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From Mamu - Saturday, 5th February 2005, 18:12 (GMT)
Dear Marg thats very nice gee its like having a traveling journal. I,m glad I got to open it now i,ll be saving it in my favorites so I can keep checking into it,I Love you a lot,,,,,,,,,,Mamu
From Curley - Friday, 4th February 2005, 22:55 (GMT)
Hey taxi cab, Love the photos shit now i wanna go back ive been looking at my photos for so long it brings back memories to look at someone elses.... Miss ya dude will talk to you soon (litterally) -curley-
From Jeni - Saturday, 17th June 2006, 03:50 (GMT)
Imagine, as you are sniffing clean air, the smell of taco seasoning in a place where no real food is cooked........ponder that this summer and help me to understand it......miss you much pal!
From Lindsi - Friday, 10th February 2006, 02:42 (GMT)
Wow, i am so envious! I need to go on trips with you! what amazing sites. :) Thanks for sharing!
Hey, next time I go, you are always invited!
From annie - Monday, 7th March 2005, 00:12 (GMT)
hey freak... :)
From Mamu - Thursday, 7th April 2005, 00:10 (GMT)
Dear Margaret, Gee I really enjoyed the pictures, Made me wish we were young again, DZ and I, We had a lot of similar adventures , But those days are now, in our memories only,
We Love you a bunch,
Mamu and DZ
From Big Ian - Thursday, 29th September 2005, 02:49 (GMT)
What up, Big Marge?! Cool site.. I know you have more pictures you could post though!
From Kodak - Wednesday, 26th July 2006, 05:39 (GMT)
Ha! I finally got a chance to stop by and see what you've been up to. Miss you much lady!
From vicki Marks - Thursday, 29th June 2006, 01:49 (GMT)
I love that I can follow your adventures on email. Im on my way to England for a month - taking the girls and grandma for a holiday.
Hope to see your mom soon. SO very proud that you are adventuresome.
Love, Vicki and thanks for the beautiful pictures!
From Uncle David - Tuesday, 1st August 2006, 00:29 (GMT)
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Uncle Dave
From Uncle Joe - Monday, 12th June 2006, 17:21 (GMT)
Hi Margaret! Sounds like you're having a great time. I'm jealous. Wish I could take a long road trip out West, too. Someday.... Hmmm diet black cherry vanilla Coke sounds good. I had cherry vanilla diet Dr. Pepper and it was very good. Bye...
From Jen - Monday, 12th June 2006, 18:00 (GMT)
How cool is this! Thanks for sharing. I will let Trish know about this site too.
From Mom - Monday, 12th June 2006, 02:35 (GMT)
Hi Margaret, Your Dad and I loved the pictures. Can't wait to see them all! We miss you already but have a super time!
From Eli and Sydney - Monday, 12th June 2006, 11:30 (GMT)
We miss you...........
From Love Mamu - Monday, 12th June 2006, 15:10 (GMT)
Dear Margaret your first groupe of pictures were great it started me on my journey to find the picture of DZ sitting on a bench with a Blond Floozy in the back yard o
f Wall Drug where i,m also sitting on a mechanical horse, keep all the pictures coming,,,,,,,,,Love Mamu
From Jeni - Wednesday, 14th June 2006, 01:39 (GMT)
Ok, you are so funny. If my husband can have a CDL, you can too! He had to drive a big-mother RTA bus to get it too. Will you have to do that? Maybe you will have to drive that square thing on wires (in your pictures) while you yodel....yode, yode, yodel le heee hoooooooo. I am very happy that you are finally in Montana. I hope its all it was cracked up to be.....and more....just like the MDK! Miss you much gal pal.
Thanks Jeni....tell the young ones that I have been thinking about them too. We'll get to King's Island one day!
From Mamu - Wednesday, 14th June 2006, 11:31 (GMT)
Dear Marg, No one ever said Life was easy, and the DMV proves that,,right? Love M:
From Mom - Wednesday, 14th June 2006, 14:13 (GMT)
hi babe, i'm sitting here in tears looking at the wonderful adventures you've had so far!! i'm so proud of you, my adventurous daughter! jan and i can't wait to visit you in Whitefish this summer to do the Going To The Sun highway. keep on truckin' girl! love, mom
From JennAFAR - Wednesday, 14th June 2006, 23:43 (GMT)
LUV these pics & travelogue....esp. the ones w/you and Rebecca! Miss both of you guys from folkie school days.
Happy travels...looks like good digs for the summer. Keep posting pics!
From Aunty Hanna - Wednesday, 21st June 2006, 19:06 (GMT)
Hey Margaret,
Sounds like you are having a wonderful experience in Montana. Looks so gorgeous there. I hope that all your "charges" are as interesting as the group that you are intertaining right now!
I watched a TV show last night about the famous Whitefish caviar that come out of Kalispell MT. They catch the fish in Flathead lake, remove the eggs, make caviar and then sell the fish.
They featured a restaurant called Cafe Max (Macks) where you can eat both.
Looks yummy!!
Love you,
From Nemo (Neems) - Wednesday, 21st June 2006, 20:50 (GMT)
I will I could be sniffing the wilderness air along with you!!!
They do make a fed ex box that big :) You might not fit in my PO box though!
From Henry - Wednesday, 21st June 2006, 20:51 (GMT)
I would love to play frisbe in the mountains!
From Eli - Thursday, 22nd June 2006, 15:51 (GMT)
Thank you for the postcard. That is really cool about The Going-to-the-Sun-Highway! I may have to take that back to school with me.......
What can I say.....I try to make you the coolest person that I know :) Tell all your friends about me...
From Mom - Sunday, 25th June 2006, 22:12 (GMT)
Hi Babe, Fascinating information and so cool that you are meeting such a diverse group of people! Enjoy every minute! And don't forget to check out my page, for my latest pics!
love, Mom
From Sydney - Thursday, 29th June 2006, 03:45 (GMT)
Guess What?! I am getting braces! I am so excited!