice. that is so cool. i am in auckland right now, just got here. it is a really nice city so far as i have wandered. sucks you lost your bag. keep having fun.
Hey you know it! Katie, guess what, this is the first Latinamerican city where it is bustling with life, there is normal streets, full of traffic, mixed with horse carts. Yes, you read this right, horse carts. Dig it, you have to. Pobre caballos!
You keep on kickin' it Katie style, do something that scares you!
Behave though, love ya!
From Chocoleche - Wednesday, 7th March 2007, 18:35 (GMT)
que onda heather, gracias por el emial en español, tu español es mejor hoy dia, pienso que si.
Guess what we made ceviche with the dog mmm que rico!! I will save some for the iron stomach.

Disfruta mucho heather,, cuidate.

GUacala (olvido como deletreo) ceviche con el perro, Dañiel por favor! Pensando a ti el otra dia, me fui a el campo para tiempo mas tranquilo, y corriendo a mucho lugares muy impresionante! You would have liked it, check out the picts I post!
Besitos, saludos, y hasta Mexico!
From su tio - Wednesday, 7th March 2007, 19:16 (GMT)
Dear Heather: Even though I'm more anti-bush then the average canadian; please don't go to a protest! Why don't You go trip out in the jungle or hang out by the sea shore...

Love Uncle Mike
OK, OK. I wont go protest. Well, maybe from my hostal I will. From the hammock in my hostal with a beer, ranting and raving with other like minded backpackers hahaha.
LOve ya!
From Elliott - Thursday, 8th March 2007, 07:48 (GMT)
Holla Heather,

This planet ranger message board is pretty sweet... nice find... Sorry about the bags but ce la vie. Have a cold one for me, enjoy your adventure you lucky dawg... Namaste and Metta
Elliot! Nice to hear from you! Hows work going you lucky dawg, hope the weather is good for ya! I had a cold one for ya, and a hot one, that is, pure Colombian coffee, so rich and bold, but you have to order export quality for the finest taste. So today BUsh arrives in BOgota. Come down for the day and protest with me (wink)
Cheers bro,
Hasta Luego
From Paul Simon - Thursday, 8th March 2007, 23:44 (GMT)
Have fun Heather. We will be thinking about you while we slave away at our dead-end jobs.
Ha. Dead end jobs. Hows the golf season looking Paul? What about touring with the race car? Any more company cars or hummers to take for a spin? I am having an exhillarating time, and its nice to write little notes in english, as my brain has been doing overtime in españiol. Say hello to Mowgli and Ed!
From Lauren - Saturday, 10th March 2007, 22:51 (GMT)
So the Heather-withdrawl is setting in.....that plus the insanity of school that is my current reality.....dreaming of mosiquitos and hammock's and river cruises!!
Lauren I miss you too! I was just thinking of you the other day, I heard Gotan Project in a sweet little club I was in. Bogota is a rad city, the vibes here are great. Hey, one thing I am glad for, Spanish, it wouldbe impossible to get around here without it. Have you and Lester looked into any more classes?¿
Peace lady, hug the girls for me, how is everything going with that¿
From Amanda Barry - Saturday, 10th March 2007, 23:44 (GMT)
Oh my God!!!! Good for you, you sound like you're having a blast!! Along with some adventure. I want to go real bad!! I'm going to start planning a trip with Pat right away. I hope you get your back pack back! Hosta Luego! Amanda
Hey there you! Get down here ASAP, I know this continent would really intrest you. There are many other travelers here who amuse and provoke my thoughts, and the raw beauty of it all can captivate anyones imagination!
Thanks for visiting my site hehe. Ohh yeah, I have my backpack woo hoo!
From Ray (from Crux) - Sunday, 11th March 2007, 17:13 (GMT)
Heather, I must thank you ever so much for giving me this address. I'm happy to see your doing well... and that you survived both the water and Air Canada. I wish you my best.
Oh, by the way you have one more for the F**K Bush, and F**K Air Canada Clubs
Hey Ray!
Good to hear from you! Hope the crux is keepin ya busy! I have yet to climb, but will post picts when I do! Thanks for suporting the good cause, damn those Air Canada umm people, planes, whatever.
You missed some good riots. Seriously.
Anyhow, keep on keepin on, say hello to Joey at the Crux from Heather!
From Leslie - Sunday, 11th March 2007, 18:46 (GMT)
Good to hear you got your backpack... you wouldn't want to attract bears with the smell! = ) Well it's Sunday dinner at the parents and there is no Heather to be joining us.... awwwww. Enjoy your hammock, I definitely wish I was in a hammock, sadly I am studying. Those flowers are amazing! Must have been so beautiful. Miss you lots!
besos, Leslie
Hey there my summertime gardening amiga!
YOu would have enjoyed the botanical garden as well. Have a Joans coffee for me at dinner, as, sadly, I can not, alas, there is no Yukon Jack here in this joint. I hope school is going well, see the light at the end of the tunnel, andl earn some spanish, I forgot about how important it is down here. Museums and stuff like that...all the info is en Españiol.
Chill, party on Wayne, Besos muy grande a ti!
From dad - Sunday, 11th March 2007, 21:46 (GMT)
hey girl, glad to here all is well. the mexican girls are working out just fine. alexandra is really enjoying working with them. She is picking up Spanish pretty good. I am going to Golden on Tues. to deliver plants. going skiing at Kicking Horse on Wed. Almost 300cm of snow there. So take care, and of course keep in touch. dad
WOW! 300 cm of snow! Are you staying with Tyler? Say hello to Chels for me! HOw are my plants doing? I hope they live. Dad you would love the diversity in plant species here. Bogota has the altitude for I guess like sub-tropical things, inlcuding pine and other coniferous trees, but then you see like heliconia too. Then I drop down a few meters (ok a few hundred) and see the full on tropical latitude with orchids, coffee plants, and other exotic flowers.
Glad to hear all is well at the farm, dont work too hard!
Love ya, Hug Mom and Baba for me,
From Mandy - Sunday, 11th March 2007, 23:10 (GMT)
Protest for me too Heather! Sounds like things are going better now for you. Kick ass gurl.
Ohh they sure are! The beauty of my life right now, is that a single thing couldn{t possibly go wrong. I hope. ITs just so easy to enjoy what Im doing, as I have no obligations and learn something new everyday through some sort of wicked experience. Seriously, its great, everyone should do it. So the sat and sun Bush weekend, the whole town was dry, no one sold alcohol. haha Except our hostal. So in protest, Mandy, I had a beer for you. An excellent Colombian cerveza, nice and cold. Hope all is well in Calgary,