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From Becca - Friday, 20th July 2007, 01:36 (GMT)
Hey Gem, photos are awesome, looks like your having a great time Im so jealous. If your bored in London you could always do a wee day trip out to my old stomping ground of Hemel Hempstead. Its an amazing place! haha. Ok definitly do not do this unless you want to see lots of teenagers with babies and a town with more pubs than people! When you off to Europe and where you heading?
Im in SPAIN!!!!
From rachy - Saturday, 11th August 2007, 01:19 (GMT)
i hate you. im so jealous it hurts
haha love it!!!!! miss u like crazy my wee rachy!!!
From Nicole - Thursday, 16th August 2007, 00:09 (GMT)
Looks and sounds like you're having such an amazing time! Very very jealous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Take loads of pics of u girls in Pari if u see Mel! :)
will do but it will be a while before i can put them up seems to be the way these computers work and its so frustrating!!!!
From Jo - Friday, 17th August 2007, 00:40 (GMT)
Hi Gemma

Looks like your having an awesome time!!! All the places you are going look nice and hot - it's horrible, raining and cold back here. Finally got round to checking your blog, your doing a really god job :)

Glad to see your having fun, lots of the ladies from work ask how you are, so now I can update them on your journeys. Hope you keep having lots of fun, I'm sure you will. Now I want to quit work and go to Monaco!!

well if it makes u feel better im in Paris and its overcasr and a wee bit cold :) hope works treating u well!!
From Troy lawson - Tuesday, 30th October 2007, 03:08 (GMT)
just been readin bout ya travels sounds kike some crazy shit ya beein doin. somthin i want to do, im heaps jealous ey have fun be safe shake it dont breake it
u should do it ul have the time of ur life and ul always have a place to stay in london!!!
From Mum and Dad - Sunday, 24th June 2007, 22:07 (GMT)
Hi Gemma
Hopefully we are the first ones to leave you a message. Glad you arrived in Sydney safely on the first leg of your journey. Take care miss you already.
Love you heaps
Mum and Dad
From Carolyn - Sunday, 24th June 2007, 22:30 (GMT)
Gemma my dear i'm missing you already. Hope you're having a fabulous time in Oz. Just so you know, it's been raining ever since you left and the hot water wasn't working this morning so it was bloody freezing! Have a good time and i'll talk to you soon. xx
From Matty - Monday, 25th June 2007, 23:22 (GMT)
Hey Female,
Im glad all is going well for you.....missing you like crazy but that goes without saying....although I just said it. The warehouse is fa-reeezing, so I hope its warm over there. Kep safe or Ill beat you up, Love you!!!!! xx
Missing you to doodle, just put some fat on and ull be fine!! Love u 2!!!
From Dre - Monday, 25th June 2007, 23:49 (GMT)
Hay Ox miss you heaps already :)
Awww miss you 2 dre
From nicola - Tuesday, 28th August 2007, 02:25 (GMT)
whats this diet shit?? oe's are supposed to make you fat!!!
did you like my joke??
hope caro told it to you like she said she would.
whoop whoop.
she sure did i laughed like crazy! im on no diet dont know carols on bout, hope all is well from wat i hear ur having a great time!!
From Liesl is awesome - Saturday, 30th June 2007, 22:01 (GMT)
I keep bloody trying to go to this website but i keep typing in haha oopps my bad. Why would you be a lonely ranger i dont know?!?! Live it up in syd gem i am so jeallllous!
PEACE OUT DAWG! - (Thats the black inside me comin out)
u must have to be the blackest person i know, ur so cool!
From Mum and Dad - Wednesday, 11th July 2007, 02:57 (GMT)
Hi Gemma, How is it all going. So you have had a tour of London. I hope you dont think you have seen it all. Glad to see that Shaun showed you some of the sights. I think he saw London in about 4 hours and that was enough for him. Hopefully you will see lots more in the next couple of weeks. We had a bad storm here yesterday gusts of wind up to 130ks per hour. Power was off on the North Shore all evening. Will call you at the weekend to see what you have been up to. We are on the count down to our trip now. Miss you.

Mum and Dad
we did london in bout 3 hours i think with a very informative commentary from shaun. but have 2 weeks 2 see the rest by myself!
From Mallory - Monday, 6th August 2007, 20:00 (GMT)
Hey gem!! Finally found this page! I just flew into london this afternoon myself, got 8 days in england then to Rome, Spain,Venice and Paris...not 100% of the dates but i reckon it will be behind you...hope you gonna have a great two look after yourself!! We can share stories later!! Get excited!
let me know dates when u know and we shall see if its possible to meet up!
From MATTY!!!!! - Saturday, 11th August 2007, 23:22 (GMT)
Hey Female,
Just keepin my tab on you, making sure your still in one piece. Good to finally see your photos (and your face!!)...sights look cool, but not as cool as the back of civic!!!! wooohooooooo love you!!! xx
to hung over right now il email u later!!!!!
From Mallory H - Sunday, 12th August 2007, 20:54 (GMT)
hey gemma..good to finally see some shots..exciting to cos im yet to see these same sights..gutted about the vatican line length..i was excited about that! Im leaving guessed it..the day you arrive!! Gutted!!
You look like you are having a great time!!! be nice to have caro there!
Talk soon, miss ya!
yay im seeing u 2nite sooo excited!!!!
From Mum and Dad - Sunday, 12th August 2007, 23:46 (GMT)
Just looking at your last posting on the your site. Sounds like your having heaps of fun. Let us know if your rash has disappeared. Hopefully it has. Nice to talk to you Sunday night Always good to talk to you and to check that you are ok. Missing you but we only have 3 weeks of work left before we head off. So we also have lots to look forward to. Love you give our love to Carolyn.

Mum and Dad
all gone got rid of the last bit on my hands today and now have a cold its a never ending battle!!!! mite be catchin up with mal in Paris!
From Liesl - Monday, 13th August 2007, 09:14 (GMT)
Gemma i am impressed at your regular updating of this website, I didnt think you had it in ya and hence I failed to check it! Well you pass, keep it up!! glad your having an ace time! Miss you
Thnx im glad i have ur approval!!
From Mum and Dad - Tuesday, 14th August 2007, 20:38 (GMT)
Hi Ya
Glad to hear that the rash has gone and hopefully your cold wont last too long. Great to hear that you may catch up with Mel. I am sure you will all have a great time in Paris. Hopefully that will happen. Weather here is rubbish I expect you are still getting the really hot weather. I dont think I will enjoy that heat but hopefully by the time we get there it will be a bit cooler. Will has just walked in the door and he sends his regards. Talk to you in a few days. Love and miss you heaps.
Mum and Dad
haha you make me sound like a walking disease!! but feeling good this morning a bus got blowen up by terrorists here last nite but will explain more later cant be bothered right now
From anna - Monday, 20th August 2007, 20:33 (GMT)
hi gemma,
so glad your enjoying the chocolate, it was the hardest 2 kg anyone has ever had to pack. good job with the photos and stories, keep them coming. hugs for you, carolyn and mel.
haha thanx! the amazing thing is i still have 9 bars left!!
From Sarah - Sunday, 21st October 2007, 01:12 (GMT)
Another note... Just had a quick squiz at your lovely photos. Where are all the scenery ones?? Oh yeh and I was expecting some really filthy discusting ones from Octoberfest... Got any???
il put some scenery ones up for you and oktoberfest not really forgot to take photos once i drunk a bit much
From rachy - Monday, 27th August 2007, 23:10 (GMT)
im glad to hear the rash has gone too...
haha me 2!!
From Marty O'Fee - Tuesday, 28th August 2007, 21:18 (GMT)
Never mind telling your Mum and Dad you can tell me the amount of space cakes you have eaten and the hooch you have smoked. That's what you do in amsterdam. Sounds to me that you are having a great time. Marty
6 days worth so quite alot!!!
From Mum and Dad - Saturday, 1st September 2007, 05:53 (GMT)
Hi Gemma and Carolyn have just looked at Carolyns site again and enjoyed her description of Amsterdam. We have only 1 1/2 hours to go before we head off to the airport. Soooo excited. Not sure if Shaun is going to be at the airport he is going camping in Wales this weekend but next weekend we get to spend 2 days with him which we are really looking forward to. Tell Carolyn that we saw her ex boss last night (Robyn Roper) and she would like Carolyn to send her a message. She said she is enjoying looking at her site and what you girls are up to. Will phone you when we get to the UK. Dont forget I have my phone with us. Talk to you soon lots of love Mum and Dad.
you werent sposed to read that!
From chris - Monday, 3rd September 2007, 08:13 (GMT)
Hi gema haven't left you a message yet so here's one now. Cool you 2 having heaps of fun, keep caro safe and shit and keep on keeping on. Why you guys wait to get to amsterdam before you flip out I don't know but cool cool cool. P.s: See you this year!
took u long enuf! cant wait till u get her just make sure u stuff matty nice and tight in ur suitcase cause im sorry to say just you coming over wont be enough!!!
From Grandpa - Monday, 10th September 2007, 15:53 (GMT)
10 Sep 07
Trust me to do something wrong. - The message I left about 3 days ago hasn't reached you.

It was lovely to see your Mum and Dad.

Yes, I also read all of Carolyn's stories and enjoyed the pictures.

Gran and I went round Amsterdam once with a coach load of oldies (We two were the young ones!) The driver asked anyone who wished to to go round the pink area or the r - and all the ladies hands shot up before he finished.

The driver said that the men usually looked in all the windows to make sure they picked the ones who gave green stamps.

That's enough from me because your stories are much more interesting.

I hope everything carries on well for you.

Love from Grandpa.
thanx grandpa we r having a fantastic time off to croatia for a week tomorrow to get some sun