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From soph and fay - Thursday, 19th April 2007, 12:04 (GMT)
so where are you guys?
whats happenin? wassup? where you at dudes?
we're just chillin in london taan, angus is lickin hisself and so is fay......
drop us a line and let us know wot u been doin. we will continue lickin until then,

Soph and Fay x
Entirely unnecessary... N we're in Hong Kong. Getting fat on good food n drink. N losing weight from our pockets! This place is well expensive! Will be updating blog soon with more piccies but internet is not cheap so prob be next week when in thailand! Enjoy the licking till then...
From Taz - Tuesday, 3rd April 2007, 00:10 (GMT)
Wow, I feel privilaged that I am the first person to write you a mssg on your blog although the fact that you only left 14 hours ago might be the reason why. I feel abandoned youve gone off and left me! All the same I hope your first flight is uneventful and you land safely. Miss you loads already and am dreading the next few months. Hurry home! Loads of love n hugs and hey to Nick! Taz xx
From soph and Fay - Tuesday, 3rd April 2007, 10:18 (GMT)
hullo poo faces!
by now you should have landed....
we hope you are well.
write somat soon coz we want to read it. we live in london and are bored of each other. and we just worked out that Angus is just one letter away from Anus..... hes losing his appeal as a result....

spk soon and take care! and remember to rehydrate with sachets!
lots of love,

Soph and Fay x x x
Will do you nutters! Who couldnt love angus! Make sure u write to us a lot too coz it makes us laugh n we have to spend 5 months with just eachother! Still its going ok so far! I was a bit paranoid that we might find it hard to meet other people coz we're a couple but nick reminded me that so far we havent really be out drinking coz up early for all the sites, n we not in places for that long so we'll see when we get to thailand n beyond i guess!! xxx
From Taz - Thursday, 5th April 2007, 19:26 (GMT)
Hurry up and come home again! Miss you! Have played tricky every day since you left i feel like im turning into a computer geek! O and also jay is convinced there is a ghost in the upstairs floor cause he woke up in the middle of the night cause he felt something/one moving the covers and pulling them back. Ooo spooky. I refuse to go up there alone at night! Lol Hope u n nick are having fun and being safe! Tee hee cya xx loads of love n hugs xx
Hello!!! You KNOW upstairs is haunted! But if spend long enough up there i think they get used to u! Not that im encouraging tricky- i do know how addictive it can be (N i dont want to sound like a 'rent but) dont you have some important exams coming up?!?! Lol! Just so long as you're mixing the right amount of study n play then its all good! ;) n I am coming home soon just a few months to go! You'll get phil back b4 u know it n then only 2 months b4 im home 2!! Miss you loads too! Whens the prom btw??? xxx
From George Wells - Friday, 6th April 2007, 17:04 (GMT)
Hey entrapid travelers.

the adults playgroungs are indeed really weird. when i first saw them thought they were for large children. a paradox in china.

think they should be implimented here.

always get a card at whateva hotal you stay at for use with taxis, they will say anything to get you in then try and figure it out as they go allong.

Glad you both are having fun. one has to wonder if you had been a theer so quick would nick have strayed to the lady bar. for the ladies of course not but if they had offered a blackjack table you woulda been on your own Bex ;-)

keep safe guys speak to you later.

P.s. Nick do you feel weird being normal height ;-)
Lol!! I dont think nicks impressed by your comments mr.wells he's in a strop n wont write anything. Yes i know i'll always lose him to the blackjack... We're playing a lot of cards so he doesnt feel too home sick n hes constantly getting his arse kicked at poker! Hope you are well n keep in touch! N hows things going with the new team?? xxx
From fay - Saturday, 7th April 2007, 14:01 (GMT)
wow becky...

sounds amazing.seems like such a different culture.glad ur ok and seem to be settling into the travelling thang nice and easy.

LOVE the sound of the old people playgrounds...and well done for being a minnie pam with the bog roll.

stay safe and enjoy urselves..i look forward to hearing more tales from ur crazy new world.

miss u guys, send love to neeeek.

love u x
We met a w**ker in a bar in beijing who was explaining to his mate that 'backpacker' has lost all its meaning these days, because its so easy to do.. n they can bring their little laptops.. blah blah, he went on to why he hated all smokers except the chinese-obviously! coz they all smoke, n oh my god! the state of korea...if you'd seen what i've seen...blah blah blah.. the poor girl he was talking to just kept nodding he head. We suspected that if she'd have been able to get a word in she'd have asked him for a smoke!! But he did have a point the hostels make it really easy, but its good coz you can still explore n see the sights without having to go an mission to do the little things like washing n eating! Hows the pub trade treating you btw?? Hope all is good. xxx
From Taz - Sunday, 8th April 2007, 23:06 (GMT)
Glad to hear Nick refused the ladybar offer although im sure he wouldve suited it very well and been right at home! You see i promised i woul still take the piss outa you even if you were away. Trust you both to go to China loose your way to your hostel but find a maccy d's! I'm pretty sure thats fairly impressive. Today was Easter sunday and as easter sundays go today was no more eventful than previous ones as always he yearly easter egg hunt and jason joined in hunting for his manly yorkie easter egg! Aww bless. Mum was the last person to find hers much to jasons and i amusement (we hid it and it waqs fairly tricky to find - more amusingly everyone else found it before she did). I have a cold yet again whoopdeedoo. Im gna go to bed as im bored and lonely and missing you n phil and maybe even the ladyboy... Nick. Take care miss you and loave you loads xx
Oi! Maccy d's n KFC are everywhere here its hard to stay away from them! But dont be fooled n think you could hack it out here by surviving on fast food in my experience the chickens usually pink.... nice!
From Mum - Monday, 9th April 2007, 09:49 (GMT)
Hi Bex and Nick
Glad you've survived your first week without too much trouble. You were lucky to be able to replace your camera charger lead Bex. Do take lots of photos and burn them to cds every so often just in case!
We all missed you at Easter and wished you bon voyage. The family seems very fragmented at present. Still Phil and Jon will be home next month.
Enjoy Xian and do take care. Stick together at all times.
Much love, Mum.
next month!? I thought he was back in june?? N jons coming home too?? Will there be room for me to come back in August?! :'( ...xxxx As for sticking together we always are except in the loo!! hehee
From louise - Tuesday, 10th April 2007, 10:08 (GMT)
Hey bex, found ur wotsit from wen u looked at phils on my comp, haha c this, im on the ball! just to say how much i love the thought of old chinese nans and nandads on swings and that,!! how fantastic, please makesure u send me plenty of pics. oh and u r a peanut 4 forgetting ur camera thing, at least u got a new one! oh and nick at a ladyboy bar, niceee.......x x x
No lou! LADYBAR... not ladyBOY bar...Trust you!!! N he didnt go! yes you are as always on the ball! I thought about taking pics of the old dudes playgrounds 4 you but i thought it mite be a bit rude!! If i send you pics will you send me some of you n faye? I miss you both so much! Hope your exams are going ok!
From mum and dad marsh - Tuesday, 10th April 2007, 20:29 (GMT)
Had a lovely time reading your blog. Found it quite hilarious. Glad Nicholas did not go to the lady bar, wise boy. Hope the taxi's are not too expensive as it appears you two are spending a lot of time in them. We are all well here, lucy wasn't well over the weekend, very sleepy and not at all like Lucy. Do let us know when you try the local food, as it appears you only eat western, and when in rome etc. Mind you do avoid the toilet pig and try the urinal cow.

We had a lovely easter weekend and ate too much chocolate, but hey ho soon be christmas and we can have some more.

anyway will speak to you again. good travelling.
You'll be glad to know taxi's are as cheap as chips and we have now plucked up the courage to try local nosh (no sign of toilet pig yet!) and found it very tasty. went to a huge duck restaurant and feasted on a whole daffy till we were stuffed (see pic of chefs carving ducks). we are now in Xi'an until the 16th when we depart for a 24hr journey to Hong Kong.
Anyway, hope everything is well and we miss you all.
From Alana - Thursday, 12th April 2007, 14:42 (GMT)
Ohhhhh becki u crazy english woman!! i cant believe your journey to the hotel...i knew u would cause a scene as soon as you got there! the f--king ambassadors HOUSE?!?!?! he must have loved you guys! its so mad thinking of you in china...i looked on the map just now and it is ages what are the plans now?where is the country where you have to make your own way down to the station or something?oh and when/if u manage to do it make sure you let me know how it went...and all the becki hiccups along the way! haha...cant believe nick got asked to a least u know where to find him if you guys have a barney!! anyways my dear...make sure u look after yourself...and nick keep an eye on big boobs! keep in touch and let us know what your doing!! lots of love alana xxxx
Babs you do realise that 'mother pam' n everyone else read these yes?!? (Just making sure) It wasn't in the ambassadors house it was his gatehouse. N we didnt get to meet him! :( But i've been wondering ever since if its a chinese dude who is good at english or an english dude whos good at chinese?!? Anyway.... you did GSCE geogers alarns! You should know where china is! We're off to HK on 16th April n then we have a few months to get ourselves through Laos, thailand, nepal n into India. But i will keep you all updated no worries! Good luck with all your exams! xxx
From Taz - Thursday, 12th April 2007, 21:39 (GMT)
Hey! what the hell is up with you? Why are't you messaging me back hurry up please extremely annoid lil sister is sitting in england playing lots of tricky! Newayz mums off to germany tomorrow so yh will be just men here i.e. dad n jason for company which of course is excellent but ah well nm miss you xx
Hey sorry havent been replying we got a bit confused as to where the message bit is! It was just showing as no messages n we thought we had no friends!! :( Tis all good now have replied to all! Lots of love xxx
From Claudia - Friday, 13th April 2007, 11:54 (GMT)
Hey Bex!!
Wow!! sounds amazing!! hope u r having a good time on your travels!! It sounds as if u are having a very "Beckyish" time!! haha!! Sorry I couldn't make it 2 ur leaving do... was workin! hope they gave u a good send off!! xxxxx
Hey!!! Hope you are well n enjoying uni lots. I am getting more nervous about it the more i think of getting home! Yes thanks im having a very 'becky' time. Ney bother about the 'do,' was only me, alana n lou in the end but we had a good evening! Twas lovely to hear from you! Hope we can meet up wen i am back in august- tell me when your about! Take care xxx
From fay - Friday, 13th April 2007, 23:34 (GMT)
1.i KNEW there were no messages cos u hadnt figured it out u daft cow.
2.upstairs in ur house IS haunted...i beleive it to be swore it was, said he heard many strange things and mum saw a ghost up there too. life is ok..getting busy now the sunshine is out.but its good fun.
4.....miss u x
yes alright... it wasnt just me though... was nicko too. n we got there in the end! Am imagining leigh n lil' dulwich in the summer time n sad to be missing all the bbq's n stuff. Its probably because we jsut figured out we're hitting most our destinations in monsoon/rainy season!!! We are in HK now though n is lovely, but is quite rainy every now n again n expensive! yes i know upstairs in my house is haunted, phil said he saw things but i think he was making it up to scare his lil sister! Miss u 2. Catch up soon! xxx
From George - Saturday, 14th April 2007, 11:44 (GMT)
I was most impressed with the picture of the wall that is great. I can clearly see that it is indeed a great wall. I would commit further and say out of my top 10 favourite walls it ranks quite highly.

Whos the guy at the summer palace? You two making friends.
Yes I would agree, if I was to come back to beijing it would be for the great wall. Also, if it's the summer palace picture I think your talking about then Bex is not impressed (hehe). :)
From Garry - Sunday, 15th April 2007, 08:46 (GMT)
Good to read you're doing fine, you should have worked harder at the Mandarin though; what's so difficult? I left on Friday and had a drink with a few of the team, you're missed by all. I look forward to seeing the photo's. Take care and have fun. No need to reply. Garry.
Well i will reply coz its nice of you to send me a message! I think about HSBC far to much than is needed n im soooo glad to be away from it! I heard you have a nice new job in london?? Hope it is better than HSBC n pays well too!!! I do miss the team n wonder how they're getting on with george i ask him but he never replys n considering he mistook me for a man in the photos! i think it'll be a while b4 i forgive him heehee Take care x
From CLaudia - Tuesday, 17th April 2007, 17:48 (GMT)
Hey Bex!! (And Nick of course!!) Yeah will be great to meet up! Im going to Oz for a month and get back at the end of August so we will have to meet up and swap travelling stories!! lol! Hope youre having an AMAZING time and keep posting info so we all know what you are up to!! xxxxx
From fay - Wednesday, 18th April 2007, 18:23 (GMT)


please x
Nice to know we have fans....
From Taz - Friday, 20th April 2007, 22:32 (GMT)
Hey poos,
hurry up and reply to us lonely folks a home im bored!
xx luf luf xx
Get a life.
From Taz - Saturday, 21st April 2007, 23:33 (GMT)
Hey i'll have you know i do have a life other than the fact i should be revising constatly i spent today with friends at adventure island... the new ride has a part in it that looks like a giant yellow penis! HAHA lol yeah im sad. Anway good photos am liking the HK skyline at night very very cool and prettyful! Hope your having fun and sorry but not everyones old enough to go around the world yet! Ah well at least im not old... like Nick... Hope all is well love love xx
Nick refuses to reply to you as he's taking the higher more mature ground! :P Hope your revising is going well! Have you done the oral yet???
From fay - Sunday, 22nd April 2007, 12:11 (GMT)
photos = awesome.keep em coming.

miss u x
From Mum - Tuesday, 24th April 2007, 12:28 (GMT)
Great photos Bex. Glad to see you're still smiling. I didnt realise terracotta warriors were housed in a modern hangar. Seems a bit weird.
We're all up to our eyes in work-Taz, revising, me with GCSE orals etc and Dad is sinking without trace! Cant wait for the hols! Phil's in Ecuador now i think- last leg before he returns. Cant believe he will be home soon.
I still havent got round to tidying your bedroom yet- its a daunting task!!
Keep blog updated regularly. You must be on way to Bangkok now so hopefully it will be cheaper AND WARMER there. Lots love Mum xx
Still smiling?? Why wouldn't i be?? Im in Thailand! They cannot have the warriors out in the open can they?? Cannot believe Phil's in Ecuador i didnt even realise he was going there! Hes such a monkey for losing his phone i really would have liked to talk to him about places in HK/Bangkok where to go etc.. but hes so hard to get hold of! Warmer is an understatement!! We are in the hottest months of the yr here n in thailand thats saying something! As for the room- i said you can always leave it till i pack up for uni when i get back?! Any word from norwich yet?? Love xxx
From Louise - Tuesday, 24th April 2007, 15:34 (GMT)
hello u, how are u guys? did u get my (v.long) message that i left on here? it hasnt appeared so mayb i did sumthing crazy to it. anyway how are the two of u gettin on? saw the pics of the underground tomb thingy, looks very impressive. wen u get bak u can start buildin me one if u wish. wot i basically said in previous msg was for u 2 to write sum more, im getin v.bored of checkin it and findin nothing new. i think u may find if u dont update it soon u will start loosing fans! anyway Faye and I are good, bak up the hill of Keele now, picked up her pics from nursery, they are v. cute! id love to send u sum pics if i can, want more of u to show faye. that reminds me every time we drive past ur house she says 'i wanna see bex', bless her! anyway missin u lots and lots, oh and btw cud u let me know if u can receive texts? as hav text u a couple of times but not got a reply.... , hope u guys are havin a fantastic time x x x x x x x
Hope oyu are ok. Am missing you loads. No im not getting any texts not since the kate n the baby one. We did get your message here though but i hadnt replied yet so i didnt post. I have just written an essay so hopefully you will be pleased with that for a few weeks before we have more news. I do have other stories obviously to tell u about at home but for now we have to keep it pretty short! Have brought u some presents frm a market in china i will be sending stuff home soon! I hope you will like them... Hope you are both ok n i want to see the pic of faye i miss her a lot!! N u 2 obviously!! How are the exams have they started or finished?? I dont know!! I did try to call you whilst in Hong Kong but you were engaged so hopefully will try again in Thailand if you tell me the best time! Love you guys
From Nicks Mum - Friday, 27th April 2007, 12:29 (GMT)
Hi Nick and Bex, lovely to read your essay Bex, you seem to be having a really good time. The photos are great, its amazing to see your photos almost as soon as you have taken them, good old internet. Whats Thailand like, lovely I bet, have you got to the beach yet? Where is your next Port of Call?
Only a week to go to our holiday now - hooray.
I had a little accident this week and run over a duck on the drive, I did not see it and just heard about four thuds under the car and looked in the rearview mirror and there stood a very dazed duck. She was right in the middle of the car so just got her head clunked a few times from bonnet to boot. Then i went out in the back garden and a beautiful cockatiel flew down so I caught it and kept it overnight and the RSPCA came and collected it in the morning from work. She was starving and very tired. She will be re-homed if nobody comes forward. Geese are sitting on about 7 eggs, hopefully we may get some live hatchings this year. Nothing much other than that happening at moment although Anthony is bringing Darcy round to stay for weekend, so my dogs have gone into hiding.
Speak to you soon.
love mum and dad
hello mum! as you can see by bex's messages bangkok was really hot but we mannaged to stay out of the sun most of the time so no sun burns (yet!). we are currently on an island off the east coast of thailand called Koh Tao learning to scuba, we just had our final exam which bex did really well and got 48 out of 50 and i only got 100% hehehe!! (bex is not impressed). All is good except the constant rain since we got here (which should go away on our next stop). and we should be updating the blog in a couple of days with more pics. anyway of to eat some beach bbq food, hope all is well with everybody. lots of lve nick xxx
From Mum - Saturday, 28th April 2007, 08:25 (GMT)
Dear Bex & Nick.No, Bex no word from Norwich yet but funnily enough I bumped into John Wonnacott this week and he asked after you and Phil. He was quite surprised you were starting in Norwich in Sep. as thats where he used to teach. He wishes you well.
Taz and I feel pretty stressed at present-exam term. Still my orals are out of the way now and my pupils did as well as expected. The girls were so nervous, one girl thought she was going to faint! I remembered you and Mr. Harrington! Happy days! Taz has her French oral this Rhursday and at last she is prepared to let me help her-better late than never!
The sun's shining here at last -should be a good weekend. Phil's flights were mucked up from NZ. Quantas had overbooked his flight so they had to put him up in a hotel for the night and he flew the next day- that meant he missed further connections. I dont know wether he made the inca trail as a result. As you can imagine he's furious. SO BEX I suggest you check all is runningto schedule 48 hours before your major flights by phoning the airline or going online-just in case.
Take care in that heat out there-keep out of the midday sun, wear sunscreen and a hat.
Keep in ouch-much love, Mum xx
We are in Koh Tao, an island in south of thailand at the moment, Its still hot n pretty humid most days but nothing like singapore. Its been rainy almost constantly! N the skies are always full of cloud so no need for hat n sunscreen really! We havent seen the sun in days! N at night with the fan on in the room, i have to get in my sleeping bag coz i get too cold!! N the rain has come down so hard some nights it wakes us up! I can't believe i'm in thailand sometimes. But the weather is not really affecting us, as the temp. is still ok much better than in bangkok (was unbearable!) Not much else to write yet really! We will update blog when we get to Ko Samui- another island n hopefully the sun will come out n we can get a tan! We have lots to tell u soon!! Glad orals are ok. Guess taz has done hers by now. Tell me how she found it n stuff would be nice to know. We will check are flights before we go. All our prebooked ones we get emailed about before we go n can check in online which is good! I suggest you do the same if possible with your carribean flights. Otherwise when you get to airport everyone will have checked in an got seats together n u guys will be left with whats left! Also all the airplanes now have this thing about carry liquids on the plane. You can check on internet but bascially you cannot carry anything in handluggage bigger than 100ml. N all stuff you do has to be in a sealed plastic bag (they do provide) n go through x-ray machine seperately. This includes all bottle water, deaoderants, make-up- i.e. foundations/moisturisers. Check it, before you go!
Ok thats all really. Stay in touch with all gossip from home! How is dad?? Not too run down i hope! Love to all bex xxxx