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From Lara - Monday, 25th June 2007, 07:03 (GMT)
Hey lovely lady, thank you so much for the flowers - they're absolutely beautiful + a massive surprise!!! Took some pics so will try + send them - currently still in a vase in the kitchen showing no intention of wilting!!! Hope things are good - when do you move on to Cape Town?

Keep in touch - Big love xxx
Glad you liked them and that Chris remebered. Just had my hair done and now sporting red stripes along with the blonde and chocolate! TO Cape on 10th - will be easier to talke then - thinking of getting a phone as well - All love xx
From Tony - Wednesday, 14th March 2007, 02:02 (GMT)
Fantastic!!!!Love your diary. Your trip sounds fantastic and I'm sure it's doing you a world of good. Keep it coming ....bring on the Aussies
Thanks my mate, just glad it is not sending anyone to sleep - would just like to sort out all the photos - so many of them to upload.Will start on Aus tomorrow, just need to leave a gap between them and the Kiwi's!!!!!!
From Dee - Monday, 19th March 2007, 01:29 (GMT)
What can I say?! Am still in awe. I keep hoping my lottery numbers come up and then I will be off!! Fantastic photos and great diary. Still haven't seen 'our' lion! :-(
Hi - thought you had left the country! THe boy is the star in the next show - is all ok there? - off to the beachtoday to see if there are any spare men hanging around
From Tony - Monday, 19th March 2007, 00:52 (GMT)
Oz must be good for you. It seems to have rendered you speechless.
Hi, only until later today - hope all is well. How is the house going?
From Kevin - Friday, 9th February 2007, 12:48 (GMT)
So have you finally gone?? Or will you be popping back in the office next week :-)
Good luck, and have a great time.
Yes - gone for good or until I decide to come back and haunt you again. Nice to be working with you again
From Marc - Monday, 12th February 2007, 15:38 (GMT)
Hello my dear, pleased to see you arrived ok. Most jealous, looks kinda warm there! ENJOY!
Wonderful place, wonderful country and warm! on the beach now and browning
From - Wednesday, 29th August 2007, 10:40 (GMT)
what you up to that isn't worth telling the rest of us about????
What started out as a daily diary has become a fortnightly diary. Give some thought to your avid readers---or should that be rabid/////love t
Just got back from a break - the words will start to pour later and followed by pictures - hold your horses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
From Tony - Wednesday, 14th February 2007, 15:17 (GMT)
Glad to see that you are up and running . I feel a little tension in your diary. Relax go with the flow..observe without being you
All is ok - seeing lots of new things - look for photos tomorrow. In Pattaya now on the beach toasting!
From Boris - Saturday, 12th May 2007, 09:54 (GMT)
Hello there! pleased to hear you eventually reached your first stop safely. have sent you some mail please tell me if the pigeon has landed with it.
Pigeon landed and message understood!!!!!!
From Chris - Friday, 16th February 2007, 11:16 (GMT)
Hey hey am very jelous u sound like u are having a great time, hope it continues.

Hope you have a great time in NZ an denjoy womad, it was a great when i went. Make sure u make the most of it, maybe have to stick to the main places/north island........

Dont worry about sandra be fine, make sure u enjoy it all and especially chinease new year.

Hey, So you are still alive. Thailand is fanstatic and have loads to write and photos to post when I can. Mike is going to collect from airport and Kathy is over as well. IS Womad rock or pop ad I can just see me as an icecream seller, cant you - as long as I dont have to wear a silly outfit! Write soon, love Mum
From Dee - Sunday, 18th February 2007, 12:48 (GMT)
I am so jelaous! Not sure how you have the time to do all you are doing and manage time to talk to us too! Great admiration for you. Love the photos - keep them coming! By the way your house is still standing! Enjoy and love to Sandra. xxxx
Lots and lots to tell. Will try and write some words tonight to go with picture once I have managed to download them all
From Dee - Sunday, 18th February 2007, 12:49 (GMT)
Mmmm........ somthing missing from those photos¬!!!
All taken by the locals!! and you cankeep most of them - large, fat and sweaty!! Congrats on the football result
From Lara - Sunday, 18th February 2007, 14:37 (GMT)
Hey missus - Sounds like everything is going well - the pictures look amazing am soo jealous!! Hope your having an incredible time and are at least a teensy bit excited now!!!!
Big love xxx
Big love back and yes I am having a wonderful time but struggling with the camera. When to Chinese New Year last night - real thing! wiat for the pictures
From Jane - Sunday, 18th February 2007, 18:04 (GMT)
Hi Kim,
Am green with envy - Stan and I stayed just outside Pattaya and loved it. Enjoy the rest of your trip. All our love, jane Stan and Jean
Marvellous place - love it here. Am going to Chaing Mai tomorrow in the hills. Thailand is a must for anyone to visist
From tony - Sunday, 18th February 2007, 23:46 (GMT)
Several tomorrows have come and gone and still the saga stalls .....lotsa lotsa pictures but what happened to the diary...too racy or too boring?
No time to write at present but lots to tell when the chance appears
From From Pat & Gordon - Monday, 19th February 2007, 15:49 (GMT)
Hi Kim Thanks for sharing your adventures with us you look ten years younger xxx
This is the most amazing place and I am really enjoying very mintue, UP to the hills today for a different view and then to NZ on 28th,
From Deb - Tuesday, 20th February 2007, 09:42 (GMT)
Hi Kim

Looks amazing and England feels even greyer than it did before!
Lovely to read of your adventures...more fun than the Archers!
Enjoy the dream!

The day you give up the Archers!! It is fantastic here, weather, places and people. Off to a night market tonight - pictures and words to follow. Big love xx
From Leslie & Paul - Tuesday, 20th February 2007, 11:23 (GMT)
So you have left already. What a clever website, bookmarked for the future. Nice to hear your news and see all the fun photos. Have fun.
This is the holiday trip, not the working kind. IN the north of Thailand now and cooling down a little after the heat of the south
From Dee - Tuesday, 20th February 2007, 22:27 (GMT)
Sandra to be pulped?! I hope not!! Only teasing. Mad jealous again.... you are with my favourite animal and he loves you! I want him now - the elephant that is - not the jazz singer! :-)
We are going to try and do elephants again and what size shoe do you take? - loads here and in sales and small, small, small
From Joanna - Wednesday, 21st February 2007, 14:41 (GMT)
Well, what a way to start this trip. I've only read as far as the 15 Feb so far and I am sick with jealousy already. I definitely need to get my next holiday booked!!. Kim it sounds amazing and the piccies are great. The River Kwai is such an amazing and poigant trip, its quite surreal and emotional. Can't you bring the elephants home, their gorgeous. Give my regards to Sanrdra and keep chatting up the men, keeping us posted with all the details. Love Jo
Am now in Chaing Mai, north of Bangkok and yesterday visited anonther temple by with views over the city - 306 steps up and the same down. WOnderful place and should be on everyones visit list
From tony - Saturday, 24th February 2007, 16:33 (GMT)
Great following your diary...all sounds and looks wonderful. Just when I had decided to get a I think I'll just share yours on planetranger...thanks
Don't do that - come out here - you would be at home with all the other ex-pats and live your life in style and have some fun!
From Dee - Saturday, 24th February 2007, 19:40 (GMT)
You look so relaxed and happy, great to see! We still haven't seen our Azlan Lion - plenty of others, but not Azlan. :-( If there are elephants and small size shoes, I got to get out there!! Loving this, wonderful to read and see all your photos. xx
Shoes are under five pounds - I have so many pairs now! You must come out and meet me next year - we can come here from Aus - just a short hop - This is really a wonderful place - could move here - 40k for 3 beds and pool in ex-pat community
From tony - Saturday, 14th July 2007, 09:39 (GMT)
Hallelui--whatever! Great to have you back. I'm sure that time on the farm is going to be life-changing.. but as I said before...'this could be the start of something great' Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!!!!!!!
Glad that you missed me!
From Robin - Sunday, 25th February 2007, 11:01 (GMT)
You are having a great time I can see. All well in Epperstone will tell Paula your schedule she is in wales
Nice to hear from you - hope you liked the orchids - will wait to hear from Paula
From Chris - Sunday, 25th February 2007, 12:10 (GMT)
hey hey ah it sounds so amazing, am really jelous of what ur doing sounds amazing, glad you found shopping even in another country.

Well excieted to try original fish cakes when u home. Also be looking for you in future films maybe....

Glad that the heat doesnt seem to be a problem any more, I told you that you would grow used to the heat.

A what i would do to be hot as and have a pool to relx in, glad u having a great time.

Love Chris
Heat and Humidity I can do and shopping is a foreign land is geat - just feels like you are spending a lot less than you are - will worry about the bank account another day and I can cook an mean Thai fish cake and green currey now - just don't like coconut milk! Big love to you and hope exams are ok - any results to pass on?