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From Grandken - Monday, 4th June 2007, 07:26 (GMT)
Hi Liz and Michael,
Great to read of your many (very many !!!) visits to churches, squares, restaurants, etc.
Yes, a great win to the Hawks over the Power. Looks like Melbourne clubs might have a chance this year - there are 5 of them in the top 8.
Essendon are still there - managed to hold Sydney off to win by one point !! Excellent.
Have sent a birthday message to CK. Hope it gets there by the 7th. Our love to you both . Keep well - those colds don't sound so good . G & G.
Hi Grandken & Grandma, Thanks for the birthday msg in advance!!! It is so beautiful here - did you come to Cesky on your travels? Love L&M xoxo
From Clairey - Monday, 4th June 2007, 11:06 (GMT)
Hi guys- I'm not sure if you received my text... spoke to my Dad and he is more than happy to house you and guide you if you are anywhere near Fyvie, Scotland, on your travels. He would love to help you on your way, if you are interested, email the address I have included. Still love reading your stuff!
Lots love,
Claire (andB,P,&I) xoxo
Hi Clairey, thanks babe yes I did get your text! Sounds great. We think we will be heading that way, so will definitely contact him if so. Thankyou!!!! xoxox
From Jude - Monday, 4th June 2007, 13:59 (GMT)
Off to CK today? Monday. Hawks did well Michael as did the Blue Boys!! Record today Lizzie - 4 DPs in one day!
Talk in CK?
Mum XX
Hi Mum yes we are in Cesky Krumlov - it is beautiful here! Great re footy - Michael listened live. Excellent DPs! Well done. Yes I'll org a phone for us soon xoxox
From Jude - Saturday, 9th June 2007, 05:30 (GMT)
Michael, you are a special person - getting the cake and friends organized for Lizzie's birthday. It was strange not seeing you on your birthday, but glad you had a gorgeous day! Love Mum (Jude) XX
Hi ma, he IS a special boz!!! Was weird not seeing zou too, missed zou lots. thanks for pressie! Love L&M xoxo
From Sharon Britton - Saturday, 9th June 2007, 12:12 (GMT)
Happy Birthday Liz, hope you had a good day on the 7th.

Sounds like you two are really getting around. Will you be visting Scotland, as you know Steve has relatives there you could look up.

Michael the Hawks aren't flying as high as they were, swooped by the Swannies. Bad luck!

Well the drought is finally over here in Sydney, flash flooding and fallen trees. Ships beached and cars underwater.

Laters from Downunder - the best country in the world!

Love Aunty Sharon
hi auntz shaz how are zou? we know it is the best countrz dont worrz! at least the kezboards tzpe correctlz there.... had a great birthdaz ta. zes, will get back to zou re scotland, when we have some free wireless internet happening. Love liyyz and Michael xoxox
From Sarah - Friday, 10th August 2007, 00:18 (GMT)
Hi Liz
Glad to see you got rid of that hairy bloke that seemed to be lurking around you at Oxford. Portugal looks fantastic and I'm happy that Michael seems to have met up with you there.
Enjoy yourselves.
Lots a Love, Sarah Oz xx
Leave off my beard Sarz, just because Jamesy can only grow bum fluff!
From dale - Sunday, 19th August 2007, 01:49 (GMT)
Jaws fine, still blending my steaks though. there are a few thing to see in Madrid, Prado museum, Parque del retiro. But don't get confused with the museum de jamon. It's really a cafe, not a ham museum. Best way to eat dinner is to get a little tapas at each bar on a bar crawl. It's apparently what the madridians do! But don't be offended when they give you a beer half filled with froth. It's also what they do1
Will you be back for finals?
From Ken & Dawn - Tuesday, 21st August 2007, 01:39 (GMT)
Hi Liz & Michael,
Certainly IS hot in Spain !!
Great to hear your news each day. Talk to Fred about Gaudi. He's a devotee!! He is just home from UK yesterday.
We are still at Coolum - had a week at a timeshare at Nerang (Gold Coast) and a weekend with David & Sue Brown at Toowoomba. We are flying home on 28/8 just two days befoe you arrive. Be wonderful to see you.
K & D XX
Hi G&G cant wait to see you too!! Gold Coast sounds great - must have been lovely catching up with A&L, plus D&S. See you very soon! Love xoxox
From El Christo - Friday, 22nd June 2007, 11:25 (GMT)
Gee michael's got it over you for the rest of the year liz, blame carlton for that
and many more teams and people to have it over to come. How's the job?
From Sue - Monday, 25th June 2007, 21:53 (GMT)
Early on a cold wintery morning so thought I'd just write to say Good Luck for Saturday. Both teams going well so should be a close one! Mark and Bree very excited about the unnamed (at this stage) girl and all well. We are all well. Toby about to start playing footy for Eden hope. Ben has retired - couldn't walk for a week after playing on e match here! Take care Sue
Hi Suzie, well it's stinking hot here.... which is good unless you're out sight seeing all day and have no way of escaping. Not complaining at all, but boy is it hot here. We head to UK soon so I'm sure we'll get the cold weather and rain then :) Not talking about footy anymore, dont want to put the moz on. Were very excited for Brie and Mark also, can someone email us some photos. Good luck Toby, and Ben couldn't walk for week after footy 6 years ago nothing has changed! Off to Florence today, hoping to explore Tuscany a bit more yippee!
From Jude - Tuesday, 26th June 2007, 13:25 (GMT)
Great photos of these magnificent ancient buildings! Well done in the Sistine Chapel. Remind us to tell you about our experience in Naples.
Hi Mum! Can you not tell everyone your experience in naples???! x
From Sue Sloan - Monday, 27th August 2007, 00:21 (GMT)
Last message so I am a bit sad. But I guess you are probably at the point of being ready to come home and see everyone and also get in to the spirit of the footy finals. Hawks doing very well and Collingwood hanging in there and Lorne had a close one ( one point!)
Take care and have a good trip home. Sue
You are right Sue, we are ready to come home; It has been wonderful, but now it is time for home and being at the finals...... CDFL and AFL!!!!!! Cant wait, thanks for all your messages and updates, really appreciate it. See you soon. Michael & Liz
From Craig - Wednesday, 27th June 2007, 18:58 (GMT)
Michael, this weeks game will reveal to us the extent of your welcome in the North of England. You should be praying for a Pies victory.
Well, with the threat of terrorists and the fact that I have no accom in Northern Englandf, it looks like I might be home a little earlier...... Or maybe Flapsy may go back on his ultimatum and welsome us! GO HAWKS!!! PS: Hi to all the Sloans and other Wisharts!!!
From Jan Borwick - Thursday, 28th June 2007, 03:07 (GMT)
I would like so send some photos of Tilly Brewster Borwick. Looking for your email address.
Cheers from
Nanny Jan & Poppy Geoff.
Hello Grandparents!!!..... Please send the photos to
From Dawn & Ken - Thursday, 28th June 2007, 06:48 (GMT)
Hi you two,
Just caught up with your news of the last few days. Sounds great but hot! Very hot. Real winter here. Temps down to 3C at night, up to 11 -14 day (Ballarat 9-12 ???). Severe driought in Gippsland only a few ago, now ti is raining cats and dogs, so much so that the roads are blocked and some of our friends, bound for Merimbula, have to stay at home for a few more days. We fly to Coolum to be with Andrew et al on 26 July. Rather warmer there, we hope.
Hope to meet the Partingtons at a timeshare at Cedar Lake for a week in Aug.
We are well. Hope all continues to go well with you. Looking forward to seeing Alex on Sunday at M.R. Love G & G XOXO
Hi G&G, heard Sunday went well - Alex had a great time. We have had a shock in terms of weather....from 35 in Italy and Nice, down to about 3 in Lauterbrunnen in the Swiss Alps last night! Oh wow it was chilly. And our little 'heater' blew out cold air! Have fun in QLD and give our love to the other Merrys. xox
From Banx - Thursday, 28th June 2007, 07:40 (GMT)
Hi baldy and Liz
It's great to see you are both still having an awesome time. I love all the photo's especially.. Only news I have is Lee and I bought a house. 94 Otway street and Lorne A grade have won 4 games so far, that is the most i have won in a season since I have played for Lorne. Take care. Keep having fun.
Hi Banx, Congratulations on your new house!!!!! Wow that is great news. You must be so excited. When's settlement? xox
From Catherine - Thursday, 28th June 2007, 10:52 (GMT)
Seems like yesterday we were in Rome but all was closed due to the Pope's funeral! No traffic though and lots of beautiful music piped through the city. Glad you're enjoying it
Love Cath and Fred and kids
Hi guys, we thought it incredibly busy and it was just a normal day in the life of the Vatican - can't imagine how crazy it must have been when you were there! xo
From Sue - Monday, 2nd July 2007, 22:13 (GMT)
Congrats you were just a little bit too good! But the most exciting footy news was the fact that Lorne Reserves lost all their points at 3/4 time cost they had nineteen on the field! Have just heard its been the coldest June on record! School holidays but I am working this week and taking off to the family farm next week. Take care. Sue
Hi Suzie, yeh just got over the line. Listened on the internet and must have looked like the right-twit jumping up and down with earphones in. Ah well made for a pleasant day on the bus. Enjoy hols!
From Sue - Monday, 3rd September 2007, 01:08 (GMT)
Welcome Home!
Thanks, glad to be back - except for Hawthorn's pitiful perfrmance!!
From Jude - Thursday, 5th July 2007, 07:18 (GMT)
The towns of Cinque Terre are beautiful - definitely would like to do that walk (or climb!)
How do you go back to the previous pages? Can somebody help me please?
Hi Mum, you just go to the bottom of the photo page listings and click on 'more'. Then they are all displayed. For diary entries, go to the bottom and there is a box where you select which date you want! xoxo
From - Friday, 13th July 2007, 03:30 (GMT)
Hello travellers! It would be enough to put me off coffee!
Have had a lovely weeks holiday up at the farm and it is a big weekend ahead. I am 70 tomorrow - lots of parties ( as its the last one that I will remember) and then Tasmyn will be 4 on Sunday. Go the Pies against Geelong. I hope that Hawthorn do better than last week. Take care. Love Sue
Happy Birthday Suzie, i'm sure there'll be plenty more you will remember.... you're a machine!!
From Beno - Sunday, 15th July 2007, 08:54 (GMT)
Liked the look of my cafe. Thanks for guarantee about competition! I'd love that photo when you get back, love Beno XX
Hi Beno, I'll email the photo to your hotmail address!
From Jude - Sunday, 15th July 2007, 11:39 (GMT)
Managed to get all the videos to work! Lovely singing from Notre Dame. Thanks for all your news, lovely to catch up,
Love Mum XX
Yes the singing and organ in notre dame was a real treat. Glad they all worked - took about 2 hours to upload i think! xo
From Janet - Monday, 23rd July 2007, 12:08 (GMT)
How good is this. I haven't had time to read your page for quite some time. I have spent about 2 hours scrolling through and have caught up at last, albeit because you haven't made any entries for some time. Danny palyed footy this weekend and said he heard that you will need to get into a fitness routine when you get back Michael, not sure what he means. Time is ticking away and before we know it you will both be home on Aussie soil. In the meantime stay safe and enjoy
Love Mummsy
Glad you're enjoying it! You will note a complete up-to-date-ness now. Bloody hard work! Time definitely ticking away. Love to all xoxox
From Sue S - Monday, 23rd July 2007, 22:09 (GMT)
Hey, I hope that you are no where near those floods. It is supposed to be summer over there!! Lorne footy going well, as are the Pies. But I'm playing it game by game! Did anyone tell you that Ally and Anna are having a bub, very excited. Take care. Had a fantastic 70th. I have already invited people to the 80th! Love Sue
Hi Sue, glad you had a great party. No we're are not near the floods, although still getting wet. Will be in Portugal soon enough... sun sun sun! Love us.