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From Kirsty B - Thursday, 1st February 2007, 11:15 (GMT)
Hi Tracey!
Sounds like you're having a great time, Fiji sounds gorgeous and I shall be putting it on my 'to visit' list!
All well here, nothing very exciting happening, except the fat that it is now almost light when i leave for work! whooppee doo!
Take care and enjoy NZ,
kirsty x
From STEVE - Thursday, 1st February 2007, 16:25 (GMT)
Wow, great to read this Trace! glad you having a great time. Youre gonna see loadsa graet sights and meet so many peeps, how cool!

Anyways, take care and well catch up sometime wen you is back!

Steve X
Hi, good to hear from you. Good luck with the music.
From Polly - Wednesday, 7th February 2007, 09:47 (GMT)
Hi Tracey

good to hear your news. I am finally getting somewhere with this writing, still keep finding more to do tho! Rain has stopped, cold and sunny in Bangor but snow is forecast!

Polly x
From Sally - Thursday, 15th February 2007, 20:47 (GMT)
Thank you very much for my postcard - it was very strange to sit in drizzly Wales reading about your adventures in Fiji and New Zealand!! The camper van sounds brilliant, and i'm glad to hear you are still able to cook! I'm off to write you a proper length email now...
Hwyl! xxxx
From Michelle - Sunday, 18th February 2007, 19:28 (GMT)
Hi Tracey, we have just found your site - I was still looking on the one with all those Father Christmas look a likes.
Love Mich
From Tomasz - Tuesday, 20th February 2007, 15:19 (GMT)
Hi there!
Thank you for letting us know about your blog! If only we had time to read it ;) We'll try!
Best of luck!
From Ais - Thursday, 22nd February 2007, 14:35 (GMT)
S'mae you guys, it sounds like you're having a brilliant time. Look forward to seeing more photos (the Fiji ones are great) and thanks for the postcard!
Hwyl am y tro
Ais x

From Sally - Tuesday, 27th February 2007, 10:49 (GMT)
This is my second attempt to leave a message! The festivals sound like a lot of fun, although I can't quite remember what sunshine feels like after a Bangor winter.... Good luck with the Kiwi search!
Hi, got your first message as well - Thanks - still haven't had time to understand this website. Had our first rain this morning but think it has cleared up a bit now for the surf competition. Lots of love
From Rhonda - Wednesday, 14th March 2007, 13:47 (GMT)
Hi. Just managed to find your page again. Was looking all through emails from you for it before I thought of looking on Mum's. Anyway, back keeping track of you. Great photos. Sounds like you're having a great time. Seriously thinking of chucking in my job...
From Beth - Thursday, 15th March 2007, 15:46 (GMT)
Hello, I've just caught up on reading about ur travels. Sounds great! glad to see you've not gone off ur beer if your pics anything to go by lol! Speak again soon m8 lots of love Beth xxxx
From Fernanda & Tomas - Thursday, 15th March 2007, 19:24 (GMT)
Hi Tracey!!! we are finally in Christchurch. We have arrived on Tuesday 13th. For the moment we are staying in a motel. We would love to see you. Let us know when you are coming to Christchurch. Fernanda's belly is starting to get big now!.
Hope to hear from you soon
Fer & Tom
From Ruth - Thursday, 15th March 2007, 23:11 (GMT)
Hope you're well. Your photos are great! I really enjoyed looking at them just now, it looks fantastic in Fiji and NZ! I'm glad the cow populations were well represented! Thanks for your postcard! I'm surrounded by sheep it seems now! Though they run away from me more than cows.
Take care, Ruth xx
Haven't worked on a dairy farm yet but hopefully before I leave New Zealand.
From Mich - Sunday, 18th March 2007, 16:42 (GMT)
Snow today.
House now for sale.
From Mich - Monday, 9th April 2007, 10:25 (GMT)
Happy Easter Tracey
From Polly - Monday, 14th May 2007, 08:56 (GMT)
Hey Tracey

Sounds like you're having a very interesting time.

I passed my viva on Friday - minor corrections... hurray!

Not sure quite what's happening next, still in Bangor for a while but Martin is applying for a job in Christchurch... we could be coming down under to join you!

P x
CONGRATULATIONS Dr. Polly. Sorry wasn't there to make a hat for you.
From - Sunday, 12th August 2007, 02:23 (GMT)
Thank you Gemma for your lovely message. I understood it all but I am not sure if anyone else will.
From Umer - Thursday, 5th July 2007, 10:22 (GMT)
Hey Tracey,

We got your postcard today, glad to know that you having good time. Keep it rocking!

Umer & Egenes
From aaron - Tuesday, 21st August 2007, 07:47 (GMT)
hi its aaron Pritchard I found
your website
Well done, I hope you like the pictures.
From Beth - Thursday, 27th September 2007, 15:58 (GMT)
Wow Tracey, your having an amaxing time by the sounds of it. I've just spent ages going thru ur diary been a while since i'd caught up with ur travels. I hadn't realsie u and sharon would be going ur seperate ways either! How long you guna stay out there for? Well I'm just goin in2 my 3rd and final year on monday, hope it goes as fast as last year!Had a lovel summer doing lots of campin with steve's van. Take care lots of love from beth xxxxxxxx
Yes time is going fast - you will be a teacher soon. In Australia for a couple more months. Should be back the beginning of next year.
From Claire - Saturday, 13th October 2007, 15:24 (GMT)
Hi Tracey,

Just been catching up on your blog. You have done so much since I read it last time. Seeing the whales must have been amazing!!! Very jealous. Sounds like you are moving about alot and have experienced the life on the night buses, which is interesting. How much longer have you got in Australia?

Claire x
I'm here till December sometime. I have to change my flights yet again. I am hoping to stay on some farms before I leave. Also I hope to do some volunteering with dolphins on the west coast. I want to see turtles before I leave as well. Not too fussed about seeing snakes although I am always on the lookout when I am walking. Michelle is in Australia as well now but I haven't seen her yet. I hope you are enjoying your job.
From Rhonda - Saturday, 22nd December 2007, 20:32 (GMT)
Bit of advice from big sis. Never trust bus drivers asking you out for romantic meals. Trust me. I know a lot of bus drivers!
Its OK I didn't have a romantic dinner with him in the end. Have a Happy Christmas. See you soon. I hope your arm is alright now. It must seem more Christmassy with you than here in Australia.
From Rhonda - Tuesday, 30th October 2007, 23:12 (GMT)
Sounds like you got a crow problem there Trace
The crow was not very nice to the Koala at all. Gladly the magpies have stopped attacking me now. No spiders, snakes, sharks or crocodiles have attacked me yet.
From Michelle - Thursday, 1st November 2007, 06:32 (GMT)
I'm glad I got a mention in your travel diary. It's hot/cold/windy/calm/dry and wet in Tasmania - all at once.
It was really cold today (Melbourne cup day). I thought I would wear a skirt for a change today because of the event but as soon as I got out of the door I decided I would have to wear trousers. At least the sun came out when we had our lunch outside. I have read about Tasmania in my guide book and it sounds very nice. I am glad you have a room for me. But I am not sure when I will be coming to stay.
From Jacek - Tuesday, 18th December 2007, 03:13 (GMT)
Hi Tracy,

Got you Kriss Mass card - thats such a nice touch of you!

Singapore may well rolez, I know someone who’s from there. Shall be reading your reporting’s with curiosity – have fun!

Mary & Kriss Mass and lots of polish ho ho hos ;)
Wesołych Świąt!
From - Monday, 24th December 2007, 19:04 (GMT)
Hi Tracey,

Just want to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Great New year.

Claire x
Happy New Year to you too