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From susan - Sunday, 11th March 2007, 05:47 (GMT)
Strange to think of you still in NZ but we cant see you? Sounds like its all going well though. We have just returned from a fabulously hot w/e at Mahia with plenty surf and swimming. Did think it was a shame we couldnt share it with you. Still it was lovely to have you here for those few days. Enjoy your trip.
We really enjoyed our stay with you. We feel a little strange about leaving NZ somehow it all seems very familiar here. We meet up with Jo and Ernie tomorrow for a coffee and then head off early on Wednesday morning to Sydney. Glad you had a great weekend - we have continued to see the sun everywhere we have gone. Lots of Love K and K
From Your Favorite Son - Thursday, 19th April 2007, 11:50 (GMT)
Injury news from Mr Hamilton not 100% accurate. It was my back that I have hurt, no trip to hospital but some pain killers and contemplated not going to work as movement is now a bit of an issue. Hopefull wont last for long. Hope you are still enjoying yourselfs.

See you in less than two weeks.
less than two weeks - we will be home this time next Saturday - plus 7 hours. Sorry you are in pain, all that responsibility resting on your shoulders is affecting your back. Thanks for the message - only 40 more hits to break the 1000 mark.
From Your Favorite Son - Saturday, 24th March 2007, 09:29 (GMT)
You will be glad to here my tickets finally arrived for the football. I am about to set off for Glasgow with a touch of nerves as this is a typical game for Scotland to mess up. Hoping not though. Hope you are well.
Glad they arrived
From Gwen Wilson - Wednesday, 25th April 2007, 04:32 (GMT)
Glad you survived Oz and maintained this blog. Hope to see you again sometime.
We were really glad to have that time with you and hope that you make it over to Caledonia sometime soon; maybe with Shona's world tour of the exhibition - you have to exploit that Scottish connection.

God bless - hope your friend is okay
From unreal jambo - Thursday, 19th April 2007, 07:24 (GMT)
Don't go too near the South Pole. It gets a bit chilly. Unfortunately no appearance from George Hazel on the hallowed turf last night. But his son performed well once he turned up ten minutes late. Along with your son and heir and your truly he inspired his team to a narrow victory. Not bad considering that Dougie had injured his arm taking his t-shirt out of the cupboard. Those ones are always the most serious. Goal of the night came from someone on the losing team - Angus Moyes who beat each one of our team before launching an unstoppable drive past the keeper from 30 yards (well 10 maybe)
Sorry - did Douglas have to stay in overnight at RIE?

It runs in the family; on one occasion I was having a ganglan lanced - passed out and hit my head on the floor. Was admitted to A&E for x-rays in case I had fractured my skull. It explains a lot a know!
Maybe I can get a game on my return - if Dod can manage I am sure I can get my zimmer out for a trial run.
From Jo & Ernie - Monday, 5th March 2007, 02:38 (GMT)
Hi guys! Nice to know you are having an interesting time, on limited slumber or not! The weather has been rather lovely hasn't it! Looking forward to catching up for coffee?? between 10 & 14th march! Love to all.
AS you are workers, sorry to rub it in, what date will suit for you. We could go for nosh at that venue we went to last year if that suits Ryan as well; or some other arrangements. You chose a date and we will endeavour to fit in
From suan - Saturday, 10th February 2007, 06:33 (GMT)
Just a quick message as my tea is ready! Cant find your cellphones number - can you forward. All well here. Ta
It is 0273727688 is our NZ contact number. We plan to see you on 22nd Feb and will have driven down from Rotarua so will make our way to your place and then drop the car off at the airport or that is A plan.
From me again! - Friday, 6th April 2007, 10:29 (GMT)
At the moment i am paying most of the expenses for the car, tax and mot anyway. but it's ok you can have the car that weekend, i'm off down to london then. nout to do at work today as it's good friday and anyone with half a brain aint here!
Just also wondered how the garden was and whether the houseplants are still alive particularly my orchid!!!

Let us know if we need to reimburse you for anything.

Have a Happy Easter and love to all in Kincraig.
From Your farorite son - Sunday, 25th March 2007, 04:07 (GMT)
I should have had more faith. 88th minute winner, Hampden got slightly excited. Hope you are enjoying your trip to Melbourne.
Glad it was a good result. We saw Kirsty swim on the TV last night when we was 5th so we are looking forward to Friday. Hope you are not too busy at work. Will try and phone Claire at the weekend as have not spoken to her for ages and it is more difficult now with the clock change. Love M and D
From Tim - Saturday, 27th January 2007, 14:39 (GMT)
You're just showing off that you have a blog - nad know how to use it. Are you sure you want all your friends & relatives bombarding you with messages? Just asking!!
It will be very reassuring that in our absence a few friends are showing interest in our well being - wot do you think Bruce. Good on yah mate.
From polly - Sunday, 28th January 2007, 16:09 (GMT)
Bon vogage both of you. Hope this will be a time of real rest and refreshment for both of you. Make sure you take time to smell the coffee!

Her has the tea while Mr Cool has the cap of chinos - either way we have them avec choco lay
From Ally Mac - Monday, 29th January 2007, 10:42 (GMT)
Dear Intergallatic planetarians,

I hope you have a fantastic trip! May it bring many beautiful experiences through what you see and the people you meet. Given that i set sail that way 8 years ago i'm sure plenty has changed but if you'd like to pick my heed on any Australian matters feel free.

Lots of Love

AllyMac X
International Jellyfish of Mystery
Arrive in Oz on 14 March so we may well be seeking out good destinations in Sydney, Mel B, Tas mania & P WA. I think we have areasonable grasp of what to look out for at Uluru but please forward recommendations. KnK
From the real jambo - Tuesday, 30th January 2007, 20:32 (GMT)
Hope you arrived safe & well and are now enjoying the sights and sounds of Hong Kong. Remember and treat yourselves to afternoon tea at that posh hotel across the water.
I will keep ypu posted on any movements out of Tynie before the transfer deadline as I am sure you will be desperate to know!
Peninsula is the name that has escaped you and yes it is on today's itinerary - well there is no harm in looking !!
From fee fee - Wednesday, 31st January 2007, 22:29 (GMT)
never mind showing of that you have a blog,we are just impressed that you have friends! love from a family member,remember there is no choice with is Hong Kong? about time we had another blog thing.fx
supplied to demand 'old thingy'
From Dorothy - Thursday, 1st February 2007, 21:40 (GMT)
Great to hear the first leg of the journey has gone well and enjoying delights of Hong Kong. We are packed and ready for the 'off' tomorrow. See you in NZ. I have the words for 'Flower of Scotland'!
Hope you have been practising singing on your own!!!
From another sister - Friday, 2nd February 2007, 08:56 (GMT)
Glad to hear you have started the journey, albeit that the time has not caught up with you. It took me 4 days to get over our journey back to NZ!! The rice and veges at 3am in Malaysia were great to help with sleep and they only cost 30 pence!!!
Look forward to seeing you soon. Cant remember when you arrive in NZ? And do you have Claires NZ cellphone? Enjoy China. I think i could be ready for another holiday and a bit more travel. Love Susan
Well hello there China - except we might not this time anyway. We are practising for NZ & Oz with walking tours in HK. Today was all downhill but took 2 hours. Glad we took the tram to the top of the peak otherwise we would be more than a tad peaky oorsells. Arrive in NZ on 8th and with you on 22nd - we have a date with wildgooses on 21st in Rotarua. (Yes we will have Claire's NZ mobile) catchyalater. KnK
From Jill - Friday, 2nd February 2007, 10:17 (GMT)
Enjoying your travel log K & K - keep it up. Knackering week full of meetings and what not - we are off to Crieff Hydro for the weekend - hoorah! Continue to enjoy - jet lag sounds bad - no doubt K & i will suffer the same....take care Love JX
You are much younger Jill - oh sorry Kenny !!
Youare familiar with these parts and we are missing a local guide. Enjoy Crieff.
From Your wee Girl - Friday, 2nd February 2007, 15:04 (GMT)
Ello Parents,
Glad you're seeing the sights and being well educated. I'm at work, lots of nice people and more to do than my last one so largely keeping me busy. House still standing and car still moving!
Glad to have your news.
Mobile is about to give up the ghost and no where to recharge battery as the hotel - not the best, has no power points - but it does have power!!
Good news about the job and so handy - saves on bus fares as well.
LoL the old yins
From Susanne - Saturday, 3rd February 2007, 16:35 (GMT)
Sounds like you are having a great explore....!
I can just see you both wandering around and soaking it all up. You are clearly enjoying the haute cuisine -hope there are more pluses than minuses!
You seem to have done loads in your first week...keep us posted it's good to "hear" you
Not gone too far - well except HK and then Macau and 2morrow on to Lamma for a walk, It bit more crowded than Plewlands.
From Real Jambo - Sunday, 4th February 2007, 20:54 (GMT)
Wish I was there, the PARS boy will be over the moon when he returns from altitude as Jambos implode - glad you are enjoying yourselves - seen any good gifts, wholesale of course, we pay(sometimes) top US dollar. We nipped over to the home of golf yesterday for an overnight stay, was good to get away. Calcutta Cup has been kept down south - wunderkid Jonny W had a stormer. Back to the grind tomorrow - oh what joy!
I read in the press that Davos was not all it is cracked up to be, something about more skiing rather than working but it is all networking. Wonder if Dod managed to pick up a new centre forward or from what you infer - no longer needed.
We did hear that the wonder kid had strutted somewhat even with his mouth bashed in. Calcutta Cup every other year will have to do - I had an incling when our trusty capitano said that 4 times in 100 years is the average so Twickers will have to wait - we nearly managed it that year we were there. I think winning into injury time - old story. Off for a quite walk on Lamma 2morra - getting a bit sticky 2day.
From Tom - Thursday, 19th April 2007, 01:03 (GMT)
Sorry to interrupt, but do you have an adaptor to run electrical appliances in Oz. We bought some appliances in the UK and can't run them here in Oz
Hello Tom.
We have only brought a cell phone charger which was antipodean anyway so sorry cannot advise but an adapter should work.

Thanks for coming on - who are you ??

Enjoy your trip
From Anne - Tuesday, 6th February 2007, 17:34 (GMT)
Great to hear all your news....keep it up. You'll be glad to know it was snowing at North Berwick today but apart from that the weather was fine!
Love Anne W
PS. I am 100% sure who the blogger is, so can I claim my prize now please?
Noi you can't claim your prize as we keep changing each day? I think they think weather getting worse means hotter as it has certainly been that.
From Bella and Mclean - Tuesday, 6th February 2007, 21:12 (GMT)
Hi, Back from Davos ( where Geo was quoted in a german newspaper - shame we didn't know what they said he said! ) and Murren - felt nearly as warm as youse on the ski slopes - not ideal temperatures for the snow quality. We slithered down with very little style, but no injuries! Glad you are enjoying the hard life. Keep making us jealous!
Glad you had a good time with no injuries. Things continue to go well and we are about to head off to NZ in a few hours. We are very impressed with the transport system her George. L K and K
From The Wildgeese - Tuesday, 6th February 2007, 21:53 (GMT)
Hi, good to keep up with your travels. Glad you are catching up on jet lag. We had good but bit tiring trip out helped by 24 hours in Singapore (very impressive). Now in Hamilton, and caught up with Andrew -who has grown! He is in good form, very tanned. See you in Rotarua. Love J & D
Glad you arrived safely - we are heading for our flight to NZ in a few hours time so will be fighting with jet lag again soon!
From Bella and McLean - Friday, 9th February 2007, 18:27 (GMT)
Hi, Hope your bus trip is truly magical. Fiona and Anna ( alias Thelma and Louise! ) had a great time on the Ozzie bus. We are about to have february christmas - Iain and co are coming up this weekend, so there'll be 16 for christmas luch on sunday, complete with crackers, pressies, etc. Don't think Santa's coming, but you never know. The weather is quite suitable now! 26degrees sounds pretty good to us - remember the suntan cream! Good to know where you are - enjoy.
love B and McL xx
Ho Ho Ho hope it went well down the chimney and all that stuff and the big man is getting smaller and sticking to doctors orders. Speaking of which how are you doing in that department Bella.
We are well warned about the sun burn - I think they say 20 mins and you fry so that will be 10 for me and her.
Love to all and keep up the excellent work - I have stopped reading the MBC emails.