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From Leslie - Wednesday, 25th April 2007, 15:07 (GMT)
Hey there pretty lady...

Well I have one more final left... ahh, I can almost taste freedom, it tastes like.... jam??? haha, sorry my brain is malfunctioning due to studying. How are you though? I really enjoyed the story of the princess, I hope the princess also chooses to send some select photos my way! It looks like a beautiful and unique place in the world. Way to break down stereotypes Heather, adventure away!
Love you lots
Jam? How unexpected is that...maybe like something good or liberating, for example, one of your Madres delicious SPanish coffees...but then it would still not be freedom because the SPanish were colonizers...ahh here I go with my tangents. Its nice to hear from you. I am alright here in Bogota DC. I need to take some select fotos before I can send them your way, and my trigger happy camera finger is out of commission due to my discreet tourist persona. Anyways, yeah, I am livin the dream, feelin' fine, almost (see small entry from today) and happily studying spanish. Tonight I will go to rumbiar (rumba is the word for fiesta here, I love it).
I will email you soon with some goodies, mucho besos, cuidate!
From su tio - Wednesday, 25th April 2007, 17:43 (GMT)
Hola Princessa de mio; que onda? I guess for You lots! It sounds like You have got it made in the shade. Count Your blessings. You truly are blessed.

Love Uncle Mike
Hola Tio! Yo conozco! Claro, tengo mucha suerte. Eventually it runs out, I had a few mishaps yesterday, but I am counting those blessings, and do consider myself very lucky. I wish I could share these experiences with others who have never had them, I wish more people in the world had the thirst for cultural knowledge that I do.
Anyways, good to hear from ya, give the Abuelos a big hug from me,
Love ya!
From Ray - Thursday, 26th April 2007, 13:49 (GMT)
I' m sorry to hear about your card and voice being lost, but everything else sounds wonderful. I have to say, you have good eye for photography. I love reading about your adventures, and seeing your pics. Thank you.
Hey Ray! How goes it at the Crux? I have lost any clilmbing talent I have ever had, but Colombia is rich in hidden climbing spots, its nice. Glad you are checkin' stuff out, whats goin' down in Calgary these days?
Abrazos de Colombia, ciao!
From su tio - Monday, 30th April 2007, 20:44 (GMT)
Dear Girl From the Ice and Snow: Now You are getting out there or up there or something...Have a good one!
Pero muy cuiado por favor.

Love Uncle Mike
Siempre con mucho cuidado en las montanas. It was a good time, and our awareness proved to be a good thing, in terms of how the weather was for part of it. I guess Cocuy gave me a reason to come back to Colombia...
Hope all goes very well in your neighborhood, Ciao y BUenos Dias!
From Lauren - Tuesday, 1st May 2007, 16:56 (GMT)

Your pics are AMAZING!! They look like post cards!! Seriously, you should get a job for a travel magazine!! You look and sound so happy, its great to see!! I can't believe how long your hair is getting too!! Haha....I'm so girly!!

Miss you!
Lauren, thanks so much for the compliment on my picts, the best part is they are so much fun to take. A travel magazine would be the ultimate dream job! YOu soon will be as happy as I am, ahh the freedom of travelling! Haha, funny about the hair, I like girly comments, sometimes I am around too much testosterone anyways. I miss you too and loved your BSD picts on facebook, looks like a good time was had by all. I am going to go put up more picts now for your viewing pleasure and my memories online. When you travel I expect to see a site similar to this, its a great online scrapbook. HOWEVER, we will still have to scrapbook in the flesh one day ok?! I love ya lady, take care! MUCHO besos de COlombia!
From GrandPa - Wednesday, 2nd May 2007, 12:14 (GMT)
Hi Heather
Haven't said much, but I read and record everything that you send...
Great experiance for you and everyone that reads about it.
Love D
My Favorite Abuelo!
I am so glad you are checkin' up on my site. I am very lucky to have such technologically savvy Abuelos, really, its impressive to see how down with the latest gadgets you guys are, more people from your generation should be so cool! The more experiences I have, the more happy I am, as of now I am off to post more picts. When you guys made me the scrapbook of my last trip that was the absolute best Christmas present anyone could ever give me. Uncle Mike came in close with the ipod car attachment, but seriously, pictures are such memories and to be able to show them to peope totally rocks!
I love you guys, give Grandma a BIG BIG hug and kiss from Colombia!
From su tio - Wednesday, 2nd May 2007, 22:49 (GMT)
Hola Heather: Some of Your miraculous luck De La Princessa
has rubbed off on su tio. I finally got my promotion and am now a full fledged manager @ the shack! Whoopie! mas dinero por la familia....

Love Uncle Mike
NICE work Uncle MIke!
Knowing your people skills and knowing how Mom works as a manager proves to be a smart move at 'the shack' as I think managerial skills runs in your genes (I guess mine too sometimes). Enjoy, I am sure you deserve it and think it will be great! Check the site for some picts today ;)
Love ya lots Tio!
From - Thursday, 3rd May 2007, 04:00 (GMT)
O.K Freedom 55! i'm in! dad
Yeah Dad!
I liked your picts, Alexandra looks good! The ladies all look so cute bundled up, I bet they are cold! Hope the weather perks up, I just got back from a snowy wet glacier myself, but loved every second of it. I am a mountain girl, thanks to where I grew up I guess. Good job Dad! Have fun at Chris's b-day, give him a b-day hug for me, toman birthday porros ;)
haha Love ya
From Leslie - Sunday, 13th May 2007, 16:08 (GMT)
Hey there lady,

I am missing you and thinking about you. I just wanted to say how happy and lucky I am to have such an easy, happy, natural friendship with you! I hope all is well and you are having a blast.

xoxo Leslie
I MISS YOU TOO! We will rock it back in Canadia...we just have to work on the long distance relationship since you areleaving us honey pie. It can be done I guess...with lots of visits!
Eat some good Thai for me,
XXXXXO from Peru!
From the luckiest mom in - Sunday, 13th May 2007, 21:24 (GMT)
To my precious daughter,
As usual, su palabras tiene brought me to lagrimas (of course in a good way). This was the perfect gift, only the hugs & kisses when you come home can improve it. You took our "work hard, play hard" mantra and turned it into "work hard & play harder". Yo quiero tanto,
Hi Mom, back from trek, alive and well. Glad you liked the tribute, you deserve it! Thanks again for all the good Knutson blood, it made my tolerance over the past 8 days hold up. I am loving everything and will call you later aligator,
mucho besos y abrazos, give Dad some, and Baba,
tu hija
From Joan and Bob - Sunday, 20th May 2007, 15:36 (GMT)
Hi Heather,
Sorry it has taken me so long to say hello...I'm not very good at corresponding. I have been reading your entries and looking at your awesome pictures. What a fantastic experience you are having! We do think of you lots. Stay safe and well!
Lots of love,
Hello there! Glad to hear from you! The picts are fun to take, would love to be a photographer or something of the like...dream jobs I guess. The experience is great, very memorable. I hear the house sold, goodbye Marshall staircase and happy cooking memories, much more to come when I come camp in your front yard in the mountains (will landscape for tent space).
Hope work is going good, congrats to Bob for being done, what a great feeling that must be.
See you guys soon, this fall,
Suerte, besos, y amor!
From Lauren - Monday, 21st May 2007, 10:54 (GMT)
Heather, those are some amazing pics!! Wow!! Good journal entries too!! We in Phuket right now living the good life!! It has rained like a mofo today but we are heade to a more remote island tomorrow and are looking forward to seeing more of the culture!! Miss you lots and thinking of you often!!

Hey Lauren!
Glad to here all is going good. The culture is really what makes an experience sometimes. Can you say many phrases in Thai? Do you need to or does the majority of the people speak english? I miss you lots too, hope your weather is better and has less rain, eat some tasty Thai food for me and give Lester a kiss for me,
From Nathan - Monday, 28th May 2007, 05:49 (GMT)
Great updates! When are you going to be in Huaraz? I'm really hoping that our timing will overlap. If so, I may be able to put aside my abuelo reputation for one evening...
Hope all is well. chau
I am here, loving it, and wishing you were here! I have many many tips for you Abuelo, and am excited that you will get to return! Angie will be here for sure when you are here, and Damian will be in Argentina so if you can drop down and visit him! I will be here for maybe 3 more weeks. I would love to serve you a Pisco Heather, which lives on in 13 Buhos and now in the bar of Javier, Zero Drama. I hope work is going well and you enjoy my pictures. I hope they make you come sooner so we can meet up and do some climbing. probably the 20th at the latest (of June) here in Huaraz, the land we all know and love!
Besos Nathan, cuidate!
From Su Tio - Friday, 1st June 2007, 18:37 (GMT)
Dear Extravagant Heroine: My new favorite song is 'Wish Upon a Dog Star' by the Satelite Party. Have You heard it down there? You might think about writing a book of Your travels You really are a good writer...

Love Uncle Mike
Hello Tio!
I will have to find the song, have only been hearing the traditional music of the locals as I am in a more remote area of Peru with a large indigenous influence on the population. That is ok if you get behind on my letters, I would prefer that actually, I wish more people were. I don´t always like the obligation of the internet and contact with eveyone, but at the same time, what convenience! Keep those employees in line, I am sure you are a good manager.
I have to fly but take care and I will see you later,
besos de Peru!
From TREVOR - Friday, 1st June 2007, 19:09 (GMT)
Hey BUDDY! Munky but back atcha!

Im workin at a mine this summer and its f--kin RAD! Geology Rocks your world biatch!
Nice to hear from ya! The geology does rock my world, at there is no shortage of it here. I met a mining engineer from Vancouver here who can answer any of my questions about the rocks here. It is weird, the majority of mines here in Peru are CAnadian or Japanese owned...random fact of the day. They sure do exploit the lack of regulation here in lesser developed and regulated countries...greed overcomes capitalism.
Anyways, I am glad you could appreciate the monkey enjoy work, stay true to your own values (those mines can have some really detrimental impacts to our natural world...take care of it Trev!) and I hope to see ya later gator!
Besos from Peru!
From Zane - Monday, 4th June 2007, 17:01 (GMT)
God damn all of that sounds/looks like a good time, the closest I'll get here is going on a biking roadtrip in July and haggling for a didgeridoo at the lilac festival. Oh yeah I might quit my job to become a painter and make more money... I really want to operate a fruit stand but I think all those positions are taken. I'm keepin the place lookin good, and rockin hard, making sure the bbq gets used, and nothings broken dont worry :D.
Hey bro. Painter ehh...nice, you know, I see alot of artisan people who sell stuff here and make some should be like one of those travelling hippy folk for a while. Good to hear about the place, because my plants have been raised to a point where if they died it would be very expensive to replace them. They are my prized possesions, second to my car, and high above the BBQ. Take good care of them, yourself, and Mom and Dad, and enjoy your biking trip. If you go to Golden contact Chelsea and party with her bad self, she lives out there and so does Cailin.
Take care bro, hugs and kisses from Peru!
From tu madre - Wednesday, 6th June 2007, 16:30 (GMT)
Hola favorita hija,
re: less.#2 - even with eyes wide open and extra care, accidents still occur - oops re: less#1 - scarry, scarry stuff para mi- Take good care of my best girl! xoxoxoxoxomom
Thanks for making me feel better about #2. I always strive to be more like you and look at the positive things. TOday is a gorgeous day in Huaraz and I am going to go eat some chocolate cake,
Love you lots!
From Su Tio - Friday, 8th June 2007, 19:41 (GMT)
Hi Dear, please don't eat little lamby's or at least don't tell us about it. Yuck! It sounds like You are having a blast. Your cosin Deva is coming to town tommorow with little Conner. I wish You could see him.

Love Uncle Mike
Mi Tio!!
Hey, at least we know it was a happy lamb. He did not come from an industrial livestock operation, and was not pumped full of hormones, and hey thats life, especially for many who live here. I LOVE the pictures, Mom sent me picts of Deva, COnnor, Grandma and Grandpa. Positively adorable! I would love to meet him one day! I love you lots and am really happy that Deva got out to visit you guys!
Besos de Huaraz, Peru!
From Leslie - Saturday, 9th June 2007, 12:25 (GMT)
Miss you muchly man! Try to make some great plan of heading out to BC in the fall... although I suppose after all of your travelling you might want to stick to home. I can't wait to share stories and just see you again! Love you lot's

Hey there chica!
Will be a bit uncool to come home to Calgary sans Leslie, no more neighbor in Garisson Woods. I know how awesome BC will be though! I am sure there will be a few road trips back and forth from both ends! Hope you are rockin it Cambodia style and getting lots out of your travels,
big kisses for you!
From chelsea T - Saturday, 9th June 2007, 21:18 (GMT)
wow heather, I do indeed concur with your previous observation; that was infact a positively ostentatious sunset!!!
Hey you. Tell your Mom I miss her. Seriously. This is not a Mom joke. Your Dad too. Good old Godfather. Tell him I went to church the other day. haha SIKE.
Kisses from me to you!
From Su Tio - Tuesday, 19th June 2007, 15:29 (GMT)
Hola Heather! That was really nice to hear Your voice the other day. You sound wonderful. I hope You got Your camera. Love You.

Love Uncle Mike
Uncle MIke,
Camera received, back in action, expect fotos soon!
Loved the picts of Devea and Connor, he is adorable, good thing we all have Knutson genes!
Mucho besos,
hola to the Abuelos!
From Tu loco madre - Thursday, 21st June 2007, 17:30 (GMT)
Hey you, something happen to your other camera? Waiting patiently, well trying - loved the bike ad;) you & angie did - you should send it around....write soon
tu favorita mamasita
HOla Mamasita...
now that I am back in Huaraz you can expect an entry and fotos within the next few days, I promise. I love you lots, and have had such a good time playing in these mountains. I am so discouraged to be on a computer when there is so much opportunity around me. Speaking of this...its coffee time at Angies...gotta fly, mucho besos!
From chelsea T - Saturday, 23rd June 2007, 21:09 (GMT)
OY Heather, I miss vicariously living through your postings...long time no entry...que pasa mamma sita????
Life is good in Golden, days are sunny and I'm still living a very quiet life. 10 days till Laura gets here from England...then the summer really begins. Speaking of which I can't believe I will see you in a month!!!! seems like just yesterday you left.

I miss you summer fun isn't quite complete with you absent.
Hola sista¡
WIsh I could have spoken longer...damn connection! I am excited to hear about your MB. MBs are like your fav flavor of ice cream, you just can´t get enough, but too much causes pain. Especially if you are lactose intolerant (which has nothing to do with the MB)
OK rambling like you were right here next to me...miss ya mucho!
From Cailin - Wednesday, 27th June 2007, 17:12 (GMT)
Hey sista,

I got it right this name is in the sender box! Las fotografias son muy bonitas. You have to come rafting this summer. We have an Argentine guide who I am trying to speak espanol with. However, I realized at my first attempt that I already forget so much. I told him you would speak spanish with him so that means you have to come. Take er easy. luv ya miss ya
Extrañate tambien sista! Tengo mucho ganas a ir rafting contigo! Olvido mucho tambien, pero vamos a hablar, porque tengo que practicar antes Mexico. RAFTING...¡¡¡WOO DALE!!!
Besos de HUaraz.
PS I climbed a mtn for you...
see you in a month ish¡¡¡¡¡
From Thanks a lot MEC - Sunday, 1st July 2007, 21:23 (GMT)
MEC did do a good job! Espero por tu, comida Mexicano, burros, chelas, y cevichi, muchisimo, in that order!
besos grande