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From nina c - Tuesday, 15th February 2005, 09:33 (GMT)
hey ya
dont tell me you dont know who missy higins is!!!!!!! your so crazy.
i know who she is...i love her. thats so cool!
i am back home now so i will do one more diary entry and upload my final pictures so keep checking. hopefully see you soon!!! its great to be back
From Justin - Thursday, 27th January 2005, 02:26 (GMT)
All I have to say is

OH WOW....

I don't know when and I don't know how, but Catherine and I are going to stay in that very unit.

Ha ha ha
hope everyone at home is well. cant wait to see how big juliette is....
have fun
From Hayley - Friday, 21st January 2005, 07:49 (GMT)
hey hey sugar! how are ya?? its 6pm and its sooo hot here i'm sweating! bet ur having such a good time. life is so boreing back home. claud and i are going to big day out this weekend which should be good but can't really imagine claudia blending in with the crowd :P u know its funny i rarely see u girls that often but i miss ya'll so much! When do u guys come back? send all the girls my love. Hayley xox
thanks for check out the site. Everyone says hello back. Will be back on the 17th... will catch up before Uni goes back. HAve fun
From mat - Thursday, 25th November 2004, 10:05 (GMT)
Hey Brig,

Trip sounds great! If you get a chance go to an ice hockey game in Vancouver!! Great fun.

Enjoy the skiing. Very jealous would love to be back there. The skiing is awesome as you see. See if you can get a job in the Fairmont Resort (v nice and lush). We went to dinner there and some aussie girls were working there.

See ya
I really really wanted to get to an ice hockey game but the whole league have gone on strike and there is no hockey season this year. Its a huge drama over here!! maybe we will get to a local game?? when it gets colder we are doing the whole ice skating on the lake which will be awesome (except i have a friend who broke her arm ice skating, the second day she was here, ouch)
From Jude - Thursday, 25th November 2004, 10:25 (GMT)
Hi Brig - the travel diary is a great idea. We really enjoyed Vancouver last year but agree it was freezing. You will love Whistler it is so pretty, be careful on the ski fields remember I got knocked out by a rogue skier and ended up in hospital! If you get some cash saved have a back massage at the spa at the Fairmont Whistler, it was fab. Have a great time!

love jude
I am so sorry its taken so long to reply. I applied for a job at the Fairmont but they had already done all their hiring for the season. O well...
I will try save some cash but my funds are disappearing so fast. Hope you and ur baby are coming along just fine...i am so excited!!
From Justin P - Tuesday, 30th November 2004, 21:58 (GMT)

You do know we are all living our lives through you at the moment? Sounds fantastic - even the part about you freezing with no job and a bear in there.

U Justin
Thanks for the message. I have so many jobs now i had to quit one this morning. It was pretty scary I have never really had to quit before and what was worse...I really liked the lady.
From Helen - Thursday, 2nd December 2004, 02:39 (GMT)
Hi Brig
It's Thursday.Harry finally finished school yesterday.He was peeved because Churchie and Grammer were the only private schools that hadn't broken up. Anyway I havent seen him since. It's the dreaded Carols tonight for Mitchells school, then we're off to Straddie too on Saturday. Looking forward to that! Although we can only stay till Wed arvo. It's booked after that.... all the way through the entire hols! We're trying to book Lady Elliot in Jan. That'd be great. No cooking!!! And lots of snorkeling, which I love!!
Happy job hunting.
Ciao for now, Helen
Come on...I am sure the carols can't be that bad. i can't wait till all the Christmas festivities begin here....I have always wanted a white christmas. Although i think it is going to be really cold. We are freezing already and its only about -4 degree. Apparently it gets down to -20 degree which will be interesting. I am so jealous of everyone who is in Australia summer at the moment and even more jealous of everyone at straddie.
Have fun
thanks for the message
From Martine - Sunday, 5th December 2004, 09:26 (GMT)
Hi Brig
We have just arrived at Straddie and we have web access. Thought your mother could see how things are going but you must be having such a good time you haven't had time to up-date your diary!! Elliott left today after his plane was delayed 5 hours. Mum will write soon.
Love Martine
Hey is Elloitts site the same as mine but with his name instead. i will have to check it out. tell mum i am still awaiting her message and i hope she is glad i passed uni....
have fun
From Kate - the fav sis! - Sunday, 5th December 2004, 23:19 (GMT)
Hey hey hey!
Well it looks like I am the only one who writes to you on this! I have just had a look at Adam's - trust him to have written something everyday! COmmon Brig whats going on!?!!? hahaha Roma was awesome! Stayed up all night (literally) The music plays till 6:00am! We got back to amandas and slept ALL day! Was awesome. Just working at Moreton now - Can't you tell! Have a really good story to tell you should I email your hotmail?
Okay will speak soon,
Have fun!
Love Me!
hey hey katie,
did you get my text message? I'm not sure if they are working. Hope moretons is fun fun fun!! have to run, have fun in the sun. ok thats bad.
Speak soon
From Nan & Pa - Monday, 6th December 2004, 13:18 (GMT)
I think this is just great. We looked for your results in this morning's paper but couldn't find them no doubt because we didn't know where to look. We'll have to get them from your Mother. Her phone doesn't seem to work on Straddie which is a pest! Elliott left for New York yesterday. He had a bad cold so we hope the plane trip isn't a nightmare on his ears. He'll have a great time. His first stop was L.A. and Disneyland. Prue had a good report from Loreto - and now she's leaving !!. Pa is going up to
Hervey Bay to-morrow to bring back Aquation. He's not going if the weather is foul-says he's had enough of those horror trips on the high seas. I'm really scared he'll get washed overboard.
Do you model the fur coats before you sell them??? Are they fashion items or practical ones e.g really for the snow. Where are the Greenies over there?? I presume these jobs are in Whistler, are they? Cheers
Yeah I am pretty happy with my results. Just glad I passed considering I had such a busy term organising this trip and coming back from Europe 3 weeks into the term. I am so jealous of Elliott...i really really want to go down to NY. I think we are going to organise a road trip somewhere soon which will be good.
I have actually just come back from my first day at the Alaska Fur Gallery. It was interesting. I also got a job as a nanny today but don't think i can do both so have to quit one. Thanks for the messages.
Stay in touch
From Nan - Tuesday, 7th December 2004, 00:55 (GMT)
Have just found your results. Congratulations. 3 credits and a Pass is quite presentable. You must be pleased.
Guess what! my marks have been upgraded to 3 credits and a distinction. so excited. I am not sure why they changed but i am glad they did. I am also 1% off getting a high distinction for one subject so I am going to ask for my marks to be reassessed.
Speak soon
From Nan - Saturday, 11th December 2004, 00:50 (GMT)
You will have to pull your socks up with this diary!!!! I keep looking for news and there isn't any. It probably means you are having a GREAT time so that's really good. Elliott has gone to L.A. and N.Y. as I'm sure you know. They have had a terrible week at Straddie. It rained ALL the time. Pa brought Aquation back from Hervey Bay and the weather was shocking. There were 20 metre waves crashing against the side of the boat. They thought they might be tipped over, but it's a great sea-going boat so they made it. Pa says Never Again!!. I've heard that before.
Love Nan
I am so sorry. I have been really busy and i also can't really afford to pay for the internet time. its so expensive. I am running out of money fast...just paid my 2 months rent up front today and am buying some skis tomorrow so i am going to living off toast for the next few weeks. speak soon. keep checking ill update
From Elliott - Saturday, 11th December 2004, 04:25 (GMT)
Hey Brig,
Its Elliott. Im in Nashville now and id like to steal the limelight by sending everyone to my site: tt Its very sketchy. Hope your having a fun trip Bidwid.
Love Elliott
hope your trip is going well. heard bout your plane being delayed for 5 hours, that sucks. When do you come home? do you have your mobile on international roaming or an number that i can contact you on incase we make a trip into the states. keep in touch.
From ANNIE - Sunday, 12th December 2004, 22:36 (GMT)
hey brig,
I"m just at work and thought i'd write you a message cause i've been pretty slack. Although i haven't got much news since i've been working everyday. Today i'm working at Moreton from 8 - 10.30 then Sunburn 11- 4/5 which is REALLY painful but at least i'm getting money. The rest of my life is very relaxing, just going to the beach and all the rest of it. anyway i better get off this and do some work - say thanks to elly and adam for wishing me happy birthday (i feel so much older) haha
p.s Kate informed me about the little email she wrote! I was going to tell you she was just more excited about it haha
Thanks for the message. Kates email was pretty funny. but so long. Its good your making money. I am spending it so quickly. bout to buy skis worth $800 altogether then i have to get a ski pass worth $1000 so my money is disappearing very fast.
Speak soon
From - Sunday, 12th December 2004, 22:51 (GMT)
Hey brig,
i leave for NY on the 21st and im in Nashville until then. I dont have my mobile with me but i can get some contact numbers for you. Ill get them for you in a short while.
that sounds good. I'll keep u updated on our plans however i dont think i will be heading into the states until feb.
From Martine - Monday, 13th December 2004, 05:40 (GMT)
Hi Brig
Just saw Elliott's message and his address is incorrect!!! There is no hyphen in elliott. He hasn't written anything though - just photos.
Love Martine
Yep i figured as much. There are some great photos on there. He looks like he is having so much fun. Give me some time and ill post some photos
From Adelaide - Tuesday, 14th December 2004, 01:00 (GMT)
Hey Brig
Its Adelaide,
I hope its nice in Canada. You are so lucky you didn't come to Straddie its was pooring the Whole week.
I hope you're a good Skier.If you want any tips,since i've been twice, i'm only a Computer away.

Love always Adelaide
Hey addy,
Thanks for the offer...i have not been up on the mountain yet but i will definitely keep you in mind if i need any tips. thanks for the message!
From NINA - Tuesday, 14th December 2004, 07:58 (GMT)
Hi brig
It is me nina!!!!!!!!
What is canda like?
At least you not like elliot on the comp 24/7 lol!
Elliot says USA is cold but i cant imagin canada haha.
we have just been for a swim in the whittons pool. It was SOOOOOO hot today.
spek to you soon
from you #1 fan NiNA
It is so cold here....its crazy. I am so jealous...i miss summer! It hasn't snowed in the town for a couple of days which isn't good because its raining and windy instead and thats even worse.
Keep the messages coming
From your #1 fan - Tuesday, 14th December 2004, 09:07 (GMT)
hi brigid
I hope all is well.
I can smeel CHRISTMAS in the air.
but your not gonna be there its gonna be a pritty borin christamas with out you and elliot lol.
have you got plans for christmas this year in canada?
from the person who wanted you as a sponser cas you are so cool,nina
I can just tell i am going to get so home sick during christmas. Its ok though b.c all my close friends are with me and its all our first christmas away, so we will help each other through it. I need a stocking like babies get for there first christmas but it should say "my first christmas...away"
From your #1 fan - Tuesday, 14th December 2004, 09:10 (GMT)
hi brigid
I hope all is well.
I can smeel CHRISTMAS in the air.
but your not gonna be there its gonna be a pritty borin christamas with out you and elliot lol.
have you got plans for christmas this year in canada?
from the person who wanted you as a sponser cas you are so cool,nina
Hey my number one fan...thanks for visiting my website. Keep checking it b.c i promise to put some photos up soon
From ninnie - Sunday, 13th February 2005, 04:50 (GMT)
hello again
it was julliets birthday the other day
she is so cute!!!!!
she can walk now and clap
your pictures are mad!!!lol
christmas was pritty good fun the best part was talking to you on the phone hahah
From NINA - Sunday, 13th February 2005, 04:45 (GMT)
hello brig
guees what MISSY HIGGINS IS OUR CUS i wanted to be the first person to tell you!!!
I miss you alot
how long will you be gone for ?
love your number one fan
hey nina,
thanks for you messages. sorry i ahve not written anything for a while. what are you talking about Missy higgins?!?!?! please explain. i get back on Wed night. will probably see you sometime soon....julia and i will come visit.
have fun
From warwick - Wednesday, 15th December 2004, 12:15 (GMT)

Been away a bit and work is crazy so only got onto your site for the first time today. It sucks that my siblings kids are having such a great time in places I havn't been to yet. Get some photos up so I can get more jealous asap.

Well done with your marks. How did you go with that horrible assignment?

I'm sorry the photos are coming. Not sure how the assignment went but I got a credit for the subject so it could not have been too bad surprisingly b/c i just threw anything together it was one of the worst assignments i have ever done. Thanks for all your help.
Thanks also for the message
From Nan - Wednesday, 15th December 2004, 23:38 (GMT)
Your site is getting very filled up.We're nearly ready for Xams, and Pa and I are off to Budds next week. Stil very, very hot and uncomfortable here. Pa and I ae planning a trip to China early next year. We've never been there, and we have to go before all our grandchildren do. Love and keep safe. Has Adam arrived there yet ?
Yes adam has been here for awhile and is staying the whole time. I can't believe you have never been to china! I would love to go there. Al and I have decided that our next trip will be to Thailand!
From Trish - Thursday, 16th December 2004, 23:07 (GMT)
Hi love,
How's things? I'm so jealous. This time last year I was ready to go. I know what you mean by expensive - even the supermarket is expensive there. Nathan's getting withdrawal symptons not skiing this year- he's trying to get a trip to Tokyo to ski in Feb - getting pretty desperate! We brought a house in Paddington - not sure if I'd told you that and moved in a couple of weeks ago. Thankfully we are finally in our own place. Take care - enjoy the skiing. You should be a master at selling fur coats coming from the sunny gold coast - talk up a storm.
talk soon.
Tokyo??? different i guess. i have heard its not bad over there though.
Yeah its actually pretty hard selling the coats considering i have no idea what half the animals are! But as the guy i work with says...just make it up.. they don't know any better. There isn't much snow at the moment so have not been up much. Heard about ur house...i'll have to come visit again soon. Hope work is going ok. thanks for the message.