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From Guero - Tuesday, 3rd July 2007, 20:08 (GMT)
What happened? I almost fell out of my chair when i read you were down to three limbs! Hopefully all will be good, and you can still enjoy the rest of your time (why did i even write that? of course you will queen of divertida). Heather, you would have loved Manu Chao, he/they were un-funkin-believable! Adam has some video of it, make sure you see it when you are back in august before he leaves for latin america. Disfruta la ultima mes alla en sudamerica, y nos vemos en el oeste de canada!! ciao bonita!
besos, guero
Glad to hear Manu Chao was everything I expected them to be for you, lucky guy! My luck here has run out, the problem I was working on at Huanchac was almost complete and I fell and just landed wrong. So close to finishing it. Luckily Allen carries me everywhere and I finally have some crutches. It was intense pain, but ce la vie no_
See ya later Guero! Besos de HUaraz
From Su Tio - Wednesday, 4th July 2007, 16:10 (GMT)
La Larga Perdida Heather es Verdad, I hope Your leg is ok.
Did they xray it? I and Your Grandpa are doing fine. Grandma is not feeling very well. She went to the Doc.
I'll let You know what they say.
It sounds like You are having a marvolous time.

Love Always,
Uncle Mike
I was having a marvelous time, until I tore every possible ligament in my right ankle. Now I know how shitty it is for everyone in USA who has to pay for their medicare, and many in Canada as well. I will make the best of it, me and my little friend painkiller. Hope Grandma does better and say hola to Grandpa,
From dad - Friday, 6th July 2007, 03:51 (GMT)
finally some action on your site! the silver lining of your injury. Yes they are Lupinus. Glad you are resting those ligaments, as they take a long, long, long time to heal! Just ask Kailyn! See you on the 18th. dad
Hey Dad!
The plants that grow here I think would do really well in our climate. The high altitude and dry season make for some hardy flora...but this time I wont try to bring back any seeds, the whole legal issue. I love you, enjoy Ohio! Get another Mustang...byebye
From tu madre - Friday, 6th July 2007, 14:38 (GMT)
what, no pics of the cast yet?
I cut it off by myself in a cafe with help of other friends and a big giant tool thingy. Was totally unnecessary, swelling is going down with ice I am finding in various locations. Think in about 1 month can climb again..but its killing me to sit and do nothing. Love ya Mom!