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From Cheryl - Thursday, 14th June 2007, 06:13 (GMT)
Oh I am SOOOOO JEALOUS of your latest photos. Looks like you had an awesome time in the sunshine. Good job! Love you both long time xx
Hehehe we had a wonderful time. Do you think you'll plan another trip to Europe? Would love to do some travelling with you! x
From Amanda - Friday, 4th May 2007, 06:24 (GMT)
Smile- it's the most beautiful thing you can wear X
Rangi will get to thinking dirty thoughts with quotes like that!
From Amanda - Thursday, 11th October 2007, 04:55 (GMT)
Where are we going when I get there? I fancy Portugal- what do you guys think? When do you get some more hols Loz????
Hi babe - my holiday allowance is renewed in Jan so when you get here, lets look ahead and plan something special! x
From Janna - Wednesday, 28th March 2007, 05:16 (GMT)
Hellllloooooooooooo kids,

Ah, you've both now flown out of my life and the tears won't stop falling, lalalalalalala. Stay warm, Rangi, cold weather requires lots of cuddles (you know what those are aye?) and just coz i can't sit on your knee anymore doesn't mean that you find someone else. Ok. I'm serious. No really. Loren, can you check out TopShop for me in London - I mite get you to possibly buy me some stuff and I'll put some money into your account - if you send it to me.

Luff you both, have fun, take care and send us some pics!

Janna Banana
Hehehe... Rangi wont be finding anyone else if I have my way hun, I will reserve him for you! ;) Will let you know when we head to London about TopShop... you & your shopping addiction!!
Pics coming soon... promise!
Loz xx
From Kiri - Sunday, 15th April 2007, 04:56 (GMT)
Miss you. Have had to educated Isabella about Man slap hug thingys O*O*O* Rangi's fascination with midgets would be a result of being one as a child - little man insecurity/inner voice etc etc. Hehe...
Luv yous - mainly Loren though
My midget fascination and the reasons for it is not suitable conversation for this G rated website. If you have any CONSTRUCTIVE information leading to the viewing of midgets, please post- there may be a reward.

Weather is great, wish you were here (HAH!), miss you heaps (DBL HAH!)

Love R&L O*O*O*
From Richard - Wednesday, 4th April 2007, 02:49 (GMT)
Did the midget have a wooden leg???
What was the attraction of tower bridge ... you have 6 photos of it .
You have done really well in london with all the attractions that you have seen so far .

Richard and Philippa
Hiya! No wooden leg sadly, would have been a nice bonus! Tower Bridge was okay - seeing it go up was the coolest (and free) part! Hope NZ's nice and warm for you... still chilly here but crisp clear days becoming more frequent (I sound like a weather report!)
Much loves,
From Amanda - Sunday, 22nd July 2007, 06:02 (GMT)
From Wayne - Friday, 6th April 2007, 10:33 (GMT)
Just a hello and nice to see your having a good touristy look around. nothing different going on here although mum and Morgan now on holiday while I have to slave on at work. Morgan & I painted the traile over the last 2 weekends it's a loverly lime green now (the only paint we had that wasn't for the house) thats the most exciting thing we have done since you left. I know we lead a dull life so we will have to keep checking this page to see what exciting things you two have been up too Love from us
Wayne & Mum
Just a hello and nice to see you've painted the trailer. We unfortunately can't slave at the moment- too busy being tourists! Will email you soon, not much to add either :) Love Rangi and Loren (she says say "hi from me")
From Amanda - Wednesday, 18th April 2007, 00:37 (GMT)
Hey you two-
Had a good day with your ma on Saturday- good to catch up. Hope you find a room/flat soon,
Thinking of you - Good luck for Wednesday Loz.
Hugs n Kisses from Sydney XOX
Thanks Manda! xxx
From Ryan J - Monday, 26th March 2007, 02:15 (GMT)
Rangi... If you coming to the US and A and near DC i'll be here till march 08.

Heading over to Rugby WC in UK in oct so will email closer to time to see where u at?

Cool bro, might see you here then. Watch out for the big fat ladies over there not all of them have money. Rangi
From Cheryl - Wednesday, 28th March 2007, 00:38 (GMT)
Hey there Loz and Hamster,

Sounds like your adventure is going brilliantly!! Your Papa is a star *

Stay safe, BIG HUGS to you both
Hi chick! Yes he is awesome, Papa & Audrey have spoilt us rotten so far! Will keep an eye out for hot boys so you can come visit... sadly nothing to report yet (they're 50+ in this town!) but will keep a lookout ;)
Big hugs from Hamster & I!
From Derek - Monday, 2nd April 2007, 00:58 (GMT)
Hey Longi (or is it Rangen?),

How is u both? Yeah I did a similar flight with Emirates to and from Germany - great airline, best I've flown. Have noticed Cat lives in West Kensington - that is where my cousin lives. Although, that is the area where all the Kiwis stay - will probably end up staying there myself! You MUST go to The Walkabout in Sheperd's Bush and Church while you're in London!

Anyway, keep having fun and I'll see u both in a few months.

Big D

PS. Here's a caption for your competition: "It's business as usual outside London's largest donut stop."
WRONG!! But Beautiful..... Is your cousin of Oriental descent? Haven't seen him yet... and only seen one midget myself (Loren has seen 2 and a half)
From scott - Thursday, 26th April 2007, 02:24 (GMT)
Hi you two,cant believe you are there!! I have been so busy with the business that time has just gone and i vaguely remember hayden saying you were off.Yes i remember the grotty flats and the job hunting but well done loren you go girl. Rangi get off your arse and find a job i'm sure there's something your good at!?! Enjoy london scott xx
Apparently I DO HAVE TO get off my arse........ I'm not impressed.... about time you replied to an email, slacker
From Amanda - Tuesday, 15th May 2007, 03:47 (GMT)
A photo of "Alison Cooper" Please!!!!
Will come soon I promise! I looked friggin awesome too! Such a good night - I am rating G-Cap conference above the NZ Radio Awards - big call!!!
From Amanda - Thursday, 3rd May 2007, 01:17 (GMT)
Also: Did anyone tell you yet that Mum's Aunty (Dorothy) lives right around the conrner from you! Wow! That means I have THREE ppl to visit JUST in Chiswick!
Really??? I should visit and represent the Cain family!
From Amanda - Thursday, 3rd May 2007, 01:14 (GMT)
I miss you!!!!!
I miss you more!
From Kelly - Thursday, 22nd March 2007, 20:48 (GMT)
Miss you already babe! Have a great trip, remember to take lip balm on the flight and GOOD LUCK for the interview!! Will be thinking of ya heaps. xxxx
Thanks hun! Totally needed the lip balm, I put it in my case as an after thought - so glad! Hope alls well with you & Nate! xx
From Mile Auimatagi - Thursday, 22nd March 2007, 20:55 (GMT)
Have lots & lots of fun, and
take good care of yourselves.
You might like to buy a lotto
ticket at the Airport before
departing, just as a souvenir
for your favourite client, NZ LOTTERIES.

Hi Miles!! I did consider getting a ticket for the Saturday night before we flew, but ran out of time with packing! Hope they arent changing the contracts too much on ya! Will let you know if the UK Lotteries have anything special or exciting to win - may buy ya a ticket! xx
From Kelly - Wednesday, 23rd May 2007, 00:33 (GMT)
Hey babes,

Missing you! Bump is finally starting to show, we find out if it's a boy Rarere or girl Rarere in five days... can't wait!! Hope everything's fabulous with you guys! xxx
Hiya! SO EXCITED! Please make sure you tell me the baby Rarere flavour ... even if you tell noone else! All is good here... Went to the charity premier for Pirates of the Caribbean 3 at Leicester Sq last night - first in the UK to see it! Loving this place ;)
Hugs to you both, L&R xxxxx
From Amanda - Sunday, 25th March 2007, 23:14 (GMT)
Hey guys- Miss you already =(
Hope the flight was all good and you both got some sleep!
Let me know when you have arrived safely at your Papa's house.
Love you lots'n'lots,
Hey love, arrived and hopefully not jet lagged... its been about 30 hours since we landed so a few early nights should see us right! Big hugs to my fave resident Australian ;) xx
From Vilma - Tuesday, 27th March 2007, 11:32 (GMT)
Had lots of sun today 24 degrees!!

Hope you had a good journey - lostaluv,
SHUDDDUP!!!! We had a gorgeous sunny day to arrive to but it was all lies! Today has been foggy ALL DAY (they dont have enough sun to burn it off!) and only about 7 or 8 degrees - jackets, scarves, beanie and gloves weather. Though all the locals were only in sweaters... Wonder if we stood out?! Was recognised as having a Kiwi accent - thanked them for not assuming Aussie! Missing the sun, and of course the families! Lotsa love xx
From Beno - Tuesday, 27th March 2007, 20:50 (GMT)
Good to hear you got there safe and sound!! Have a blast and make sure you drink some of the local brew for me!!!
Hey bro! (havent had a chance to say that here yet!) ...Rangi has certainly tried a lot of local brews, and Papa lets us know about all the good towns, based on how good their local pub is!
Hope you & Anna are looking to travel again soon? Come visit! xx
From Gaby - Tuesday, 27th March 2007, 22:20 (GMT)
Hey! Wow... it's so exciting (and geeky) reading up on your adventures! I'm glad you arrived safe and sound! Good luck with your interviews!
Fairy kisses, Gaby xx
Thanks Gabz! All the best for saving so you can come visit mmkay!! (Oh thats so high school isnt it!) xx
From Helena - Tuesday, 27th March 2007, 23:04 (GMT)
Yeay! You made it! Gosh - I can't believe you're there! Remember that you can go and snuggle up with my mummy and daddy anytime! Sad that you were so tired from your flight. I like doing it all in one hit, but I go with Singapore airlines and change once in Singapore. The stewaresss are the prettiest in the air! Love to you and Rangi - I shall have more gossip later. H
Heyyyyyy! I have thought of you often since arriving! Your home country is beautiful. PS: Emirates have some nice looking hostesses ... at least one on each flight anyway, so Rangi was pleased ;)
Goss to me when you have some thanks! xx
From shanon - Tuesday, 27th March 2007, 23:04 (GMT)
Hi loz
Sounds like your having heaps of fun you go girl!
Hi Shaz! Hope you and your tummy are looking well! Keep me posted on all the goss, I want to know everything ;)
Big hugs!